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What�s a 41-year-old mother of three doing writing Harry Potter fan fiction? If you�re here reading my bio, then you probably already know. It doesn�t matter how young or old we are; we�re all here because Harry Potter inspires us to write, to read, and to learn more about Rowling�s world and the people and creatures who inhabit it.

My true immersion into HP fandom came with the discovery of Mugglenet and Mugglenet fan fiction. Before long, I was hooked, visiting almost daily for updates on my favorite authors, to search for new favorites, and more recently to seek writing advice and fellowship over at the Beta forums. Finally, inspired by my rereading of HBP, I decided to offer my own interpretations of various characters and events.

None of us makes any money writing fan fiction, but it�s amazingly satisfying all the same. I�d like to think, moreover, that with each new offering I have validated my writing skills improve a little more. In any case, I�ll keep writing and hopefully so will you, and together we will fill the spaces between and around the action depicted in Rowling�s celebrated series!

House Affiliation: Ravenclaw

My ships: Albus/Minerva, Remus/Tonks, Severus/Narcissa, Severus/grown-up Hermione, Severus/grown-up Luna, Severus/various OC�s: Clancy, Maeve, Patricia (see LariLee�s A Right Bastard)

I am a proud Potions & Pineapple shipper, a devoted follower of S.I.C.K., and a first-time participant in S.N.A.P.E.! Visit Vocalion's
Highly Improbable Journal for more information.

Concerning Snape: I was right!

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Excerpts from Nagini's Diary by Scheherazade

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 180 Reviews
Summary: A look into the life of Voldy's pet snake, Nagini.
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: Memiors of a snake...

I'm with the rest of your reviewers: i.e. I'd love to see more from the snake's perspective because what you have is lighthearted, fun, and a great way of showing how powerful men probably think (perhaps with little cause) a lot more of themselves than the people (and snakes!) around them do!

Author's Response: Good News!! My Beta is back and she's reading the second chapter!! :-D I should hopefully have it up soon!!

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 06/11/06 Title: Chapter 4: Constantly Gardening

I wish I could kick myself for even mentioning it.

*Snickers* Being a snake can be so inconvenient when one wants to chastize oneself, can't it? LOL! I just love this story!

Author's Response: Poor Nagini, it blows not to have legs! lol

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 06/11/06 Title: Chapter 5: Ive like, so had it here!

Memo to me: Dont tick off Snape.

and Nagini with Fawkes?! I bet it was awkward! *Dies* That was so great!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing both chapters. :-) Oh, and I totally ship Nagini / Fawkes. lol

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 03/30/06 Title: Chapter 3: Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!!!

Very nice. I so needed a laugh tonight, and what do I find? Youve added two chapters to this story that I didnt even know about. The story is so funny from the first lineI love Naginis voicebut heres an especial pleaser: Also, I can't expect to travel without Mr. Snuggley-boo, my teddy. Did I just admit that?! Oh well, it's not like somebody is going to steal this diary and post it for a bunch of people to read.... The idea of Voldys snake with a teddy just cracks me up, and the second half of the passagelol! It reminds me of those movies (like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) in which one of the actors looks at the camera and shares a moment of pure irony with the audience; I can almost see Nagini doing the same.

Speaking of movies, whatever made you think up Nagini, the film director?! Wherever the idea came from, Ive got to say, well all be lining up to see Voldy on the Toilet for sure! (Though I do have to say, Im completely with Nagini concerning the idea of Peter in a Speedo. :-P )

Well, since Im in SPEW, I guess I should offer suggestions. (This is always the hard part, isnt it?) I would like to see you clean up the spacingthat is, by putting an extra line between paragraphs, esp. in chapter 2. Oh, and also in chapter 2 you have a double comparative in the following sentence: If it were to get any more livelier, I'd expect a funeral to break out at any time. Just cut more so that you have any livelier.

O.k. now that thats donethanks so much for the laugh!

Author's Response: Hi! I had been wondering if you knew the story had been updated or not. :-) Re: Nagini the film director: I got that idea when I was on vacation. Just so happens I was in California, the land of Hollywood, and it just popped into my head! lol Thanks for pointing out that little error in chapter 2. I'll go take a look at it and fix it. :-) Chapter 4 should have been up by now, but because it wasn't 800 words (my other chapters were under 800 and they got approved) itgot rejected. :-( I'm not sure what I'm going to do to fix it.

The Tunnel by Sigune

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 4 Reviews
Summary: Severus Snape has issues: with Potter and Black, with werewolves and confined spaces. Here is why... (HBP-compatible; no spoilers)
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Tunnel

Yes, this really gave me a better appreciation for Snape's hatred of Sirius. After reading your story, it seems to me that it stems not so much from the prank itself as from his own loss of control over his emotions. He is such a self-possessed person: along with the fear, his humiliation at them seeing that fear must have been unbearable. And I could totally imagine them being that callous in the face of his suffering. Excellent job tying it back to parallel scene in PoA--again, I never thought of what he must have felt going back into that tunnel! Another very persuasive treatment of a truly complex character!

Author's Response: I'm one of those people who believe the scene in "Snape's Worst Memory" is *really* one of his worst memories - I think Snape definitely has more trouble digesting a humiliation than being tortured of something of the kind... I'm really glad the story worked for you; I have something special with it :-). Thanks for reviewing! -S.

Little King Thy Kingdom Torn Asunder by the nutty imp

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 19 Reviews
Regulus means 'Little King' he was named after the constellation at the heart of Leo. This is his story. (ONE-SHOT)

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Little King Thy Kingdom Torn Asunder

I love the dialogue and poetry format. Surprising how much the former reveals about Regulus and Sirius' relationship and the loss they both feel. And love how nicely enframed that dialogue is within the lines of poetry.

Author's Response: Thanks. I wanted to show how they are somehow, not that different despite their lives going in different direction. Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you like it.

Much Ado Caused by the Weasleys by the nutty imp

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 82 Reviews
Summary: A Shakespearean Parody written in a style akin to the original (well almost) featuring Fred and George Weasley
This crazy author was bored ^_^ This is my laughable attempts to massacre some the famous play-wright's most notable lines. ^_^

Act 1 Scene 3 - Validated!

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 10/14/05 Title: Chapter 3: Act One Scene Three

It was totally worth the wait--it's very funny! Now I look forward to poor Percy's punishment for being such a git. LOL

Author's Response: Thanks. ^_^ Good Ol' Percy ... will he have the cunning mind to out do the twins? *LOL*

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/05/05 Title: Chapter 2: Act One Scene Two

I love Shakespeare, so I have a special place in my heart for this story even without the iambic pentameter--excellent use of couplets, though! You're parody really captures the fun of both Shakespeare and Fred and George. I could actually imagine them walking around talking like this for weeks on end just to get a laugh. And the scene from Much Ado with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny in I.i. was hilarious! (I almost heard Emma Thompson's voice--I also see her as Beatrice even when I read the play now-a-days--from Hermione.) I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I could tell ^_^ you really know your Shakespeare to be able to tell that I skipped the meter requirement *L* Just thought it'll be too hard and thus no longer fun if I take things a bit too seriously. I'll be sure to update this after am done writing my 'Quarterly Challenge' entry. ^_^ Thanks for the long and well thought out review. It great to hear from someone who really appreciates Shakespeare.

The Dark Night of the Soul by Sigune

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 2 Reviews
Summary: Black and Lupin have escaped from the Potions masters clutches. Vengeance and an Order of Merlin have been snatched away from him by none other than Albus Dumbledore. How on earth can an embittered Severus continue to work with his Headmaster? An insight into a frustrated wizards mind, bridging PoA and GoF. *HBP-spoilers!*
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 09/06/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Dark Night of the Soul

I've been gradually making my way through your stories so that I can savour them, and, once again, I am rewarded for my patience! You've done an awesome job incorporating the material we gained from HBP! But even without that the story examines the relationship between Snape and Dumbledore in an impressively thoughtful and moving way. I esp. appreciate how you delve so deeply into Snape's resentments and motivations. Overall, another great read from one of my favorite authors!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you lunafish! I have to confess that this story is my own favourite, so any praise for it sort of counts double :-). In truth, I had to change only one sentence in order to make it HBP-compliant, and I am ridiculously proud of that *grins*... Thanks for reviewing! -S.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 07/25/05 Title: None

Finished the story last night (stayed up till like 3 a.m.), and felt too overwhelmed to review. I cried too, esp. for poor Lupin. The interrogation scene was so powerful, with him being tormented with all those awful questions and revelations when he needed so badly just to grieve. And at the funeral Harry's "Moony" and "Bye Moony" were just heartwrentching. A very moving and believable story!

Author's Response: I LOVE reading fanfics into the night. Good call. I cried whilst writing chappie 7 & 8, I'm so glad that it's moved other people too! Thanks for this fab review, I'm really glad that you've enjoyed reading!

Professor Snape's Address by Sigune

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 11 Reviews
Summary: As Draco Malfoy, Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini enter their sixth year at Hogwarts, Professor Snape delivers a strange little speech to the Slytherins. What is he playing at? And what are the students to make of it?
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: Professor Snape's Address

I like it. You really have a flair for capturing the essense Snape's character. Even when you offer us a seemingly decent Snape, you package him in skull decorated wrapping paper. I just love his continued vileness even when he's at his nicest.

Author's Response: So happy you like it, lunafish! Thanks for the delightful image :-)... -S.

Truth Be Told by CraftySlytherin

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 354 Reviews
Summary: What happens when Fred and George Weasley, Hogwarts' reknowned kings of pranks, decide to spike a shipment of pumpkin juice bound for Hogwarts with truth potion? A day filled with true confessions of Hogwarts students!!!!!
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 07/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

That was hysterical. I love how everyone is so polite to each other (even the people they hate) as they confess their deepest, darkest secrets. I laughed so hard my stomach aches!

Author's Response: Well, why not be polite, even if you're spilling your guts against your will? :) Glad you liked it!

Behind Blue Eyes by mspadfoot89

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: No one knows what it's like,
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

One-shot. Set after the war with Voldemort, Draco Malfoy sits alone in his empty mansion reflecting on all of his past choices and mistakes. Is it really too late to go back?
Based on the song 'Behind Blue Eyes', by Limp Bizkit and originally by The Who.

Thanks to my two Betas, Lacerated and Orlaith. You really helped!
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 07/31/05 Title: Chapter 1: --

Followed the link from the ff forum, & I'm so glad I did. This is such a powerful story. I've always loved the Who's version of "Blue Eyes," but I never thought of it in relationship to Malfoy. While it's so easy to dislike him, this story is such a greater reminder that we can never truly see what people hide behind their own faces.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. The song is very powerful and ever since I heard the first version, my thoughts went to Malfoy. It is so easy to dislike, dismiss, ignore, or even hate a person, but there is always much more to people than we see. Thank you for your review!

Draco's Reflection by Galadriel8891

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 50 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: One-shot. Draco Malfoy has made a choice, and there is no turning back. But is it the right decision?
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 11/13/05 Title: Chapter 1: Draco's Reflection

What a fascinating look this story is at the character of Draco Malfoy; it also gives some really nice insight into what it means to be a Death Eater. I especially like this line: "At that moment, pain and pleasure flooded simultaneously through Draco." To me, that line really defines the new existence Draco has chosen for himself. There is the satisfaction of belonging and of making his father proud, but also the regret of losing a part of himself to his new Master. It's sad that Draco doesn't realize what he's lost until it's too late. But your story really sets the scene for his moment of indecision in Book 6 (and, if I'm not mistaken, it looks as though you wrote this story before that book even came out! Impressive.). As you show us here, his regret might have come almost instantaneously, but what choice does he have really once he enters the Dark Lord's lair? Sadly, as you show us, none. I truly enjoyed reading this story.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, I did in fact write this before book six came out (which is why I thought it really weird when I started reading about Snape's Unbreakable Vow and how the spell looked). I'd finished reading the series and had been looking at several fanfics and, for some reason, wanted to explore Draco's personality even more. He really is a character to be pitied, and I wanted to show that. Thanks again for the review!

The Severed Souls by Magical Maeve

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 282 Reviews
Summary: Summary : The sequel to Daughter of Light. Maeve has a very bad end to her honeymoon as things come to light about Severus that astound her. Why is her husband so keen to keep Draco Malfoy alive at all costs and can she really get over her loathing of Narcissa Malfoy to work together to save both Severus and Draco from the fate that Voldemort would like to inflict on them? Why is Harry so furtive and will Neville save the day when Maeve’s necklace is returned to her by her father. Oh, and our favourite bad-boy Auror is back!

There has been rather a long break in the writing of the story due to work commitments, but I'm back on the case and hoping to get it finished - if there's anyone left still reading!! :-)
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/28/05 Title: Chapter 4: Malfoy Manor

Though I think this is my first review for you, I've been following the fate of Maeve and Severus through many, many chapters (of both the two main stories and the one-shots), so I feel lucky that I've just caught this latest update. Your attention to detail is, as ever, amazing. In this chapter, for example, I love your descriptions of Draco's room and Narcissa's neck plucking. Such little details seem to reveal such big things. On account of your spectacularly nuanced writing, the world you've created in this story and its predecessor really rival that of JKR for me. I'm glad you've stuck to your own plan because I would disappointed to lose the story of Maeve and Severus just because JK failed to include it in her own. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Lunafish! I love it when long-term readers let me know how much they have been enjoying the fics. Hee hee... you nearly did lose them after Jo made Severus behave badly in HBP, but I'm doing my best to redeem him! I'm glad you notice the little details... I enjoy putting them in and they make writing fun for me. I think a gesture can tell you so much more than an obvious narrative sometimes... I guess it's showing not telling in action! :-) *Looks forward to more Lunafish reviews*

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 09/09/05 Title: Chapter 5: The Fox and the Raven.

For the first time she felt tangible fear of him, felt the power of what he could do to her if he chose, and she regretted leaving Remus back at Harbour View, regretted her faith in her husband, wondered if she would die here with no one to know that she had found her nemesis in her own kin. Oddly enough, I think this is my favorite sentence of this chapter. I love the moment of doubt. It follows nicely from Maeves expression of jealousy and humanizes her, reminding us that she doesnt follow her husband blindly; the two of them have a connection that you have worked many, many chapters to establish and nurture, and a connection that Severus disrupted when he abandoned her to once again act the victim of the machinations that rule his life. (Another odd thought: Snape as victim!) This moment of doubt also makes their reconciliation moments later that much more sweetas if it wasnt moving enough . I also really enjoyed the moment of almost, but not quite, vulnerability on Severus side. The reader couldnt help but want to reach out to him. What a magnificent couple your protagonists make!

Author's Response: Thank you! Maeve's been so steadfast in her trust of Snape throughout the whole story and until that moment she never believed he would do anything to physically harm her...and then he gives her a moment of doubt. I thought she needed that little reality check. And, of course, she was wrong....Severus would never hurt her. :-) I like VictimSnape... everyone believes he's either evil or Machiavellian or selfish...I think he was weak in his early life and is now paying for it, Life's just going to get harder in this story for poor Severus! Thanks for the review. :-)

Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 09/29/05 Title: Chapter 8: The Temple of the Four Winds

As usual, that was so powerful! I found the face off between Remus and Severus especially provocative. I love Remus, but I was glad to see Severus put him in his place. Feminist Snape--who knew?! And for expressing the depth of emotion, that last line, "safe under her husband's watchful sorrow," all by itself was beautiful. I'm so glad MNFF is back in working order so that you were able to update!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Lunafish, and congratulations on joining SPEW! LOL...feminist Snape...I never thought of it that way but you've made me smile. :-) I love Remus too and I hope, really hope, he gets his act together now. I have plans for him, but he has a habit of sabotaging my plans!

Before It's Too Late by Ravensgryff

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 37 Reviews
Summary: A few weeks after the end of HBP, Harry writes letters to Ron and Hermione. He advises them to reveal their feelings to each other while they still have time. Quote: And anyway, we have our own mess to sort out, dont we. Hermione didnt raise her head, just whispered, yeah, I guess we do When Hermione gets to the Burrow, the tension is high and they both realize its now or never. First fan-fic.
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 09/03/05 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

You know, everyone has acted like Ron and Hermione were a done deal in HBP, but I feel like there is actually so much left unsaid and undone between these two characters before their relationship can be real to me. I like that you've taken that step to show them realizing how much there is between them that they need to address and addressing it. And how appropriate that it's Harry that pushes them into it. A pleasure to read!

It's Always Been There by Croyez

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 25 Reviews
Summary: Hermione realizes who she's loved all along. One-Shot, Post-HBP
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/08/05 Title: Chapter 1: It's Always Been There

I'm not a shipper of any Harry relationships (as I'm a bit old and like to speculate more about the profs.), but I happen to like this story. It's completely believable because there has been plenty of tension between H/Hr throughout the HP series. Although JKR has told us this ship has sunk, I could definitely see both Harry and Hermione changing their minds, esp., as you so rightly point out (and I'd totally forgotten), it isn't Ginny Harry's been running to for the last 6 years. Cheers to you for standing by your ship!

The Day Emmeline Vance Died by LariLee

Rated: Professors • 17 Reviews
Summary: Emmeline Vance was murdered. But the most important question was never asked -- why? There's more to this story that was told in the pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Reviewer: lunafish Signed
Date: 08/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Day Emmeline Vance Died

I was so upset, I almost stopped reading in the middle! Thank goodness I didn't! Concerning Snape's status at the end: This was definitely a role I never imagined him playing--but, as DD thinks at the end, an excellent reason for the seeming treachery we see in HBP.