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My pen name at FanFictoon.net is WolfAngel'JR

Out of canon characters, I write fanfics only about my all time favourite character; Barty Crouch Jr. - I have for years very indepthly studied and analysed him taking in every single detail given in the book 'Goblet of Fire'. I'm writing a series of fics about him in random timeline order. All of the stories are at FanFiction.Net and hopefully some day here too.

The only thing I've changed seeing to the canon information is the Crouch family members's outside appearances, as in I've picked actors I actually can view as the characters. Barty Jr. = Jamie Bell (around 1981 as Griffin in the movie Jumper), Barty Crouch = the director Thomas Vinterberg and Mrs. Crouch = the actor Michelle Pfeiffer.

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