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Hi. I'm Rebecca. I am, for now, simply a reader. An appreciator of sorts. Though as of late I am considering writing something; what, I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I'm considering. And if I do end up writing some sort of a fanfiction, I want every single person (there won't be many, I'm sure) who read it to be as terribly brutal as they can muster. I guess I'm asking for people to 'stop and review, please!' but not just if you like it. If you hate it, stop and review. I want to get as much constructive critisism as humanly possible.

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The Upside of Being Down by Kimberley

Rated: Professors • 506 Reviews
Summary: *COMPLETED!*What happens when you put a hopelessly "romantic" man-hussy and a girl with a soft spot for bedtime activities (not THOSE activities, silly!) together in a dark bedroom? Well, I don't happen to know either, so I suppose we'll find out together, won't we? Come with me, Tia C. Spencer, on a lovely ride through the countryside... er, lakeside... okay, so we won't actually be riding NEXT to anything, but it will be lovely, I promise you that. How can it not be, with me as your illustrious (and quite possibly mad) companion?

And no, contrary to beliefs very likely impressed upon you by this summary, I'm not a gormless prat.

Well... not entirely.

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 05/22/10 Title: Chapter 1: Allergic to Idiots

Hi. Okay. I don't think you come on here anymore and have not come on here for quite a few years; I am well aware that you may never see this at all. I suppose my rationale is that you'll either come on one random day in the near or far future and read it and all will be well and good, or you won't. And both options are alright, though I’d obviously prefer the former. But both options are alright.

First off I’d like to say I’ve read this three times. I’m not really one to reread fanfictions; I’ve read a few twice, but I’ve never read one three times. Except this one. The thing about this fanfiction is that there isn’t this whole big epic plot involving love and turmoil and romance and angst; it isn’t complex and crazy with all of these goals and all of these obstacles and that may be why I love it so much. Now, don’t get me wrong; the characters do have hard battles to fight, but these battles are really just the battles of life. That’s why I love it. It’s just life. It’s life when it’s happy and life when it’s sad and life when it’s everything in between. Just a snippet of life, before things got really bad and after things were easy. This may not make sense; I just mean that most fanfictions I read are about how the characters need to stop the evil forces! They need to save the world! They need to fall in love! They need to find the bad guy! They need to crack the code! And though these fanfictions can be very good and very nice, sometimes I just want to read something where there aren’t all these crazy outside components pulling away from it; sometimes I just want to read about life, plan and simple. (And yet is it really simple at all? Hm…). It’s just the inter-workings of this slightly insane (and completely lovable) girl’s brain as she figures things out. It’s so honest and real and imperfectly perfect. And I love it. Have I mentioned that?

I read some of the previous reviews and I have to say I agree with the girl who said she appreciates how you made the guys believable. I completely concur with this. Too often do I see writers portraying males as either far too outrageous or far too polite – there’s a medium, a middle ground, there’s the reality of it. And you have that. You get that. And it is really so refreshing to see that. All of your characters were just so real. Sirius was seriously (no pun intended) nailed right on the head. Hysterical and ridiculous and stubborn and sexy and frustrating and completely, one hundred percent amazing. You didn’t overdo Lily’s snootiness, which is a really rare find. You somehow made me fall in love with most every character, honestly. I loved how you took each and every one and gave them this sort of purpose in Tia’s life. You clearly showed her relationship with everyone, instead of just focusing on her and Sirius, which is something I sometimes see. Each relationship Tia had served a function, helped better her (or worsen her) in some way. I have so much more to say about your characters and I probably will in a separate review; I’m actually only halfway through my third reading, but I felt I really had to stop and review, right this very instant, or I’d forget to. And I really didn’t want to forget to.

So now, we make our way to Tia. Oh, Tia. I like to think of Tia as every part of me I wish people would see. Have you ever watched a movie or a play or read something and then felt like you were a part of it? Like you start talking like you were there? Or maybe I’ m just weird and I do this, but I swear, this story makes me wittier. Just reading it. Tia is so quick and interesting and witty, so witty. So quirky, so bright. She makes me laugh and cry and cry because I’m laughing and laugh because I’m crying. You take ‘clever’ to a new level, really, you do. She’s also a complete psycho. And it’s terribly endearing. Everybody’s got a bit of a psycho in them, I think. No exceptions for Tia Spencer. I yelled at her in my head at points and I cheered with her aloud at points. Somehow you make her the realest of all; you explain her without making it obvious you’re explaining her; you don’t just list off her features and you don’t leave us wondering. You slowly reveal more and more to her as the story goes on: she’s difficult and she’s much more complex and much smarter than people think. I really, truly adore her. God, I can’t even right now. This story.

Someone in a previous review talked about how they didn’t get the ending. Now, I love the ending. I love how it leaves off with this message, this message how everyone has a good in them. Sometimes even the cruelest seeming of people can turn out to have a soft side. Everyone deserves a chance, because everyone is more than they initially seem. I think if I took anything from this story, it’s that. Everyone is more than they initially seem.

I have a lot more to say but I’m going to leave now because I’m being yelled at to get off the computer. Chances are I’ll review again as I’m reading. I’m sorry if you end up reading this review (and the many that will follow this) and wonder why such a complete nutjob is continuously gushing about your story. Well, I guess at least you’ll know you did something right, eh? I’m an extremely picky reader, if it’s any consolation, so the fact that I find this so brilliant is really saying something. A nutjob may be continuously gushing about your story, but that’s just because you’re brilliant. I hope wherever you are, you’re still writing, even if it’s about God knows what. Just as long as you are.

A Sleepwalk to Remember by Lady Knightly

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 943 Reviews
Summary: For once in her life, Hermione is faced with a problem she does not know how to solve...
Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 05/22/10 Title: Chapter 1: Beginnings


Yes. Okay. Thanks. Going now.

Author's Response: haha, I appreciate the capslock enthusiasm xD Next chapter is, literally, only a few more hundred words away from completion! I'll probably have it up either tonight, or tomorrow, and it's a loooooong one :D Thank you so much for your patience, and thanks for reading!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/06/10 Title: Chapter 1: Beginnings

...I really need more of this fanfiction. A lot.

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/06/10 Title: Chapter 1: Beginnings


An Aversion to Change by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: Professors • 1200 Reviews
Summary: After his failed attempt on Dumbledore's life, Draco seeks refuge at the Order of the Phoenix. Sent back to Hogwarts with suspicious title of Head Boy, he is forced to share a dormitory with none other than Hermione Granger. But with war looming on the horizon and another danger even closer to home, their seventh year of Hogwarts is anything but ordinary.

A story of compelling intrigue, hidden motives, dangerous secrets, and obvious passion. Animagi, Quidditch, the Order of the Phoenix. Masquerades and riddles. Hate and love. Pleasure and pain. A blend of contradictions that, for two people, makes a truly unforgettable final year. Slow moving D/Hr with plenty of plot.
Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 01/31/10 Title: Chapter 42: An Aversion to Change

Alright. Alright. Alright. So this was my first Draco/Hermione fic. I've been reading fanfiction for a while, and I don't know why but I've never gone really near the stuff, if we don't count two chapters of one horribly written attempt I found that I couldn't even finish. I had been growing sick of the obvious, conventional Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, though, so I decided to go for it, full throttle. Let me tell you, this was a great way to start my journey into the Draco/Hermione pairing.

I specifically loved how you eased them into their romance. I feel that this pairing would be difficult, considering you need to find a way to take their utter hatred for one another and turn it to love and have it still seem natural all the while. It can’t come off as abrupt or too soon; it has to be taken slowly. You did this perfectly. They glided into their relationship with a definite flow; I didn’t once stop and think that something that had happened was out of line. You perfectly displayed their emotions and internal conflicts, giving both characters time to fall in love and question themselves about it. It didn’t just happen: it was a struggle, and you clearly showed that.

Though I have to admit I was frustrated at parts because I simply wanted the characters to see how much they cared for each other, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. So for that, I thank you.

Next topic: the masquerade. Though yes, maybe a bit cliché, I still found it utterly adorable. Maybe it’s just because I’m a huge sucker for romance, but either way. I enjoyed it. A lot. This story wasn’t full of fluff to the point where it’s unbearable, which is a really good thing. I think if it was, the masquerade wouldn’t have been as welcomed by me. But, it was. All of the romantic parts were nicely balanced and put in at all the right times. It wasn’t just one big mushy bowl of mush, which even to romance-suckers like me isn’t exactly desirable. It had substance, and I loved it.

The whole plot sparked my interest. I had been about halfway done at around 2:30 AM and was forced to go to bed, much to my protest. From that moment to the moment I fell asleep I couldn’t stop thinking about and mulling over this story. I couldn’t decide who I thought was communicating with Voldemort: was it Orman, or was it Draco? I had suspected Draco, but then the idea of Orman struck me and I was battling with it up until I read the very last chapter. I really, sincerely did not know who it could have been. With every chapter that the mysterious encounters were mentioned I thought it was someone different. Draco, then Orman, then Draco again, then Orman again…
Not many people could have pulled this off well; almost any other writer wouldn’t have been able to successfully, but you did it flawlessly. I was stumped and extremely surprised when I found out. Like eyes-bugging-out-of-my-head surprised. The whole thing was great in that way; I didn’t see any of the twists and turns coming, which made the ride all the more fun. And though heartbreaking, the fact that you could really tap into such emotions says a lot. It was truly a pleasure to read this story.

Sorry for how long this review is; I get carried away. But to wrap it up: I’m about to venture on over to the sequel. You are a lovely writer. Please do not stop any time soon.

Author's Response: :D I can't believe I didn't see this review sooner!! First, thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to leave it!!! I love long reviews (and I get carried away myself), so this is quite a treat.

I'm glad I was able to convince you that the Dramione ship is worth sailing. There are quite a few utterly fantastic Dramione's out there (check out my favorites list if you want, but I have to plug "The Beast Within" by LaRubinita. It is seriously epic - so much better than I could ever hope to achieve, I promise.) Believability was a huge concern for me because I don't like stories that just drop you into the middle of it, either. So it was fun to find a way to stay true to their characters while spinning their romance. Tricky, at times, but fun.

Ah, the much-maligned masquerade. I still have mixed feelings about it (hindsight being 20/20 and all), but it really was so fun and light to write. I'm not very good at writing that mushy stuff, either (if you'll believe it...), so it was a challenge to balance it and make it flow with the rest of the story. I'm glad you liked it, though. :)

I love that I kept you bouncing around. I really had to hide my tracks and it was devilishly hard to keep everything consistent! It was totally worth it in the end, though.

Thank you so much again for reading and reviewing. I hope you enjoy the sequel!!



My Troubled Tyrant by Belledeg

Rated: Professors • 529 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Keedie Dante has experienced many amazing things during her time at Hogwarts, including the hushed up drama that was the Chamber of Secrets. However, with two overachieving friends and a headmaster who does not even know she exists, Keedie feels that perhaps her seventh year will not be too spectacular. However, Dumbeldore sees her potential as a writer and enrols her in a simple writing course. Here, she meets the mysterious and terrifying Tom Riddle and they instantly get under one another's skin. She is drawn to his dark determination towards some unknown goal and he is fascinated by her, in every way. However, Tom's friends do not approve of Keedie and her unconventional ways and Keedie has many people trying to keep her away from the dark young man as well. Something inside tells Keedie that she can make him better, but even he assures her that this is an impossible task. But she's not one to give up easily...

"He is a dark one, Keedie. Try not to let him consume you entirely."

This story has the characters Albus Dumbledore, Armando Dippet, Moaning Myrtle, Rubeus Hagrid, Aaron Dante, Harry Potter, Ebony Abbott, Minerva McGonagall, Melena Creevey, Ollivander, Gregor Holmwood, Horace Slughorn and, of course, Tom Riddle and Keedie Dante...enjoy!

Winner of "Best Romance Between Other Characters" and nominated for "Best Female OC" in the 2009 Quicksilver Quill Awards
Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 12/28/09 Title: Chapter 28: The Epilogue--My Immortal

Alright. I'm going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible because if I don't I'll end up writing a multi-paragraphed, multi-paged review. Seriously. I can't even begin to explain how much this story touched me. Normally when I read fanfiction I'll just take it all in one dose - set aside a night and read the whole fanfiction in the matter of a few hours and finish up in the morning, or read half that night and half the next day. This one, I took my time with; I really took it in instead of just rushing through it and in most ways I'm glad I did. The only reason I'd say I regret it is how attached I've become to your characters and how heartbroken I was when they were ripped apart from each other. You portrayed Tom so perfectly, in my opinion, and Keedie was so lovely. I cried like you wouldn't believe. I'm pretty sure this is the first fanfiction I've ever read that's gotten such a huge reaction out of me. I can't get over it, it's so good. Thank you so much for writing it, though I really lshdflk;dfh really wish Tom and Keedie could have worked out in the end. I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for them. And honestly, I think that if you hadn't stuck to the way things happened in the book, I wouldn't have liked it as much, despite how much this story affected me. So, again, thank you. You're great. Really great. Okay. This is still long. I TOLD YOU.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a wonderful review, I love long ones!! I'm so glad you're a tom and keedie fan :D

The Resilient by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: Professors • 701 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Sequel to "An Aversion to Change."

It's Voldemort's world now: a world of corruption, betrayal, greed, and violence. A world of evil thoughts and evil deeds, where no one can be trusted, especially those closest to you.

But through it all, there must be strength. There must exist those who will stand up to totalitarian rule, who will say no when others submit, who must survive despite their condition. There must exist the resilient.

Eventual Draco/Hermione with plenty of plot. Very dark, so read at your own risk!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 10/18/10 Title: Chapter 16: What Can Happen With Two

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while...I got my laptop taken away, it was a nightmare.
Now that I'm fully caught up I can tell you that everything's been great. And this chapter...this chapter. I'm so excited to see the reunion between Hermione and Draco, but obviously a few things need to be cleared up before Hermione (and I) can trust that being with Draco is the right choice. I understand why you didn't make it happen at the end of this chapter. It wouldn't have been right. But oh, a part of me wanted it so. There is something about Draco. I know he's not as bad as he's made out to be. I just know it. Or maybe I'm just a softie.
I also still feel like there're other things Draco's keeping from us. I cannot wait to find out more about the Resilience, the forest..gjjskdlf; everything. So much mystery, so much mystery.

Author's Response: Good to have you back! I've been accused of being entirely too soft on Draco - for loving him too much - but my beta pointed out that we all are probably a little in love with him, as that's why we ship these two in the first place. ;) And I'm glad you liked/hated the chapter. Lol. Either way, thanks so much for the review!!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/06/10 Title: Chapter 13: A Lesson, Lived


Author's Response: Haha, welcome back!! :)

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/06/10 Title: Chapter 13: A Lesson, Lived

That. Was. So. Good.
I'm not sure why I think Draco showed her the memories he did. I'm mulling it over. But I'll let you know if I come up with any ideas.
That was such an amazing chapter; it was so heart wrenchingly sad and so well written. I am still recovering, honestly. The tears, the tears!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it, despite the tears. ;)

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 05/27/10 Title: Chapter 9: Mirror, Mirror

Hi. This is amazing, as always. There was only one thing I was a little unsure of: why does the Master have Muggle staff literally cleaning, as opposed to witch and wizard staff who could just charm the house clean?

I want more of this story ASAP OKAY?!? As I said before, I like having it and its wonderfulness in my life as much as humanly possible. DEAL

Author's Response: Cheap labor, though I'm sure the house-elves go over all of it again. And thank you!! I'll try to update soon!!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 04/29/10 Title: Chapter 1: Azkaban

The second I read that a 'quiet voice' spoke I thought it might be Draco. And then by the 'Know thy enemy' line I was sure. That was a great line, by the way. IT'S ALL GREAT. AND YOU'RE GREAT. AND YOU SHOULD UPDATE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE I NEED THIS FIC IN MY LIFE AT ALL TIMES. OK THANKS BYE

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!! I'm sorry, I know the cliffie was evil. You should probably be used to them by now, though, because of "Aversion." Hahaha. :)

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 06/13/10 Title: Chapter 9: Mirror, Mirror

Sooo...I'm leaving for the summer on June 24th. I won't have any access to a computer the whole time. Update before then? Pleeeeaaaaseeeee?

Author's Response: Yikes! I actually have a chapter in queue now; all it needs is approval! Hopefully that will be before June 24. :)

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/08/10 Title: Chapter 13: A Lesson, Lived

Though I do know Draco probably did it primarily to show Hermione the condition the wizarding world is in and maybe drive her to want to help them fight against everything they've done and whatnot, I also think something else, that's probably wrong but oh well. I think that maybe a little bit of Draco wants Hermione to see all these awful things he did so that she knows everything, all the terrible things he's done. Almost to...I don't know, push her away more? Let her know that he's awful and she should stay away; I think he knows that she could still love him despite everything that happened. She still loves him in an odd sort of way, but she still loves him.
And maybe at the same time he showed her because he wanted her to see all that he's done and hope she still, somehow, accepts him. Maybe that's what he hopes deep down, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Author's Response: Hm, theories, theories! I love hearing them! Of course, I can't give credit to either (muahahaaaa), but neither of them are completely off the wall if you assume that he's more noble than he seems. ;) Thanks so much!!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 11/14/10 Title: Chapter 18: Orientation

I'm so sorry I didn't review for the last chapter. I didn't even realize I hadn't until just now. But obviously, both were AMAZING. Heartbreaking, but amazing. I know there's a reason Draco's putting Hermione through all of this, but I can't quite fathom what it is. I can think of certain things, certain reasons, but none of them completely justify his actions. Like, let's say Hermione is part of a bigger plan to overthrow Voldemort. Although that does, in the larger picture, make Draco a better person than everyone previously thought, it still doesn't justify all the pain he put Hermione through. It doesn't justify why he betrayed her in the first place. It may make him seem a little better, but it doesn't clean his slate. I'm (as you can see) quite confused by all of it, really. And I can't wait to find out more.

I felt so horribly for Hermione in this chapter. Life was finally looking up for her, you know? I hope she finds a way out of all this soon; I hope she gets some answers soon, at least.
And good riddance she beat Orman up. He had it coming to him. I loathe him so much. I really do. (Though, doesn't everybody?)
I also hope we hear a bit more from Draco soon, but something tells me that isn't going to be too much to ask. UPDATE ASAP, PLEASE. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I ADORE THIS FIC. YOU KNOW.

Author's Response: It was nice to bloody Orman up. He's gross. And hopefully the reasons that Draco betrayed her and the reason he's putting her through so much crap now make sense to you when they come to light. Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 06/23/10 Title: Chapter 10: Closed Curtain

Two things:

One - YES. That was an amazing chapter. Of course. I love that Hermione and Draco can't help but speak the way they used to, even if it's only slightly. The whole thing was just kjlshdfl;khsdf YES. It was just. So. Good.

Two - OK COOL HUGE CLIFFHANGER THAT I READ THE DAY BEFORE I HAVE TO GO TO VERMONT TO WORK FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS. I better come home to at the very least two fantastically amazingly ridiculously splendid chapters! (I know I can expect the 'fantastically amazingly ridiculously splendid' part from you, you just have to keep up the 'AT LEAST two' part of the bargain)

Okay. That is all for now. I actually have a distinct feeling the Resilience are really a good organization. Good, as in not working for Voldemort but working against him. They just can't outwardly say so in case they're being watched or something of the sort.
Then again, that's just speculation.


Author's Response: Thank you! I agonized over that scene in Hermione's room, you have no idea. But I think I got it spot-on. :) And I will try, try, TRY my very hardest to get at least two out!! It seems reasonable, I think, but who knows? Crazier things have happened. I like your speculation - it's crafty. Not saying it's right or wrong, of course, just that I enjoy it. ;) Thanks so much again, and have fun in Vermont!!

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 09/06/10 Title: Chapter 1: Azkaban

Hi. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed for the two most recent chapters until now! But you DID keep up with our deal, so thank you for that :)
Both were lovely, of course. I like how Draco's staying reserved, staying snobby, staying Draco. He'll always be a bit of an ass, nevermind how adorable.
I'm also still firm in my belief he's a good guy. But I think it's a little implied. A little. Maybe.

One Last Wish by Belledeg

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 24 Reviews
Summary: Harry Potter has defeated the Dark Lord and proven the strength and the power of love. However, he is unaware of one tiny detail about the battle. The fact that, seconds before his demise, the Dark Lord felt something he was not supposed to feel.

So now Lord Voldemort finds himself in a place that is not Heaven, Hell or Earth but somewhere in between.

And he is not alone...

A Second Epilogue for "My Troubled Tyrant"
Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 01/10/10 Title: Chapter 1: I Should Have Remembered It

Hi, again. How're you doing? This is the second time I've read this so I figured I'd leave a review. And again, my sincerest apologies if it turns out so ridiculously, boringly long.
I loved it. A lot, as I knew I would. It provided a kind of closure for me, as pathetic as that sounds. My Troubled Tyrant had such a profound impact on me, I swear. I can’t even begin to try and explain it, though I sort of tried to in my last review. This second epilogue kind of smoothed over all my rough edges. I'm pretty sure that if you hadn't written it I would STILL be moping around and it's been, what? Almost two weeks since I've finished reading? I’m dead serious, too. I've watched a few of the Harry Potter movies in the last couple of weeks and every single time Voldemort showed up I thought of this story and it made me see him in a completely new light. I'm planning on rereading the series soon and I know I'll go into it with a changed mind and attitude towards him, and I’m actually quite happy about it. I like being able to sympathize with a seemingly unsympathizable (I believe I just made that word up) character such as he. I like it a lot.
And as for this epilogue in particular: it was so sweet and adorable and perfect. And again, thank you for writing this and My Troubled Tyrant as a whole and for raising my fanfiction standards by quite a few bars. Thank you, from the very bottom of my romance-loving heart. Thank you.

Author's Response: I love, love, love long review so thanks so much! Again, I'm so happy you read and enjoyed MTT and also gave this a try. I love romance too and am so glad to have got the approval of a knidred spirit. Thanks for R&R ing :D

How to Charm Snakes by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 6 Reviews
Summary: When the Department of Magical Transportation invents an Apparation alternative, Hermione and Draco are the lucky participants of the first human trial. But what happens when everything that can go wrong, does?

Short story, challenge entry.

An entry by Misdemeanor1331 of Hufflepuff to the Lofty Learning One-Shot Challenges: How to Charm Snakes.

Reviewer: areyousirius Signed
Date: 06/04/10 Title: Chapter 1: How to Charm Snakes

This was really, really lovely. I like how you didn't feel the need to make it romantic just because it's Dramione. (Unless you were trying to make it out that they would end up together - I didn't really get that vibe though.) Dire situations do seem to make friends out of enemies, don't they?
Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted to leave it more of a "Well, at least they can tolerate each other now and, if they continue to work together, who knows where it will go?" kind of vibe. :)