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Voldy the Dark Lord by Hermione_Rocks

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Parody of the song 'Frosty the Snowman'.

This was originally written for the Winter Tales' second challenge, A Christmas Carol Parody.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/18/10 Title: Chapter 1: Voldy the Dark Lord

Oh my! It does really highlight the tragedy of it all doesn't it? AHAHAHA! Good job! I have just discovered you and I love your fics! What a variety of stories you write...it's great!

Author's Response: Teehee, thanks! Glad you enjoy my less serious work as well. =P

Our Little Secret by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story

It was like a wizard tale. The clever Slytherin helps a hag who later repays the debt. Except that Rose Weasley wasn't a hag, and Scorpius didn't expect to call in the favour.

*Winner of the 2010 Next Generation QSQ award*

Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/14/10 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius

Amazing chapter, I must say. But more than your amiable writing, I love the expansive references of literature. I love to read and I was very happy that you mentioned a copious number of literature. My hat is off to you! Bravo! If you don't mind me asking; how old are you? I'm sixteen.

Author's Response: Thank you for liking the references! As the song goes, I'm old enough to know better and still too young to care. :D

Last Chance to Lose Control by lily_evans34

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Hermione has lost everything – until she finds someone who understands, whose companionship transcends her faith in everything she has ever known. Songfic to ‘Hysteria’ by Muse.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/19/10 Title: Chapter 1: Hysteria

Aweee. It was sad, but I liked it, surprisingly.

Author's Response: 'Surprisingly'? But I love sad stories! Haha, maybe I'm just crazy. Thanks for the review!

Spaghetti Bolognese and Tinned Pears by LovelyWonder

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: The one-shot version of a chapter from a story I’m working on (which is being kept tightly under wraps, like the name of a celebrity’s baby!). Read this first if you are unsure you want to read the whole fan fic (which could take AGES to finish).

Ron has left Harry and Hermione (the camping section of Deathly Hallows), and they mingle up and down the cold British countryside. They land one day in a woods near the village of Thornton, where Hermione hopes to change the cuisine they had been living on: berries and mushrooms. It's December 17th of 1996, after all, and not much grows in the wild. Hermione leaves Harry behind to head into town to buy some food, and she winds up getting more than she bargained for.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/19/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ahaha cute! I love dramione.

The Past Undone by padfoot_returns

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After the war, Draco's life was devastated. So, he left behind his past and made a new life for himself but when his past catches up with him, it teaches him a lesson that would help to fix his future.

This is padfoot_returns of Hufflepuff writing for the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/19/10 Title: Chapter 1: An Unexpected Visit

This story did Draco justice. I love Draco and I loves how the story ended. Great job!

Christmas Lights by Hermione_Rocks

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione is home for the Christmas holidays. On her way home from buying chestnuts, she runs into the last person she ever expected to see in her Muggle neighborhood. Mild Draco/Hermione.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/18/10 Title: Chapter 1: Christmas Lights

Tres adorable! I'm a HUGE Dramione fan and I found unmitigated joy in reading this fic. I really do wish you could write a sequel to it. It's just so cute! Hermione is so surprising but,then again, so is Draco. His acceptance just emphasis's the magnitude of his loneliness, Well done, mate!

Author's Response: Well, thanks, dear! ^^ I think a sequel might spoil it, to be honest -- I'm a fan of some ambiguity. ;D But I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. Thanks for leaving a review!

Midnight by SpankingHalo

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Three years after Voldemort won the war, Hermione Granger is a fugitive concealed in the ruins of Hogwarts. For three years, she has sent up signals for the Order, and hoped someone would answer. And at last, someone has - the last person she wants to see... D / Hr
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 09/02/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One - A Dead Geranium

BRILLIANT! I love this fic. It's so dark and foreboding. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got me hooked;it's a compliment. Usually it takes a lot for a story to capture my attention. Plus, I love your writing style,mate!

The Wrong Secret by The_Real_Hermione

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Every time you talked he would make you promise never to tell anyone that you were friends... But you didn’t mind. He cared. He actually cared about you. You could tell, it was in his eyes, in his face, in his understanding words of comfort, in his trust. So you kept it secret. A little part of you wanted to keep him a secret. It made you feel so important and you relished being able to keep him to yourself.

The untold story of a lonely girl who chose the wrong boy.
Reviewer: FangedFrizbee Signed
Date: 08/17/10 Title: Chapter 1: The Wrong Secret

I really liked how you gave Myrtle an entirely knew character while keeping her actual self from the books as well. I would have never thought of such a pair! Well done. I can't wait for your next odd pairing ;)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review. When I initially had the idea for the story it wasn't going to be Myrtle, just a random student and I was just exploring the idea of 'can you still love someone when they've done terrible things'. So I was thinking about which students were alive in Tom's time and I thought of her and the part really fit her personality. I don't know how many odd pairing stories I'll write though, usually I prefer to stick to canon, but we'll see ;)