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Calliope and Thalia and Their Inspiration by lucilla_pauie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Callie and Lia, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. A lady and a tomboy. Two opposite souls. Two sisters. Separated at birth by circumstances they are determined to discover... and undo. Yes, after being reunited, the siblings plan to reunite their parents as well. Let’s see them accomplish House Unity, too!

“It’s our rule not to dredge up past things, remember?”

This rule is about to be broken.

~Inspired by a worldwide beloved film.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/06/11 Title: Chapter 14: Hisses and Kisses

Callie, Lia AND Albus steal this story!!!
That smootch was pure bliss! I hope Hermione can get past her hurt and surrender to her luuuuuuurve!! LOL!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/03/11 Title: Chapter 19: Things and Dastardly Things Afoot

Build up? This chapter was bloody brilliant!!
I looooooved Minerva's letter! It was the cherry on top of the ice cream!! ^^
Love your story! I'm loving the upperclassmen for meddling in the twin's dilema so much, as well! I'm basically overflowing with love for all your story. Portrait-Albus and Peeves included!

Author's Response: Yay! Glad someone noticed the letters and Peevesie! :) Thanks as ever, dear Ceci!

The Arcane ScoRA and the Wand of MacArt by OliveOil_Med

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Nominated for the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Post-Hogwarts Story

When Albus, Rose, and Scorpius are put on the train to their first year at Hogwarts, their parents have simple hopes for them. Namely to have the normal, boring school years they never got to experience themselves. But sometimes, we ask too much of our children.

When the school becomes plagued by invasions of wild beasts, three different students from three different houses follow in the footsteps of the generation before them, but strive to achive the one thing none of their predesesors ever could: DON'T GET CAUGHT!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/15/10 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Planning and Preparations

Lovely darling spunky Rose!!! ^_^ That last coment was awesome!!

Author's Response: Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters in this story as well, now that it is finally finished.

Semiautomagic by angelicxdiscord

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Wizards excel at midrange combat. Only midrange combat. Up close and personal? The wizard’s screwed; there are no known hand-to-hand practitioners in the magical community. Widen the gap? The wizard’s screwed; a sniper beats a spellslinger any day. I can reach out and touch a victim at two kilometers; a conjurer’s lucky if he hits the broadside of a barn at that range.

It is 1997. The Dark Lord has returned. Death Eaters have taken control of the Ministry. Information is tightly controlled and propaganda is fed to the masses. Dissidents and undesirables disappear on a regular basis. All is lost, resistance is futile, yada yada blah blah blah. That’s what they’d like you to think.

My name is Corinne Lambert and I’m part of a three-man terrorist cell conducting direct action operations against Voldemort’s puppet regime. Working closely with our liaison from the Order, Charlie Weasley, we use anything and everything at our disposal to combat the Death Eaters. Magic. Firearms. Explosives. Whatever gives us an edge in this war. Because they have the numbers, they have the resources, and they have the home court advantage.

They won't know what hit them.

Guest starring Charlie Weasley, Cho Chang, various Ministry officials, Death Eaters, and other magical creepy crawlies.
Character death will only apply to fairly minor characters in the Rowling-verse.
Special thanks to Colores for proofing the first chapter of my story!
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/09/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Hello, My Name is Undesirable Number Sixty Six

I'm soooooooooooo falling in love with your writing!!!

AND even if I did not... Dolores = Jabba would have won my heart!!

Not to mention.... Missy's her daughter!!! Christmas and my birthday were combined!! A WE SO ME!

Author's Response: Thanks! The first thing that popped into mind when I saw the illustration of Umbridge in the books was Jabba. Seemed like a match made in heaven.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Exit Strategy

This is better than a Bic Mac! And I LOVE Big Macs!!

I enjoy all the movie references. And the fact the Toad is pushing daisies!

And our darling heroine has a crush, rather teo crushes. Is she smitten over Arch? He pulled some very impressive stunts back in this chapter... Gone read some more! Great story!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Importance of Seatbelts

Even BETTER than a Big Mac... Wait! I've already said that! Dung!

I like Motoko!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: The Zen and Art of Mass Murder

Cori simply ROCKS!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Thatís Going to Leave a Mark

This is getting insane! I almost miss slow-moving, setting chapters. Those that are nearly filling one and most writers apollogize for in chapter end notes. ALMOST. This story simply keeps getting better. Not a single moment to breathe!! Just action, action, action.

Missy is such a cool character! And I'm guessing there's more than friendship between her and Charlie! (YES!!) Given the position our fair redhead has put into, I'd guess mamma is not very happy about it, or is even moved angry at her own suspicions since the youngsters neglect to officialize.

I think I can't actually name my fav character!! Each one has something I like so much. Arch with his mystery air and general awesomeness (yes, I'm making up a word for him!) Missy with her crazyness and thought past (being Umbridge's daughter is something I would only wish to PB or Voldy) Charlie with his sensibility and cooking skills! Not to mention caustic queen Cori. I've gotten attached to them!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Memory Lane

I googled Satoshi... Arch just keeps getting hawter!!
Funny, when you first mentioned Arch being murderous toward Harry for dumping his cousin, I'd kind of assumed we were talking Ginny. Since wih Cho he had like... one and a half date, during wich she mostly wept over dear ol' Ced... I wouldn't have thought it'd have taken such a toll on her.

As for Marrieta's SNEAK. Totally deserved! Thought I'd hoped it'd fade out, in time. Are we set during Golden Trio's sixth or seventh year?

Anyhow... I'm sending life and obligations for a walk and keep reading!! ^.^

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/10/10 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Black Bags

This is CRUEL!
There'sa cliffie on your other story as well!!!
This is an unhappy review! Extremely unhappy review! How's a girl suposed to cope with that kind of stress!? >:C

It's not nice to end such a lovely chapter with a cliffie like that. I mean, Missy's costume hilarious! She was a Slytherin! Impressed by her pureness of heart. She IS fighting for the good guys!
I particularly liked that Cori was clad in a kimono. *winks to the asian hawtness in the story*
I urge you to update soon and end my agony! I want to know what the heck happened with Cho and why they want children! Are they brainwashing them or what?
Great chapter...

Marissa and the Wizards by JCCollier

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Two years after Voldemort's downfall, Headmistress McGonagall finds a puzzling decrease in new Muggle-born students. Consulting the magic Quill, she and Flitwick find even wizarding children being born without magical ability. Each year fewer students are listed. If the decline continues, within decades the classrooms of Hogwarts will be half empty. Concerned how far the problem spreads, McGonagall sends a message to the Quill schools of the other continents.

In Brazil, the world of magic is revealed to a young homeless girl. When Marissa cautiously accepts an education in the wizarding world, the choice will lead her to an object somehow tied to the unknown cause of the wizarding decline. But as she struggles to show any ability at all, she is unsure if she even belongs in their world. What role can a neglected street beggar have in events that wizarding schools of all the world may soon be part of?

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 11/21/09 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - A Bird's Eye View

Awh!! I do addore this story! I so wish you'd finish it!! :) Pretty please!?
BTW; congrats on making the QSQ best OC runner up! You desserved it and more!!!

You dance divinely, Mr Weasley by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It has been two and a half years since Fred died and George Weasley still feels the pain of loss. So when Ginny and Hermione turn up at the shop to ask him to fill in for a sick Ron at the Quidditch Winter Ball his initial response is a definite no! But Hermione’s plight, for some reason, moves him and he reluctantly agrees to partner his soon to be sister-in-law to the ball. With new robes and some dazzling dance steps, he little realises that this could be the night his life changes for the better.
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/30/10 Title: Chapter 1: You dance divinely, Mr Weasley.

That last sentence got me slightly emotional...

I very much enjoyed this one-shot. It was nice and endearing.

I'm guessing you're not very fond of Ron/Hermione, by the way the girl was constantly irritatedby him. Honestly, doxy eggs? What a pine-head!

LOL! I enjoyed it! ;)

Author's Response: No no nooooo, I love Ron/Hermione, I needed an excuse for George to go to the ball. I just think Ron is still a bit of a prat at times - ha ha. Glad you liked the story. ~Carole~

Snape Didn't Die by OliveOil_Med

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Winner of the First-Annual Ravenclaw Quicksliver Quill Award for Best Humor, Wittiest Writing!

Snape didn't die, he simply joined the Witness Relocation Program. A funny slogan for an avatar, but what if some crazed author somewhere decided to write the story behind it?

On the run from all those who would want to see his head on a platter, Severus Snape is put through a series of tests. But between scantily-clad Ministry agents, seeing-eye elves, and an all-witch school and all the drama that goes along with it, he is beginning to wonder how much worse the alternative would really be.

Happy Birthday, Chante'!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 12/07/10 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6 It Begins

I find myself quite loving this story. Snape acustic thoughts are quite enjoyable. The QSQ was CERTAINLY well placed!!
I can't help but feel a bit bad about how his luck is unfolding so far. Poor bloke. The elf stealing incident is never going to go away, is it?
On second thoughts, I would guess it is a bit of a way for him to pay for kharma... he was quite nasty at Hogwarts. I can't help but remember that AWFUL remark he made at Herms when she was hit by that densaugeo hex... So, man up Sev, it's your bad actions biting you in the back!
Loving Shoshana and her way of pestering him, btw. Her insistance for him to choose a different carreer where brilliant!! Keep 'em comin'

Author's Response: Yes, my Catholic school is showing with this story, Snape needing to clense his soul through suffering and all.

Trickster by Willow Rosenberg

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: After the disastrous events of the end of the Marauder's fifth year, a fuming Lily Evans decides that that arrogant James Potter and his friends need a taste of their own medicine. The straight-laced Prefect suddenly finds herself pranking her class's trickiest boys--and maybe even enjoying it. Coupled with a series of mysterious apology letters that Lily has begun receiving, it's bound to be an interesting year.

Winner of the 2010 QSQ for Best Canon Romance!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 07/16/10 Title: Chapter 13: Undercover

She IS going to start a betting pool, isn't she?? LOL! That'd be soo Mary!

That was a cute thing, BTW. A bit psycho, but cute nonetheless. I mean, she's drifted appart from her friend, but she clearly still cares enough to be keeping an eye on her, and noticing all this changes that Lily herself fails (or refuses) to notice...

I really liked Sirius asking about whether she was one of them or not. I guess this means she's closer to being let in on the secret. YAY!

And I think the kitten detail, (specially the part when Lily mentions doing it partly to annoy Sirius) as well as Severus glaring at them during that conversation in Potions were great details, that add up to a great chapter!!

Looking forward to the next one!!

Author's Response: haha mary's insane. it's have the fun. thanks so much, i'm glad you're enjoying it! next chapter should be up soon :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/18/10 Title: Chapter 7: Alliances

Charlotte's web!!!!! LOL!!! Brilliant!!!

Isaac Smith wouldn't happen to be related to another not very nice Smith, right??

I liked this very much!! And it's quite funny the way Remus reacted to not having thought about the obliviating thing before... Again, brilliant!!

Liked it very mucho!!! Great chap!

Author's Response: Haha same last name...blond...Hufflepuff....I think it's a definite possibility :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/23/10 Title: Chapter 8: Things Fall Apart

Urgh.... Tricky situation for the Trickster!

BTW, James did get what he desserved when she kissed Sirius!! He was just begging for ther to do something nasty! I've much rather she kissed Peter, almost. But since Sirius is such a ladies man, and Peter more shy and akward, I guess, Sirius was a better choice.

And James' reaction to his explanation. ("You've kissed her before?") Brilliant!! ^_^

Quite a git Sev, trying to give away secrets that aren't his. After promising Albus he wouldn't!! I bet half Slytherin knows already! But I'm pretty sure Lily's intrigued now and will eventually figure it out... I mean, James sort of keeps giving hints...

Like it very much! Good chapter!


Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/30/10 Title: Chapter 10: Hanging by a Moment

Nice turn of events... I'm pretty sure Sev feels like a pile of scum right now. The nerve he had to treat Lily like that!!! Gosh!
I have to admit, that she should have waited for confirmation that the letters came from him, before blurting that out... That would have been a smart move, Evans!
I hope now she puts two plus two together and realize it was James!!
Great chapter!!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/03/10 Title: Chapter 15: So Close


Thank you! Vielen Danke! Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup!!

I've never ever ever loved a cliffie as much as I loved this. Closing it with a kiss, and what a kiss! Perfect! Really. I'm just a bit puzzled as to how will Lily find out about the other nicknames. But I guess you might have left something for the other chapter. Btw, thanks for the betting pool!! ^.^ Great one!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/03/10 Title: Chapter 16: Wide Awake, It's Morning

I absolutely loved this chapter as well... Mostly because it covered most of the things I had been waiting to happen!! ^.^ LOL!

The animagi discovery, actually all that conversation and situation between Lily and James was quite adorable. I like very much their dialogs. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but they feel quite natural and real.

Of course, the scene with the patronuses was magical. The deer and the doe. So romantic!

As for Severus... it's kind of funny, but I'd always thought his would have changed sort of last moment. Like, after he'd realized he had set Voldemort on Lily's tracks when he told him about te prophecy, you know? But the moment you choose was quite fitting.

I wonder about this sequel of yours now... I sense it focus on the summer between sixth and seventh? Interesting... We'll get to see Tuney and Sev misbehaving... That's promising!!

Great fic!! Loved every bit of it!

My Troubled Tyrant by Belledeg

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story
Summary: Keedie Dante has experienced many amazing things during her time at Hogwarts, including the hushed up drama that was the Chamber of Secrets. However, with two overachieving friends and a headmaster who does not even know she exists, Keedie feels that perhaps her seventh year will not be too spectacular. However, Dumbeldore sees her potential as a writer and enrols her in a simple writing course. Here, she meets the mysterious and terrifying Tom Riddle and they instantly get under one another's skin. She is drawn to his dark determination towards some unknown goal and he is fascinated by her, in every way. However, Tom's friends do not approve of Keedie and her unconventional ways and Keedie has many people trying to keep her away from the dark young man as well. Something inside tells Keedie that she can make him better, but even he assures her that this is an impossible task. But she's not one to give up easily...

"He is a dark one, Keedie. Try not to let him consume you entirely."

This story has the characters Albus Dumbledore, Armando Dippet, Moaning Myrtle, Rubeus Hagrid, Aaron Dante, Harry Potter, Ebony Abbott, Minerva McGonagall, Melena Creevey, Ollivander, Gregor Holmwood, Horace Slughorn and, of course, Tom Riddle and Keedie Dante...enjoy!

Winner of "Best Romance Between Other Characters" and nominated for "Best Female OC" in the 2009 Quicksilver Quill Awards
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 10/10/09 Title: Chapter 28: The Epilogue--My Immortal


How DARE you getting me to CRY over Tom Riddle's death!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!

BTW, that was meant to be cahrged with irony. I'm not sure if it shows... :)

Gosh!! The final line is great!! "You-Know- Who" I guess Keeds was a bit of a prophet. Poor girl... why why why did you have to kill her!!! :'(

I DO hope Riddle had the good sense to try for some remorse. I mean.. hello, Earth to Tom? REMORSE=Seeing Keeds in the afterlife... That's it dude!!! No questions asked!!

Another lovely thing about this chapter. Keedie's humor was left untouched in the afterlife!! AWESOME!! I do hope she gives him HELL for the lack of nose thing. I can just picture her... trying all sorts of funny party accesories on him. Clown noses, those that come with moustache and plases, cat noses...

I am going to miss your fic soo much!!!! :(

I hope to see a new masterpiece around soon!! I swear you could write a romance using Greyback and I'd buy it!!! (again, you're SUCH a devilishly great writer!!)

Author's Response: Shucks, thanks for such an awesome review! Made my day. It might please you to know that there is a second epilogue for this fic, and it shall be completed very soon. Thanks so much for reading. Keedie will crop up in other stories, I swear. Glad you felt for Voldy! :D