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My Name - Sophie

My age - 13

My birthday - 26th September 1992

Looks - long brown hair (now with blonde streaks!!), blue-green eyes

Fav books - Soooooo many!! Love soooo many lol some Im addicted to atm would be the secret diary series :P:P Romance AND mystery AND drama!! plus theyre teenagers!! yay!!

I am totally in lust with - Ooooh wouldn't you all like to know :P:P

Fav colour - purple

I Live - Australia

Fav HP Book - Half Blood Prince

Least Favorite HP Book- Order of the Pheonix... admit it, we were all thinking it...It sucked to the bone. Like Harry needed to take a chill pill, Ron didnt do anything to deserve the Head Boy badge, and he shouldn't have started playing Quidditch if he had stage fright... Cho and Harry win the worst couple of the year award, I mean could they have BEEN any frostier with each other? Luna scared me... Sirius died weirdly.

Favourite FF Ships -

Lily and James (but only when the info is right, I am not very tolerant of stories that include Voldemort hunting them down because of the profecy when they are only 17)

James Potter is my absolute favourite character, and I refuse to hear anything bad about him. So there, Snape.

I luv harry potter, thats all there is 2 it!! Please Read my first fan fic; Forever Yours, about Lily and James!! Also, when you get bored with that ( by the way.... PLEASE DONT!!!) I strongly advse youto look in my favourite stories section,and read A Very Harry Christmas : One of my All time favourite stories!!

I've never felt happier!!!

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Unbreakable by Lily4James

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's the beginning of the end, seventh year.

Sure we all know the basic story, but what really happened in James' and Lily's final year at Hogwarts
James likes Lily and Lily likes James, it should be simple but it's not. Will their relationship blossom as they spend the summer together and as they become head boy and girl? Can their friends help get them together? Will Sirius ever beat James' record-breaking number of detentions? Read on and find out.
A tale about love, hatred, food fights and MWPP.
CAUTION: Contains strong Sirius Black moments, be prepared to fall in love with him.
A/N: I feel so terrible and guilty about everyone who is asking me to update because i have tried and tried but every time i post it it gets rejected. I'm going to rip my hair out if it doesnt get accepted soon! I promise to keep trying, please stick with me in this hour of stress, i need you guys!

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Invitations and Complications

Yay, I'm the first one to review!! This is an excellent story, I like how you really make your characters seem human, and I think that I am going to like the character Roslyn! Update soon!!

Unshed Tears by My_AvadaKedavra

Summary: STORY POSTPONED the mods will not accept my next chapter, but if anyone wants to read the rest of this story go on: http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/

Yes, I am kind, and do try to see the beauty in everyone, but I am a little wrapped up in myself. I have too many thoughts. WARNINGS: Angsty, upsetting, some mild language and fighting later on. Not an average teen James/Lily fic.

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/12/05 Title: Chapter 2: He Will Never Change

This is a really good story, and for me, that is starting to be saying something. Lately, I have been getting either disgusted or bored with most of the Lily/James stories that are coming out, but this one definitely has the makings of a truly good story. I'm interested in Sirius hating lily, I don't think that I've seen that happen before. Keep up the good work, and good luck! ~Sophie~

Author's Response: wow, that is a really nice complement! I'll keep updating, but after the 5th chapter updating might be a bit slower because I havn't written past there. Thanks for the review, please keep reading!

Nothing Left by Burning Calligraphy

Rated: Professors •
Summary: As the sun set, she knew her world was dying. [one-shot]
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: Nothing Left


Last Chance by PheonixAnimagus

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: As Lily and James head into their final year at Hogwarts, some of Lily's feelings for James change. And will Voldemort, becoming ever stronger, change the fates of Lily and her friends? He will kill whoever gets in his way in his rise to power, and Lily and James could be their only hope for stopping him. Alternates POV of Lily/James. Has been edited a lot recently from its original posting.
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 11/18/05 Title: Chapter 5: Not Falling

Hi, you reviewed my story, so I shall review yours. It's really good, I really like it! Update soon!

Author's Response: cool, thanks! havn't gotten many reviews lately... ANY, actually! (cuz I havn't updated my story, it got moved to one of the later pages.... lol. I was working on my new one shot, A thoroughfare of woe. It's harry/ginny and hermione/ron/last battle. under dark/angsty fics. can't wait till it gets admitted. i'm so proud of it, i hope it's not rejected!!!!!! anyway, thanks for your review!!!!!!!! i should update within the week (thanksgiving)!!!!

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/20/05 Title: Chapter 1: Back To Hogwarts Again

This is a really god story, I like the plot so far, The only thing is, just so that I know, did JK Rowling actually say that Lily was short, because it seems that in every story I read she is....Good story, update!!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing! I think she may have said that at some time or another, but it's just how I see her- small with a huge personality.

A Budding Lily by marrianna

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Lily begins to worry about her sanity when she realizes that she might have feelings for James Potter.
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 11/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: A Budding Lily

May I just say that I really like this story, It is showing great promise, and without sounding too rude may I ask WHO THE HELL IS MARLENE MCKINNON?! I just neeed to know what harry potter book she is mentioned in, because I haven't noticed her being mentioned once, yet this is the 50th or so Lily/James story that includes her!!! Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And Marlene McKinnon was never a huge role in the HP books, but she was mentioned in OotP when Moody was showing Harry the old Order picture. So she was definately alive when James and Lily were, and I just made her and Lily friends! Hoped that helped. Thanks again!

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 11/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: A Budding Lily

May I just say that I really like this story, It is showing great promise, and without sounding too rude may I ask WHO THE HELL IS MARLENE MCKINNON?! I just neeed to know what harry potter book she is mentioned in, because I haven't noticed her being mentioned once, yet this is the 50th or so Lily/James story that includes her!!! Anyway, update soon!

Twisted Feelings by lilchocofan

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: James and Lily are back again for their seventh and final year in Hogwarts. Lily is certain she still hates James. James is certain this will be the year Lily will finally go out with him. With niether giving up what they believe this is certainly going to be the craziest year ever!
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/21/05 Title: Chapter 1: Back Again

This is a really good story, you obviously have a talent for writing!! ~ten~

Author's Response: thank u so much! Im glad you like it!


Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 10/21/05 Title: None

wow, I love stories with drama, and yours is perfect!!! I also like stories that make Lily look like shes not just a weak, helpless little brat who hates James for no reason. You really hit the nail on the head!! Excellebt work, 10/10

Author's Response: wow...*swells with pride* thanks!!!

Learning to Love by There you are Peter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Set in James and Lily's fifth year - this is their story. I promise you it isn't the whole 'James has changed - let's get married' but it does stick to getting together in the 7th year. We begin just after OWLs and James' pathetic attempts to charm Lily go from bad to worse and not without the help of a certain friend...whose name sounds like furious...but with an i instead of a u...and no o...
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 11/28/05 Title: Chapter 2: Nice Pyjamas

Cool just one problem...James was not a seeker as it said in the movies; He was a chaser. :)

Author's Response: Where did I put Chaser?! It was picked up when it got betad...hmm I'll go change it now!

Author's Response: Aha! That was very clever of you - it was in chapter three that it got picked up not in chapter two! Thnak you for that - it has been changed :)

I'll Fight For You by winternights

Summary: As stubborn Lily Evans grows closer to the infamous James Potter, lives are being torn, hearts are being broken. Join them on their unforgettable journey through love and understanding. R&R You'll love it! Not cliche!
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 11/15/05 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Wow, what a fantastic prologi\ue, I don't think that you could possibly have done it better, It's a little short, but I suppose that's what prologues are supposed to be like!! Update soon, I really want to read more!!

Author's Response: thanks!!! <3 yeah i know it's short. sorry lol i'm posting right now. thanks again!

From Abomination to Adoration by grape_2010

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: What caused Lily to loathe James and James to loathe Lily? How did they come to fall in love? What bumps and bruises did they acquire along the way? From hexing to comforting, this is the way it all started. Endure dangers and hardships, perplexity and mind games, and matters of the heart.
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/09/05 Title: Chapter 1: Prelude: Nasty Beginnings

Hi!! This is definitely different, and it's nice to sometimes find some new stuff on this site!! :) oh goody, free ideas time. oohh ohh how 'bout- oh, no wait, that's for my story. you could always- oh no, wait, i'm using that one as well. hmmm.... anything dramatic, dangerous, dark and dreary is cool with me!! I love life or death situations, especialoly ones that have little or nothing to do with Voldemort, as they are, in my opinion, the ones that take up the most thought. Most Voldemort chappies are too similar; like he attacks them, one defends the other, they escape tada the end. wow, how original ya know? lol, anyway, so yeah, think outside the lines, and i will love it!! :) ~*~ Sophie~*~

Author's Response: Hmm... I'll try to come up with something that has originality... I don't think Voldemort action scenes are hard to write, you just have to make it... how do I put this... so that the reader is on the edge of their seats, palms sweating with anxiety to know what will happen next. I actually have a nice Voldemort scene that I wrote just for the heck of it a while back, and I think I'll use that... Anyway, thanks for the review! ;)

Black Moon Dance by Ausra Cerise

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It’s the Marauders last year together, and they’re more cunning and mischievous then ever. But Voldemort and his followers are at their peak and fears are rising. Blood runs colder as Lily's life takes a turn for the worse. Troubles are thickening. It seems James and his friends has more coming their way then they're ready for.
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/03/05 Title: Chapter 1: Turn Around

Wow oh my god this story is fantastic!!! I am not sure I entirely get what Is with that thing grabbing onto james but that's ione of the things I like about it!!! This is so good, straight onto my favs list!!! Update soon, how could you leave it like that???

Author's Response: Thank you for the review Harry Potter Star! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh! And you'll find out soon about that underwater thing in the next chapter. ^.^

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: Chapter 2: Bittersweet Christmas

hello? is everyone asleep here? This should be getting a lot more reviews than it is! come on people, wake up! lol

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/12/05 Title: Chapter 2: Bittersweet Christmas

Great chapter, fantastic, only a single problem, and you may not even bother changing this : Madame Pomfrey was at Hogwarts in the days of the Marauders, because Remus mentions in one of the books, Im almost positive it's the third, that Madame Pomfrey escorted him to the Whomping Willow every full moon. It's not a big thing, I just thought I would let you know! :) Congrats on a great chapter, update soon! :)

Author's Response: Madame Pomprey! Duh, why didn't I know that? LOL, for some reason I thought her name was "Madame Fay". Oops... It's okay, I think you're right about Madame Pomfrey being with the Marauders in their years at Hogwarts. It's okay, it's tinsy, so I don't think I'll change it. Thanks though for telling me! And I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter^^

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/16/05 Title: Chapter 2: Bittersweet Christmas

I have to say it again! great chapter!! Great story, great everything!! I love drama aqnd death as long as noone dies!! make sense? Update soon, or at least reply soon!!


Author's Response: LOL!!! Thanks again! Semester Exams are coming up, so I'll try to work on the third chapter when I get the chance.

Turning Saints Into the Sea by miss patil

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: James Potter is running out of time to win the heart of Lily Evans. In a last attempt to make her his, he formulates a secret plan.

Will the whole thing blow up in his face? . . . Or will Lily have some secrets of her own?

Warnings: Excessive amounts of romance, jealousy, and PMS.

I'm a'comin with the newest chapter!!
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/15/05 Title: Chapter 1: Jokes on You

great story! a few small cliches, but nothing to drastic! pdate soon! Ps, 4 appelsauce, it's in that song "Mr Brightside" by the killers. I too saw the title and felt total deja vu, so i went onto google to find out. you know the song... jealousy, turning Saints into the sea, Swimming through sick lullabies Choking on your alibis, lalalalala etc :)

Author's Response: im sorry about the cliches!!! they seemed to just appear since i wanted the good girl, bad boy as well as the mel remus thing, but theres a reason for that!! its just not immediately expressed...

Broken Promises by Colloportus

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Lily Evans has told herself time and time again that she is NOT falling for that dratted Potter boy. But what happens when a dance changes all that? PG-13 for mild language and implied intimate situations. A/N: 1000 reads! Amazing! Still, reviews are always welcome
Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/13/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Beginning

Very cute one shot, it actually brought about ome deja u lol!! I looved the ending especially, it was so cute! Lily was veeerrry cranky at the beginning hey? lol, great stor, i will repeat, very cute

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yeah, Lily was really...um...evil in the beginning. I think she couldn't stand Potter anymore and just snapped. Poor James. Anyway thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/13/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Beginning

sorry the stars went too low for the rating, I'll just fix that lol


Reviewer: harry_potter_star Signed
Date: 12/16/05 Title: None

Hi!! yay, first review!!! now, first reviews, I believe should be special and deep. As I have no idea how to achieve that, I'll just do what I can. :) I love how you started off with James's point of view. i know that may not seem like much, but there are actually not that many stories on here that start off with james. I like your writing style, It's very good and descriptive. What was it now? 79 times if i rem,ember correctly, that james has asked ily out. Whoah, that's enough to put anyone in a bad mood. Oh well, you know what I always say! 80th time lucky. Well, to tell the truth that's the first time I have ever said / written it, but so what? I'm getting off topic anyway. Great story, can't wait until you start describing Lily, just please, please puhleez dont make her as a lil b!@#$ who practically slaps james half-unconsious for saying she looks nice!! This story could go far if only you don't resort to that!! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: No, that was a great review! I have read enough of those cliches, beleive me, to stop from ever entering the dreaded territory. Well, to some extent, obviously I cannot ignore the Canon facts that make J/L fics so entising... I think I will make Lily fairly tame, but still charasmatic.