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Bella Rosa by Fynnsmom

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Before she became a Death Eater, Bellatrix Black was young, bored, and went slumming places no other pureblood would go. What she found and who she met was kept secret. Until now.
Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 12/31/10 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The Drum Lesson

A very descriptive and informative chapter. I liked learning about the drumming and am very curious about the Lakota ceremony now.

Bella was awesome as usual: possessive, seductive, evasive - all Bella. You're really doing an awesome job with her, and I can't wait to see where the next chapter takes us.

Author's Response: I'm working on Chapter 7 right now. It should be interesting. I'm excited about it. I hope there will be a few surprises for people. I'm so glad you're finding Bella awesome. She has to be halfways normal right now so she can function in Muggle society but still show hints of her insanity later. I'm trying to add a little humor to the story although in the end there's nothing humorous about Bella and what she does to people. I was very interested to hear that you have only published about half of your stories. I think I teased you at the time about the story you wrote (the exact title escapes me--was it Carry Me Home?) about Draco in his old age, crawling toward Ginny's grave. That was so touching. Even though it wasn't written with your usual humor, I still remember that story. It was written with so much feeling. I remember thinking--that's true love. Anyway, I guess I turned this into a review of your work:D Look for the next chapter in the next couple of weeks. It should be written this weekend but sometimes it takes a while to get validated. See you next time and thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 05/02/11 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Two Dreams and . . . An Omen?

Sorry I took so long to get around to this. Work has been crazy. I need a vacation. But enough about me - onto the review!

First off, I must say - again - that I love your Bella. She's so in character: a snarky, bitchy, selfish woman, but with an irresistible sense of charm and sensuality. Of course, she really only shows the latter two to Gabe. ^_~

The dreams were very descriptive and leave me quite curious. Gabe's was somewhat sad and sweet, whereas Bella's was downright hostile. I know I'm supposed to like Rain, but, to be quite honest, she reminds me a lot of Bella. Obviously, she's not as crazy and selfish, but Rain does seem to have a high and mighty attitude (and I'm not talking about just here but Gabe's earlier memories of her). It makes me think that Gabe sees a bit of Rain in Bella. Whatever the case is, I want to know why Rain is even involved, and how is Gabe protected?

You have piqued my curiosity, woman. I know things wont bode well - in the end - for Gabe, but I want to read more, even though I know you'll crush my hopes. :(

I look forward to the next chapter, m'dear.

Author's Response: And, I must also apologize for not responding to your review. I was traveling last week and didn't get any writing done. I like my Bella too. She's very close to my heart:D I think that Rain and Bella are alike in many ways. Gabe has a lot of admiration for independent women. He's comfortable with himself and he believes people should be all they can be. He doesn't need to control anyone. Keep in mind that Rain is a strong Native woman. She is Gabe's soul mate and their love has survived death. Rain is not so selfish that she needs Gabe with her. She'll watch over him and wait until it's his time to join her and Autumn Rose. Rain is actually behaving a lot nicer than other women I know would act, if her man is being seduced by someone Rain knows to be evil. The dreams were similar; they held an omen since Rain has a vision of what will happen in the future. Gabe is protected by both Rain and the Creator. He's a good person who might be able to stop Bella's insanity--but none of us knows if he can do that yet--the important thing is that he tries. In the end, Gabe will lead a long and productive life. Getting there is going to be hell though. I can't wait to write more. I just need to stay home and stop taking these short trips. I'll see you next time, in your world or mine.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 03/14/11 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Rain and Autumn Rose

I've been sick and haven't been reading, reviewing, or writing lately. Bad Lia! ^_~

I loved the return of Bella. While I love your OC, Gabe, Bella is my favourite and I love how you write her: “I’m never angry with myself". Lol.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Jason? I'm surprised Bella kept her temper in check.

The story of Rain and Autumn Rose was quite sad. I like that you didn't go into too much detail, as that might have been too distracting. The ending of this chapter was rather sweet, too. I cannot wait for the next chapter. Great work, as usual. ^_^

Author's Response: I was wondering how you were. I thought you were busy as always. :D I was away from home all last week for a workshop--in Missouri. It was a lot warmer there but I think we are starting spring here. :D The bottom line is, I didn't have time for much writing last week at all so I'll try to make up for it this week. I have a start on Chapter 10 but probably need a couple of evenings to finish. When I write Bellatrix I really try to channel my inner witch. For some reason, Bella's a lot like me. :P I don't think we'll see Jason again until the very end. Jason got a little too close to the truth about Bella. He sensed there was something odd about her. I believe that Bella kept her temper in control because she knew Jason was leaving. This would be the first time she's angry with herself if she delayed his departure. I had more detail in the original Chapter 9 but my friend and beta suggested cutting it down. I must admit she was right, as she usually is. Readers seem to like this shorter version where they can be left to imagine some of the details. I hope to do some work on 10 tonight. I'll probably see you before too long in one of your own chapters. So, see you later. Thanks for the positive review.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 10/16/10 Title: Chapter 1: Bella

Gods, I'm gorgeous.

Lol! I love your Bella here. I can picture a young Helena Bonham Carter doing all these things, as well as Bellatrix. It's such an appropriate rebellious stage for a Black teenager in the '70s. I am assuming she is 19 and this is 1970.

So why didn't you tell me you had a story published? Naughty! *waggles finger disapprovingly*

I love the title, Bella Rosa. It alludes to sub rosa, which alludes to secrecy. And that is what Bella is doing: sneaking around, being secretive.

You're building up the action nicely, introducing a Yank OC, whom Bella should have lots of fun toying with. I mean, she needs some boys to kiss too! ^_~

Normally, I am not a fan of Marauder Era fics, but this Bella-centric fic proves to be promising. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I am so excited that you found my two chapters. I must offer my humble apology for not informing you that they were posted. (Picture downcast head, sad eyes, on bended knee.) I had talked about writing for so long that I was starting to get embarrassed when I finally did it:D Plus, I hadn't been reading much since I was writing. Chapter 3 has been waiting for validation since Thursday evening so look for that soon. I'm actually picturing this in the late 70s--like 1977-78. She's in her middle to late 20s and her family's really pushing her to get married--to the right pureblooded bloke, of course. I'm trying to offer an explanation for why Bella was so insane and cruel. I think something's going to happen that is so awful it will totally turn her small mental illness issues into full-blown insanity and Bella, herself, into the most evil witch of all time--I think. Something will snatch the only happiness she ever knew right out from under her. The title, Bella Rosa, will also come to have an additional meaning a little later on in the story besides alluding to secrecy. Thanks so much for your review. It means a lot to me. I hope you continue reading.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 10/16/10 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Gabe

Ooh, I like Gabe. I love that he's Native American. *drools* I'm rather looking forward to their next encounter. I do hope you continue. ^_^

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much. Gabe is my invented character, based on a number of individuals, real and fictional. Chapter three is waiting for validation but it should be soon. I also must apologize for taking so long to respond. I was happy to see you had found my story but real life has a way of intervening even when you're happy. I wish I could write all day but I suppose that would get old after a while too. I'm so glad you like Gabe and look for chapter 3. We'll see if Gabe and Bella manage to find each other. See you next time.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 01/23/11 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: A Ritual Journey

Yes, Gabe would do a wonderful job painting Bella. She'd look exquisite in an oil painting.

And the plot thickens. I want to find out more about Gabe and his family. And I've also decided that I like Wanbli and am wary of Jason. Don't ask me why. It's just a feeling. And Stonehenge? Too bad Bella isn't with them...Jason! *glowers*

I wish this review could be longer, but it's difficult typing with one hand (now I sound like a pervert). I will say that I look forward to the next chapter. ^_^

Author's Response: It's really going to be a lovely painting when he finishes it. I only hope that I can describe it adequately so everyone can see it. You'll learn a little bit more about Gabe's family in the next chapter and maybe the one after that, but they won't play much of a part until the end again. Bella wants this to be all about her. She doesn't want anyone else close to Gabe, even if they're family:D Wanbli is a sweetie, isn't he? Jason knows there's something odd about Bella but he can't figure it out. He'd believe if he only had a clue. We can't blame him though. Gabe's his best friend and Jason doesn't want to see him hurt. Actually, I didn't think anything of you typing with one hand until you brought it up--so now I'm wondering what that other hand is doing:P I'll probably be submitting the next chapter in about four days. Then we have to wait for validation. A few things will become more clear when that chapter comes out. See you next time.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 12/11/10 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Friends

It's interesting to note how Bella has a low opinion of Voldemort in her youth, which we know changes (i.e. she lusts after the bloke). I'm curious if you'll ever show us what changes her mind.

I like how you show us the side of Bella we've scene in her later years (i.e. a crazy bitch), but you also demonstrate her insecurities, in her youth - primarily a subtle envy of Narcissa. And it was almost sweet the way she was trying to impress Gabe. ^_^

The closing scene was also rather amusing. I'm liking your Bella, m'dear. ^^

Author's Response: Right now, Bella has mixed feelings for Voldemort. If you'll remember from the first chapter, she very much admires Voldemort's magical power. She's very enticed by that power. She's into appearances but she's seduced by power and whomever wields it. On the other hand, she's falling in love with an American Muggle. This has got to be the epitome of thumbing her nose at her family. He's so exotically attractive to her: he's dark skinned, tall, independent, kind,--some of the things she's not used to with the pasty faced Wizards. Not only is he a Muggle but he's an American minority, of mixed blood, and he honestly has to work for his money. Her family would cross the street to avoid him but he's so beautiful to her. I plan to show, many chapters from now, how she turns to the Death Eaters and why she cruelly wants to take revenge on all Muggles for the tragedy she believes they are responsible for. This will be humorous but so tragic in the end. Thanks for reading. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 12/11/10 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: A Black Brunch

She’d be the perfect doting mother, putting her smothering skills to good use.

*snorts* Brilliant. Hehe.

I really liked Bella in this: she was funny, snarky, bitchy, and full of attitude. Keep it up!

Author's Response: I see Bella and Cissy as being about as different as night and day but still hopelessly intertwined. I have a friend, also my beta, who suggested that Cissy is an enabler to her very independent, slightly nutty, and possibly alcoholic older sister. I think Cissy cares a little more about appearances while Bella is very much into doing what makes her feel good no matter what it looks like. I have a number of local friends and family members who are convinced that I'm Bella. I've been asked if I'm really that bitchy or if I really did that to someone. (I'm always frowning at them and saying--"You've know me most of my life. What do you think?" To which I get a wink and a smile.) I must admit that when I'm in doubt as to how to write Bella I search my brain for instances of my most outrageous behavior or things I wish I could do:D I've said before, in response to a review, that many of the things in this story do have their basis in reality. I once owned a Newfoundland named Sampson and a Great Pyrenees named Jacob. Remember the scene when Bella was watching a father with three children eating in the gallery? That was really me with my three children in a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, MA. As was the Mum pushing the pram with her foot while reading a textbook. Anyway, I don't know why I went off on a tangent like this--maybe to reassure you that I plan to keep up my characterization of Bella. I have lots of stories to tell:D Thanks for your review. I respect your opinion and admire your work so they come as high praise to me. See you next time. Chapter 6 should be coming up before too long.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/07/11 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11: No, Not Owls!

Yay, new chapter! :D Bella is a delightful bitch, like always. Hehe. I love her little trick with the knife and how possessive of Gabe she is. And, as always, I can see the insanity hidden deep down with in her - or at least hints at the woman she will become. Here, though, she's rather wonderful, if still not extremely dangerous. I look forward to the next chapter and wonder if there will be a steamy scene coming up soon? Hmm? I can't be the ONLY naughty one here. :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you found the new chapter. I even have the next one finished but it may have to wait a few days since I'm going to enter the Mystery Challenge. That story will also be about Gabe and Bella. You don't know how excited I am to hear that you can still sense Bella's insanity, lurking below the surface. Writing her is a challenge, since I want her to be nice enough to lure Gabe in, but still portray her history that eventually turns her into such an evil and cruel person. She has to be realistic too. It's a fine line to walk. Every once in a while I wobble off of it but my beta patiently pulls me back on track. Never forget that Bella is extremely dangerous and manipulative. One of her favorite tricks is to lure someone in and make them comfortable. Then she attacks, when they're securely in her web. There will be a steamy scene coming up soon. For now, between this chapter and the next, the reader will be left to imagine. Thanks so much for the review. See you next time.

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 02/15/11 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Wiping the Tears

I was so grossed out I told her I was a vegetarian.

Oh, I chuckled out loud at that. My boss didn't find it odd, though. He knows I'm an eccentric bird. :P

I really liked this chapter. It somehow put me at peace. I liked the explanation of the ceremony. Too bad you can't walk around and do ceremonies whenever you want at Stonehenge anymore. :(

I'm still not a big fan of Jason, as you know, but I'm glad that he did this for Gabe. Again, wonderful chapter. I learned a lot.

Author's Response: Can't you just see this guy from LA with a brand new pick-up, coming to South Dakota to visit his mother and find inspiration for his painting--and then somehow he goes rattlesnake hunting:D I'm glad this chapter felt peaceful to you. Sometimes, Wiping the Tears is such a big affair with people all over the place. But this one was quiet--you can do the ceremony where you want. The focus is always on the grieving people. I was happy to find out that Stonehenge could be used at special times for ceremonies. Of course, I had to use it:P I wanted to use the stories about Rain in the second half. When one of my brothers passed away, we sat around and told funny stories after the funeral. This may sound strange but it was a fun funeral. I'm glad you found this chapter. Pretty soon we say goodbye to Jason and Wanbli and move into another phase of Gabe's and Bella's relationship. See you next time.

Black With a Hint of Red by Ginny Weasley Potter

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Love is a very bizarre form of emotion. People can die for it. People can kill for it…

Rose Weasley is in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Love is in the air, but so is exam fever; and Hogwarts is heavy with a weird combination of nervous cheesiness. But isn’t this the story every year? It’s normal. It’s right.

And then everything goes wrong.

A student— Rose’s classmate dies tragically and unexpectedly one day. The death sends shock waves through Rose and her friends, staggering them to a great extent. Furthermore, investigations conducted by Rose’s Uncle Harry reveal a startling piece of information, placing everybody in even more shock. The death is, in fact homicide— and homicide committed by a student. Soon enough, Relationships are strained, faiths are broken and hatred is intensified. That is when Rose realises that she is not prepared to face any of it; and all she craves is for things to be the way they were before the tragedy…

This is a story about how love can make people cross the limits they never knew... a story of how love combined with obsession, deceit and jealousy can be as destructive of hatred.

This is Ginny Weasley Potter of Hufflepuff writing for the 2011 Mysterious May Challenge in the Great Hall, Prompt #2— The Trained Professional. I have moved this story into the next-gen category, because I feel it fits in better there.
Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/07/11 Title: Chapter 1: Looming Danger

Ooh, Abby sounds pregnant. I'm very curious where this mystery will go and why Brianna is screaming. Did Abby pass out?

I have a few nitpicks, but they're only with word choice:

Finally, she sat up on her bed and buried her face in her eyes for a while...

I think you mean buried her face in her hands for a while... ;)
Chances that she was pregnant were really dim.

Do you mean slim here instead of dim?

Onto the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Maybe she is pregnant... maybe she isn't ;). Hehe, and you'll know why Brianna screamed. :D I have taken your nitpicks to heed and I'm correcting them right now----> Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/07/11 Title: Chapter 2: A Tragic Beginning

Abby's dead? Was it Scorpius? No, that's too obvious. Maybe it's Bri. Poor girl got teased a lot by Abby. :( But what I want to know is this backstory between Rose and Scorpius. What did Abby do to break them up? Hmm. Curious, curious.

Author's Response: It maybe very obviously Scorpius because he might actually be the killer. :D rOSE AND Scorpius will come later and maybe you may not feel sorry for Abby or Bri in the next few chapters. :) Thanks for the review!

Tooth and Claw by welshdevondragon

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: "It's really rather tooth and claw. Most things want to bite or sting or kill you," Gloria Greengrass tells Winston Flint, as they walk through the woods together after Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy’s wedding.

Shortly afterwards Gloria is found murdered. As the Auror Fabian Prewett begins to question the suspects, he finds himself asking who would want to kill a fifteen-year-old girl?

This is welshdevondragon of Gryffindor writing for the 2011 Mysterious May Challenge in the Great Hall, Prompt number two

Due to the current MNFF glitch, I have changed the rating to 3rd-5th years BUT this is a 6th-7th years story, and therefore should be read as such.
Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/26/11 Title: Chapter 2: The Hemlock

Ah, Fabian Prewitt. With a name like that, he had to be some burly hunk, right? They said the Prewitts were a handsome lot, including Molly. ^_~

Interesting turn of events. Someone impersonated Fabian with Polyjuice Potion? Hmm. I wonder who it could be and why.

This mystery is setting up to be rather interesting, and I shall read on to discover more.

Author's Response: If you want to read more about the Prewett brothers- or rather Gideon Prewett- he's the boyfriend of one of my MCs (he's also gay)- then I direct you to my stories Thin Red Lines and A Darkling Plain. They are both long so I won't mind if you don't read them. Just telling you :)

I'm pleased you're intrigued and hope you enjoy the rest. Alex

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/26/11 Title: Chapter 3: The Fox

I'd be afraid of Bellatrix, too. O_o I love your description of her. She's so unsettling. *shudders*

Heroes were merely people too afraid of being cowards.

Interesting look at it. I love the Firefly definition: "A hero's somebody who gets people killed".^_~

I must say that I rather like your Bellatric and Rodolphus. They're very well fleshed out and believable. They mystery keeps getting mysterious, and while Gloria might have saw the beautiful in everything, I must admit that she weird me out a little - at least from the story that Flint recalled. And Regulus? He has piqued my curiosity. Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: I find Bella scary too- but very fun to write. That is a good line- I wish I'd come up with it on my own but, alas, Jimmy McGovern, the writer for Cracker, did. I love Firefly! That line is excellent.

Gloria is a bit odd, but I rather like her. I'm glad you've found my characterisation of canon characters interesting :) Thanks for the review! Alex

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/26/11 Title: Chapter 4: The Scapegoat

Poor Winston. I figured it was Bella but... I feel so sorry for the lad. But it was inevitable and expected, according to the chapter title. I also like how you tied in Regulus's role. And showed how that although he really wanted to be a DE, he had some scruples, unlike his cousin.

Gripping chapter, and now I'm off to read the epilogue. I hope Flint's vindicated.

Author's Response: I wasn't sure about this chapter title- because it does sort of give it away, but I wanted to keep the animals/ plants titling and it does work. I kept on thinking of the Hunt painting "The Scapegoat" whilst I was writing this. I find Regulus fascinating, although someone I beta for is writing an excellent story called "Family Matters" about Regulus and Barty Crouch, which I highly recommend. I know you've read the epilogue now, but I'm pleased you thought there was a possibility of Flint's innocence being discovered at this point. Thanks for the review! Alex

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/26/11 Title: Chapter 5: Bluebells

I shouldn't feel sorry for Regulus, but I do. And I understand the "fun" you received from writing the afterlife scene. I had a lot of fun writing Memento Mori. :D

Lovely mystery. I really liked Bella a lot in this. The ending was almost Twin Peaks-ish, but then I love stuff like that. Well done, m'dear.

Author's Response: Oh, I think Regulus deserves our sympathy. He mad a mistake, admittedly a big one, but whichever way you look at it he definitely regretted his decision and tried to make amends. I will have to read Memento Mori :)

I've been meaning to watch Twin Peaks for ages- I bought it on video only to find we'd thrown away our VHS player. I'll have to get the DVD. ANyway I'm very pleased you enjoyed it and thank you so much for your lovely reviews! Alex

Author's Response: Oh, I think Regulus deserves our sympathy. He mad a mistake, admittedly a big one, but whichever way you look at it he definitely regretted his decision and tried to make amends. I will have to read Memento Mori :)

I've been meaning to watch Twin Peaks for ages- I bought it on video only to find we'd thrown away our VHS player. I'll have to get the DVD. ANyway I'm very pleased you enjoyed it and thank you so much for your lovely reviews! Alex

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 06/07/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Woods

The little dialogue exchanged between Gloria and Winston - city boy! country girl! - was adorable. Also, it figures that something as dangerous as hemlock grows on the Malfoy estate.

I am somewhat confused about one thing. Earlier, you mention that Hector believes that he's not good enough for Helen. Toward the end of the chapter you write:

He had just proposed, albeit awkwardly and continually telling her that she did not deserve him...

Do you mean that he didn't deserve her?

I am curious who was Apparating in the forest and was Gloria really sleeping? I think not. I'll have to find out by reading the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: I'm pleased you enjoyed the dialogue :) I hadn't thought of it making sense that something like hemlock grew on the Malfoy estate, so that was either unintentional or unconscious, possibly because hemlock grows in my gran's garden and, thankfully, she's nothing like the Malfoys.

I don't really understand what confuses you about that sentence. No, Hector does mean that he doesn't think Helen deserves her. I think (hope?) most people would be clever enough not to tell their fiance that they thought they could do better, even if they thought it was truebut in Hector's case he genuinely believes Helen does not deserve him (as in he's not good enough for her, rather than she's not good enough for him). Does that make more sense?

Thanks for the review, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this story :) Alex

Zeitgeist by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: She was the Zeitgeist Girl – the face of the Spirit of the Age. Beautiful, talented and engaged to one of the most famous men in the wizarding world. Astoria Greengrass had it all – except now she was dead.

Oliver Wood, ex Quidditch professional, is the detective in charge. Tough and experienced, he can break the most hardened criminal, but how will he manage to prise information from the Malfoys?

This is Equinox Chick of Hufflepuff writing for the 2011 Mysterious May Challenge in the Great Hall, Prompt #2.

This is also Carole of a house in London writing a mystery especially for Kara, a visitor to this fair land, because it's her birthday (and not because she's the judge).

Thank you Natalie (hestiajones) for beta'ing this story.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. She would probably come up with something far more original.
Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 05/22/11 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - A Spirit Revived

Zee plot thickens. Pansy had a partner? Goyle? Flint? And why are Narcissa's diamonds so important - as well as Astoria's engagement ring? Methinks something is still fishy with Daphne... somehow. I don't want to reveal my wild speculations and theories (some revolving around Narcissa) on here and spoil the readers/reviewers.

“I don’t believe in labels, Miss Greengrass,” he replied. “Sorting has no place in the real world.”

I loved the little Sorting dialogue exchanged between Wood and Greengrass. While both profess to be above labelling and somewhat condemn the whole practice, they're still slaves to its ideologies.

I look forward to the next chapter and how the other characters are drawn back into this new development. If or when Wood solves this, I wonder what the caption will read, "Everyone Wants Wood!"? *snickers* I'm such a child.

I look forward to the next instalment!

Author's Response: "Everyone Wants Wood!"? Ha ha ha - I wish I'd thought of that. I'm not sure Daphne and Oliver are slaves to the ideologies, exactly, although I suspect they're far more influenced by their former houses than they'd wish to be. Next chapter is actually the last so I hope it's not disappointing. I'm fond of the 'short story' approach to writing mysteries otherwise I get tied up in knots - hee hee. Thanks for the review ~Carole~

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 05/17/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - The Hero Enters

Astoria as a zeitgeist. Very interesting. Is she like the Kate Middleton of the modern wizarding world? Hehe. I rather liked Wood's musings on the subject of Astoria's engagement to Draco by bringing to mind the opinions of The Prophet, as well as the lack of opinion coming from The Quibbler: "Ignor[ing] anything that wasn’t blibbering", indeed.

Onto the story... I rather like how you've set up Wood. I've never been a big fan of his, but I like that you make him an underdog here. It reminds me a bit of his person. Whilst Wood was rather... hmm, let's not say arrogant but dogged, he was always gunning to win because he had so much potential (of course, we find out he has more than enough) but never seemed to be on the winning team at the time (see Hogwarts before Harry arrived). And by having Flint here act like an insolent jerk just rocketed me back to the first two Harry Potter books.

I am also very intrigued by the mystery and the twist, which I won't give away in the review, just in cast. I think I already have a suspect in mind from some of your clues you've left; however, you could be teasing me with a red herring. Heh.

I look forward to the next chapter. Lovely job on setting up the intrigue, Carole. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Lia. I'm a bit of an Oliver Wood fan, or rather, I like writing his character because he was such a dogged and competitive boy, so it's fun to see what drives him and what he becomes. I don;t see Astoria as Kate Middleton- exactly - I think Astoria is wittier - ha ha - and in UK we still don;t know much about Kate. I think I just wanted to make her a 'celeb', who's made it by not doing much (shades of Paris Hilton) but is also loved (unlike Paris Hilton). Thanks again ~Carole~

Reviewer: Liandrin Signed
Date: 05/28/11 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 -Denouement

So many twists and turns, and I really like how Oliver handled them all. It was a great whodunit with a hint of the locked-roomed mystery. I'm not going to give away anything, in case people are reading the rooms, but I had an inclination of who was responsible due to one of your clues. The sudden appearance of Narcissa and the history behind the diamonds was a nice surprise, though. And the romantic in me liked the ending. :D

Nice work. I was highly entertained. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you. I was rather worried about the huge dumpage of story at the end, but decided to go down the Hercule Poirot route of 'look at how clever I am' at the end of the story - hence why I called the last chapter 'Denoument'. Thank you for sticking with the story, it's good to know it wasn't a dead loss for dead Wood. I think my main trouble was that I wanted the story more than the mystery. Thnaks again. ~Carole~