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These Games We Play by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 4 Reviews

Certain rules exist between friends and family, one of which is never dating someone’s ex-boyfriend. However, unfortunately for Dominique Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy has seen fit to test her resolve to not cross that line. Could she bring herself to break that taboo?

Lily Potter was nice, but she just couldn’t hold a candle to her vixen of a cousin, Dominique. Scorpius knew who he wanted, but did he have what it took to go and get her?

This story is written as a parallel to my fic, Dust in the Wind. All events from that story are written in the opposing point of view, plus more of the back story and after story are explored.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/27/10 Title: Chapter 1: Dansons

Nice work!!! It was good to see Scorpious POV. But I still think he was an arse for getting information about Dom from his current girlfriend and cousin. He should have ended it much sonner.
BTW, it was a bit puzzling the non-talking thing between Astoria and Draco. Maybe we could have used and explanation for their bad relation, perhaps mingled in one of the explanations of Draco's thoughts about his son... which were highly enjoyable, if I may say so.
All in all, good work! A bit fluffy, but very good!! ^_^

Author's Response:

Ah, a returnee!


Yeah, it is rather naughty of Scorpius to do what he did, but remember, he is 16 and in a very odd predicament. Most guys would probably do the wrong thing, or at least not the completely right thing. He may be gorgeous and a Malfoy, but he's still a teenager, who makes mistakes, just like the rest of us.


And about Astoria, to be honest, I really thought I'd run out of words to cram this into a one-shot, so I sort of glossed over it. In my brain universe, Astoria is a bit of a shrew, the polar opposite of Draco's quiet calm. Scorpius is much closer to his father than his mother. I meant to go back on that and add to it if I had extra words under the maximum, but truthfully, I kinda forgot, lol


Of course it's fluff, lol. It was meant to be. Most of my contest pieces end up that way (not sure why), but I've found some ways to move away from that. I did this due to overwhelming demand for a sequel; I just hope it was worth the wait.


Thank you for reviewing and have a great rest of the day!



Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment by Inverarity

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 201 Reviews Past Featured Story

Alexandra Quick returns to Charmbridge Academy for eighth grade, angry and in denial. Unwilling to accept the events of the previous year, she is determined to fix what went wrong, no matter what the cost. When her obsession leads her to a fateful choice, it is not only her own life that hangs in the balance, for she will uncover the secret of the Deathly Regiment!

 This is the third book in the Alexandra Quick series.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/09/10 Title: Chapter 12: The Dueling Club

I really don't like where this is going... Darla seems to be schemming just too much!! And maybe someone should tell Innocence exactly what Darla REALLY did, as opposed to what people SAY Alex did....

Alex is being quite selfcentered these days. I guess it has something to do with obsessing about bringing back her brother...

It was a very interesting chapter! The revival of the Clockwork attack was striking!

I'm very happy Alex got to join the Dueling Club. I quite like Eric Strangeland! ^_^ And our beloved Witch-Coronel... The fact that she doesn't ever comment on Larry, for instance, I quite like it! Oh! And her cutting retort to Adele! Priceless. I'm surprized Adele didn't challenge Alex herself, maybe that'll happen latter... Or the little scank will leave it to Larry to fight her battles...

As for Larry, I wonder the same Alex did. Why the long face if he won the duel? Maybe he loathes the fact that she had him in a tight corner for a second? Or that she'll be kicking his ass in less than a semester at this rate? Or is there something else to that sour face?

And this book mystery book Darla checked out.... Who's the author Eddie Grindewald?

Argh!!! There are SOOO many questions to ask! I'm only happy you update soo soon!! You rock!! Thanks for that!!!

Great chapter as usual! ^_^

Oh! And sorry about the gaffe on Darla... My bad! Some of the pics in there are awesome! The South Park ones are genious!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/26/10 Title: Chapter 8: Ghost Sickness

Nice chapter, good turn of events. The Rashes soooo deserved it. Certainly MORE than the poor elves!!

I smell a Quick version of the D.A. in the making. Would be a nice one for Innocence and William, sure could use a hand. BTW, I so like Innocence!! She rocks.

I'm a bit weary for her, though, Darla knows her toad, now... :S She better behave!

And, I'm really thriving for news from Anna's Dad. Couldn't she go to the Deans or something? I do want to know how this turns out. I suspect he might actually go Dark, out of spite towards the bitchy Confederation, after all. Just imagine that, Mr. Chu fighting side by side with Abe Thorn... *evil laugh* Priceless. ^_^

Loved the chapter!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/06/10 Title: Chapter 2: The Witch of Old Larkin Pond

Poor Alex, like she hadn't had enough nastiness last year. This one starts with an encounter with Diana Bitch Grimm, the DESTRUCTION of her broom (she should sue, BTW!) and another not so pleasant run-in with Brian and Bonnie... :'(

I feel so bad for her... And she hasn't even heard of Anna's problems yet! I guess once she finds out, she'll be even more angry. It's soo bloody unfair, I mean, she's got far nore cheek than advisable, I give ou that. But the treatment the Confederation gives her is unacceptable. Not that Daddy Thorn behaves in an even remotely decent way towards his children...

Argh! So furious for Alex's sake!!! Stupid Bitch Grimm!!

PS: Super duper happy to see chapter 2 up so soon!!!
PS2: GREAT chapter. As you might notice, it really makes you relate to Alex' anger and frustration...

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/11/10 Title: Chapter 30: The Deathly Regiment

Uhm, yeah, I get it, she did not want her lil sis sacrificed. So instead, she:
-Cursed an innocent (yet annoying) boy.
-Killed her cat.
-Killed the custodian.
-Tried to kill Alex two, no, three times. Without mentioning all the non-lethal cursing she aimed at her.
-Dwelled in Dark Arts like it was a picnic.
-Cursed Sonya.

Am I missing anything?
I know I probably am...

Oh, yeah, THEN she suicided! BTW, she should have noticed Alex had already "payed" that year's debt with the Deathly token and her chance to save Max's life... Bur she still tried to send Innocence to the Land Beyond!

Gosh! This is awful! The Confederation IS worst than Voldemort!! (and Darla too, as far as I'm concerned!) I wonder what does Darla's family think of Alex. Are they grateful that Darla was stopped from killing yet another innocent person? Or furious? Technically, Alex did not kill Darla, but she more or less jumped through the Veil by her own free will...

It's quite interesting that Gemming Chu ended up having to tell Alex about the Confederation's most terrible secret... Because I hope that they don't have worst secrets lying around!! *shudders*

Will Daddy learn about Alex's terrible and impressive adventures? I mean, not only she treated with Death and lived to tell it, AND did some very very brave stuff in order to save two lives! Which she did, in my opinion save, only Darla choose to do otherwise with hers...

Heck! Rather than staring and whispering Alex deserves a monument and a parade!!!! The unfairness of it all simply astounds me!

BTW, Gemming's sollution to the child sacrificing issue was pretty smart! Each Elect should marry a muggleborn and that's it! problem solved! No more sacrifice! Once there's a muggle granma or granpa, that's it! More more purebloods, no more Deathly Regiment!! ;) ;) ;)

LOL! Oh, yeah, the problem is, they'd have to accept someone... lowly!! Oopsy!! Too bad the the Elect children!

BTW, it's quite interesting the fact that Alex CAN tell anyone she wants... Like, say, Larry Albo? Who seems so awfully proud of being part of the Elect!?!?!?!? AH!! Take that you smug punk!

As usual, you never cease to amaze!! Kuddos!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/19/10 Title: Chapter 15: The Historicist

Holly mother of Winged Horses!!!!!! This is NOT good!!! Not not not good!!! If I were Dobby I'd be hitting my head against the wall right now!!!

Look out Valeria!!! You've got a tempestuous teen between your hands!!! I suspect this has to do with the Elect stuff, uh? I mean the big secret Valeria is researching. Quite the scheeming little minx Val, uh? Using her family ties for her own good. Has she researched Salazar Slythering recently?

I suspect Alex is going to have a nice little meet up with Time Travelling to turn things right, uh? And what was Triss attitude towards ghosts all about? Does she fear she's going to be striken or sth?

This only keeps getting more and more interesting!!! Great work!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/04/10 Title: Chapter 28: Oak and Mistletoe

Speechless. Please update soon!!!!

Gosh! I really can't believe Anna let her go alone!! I wonder if Alex will get extra help from her "contacts" in the Lands Below... and how will it be for her to be back there, face to face with the Generous ones...

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/28/10 Title: Chapter 26: The Most Deathly Power

Holy Deathly Power!!!!

THIS is a never expected turn of events!!!!

Alex amuses Death!! Let Troublesome be one of a kind!! I think this chapter was very well-thought, carefully planned, it was just so symetrical, so unexpected yet making so much sense!

I think Death's appearence (adjusted to what everyone expects) was a great idea. And the "guidance" from Journey was good too. I mean the fact that he didn't seem to know much about what they were doing!

I'm a bit depressed that Alex did not get to see Max, at least... But it was more or less a ride in the park, actually. No one got hurt (other than that cut on Alex's hand and Darla's nose) no tiresome perils to face. It was all, stressy, of course... But (for now) everyone remains unharmed.

I lost my breath when Alex nearly gives the deathly token to Darla.. (She soo deserved it!) BTW, I can't shake off the outrage at her nastiness! She gave Alex a fake obol! What on Earth was she thinking!!

Assuming she was doing all this to use Alex as a guinea pig and she if she could come back from Beyond... With a fake obol, she might have never done, thus leading Darla to believe that her own sibling-saving quest was impossible.

So, did Darla already know how to go beyond and that she would be able to come back, and did that to trick Alex into creating an obol for herself? Or to get the Deathly token, perhaps? Otherwise, why did she stay in that basement? Why did she even bother going with Alex?

It's a bit confusing for me... but I guess thats' the idea, right? Not being sure of Darlitch's true intentions? Boy that girl's disgusting!!

Also... I'm still curious as to this Deathly Regiment thing. What is it? Did Max join it? We haven't really heard what IS it, am I right? Only that people who died in un-conventional magical ways join them... and they kill people for the Confederation(!?!?!)

As for the minor cliffie... I wonder if Alex will tell Anna everything, everything? About Death's token, I mean... And about almost giving it to Darla... (I agree with Alex, BTW, Darla DOES deserve it!)

And what on Merlin's name is going to become with that terrible thing!! The token!! I really, really, really hope that it only works when Alex gives it, not if stolen or lost!! (because with Charlie's ways, that could happen!)

Lord, this story is simply getting better and better.

I'll wait anxiously for the next update!! ^_^

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/22/10 Title: Chapter 24: The Lands Beyond

Holly cow!!! She's doing it!! She REALLY IS doing it!! Oh my!!!

Darla knows, Ben freaking Journey is supposed to help her!!!

What I'm puzzled about is the fact that we still have some rather big issues pending. The Ghost sickness, the dead custodian, the mystery stunner in the basement... They're just too many unsolved details to ignore.

And now Innocence erratic behaviour. She'd been conspicuously absent as of late. Kind of like Ginny during Y2. Makes me wonder, y'know...

Gosh!! I really, really, really don't think trusting in Darla, rather than in Anna is a good idea. She should at the very least tell her she's up to something... Oh, Alex... what on good Godric's name are you getting yourself into?

I really hope an obol's enough to get Alex back safely, at least. You know, if she does get herself killed in the process, Max is soo going to kick her ghostly ass for that! Troublesome punk... I hope she makes it back in one piece...

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/03/10 Title: Chapter 10: The Doorway

Uhm... So, what? Alex is going to turn into a rat in use that as leaverage to free Anna's dad? Interesting... I smell her turning into a double agent much like Max!! ^_^
Nice turn of events... And it's great to know a little bit about Anna's and that the Majokai are taking his part. I suspect he's going to be held until the election passes, right? He'll be pissed, even more than how he must be now...

Great chapter, as usual!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/29/10 Title: Chapter 9: Rebellion

Shaisse!!! But what on Earth was Ms. Gale doing all by herself down there!?!?! And just about how is Alexandra going to explain being down there!?
I hope she doesn't get expelled? Maybe they want to keep it quiet? Gosh, gosh, gosh!!! Alex!!?!?! What did you get yourself into!??!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/31/10 Title: Chapter 27: The Bone Flute

Risking her neck to save Darla from her own stupid self!? *snorts*
This is really silly, she should have told on her and that's it!! The attack and the illegal wand...
NOW I'm actually happy for that lovely Confederation Act... It's going to be just miraculous seeing that retched thing do something good. I mean, ironic, an Elect to held accountable for her acts, right?

They can't NOT judge her after this.... It'd be simply too unfair!! Then, again, the Confederation knows a thing or two about unfair and how to take it to a whole new level. Maybe they'll use some lame excuse to get Darla off the hook... which would also get Alex off the hook, since if anything, Alex has done LESS illegal stuff than her...

I wonder how will Death feel about Darla trying to do his job for her... With all the killing she's been skeeming. Hopefully, not pleased. As for Alex, she might simply argue she's back to return the token...
I only wonder how's Alex planning to join Darla, since there's only one Thestral in the stables... Puzzling...

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/14/10 Title: Chapter 31: Seven Years to Live

I did enjoy the ride VERY much! It was bumpy, and tiresome (for Alex) and scary at times!!

I really can't believe some of the stuff the poor thing went through!

The title of the next book sounds intriguing!!! I hope you finish if very soon!

Lots of love and success for you in everything,

Your faithful reader,

Author's Response: Thank you for all of your reviews -- the excitement and eagerness with which you reacted to each chapter was often a highlight of my day. :) I hope you'll enjoy the next book as much.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/17/10 Title: Chapter 23: Deathly Conjures

Oh my oh my oh my!!! Ben Journey!!!

THIS is VERY interesting in deed!!!

Now, we have ourselves a ghost that might actually feel the need of helping Alex. You could almost say he owes her that much... Migh it be the price for redemption?

You have to admit, her summoning was much more adapt to him than to Max, with that forgiven part... What did Max do that could possibly need redemption? He gave his life for this sister.

You are a true mastermind!!! Keep the great work!!

PS: Darla IS dumb. Or very very smart and cunning. She did not want to get herself into trouble before being sure it might actually work. So she sent Alex to get her hands dirty first. And, provided Alexandra does come back in one piece of this new adventure of hers, we all know there's no way Darla will be able to duplicate what she is doing. Not just verse spells, but I don't see Ben agreeing to be her ghostly guide, do you?

I guess we're in for a bumpy ride. I'll sit tight from now on and hope for the best for our dear Alex!!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/06/10 Title: Chapter 11: Cursing and Fighting

It smells like the school is getting a clearer division between Supremacists and non-Supremacists... The division between good and bad is getting less and less blurry. That or the JROC is finally getting rid of scum, which can never be a bad thing.
I wonder who these Elects are or were... sounds like something U No Poo would come up with...
Adela sounds like a perfect psycho concieted brat, I really have a hard time deciding who I loathe more... Her, Darla or Evil Grimm. They rank way too closely... As for Larry, brat and all, at least I'm able to gather a bit of respect towards him. He's a decent prat, at least.
I loooved the duel! You had me sitting at the very end of my seat, literally!
Oh! And very glad to see that Innocence seems to be making up with her sisters.
BtW, very nice touch David's gesture about Darla. LOL! Speaking of whom... very very curious about what she's cooking... The nasty piece of work... I only wish whatever she's scheeming, there is a fake Moody Ferret-like treatment instore for her... That's something I'd give my left arm to read. Only with a much more unpleasant creature, maybe a dodo bird! Or a bat.... A dingo would fit too, but they're kind of cute. LMAO! Just thinking about the nickname potential makes me all warm and fuzzy inside... Darla Dodo Dearborn. *sigh* Nevermind, I'll just be happy with that picture in my head.... A blonde Dodo bouncing up and down... up and down...

Author's Response:

Actually, Darla is a brunette. ;) (If you check out my thread in the Dean's Corner, or my LiveJournal, you can see chapter illustrations.)

You will get more of all of the above mentioned characters in the chapters to come. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/07/10 Title: Chapter 29: A Life for a Life

Okey... Erhm...

I know you do have a very very very very good explanation for Darla's downright barking madness. I know you do. You wouldn't be the amazying author you are otherwise... It's just... I truly can't wrap my head about the concept of what she did had a justification. Her actions can be seriously compared to Voldy.

Voldy = downright evil, proud of it and trying very hard to bring nastiness to a whole new level.

I say Darla's actions, because not even all the tears in the world and all the last moment screaming can reverse her actions. "I never meant to hurt someone" is nothing after even a quarter of the ATTROCITIES she did.
After killing Innocence's cat she was beyond just "sorry, I didn't mean to".
The news of the Deathly Regiment are spooky, though. The Confederation sacrifices kids!? Really? It explains why they had a school sitting atop the very gateway to the Lands Bellow (instead of, say, a Mount Diablo sort of place?) and never really bothered to close the sub-basements properly... They need kids to be able to get there!!!

Is it really possible that they enlist a kid to take another kid there? The Kreepy Ones are mean and evil, but I doubt they're liars...

And so, the secret of te Deathly Regiment continues... I hope you tell us about it in this book and don't leave it till the next one... You wouldn't be that cruel, right?

At least and at last, Innocence is safe!!! And Alex did no small feat, too. I think she can possibly claim to be bigger than Daddy Thorn. Gone to the Lands Beyond and come back in one piece. She could have brought back Max, had she not been a good person. Gone to the Lands Below, twice. Saved Innocence from the claws of Darla Dearborn...

BTW, where IS Rita Skeeter when you need her? Sure, to throw dirt on Hermione's good name we have a reporter thirsty for scandall, to unveil saucy, awful, grotesque TRUE stories, we're all too afraid of Big Wizard Brother!!! Wimps!!! *snorts*

Alex does deserve a chance to speak to Max one last time... :( Poor thing... I think she has earned it... At least in a dream!!! Poor darling...

And don't even let me get started on the seven years time line topic!!! *shudders* What a decision... What a big fat stroke of ass, too! I guess by a little time she expected something around seven hours!!!!!!!

Dear writer... you never ever ever cease to amaze!!! A W E S O M E!

JKR would be jealous! Should be jealous!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/10/10 Title: Chapter 21: Sweethearts and Traitors

Ouch... That had to hurt Alexa great deal. After all the time she spent feeling terrible about keeping Anna in the dark...
Turned out she couldn't actually trust her, uh?
I get it, Anna was desperate. AND, if Alex had told her what she was up to, it might have helped prevent Anna from turning into a traitor.
I shudder thinking what will become of Alex and Anna now... Poor poor poor girl.... Betraded by her best friend when she was doing something soo risky for her.
Thank Merlin Abe is ten times more awake than those loosers!! I think it's the first time you could tell I root for him!
It was quite interesting to see the nearly civil exchange between Alex and Larry. Of course, he had to be an arse and try to hex her at the end... *cough*jerk*cough* Nasty piece of work that "Elect" is. Honestly, he only has it in for Alex because he's jealous!! That Abraham Thorn's daughter hating is bull!!! He's a pampered little boy who recents her because he's not in the spotlight!! If he only knew half the crap she's been through thanks to "daddy"... Urghhhh!! Hate Larry!!!
BTW, I noticed, Abe made Alex pull the same stunt Max did. Wasn't Maximilian some sort of double agent for the confederation while he was actually helping his father? Fishy Abe!!! Very fishy indeed!!
Anyhow... great chapter!!! Really, really, truly loved it!!! Kuddos for the great work!

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/01/10 Title: Chapter 1: The WODAMND Act

Holly bucket of freezing water!!!!

Okey, first things first. WOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEE!!!! Alexandra's third book!!!!! Horray!!!

*does victory dance, over and over again* ^_^

Now... it's refreshing to have a first chapter told in darling lovely addorable timid Anna's POV. It's really interesting to hear her thoughts about Alex and also a quick way of covering the past events.

I enjoyed very much hearing of Anna's home and the way every neighbor sort of "shows off" with great stuff on their front gardens. It gives the Malfoy's white peacocs a run for their galleons! ^_^

WODAMND and the Auror's way of acting is remarkably similar to the way Policemen acted during dictatorships in my country... So, creepy, very creepy and *shudders* to the thought of what might be enduring Anna's dad...

And I do wonder, what on Earth is poor Anna going to do now... She can't possibly abandon her mum. Can she go up to any of her neighbors for help? How will they react to the falling from grace of Gemming?

You evil writer.... There were a million questions left hanging after Lands Bellow.... and first chapter of the next book opens a million more!!!!! You're sooooo bloody brilliant!!!!

I'll be watching the recetns even more requently now!!! ^_^

*leaves skidding happily*

The Gates of Happiness by MagEd

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 44 Reviews
Summary: The seven men who loved Ginny Weasley.
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/22/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Great work. Honestly, it was fillied with great details. I particularly liked the way you started Arthur's point of view by giving Molly's desire of having a little girl.

Also took notice (and enjoyed it very much) of the way you always seem to wrap it up. You start but always make sure to come poetically back to that same line. It is a very delicate touch...

I liked that you included Dean and how he felt about the failure with Ginny. And Heavens! Neville! Loving her and being in love! I very much loved that too!! ^_^

And Ron! I think you got his typical lovable goofines down to a tee!!

A great read! Nearly as enjoyable as the one on Hermione. (that one brought me down to tears, actually)

I do hope you have many more of this planned!! And be nice and give the guys a go too! I bet there are 7 gals who loved Harry around!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have a lot of fun writing these small scenes that finish where they began, so I'm glad you appreciate that! I do have more planned -- in fact, I've already started one on Harry ;)

Fred and George's Busy Day by Northumbrian

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 34 Reviews
WINNER of the BEST GENERAL story – Quicksilver Quills Awards 2010.
In the weeks and months after their eldest brother’s wedding Fred and George Weasley continued to run their business. Two decent honest and respectable businessmen, they had no involvement at all in any illicit conduct. They certainly didn’t get involved in any anti-Voldemort activities. Definitely not. No. Not them. Never. They wouldn’t. Honestly.
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 03/28/10 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: A Call to Arms

Bloody awesome!!! Keep em coming!!! Honest!

Author's Response: Thank you. Not many people seem to enjoy Fred and George stories. -N-