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Jemzi by Belledeg

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Jemzi Zabini is the seventeen year old daughter of Blaise Zabini and his wife Harper, and is about to join her fellow witches and wizards at Hogwarts for their final school year. Jemzi is famous for being the once best friend of Albus Potter. However, a mysterious argument last year that only the two of them were witness to has ruined their friendship and they are now practically enemies. No one knows the reason for their fall out, only that it has caused a great divide in their friendship group.

Jemzi's best friend and Albus' cousin, Rose, suspects that their friendship expired because of strange and unwanted feelings between them. Feelings which, despite their fall out, have not gone away. Feelings that are similar to those she has for a certain Slytherin...

So can the next generation of Hogwarts students learn to forget past actions and forgive?

Nominated for "Best Next Generation Story" and "Best Other Character" in the 2010 Quicksilver Quill Awards

This story features Harry Potter, Ginny Potter, Lily Potter, Luka Krum, Blaise Zabini, Harper Zabini, Zacharias Smith, Leon Holmwood, Tristan Wells, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Jemzi and Albus plus many more.
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/18/10 Title: Chapter 7: Christmas Part One

Grrrrrrrrrr Hermione... Grrrr!!!! Awful interruption!!! Not upset... just frustrated!!! Awesome chapter anyway!! I liked the fact that Gigi seems to like her older sis quite a bit but Jem clearly doesn't. And it's a bit funny the way everyone's oblivious to that.

Still thriving to know the reason of the fall out! And I'm curious as to see whether James is, perhaps, going to scheeme somethig to bring Jem & Al back together... Maybe...

Author's Response: Ver astute. Find out soon :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/22/10 Title: Chapter 9: The Phantom of Hogwarts

OMG! Indeed!! Albus!! Temper check s'il vous plait, pal!!!!

You know, if you have feeling for someone, feelings that are not corresponded, (but might be) INSULTING the object of your emotions is generally NOT the way to go about it. Adding insults to their family might not prove useful, either. People usually go with chocolates or flowers.

So, the reason for the big fall out is unveiled. Albus was green with jealousy over Jem's BF and he lost it. Quite badly, btw Whore AND Death Eater father? Really? Nothing about mum to add Al? Jeesh!! What a smuck our darling hero turned out to be in the female charming field!! Poor lad!

I wonder if maybe Casper will be of help to make Jem open her eyes, though. Because she certainly drew Albus to his (uncalled for and totally our of boundaries) exabrupt.

Gosh!!! They're quite the vexing pair!!! She for being so blind; him for being too proud to do something rahter than let his vile levels rise!!!

Yes, Potter, is she's just plain slow, quit the hinting and get your sorry ass moving!! You've been better and less-friendship-crashing than insults!!!

I'm VERY angry at your characters right now, Belledeg. I'm sure you can tell!! They need to go to a corner and think about what they've done!! LOL!!!

But I still love them AND your fic!!!


Author's Response: Yup. Argument revealed and justified from Jemzi's point. But people say horrible things out of anger and jealousy :(

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/22/10 Title: Chapter 10: Jemzi's Epiphany


Got ONE word: Allelluyah!!!!!!!!!!

About time, too. Thought, it's more suitable that she realized HE loves HER!!!!!!

Dung!! Now she'll be all miserably thinking he hates her...? I think I'll have to come and knock some sense into that thick skull of hers!!! LOL!!!!

What a great chapter!! Peter the ghost... THANK YOU!! I owe you, the whole castle owes you dude!!! Cheers to you hun!!!

And to you, Belledeg, you EVIL mastermind, double cheers!! Can't wait for the next update!!! ^_^

Author's Response: Next chapter should be up soon and should be pleasing to many readers :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/29/10 Title: Chapter 12: Jemzi Needs Finishing

Uhm... I'm VERY thankful this is Albus Potter we're talking about!!!

Still, that's NOT the type of question you ask in that situation Jem!!!! LOL!!!

Liked it very much. I guess Peter's jealous his new friend got herself a BF so soon!! And thanks to his advice!! Poor Casper!!

Nice steamy scenes you write for the love birds. And their dialogs are so beautifully writen. I like the way they "quote" each other. And how you convey so powerful, deep meanings in short simple words.

Good chapter and thanks for the lightning quick update!! ^_^

Author's Response: Yes, Peter is a tad jealous. I am indeed getting better at updating, so hopefully the next chapter will be up soon(ish) :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/31/10 Title: Chapter 22: Calm Before the Storm

That scene between Tom and Keeds was very very moving. :,(

However, I've got to say that the high tension scene between Luka and Lily was what stole my breath. And Jem had to change in and to an Umbridge!! ('ahem') Little minx!!

Anyhow, I very much enjoyed the chapter!! ^.^
I'd have expected Jem to be a little more volatile with her grandfather... But I guess her reaction was rather regular and understandable... I just don't like this Bastien's attitude that much. Thinks he has some right over Jem to pull strings from the shadows and introduce himself through Wingate totally bypassing her parents (and his son) If I were Blaise I'd be royally pissed! And I suspect that's what this chapter's tittle was about, right?

Wicked! ;)

Author's Response: The chapter title of course suggests what must come ;-) Lily and Luka in the next chapter, I promise :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 09/14/10 Title: Chapter 24: Jemzi and Albus

Belledeg, it makes me quite sad that you may not write anymore. This story was so rich and full with different kinds of romances and pairings that were simply irresistible, I keep changing my mind as to who my favorites where!

Lily and Luke were so very much sweet. They honestly made me melt. I wish could just pick them up and place on my nightstand right next to my childhood teddy bear. That's how sweet they are!

Of course, Jem and Albus have this intensity, this raw passion. And have knack for jumping blindly into the lion's denn for each other that makes them Shakespearean... You've managed to describe them so vividly I can literally feel the strenght irradiating from the monitor when you write those steamy scenes.

I found it impeccable the way you defined the Grandpa issue. Harper is so smart. I thought it was noticable and quite good the fact that Red refrained to bring her lack of family into the picture till Blaise had decided to acept Bastien. It speaks volumes of her character!

Nico was such a sweet little thing to add... Had me chuckling! I do hope they explain it to him that Al did not do something to Jem.

The Keeler/Blaise encounter was a great treat!! Thanks for that! *snorts* that witch had the nerve to show up and talk back to Al!! Someone hex her. Soon!!! LOL!

And Tristan and Leon did come around!! I had my doubts about those two... But you gave them a happy ending. More like a happy beggining!! Mum and dad Holmwood will have a cow! I think they're also very very sweet! Minus the biting- which I totally share! You go Leon!! LOL!

Rose and Scorps... *le sigh* I loved that little detail of Rose giving a piece of her mind to each of them before settling calmly...

Basically, I'm going to miss the gang!!! And your writing alltogether!! I wish you the best for your studies in NYC. But my inner eye tells me you need no such wishes, you 're just meant for success!!!

Thanks for a great read!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for such an incredible review, and for the many that have come before. I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending and the story as a whole. Thanks again :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/11/10 Title: Chapter 6: Hey, Weren't You My Best Friend Once?

LOL!! L O V E that song!!

Can you hear my SOS?

Jem!! Wakw up doll! Your BF is head over heals for you!! And deep down, you're head over heals for him too!!! ^_^

Great chapter!! And great catch!! I bet Blaise, if he ever hears of Callum's nasty trick, might need to adjust his attitude towards Albus, uh?

BTW, what on Eart is going on wit Hogwarts? I do hope there are some consequences for that prat's actions! Jem gets called to the principal's office for talking back to a teacher... He might as well have shot an Avada at her!!
Let's be serious people!!

Author's Response: All's fair on the Quidditch pitch; tis a dangerous place. And yes, Jemzi is a bit clueless and there will be plenty of Albus/Blaise altercations to come :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/11/10 Title: Chapter 20: Love Means Slowly Losing Your Mind

If it's anything like your wirting on this story... I'll be keeping an eye out for your new drama. (it would help if you could tell me the name of this new baby!!)

Great chapter. I'm thrilled about having Luka back into the ecuation... Will he run into a certain young Potter lady... *squees* Can't wait for the next chap!!

But what about Rose and Scorps... ? *puppy dog stare* Me wants news on thar from too... Such an annoying reviewer, I know!

I'm out!

Author's Response: New fic will be up soon, it's in the post-hogwarts category. Plenty of Rose/Scorpius and other pairings to come :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 09/09/10 Title: Chapter 23: Albus Potter: The Boy Who Loved

What? Who? Why? Am I mental or the story shows "completed" yet theres a chapter missing?
I was checking most recent (yeah, to see if the last chapter was up, I admit it!) and I saw it and I did a happy dance but the last chap is not up!! I'm unhappy! Fanfiction.mugglenet owes me a happy dance!! :(

*pityful glance*

Author's Response: Yeah, the final chapter is in the queue but it's marked itself complete. Should be up soon :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/19/10 Title: Chapter 21: Visits From the Past


Urgh.... This gives me slight back vibres. Is this Bastian character "scouting" for girls for his son... or is he Blaise's dad? Or is he related to Smith The Prick? Argh!! Too much options!!

And SHAME on Wingate!!! He was NOT supposed to tell anyone! What a prick! And there goes another one! I must say, I did not have him in a high place, but this sinks him. Filling into Albus's shoes was certainly a colossal task, but with this character... It's as if Hogwarts got the headmasterish version of Cornelius Fudge (pre-Umbridge, thought)!! All he's missing is the silly hat!

Anyhow, I absolutely loved seeing Luka back! I'm thrilled with what transpired brtween the handsome Bulgarian and the fiery Potter girl. Sparks keep flying between those two! Lovely!

Oh! And aleluyah! Scorpious had some sense knocked into that thick skull of his! Praised be the Pensieve! and THANK YOU Daddy Malfoy. I just can't help but roll my eyes at him for taking so long to figure it out!

Mayor kudos to Azz for disliking profusely Draco's teen arrogance. Also liked the precise description of her fierce but periodically dormant temper. Nice one. ^.^ LOL!

Great chapter... but you know just what'd make it even greater? A super quick update so that be solve the Bastien mystery!!!! *toothy grin*

Author's Response: Bastien is Blaise's daddy and a goodie, and there will be more from him soon. Lily and Luka too. Thank you yet again for another hillarious review :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 04/06/10 Title: Chapter 5: A Hero In The Wings

This is an Easter chocolate review!!! Loved. it!!!

I'm very very mad a Jem for not figuring it out herself!!! But if the fall out was not (entirely) love- related.... ? Then what!?!?!?! I'm going to spontaneusly combust out of curiosity here!!! Please up date soon!!!! ^_^

Loved it!

PS: Diego is a jerk! And you have a way of always making them loatheful!!!

Author's Response: Diego is a jerk and sadly I write him and his alternatives from life. The fall-out won't be revealed for some time, I fear. Thanks for R&R ing :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/08/10 Title: Chapter 19: Hidden Powers


C'mon now, though! In ALL honesty, Smith was blatantly manhandling a student!!! There REALLY has to be a punishment to him!! I bet he gave Jemzi bruices!!! The prick!!! I'm surprized the crew did not follow her suit!!

I absolutely loved hearing about Keedie! And Snape and Dumbledore's portrait's inputs were quite a nice touch, and VERY into character! (loved the Snape, especially!)

I liked that Jem assumed Tom had murdered Keedie. And the way our lovely dame was shy and reluctant to spill all the data to her. Dumbledore's final advice hit my heart!!

And I liked how all the guys stood up as an "entity" against Smith! *snort*prick!*snorts* Hate the guy!!

Great chap!!

Author's Response: Thank you for another hillarious and wonderful review, as ever. Good to have Keedie back. Next chapter soon :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 08/02/10 Title: Chapter 18: Tristan

Oh, the Holmwood line does mean a lot!! Leon's a right prick!! I do hope he sees sense sometime soon.
I really liked this chapter! Especially the part of Jem loosing it and yelling the right trues to everyone involved. BUT I think Scorpious' gallantness called from some serious yelling at!! I mean, he's being near death-eater-ish! You HAVE to admit, choosing to lie to Rose is doing what's easy rather than what's right. Right would be telling her the real reasons behind the break up. But, of course, he knows she would not make it easy for him that way... she'd chase him and make sure to break it to that thick skull of his that she doesn't care in the least bit about what the society thinks of their relationship... Stupid Scorpious!! Stupid, stupid Scorpious. If he's going to try and be a Gryffindor, he should do so properly and do it all the way, not halfway!!

And, I'd think he'd know better than to listen anything Smith said!!! Come to think of it, this chapter was cramped with pricks!! Scorps, Leon, Smith, Diego... It's an invasion!!!

Anyway, great chapter I do hope to get the next soon and that you magically decide to stretch the fic, cause I love it!!

And what's up with Lily and her Krums!?

Author's Response: "An invasion of Pricks..." Could be a good chapter title. Lily will get more attention soon, never fear, plenty more to come. Keep reading and reviewing :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/11/10 Title: Chapter 8: Christmas Part Two

Can't wait for the next update... I'm afraid I've become dependent of this wonderful fic!!! I loved the Covent Garden escapade! My fav place in London, along with the Tower!! ^_^
I really liked Albu's "rant" on the mould!! Brilliant!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapters soon, I hope :P

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 05/26/10 Title: Chapter 11: Can Such Things Be?

*going happy dance for the happy couple*

I actually punched the air and yelled "YES" when they confessed their love for each other!!! ^_^

Let's see... Leon and Tristan were indeed a bit suspicious this chap. I hope no friends try to come between these two like in MTT.. That would not be nice. Espacially considering I'd expect Daddy Zabini to be not thrilled with Al right now. But, honestly, what does he expect of Jem? To become a nun? Deal with it Blaise!! I trust Harper will be able to put him into place!!

I think Rose's reaction was very humorous. Nice touch. I half expected Miss Hillary to have a out-of-place remark for Jem, one to be heard by her addorable BF... That skank needs to be put in her place by a chivalrous Gryffindor!!

I'd have liked to see a bit more Scorpious and see how he reacts to the good news. But you can't have everything!!

Great chapter!! ^_^

Author's Response: Leon and Trist are to be watched, but they won't be doing any MTT stunts. Glad you hate Hilary as much as me, and Daddy Zabini will have a lot to say in the future :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 06/02/10 Title: Chapter 13: Lily Conjures Cupid

Hehehehe!!! LOL! Good one... VERY good one!!
So delicate. And so skillfully writen!!

BTW, poor Jem.. Albus massaging her... She was completely at her mercy!! It was rather risky business, too!! The nerve of them! Yickes! A house FULL of people there!

I think it was very interesting that we have ourselves two very protective fathers! Blaise may be more, uhm, loud and open about it. While Harry, keen to his own character, is more reflective about it. Observant... I'm very intrigued about where this will lead us!!

^_^ Can't wait to see how this ends...

Author's Response: Protective fathers are addictive to write, so there should be plenty more :D

The Bacchus Book by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: On the morning of Christmas Day, 2000, Hermione Granger (soon-to-be-Weasley) wakes up from a delightful dream to find herself in a bathroom at Grimmauld Place.

As various Weasleys queue up to tell her all about her behaviour the night before at Aunt Muriel's birthday party, Hermione is in a state of shock.

She knows she didn't drink anything stronger than Butterbeer. So why was she wearing a toga and teaching everyone how to perform Greek dancing?

And what, in the name of Merlin, was she doing with George?

This is Equinox Chick and this is my entry for the extra credit challenge 'In Vino Veritas' for the Winter Snows 09 competition over at the MNFF beta boards.

Thank you to Apurva for beta'ing this tale in time. Thanks also to various people on AIM for telling me to get on with this (Jess, Natalie, Hannah, Russia, Kara, BB)

Disclaimer: I'm not JK Rowling. She would never have written anything quite so daft.

Claimer: I have disgraced myself wearing a toga before now.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/09/10 Title: Chapter 1: The Bacchus Book

Bloody fucking awesome!!!!

Hillarious! And quite, quite good! Nice idea of the books!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm pleased it made such an impression LMAO. ~Carole~

The Weekend We Were In Love by paperrose

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: “Victoire …?” The realization that has popped into his head is not a welcome one. Sure he is mistaken, he rubs his tired eyes, but the naked angel on his bed doesn’t go away. “Oh, shit.”

After a drunken night of intimacy together, Teddy and Victoire have some decisions to make regarding their relationship.

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/13/10 Title: Chapter 1: The Weekend We Were In Love

^_^ Real good piece of fanfic!

It was not one of those fics that you can smell all along the way its was going to end!! You actually had me fooled they would not end up together until the last second!! Good one!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review!

Dust in the Wind by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Dominique Weasley took a summer job at Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes with the hope to stake her first claim of independence. All she really wanted was to be able to pay for her Yule Ball gown on her own, but one fateful day, someone strolled into the shop and turned her world upside down.

Scorpius Malfoy was sweet, confident, and completely gorgeous, but Dominique knew that he was off-limits as her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. The more she tried to push him away, though, the more she questioned her resolve to do the right thing.

This is ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor of Ravenclaw House, and this is my submission for the Fiction Junction ‘I Challenge Thee’ prompt

Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/14/10 Title: Chapter 1: Dust in the Wind

He was insufferable, he was relentless, and, oh, Merlin’s knotted knickers, he had a dimple!

Sooooo Funny!! I liked very much all the humor you imbued into the fic!! Very enjoyeble, even though I think Scorpious was an awful git for using poor Lily to get information on Dominique! What an arse! You really shouldn't like someone like that girlie!!

Otherwise, great fic!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for leaving a review!

I tried to capture the madness of what goes on in a seventeen year old girl's head when she likes someone she ought not like. It's a little out of my realm, as I don't particularly remember much about being seventeen myself, but I do know the feeling of breaking the realm of impropriety. My goal overall was for this to be funny for everyone but Dominique, and so far, Merlin's knotted knickers has been a hit. It's one of my favorite things to do, manufacturing a new 'Merlin's insert-a-word' phrase, so for those who read a lot of my work, it becomes sort of a treasure hunt.

Due to clamoring for more of these two, I do plan on a sequel...sometime. Not sure when, but it will be in a month or so. If you wish to find out more, it shall be coming. Again, thank you for taking the time to read and review - it's like author candy, ya know. Take care!


Sweet Love O' Mine by ringobeatlesfan4

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Scorpius Malfoy wasn’t sure what had happened to make him feel this way. She had always been his rival, the one girl he had never wanted anything to do with. She was at the top of the class, tied with him, and he couldn’t stand being second best at anything. Then, one Valentine’s Day, everything mysteriously changed.

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain.
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain.
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder and the rain
To quietly pass me by.

This is twilightHPgirl18 of Gryffindor writing for the February Month of Love: Surprise Love Challenge.
Reviewer: Kaiserin Signed
Date: 02/23/10 Title: Chapter 1: Where Do We Go Now?

hahaha!! Nice way to end things!! Sentencing Rosie ot death!!! Although usually Trelawney gets that wrong!!! Close call for Rose, though!!!

Nice one-shot!

Author's Response: The ending went through several tries to get it just right, and I certainly hope it worked out for the best! I'm glad you liked it though :) Thank you for reading and reviewing! {BeccA}