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I currently live in the great state of South Dakota. Why do I live in a place with such nasty winters, I don't know. Since most of my family lives far away in more exotic places than I do, my life revolves around my four dogs, Sampson, Raphael, Seamus, and Mayhem. They are a min-pin, a toy poodle, a teacup Malti-Poo, and a Great Dane, respectively.

I've always had a fascination with the mental illness aspect that characterizes Bellatrix Black Lestrange. My first story is her story. On one site I was sorted into Ravenclaw but I think the hat made a mistake. Most days I feel like a Slytherin!

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A Wolf in the Moonlight by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 546 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: When her old pal Rory calls in a favour, Tonks searches for a missing girl with the help of her new love Remus and his 'dog' Snuffles

*Sequel to Once in a Blue Moon*

*Ch 20 Quote*

It was the happiest Christmas of my life.


Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 10/10/09 Title: Chapter 19: Moonlight Madness

That was great. I guess I didn't understand why Jim was angry with Tonks. Maybe because she wasn't being honest? Or maybe because I'm just easy going and I don't understand anger half the time. This was a really good chapter. It seemed so realistic--everything about it. Now Tonks has found Melanie and Melanie knows who Tonks is. I can't get over how erotic all of this is and Remus and Tonks haven't really done anything yet. I think you're a person who likes the journey or the chase. There's nothing wrong with that. You might as well enjoy how you get somewhere. That's often the best part.

Author's Response: Don't they say the biggest sex organ is the brain? :D In the next story, you'll find out Tonks has a few intimacy issues that have to be worked out before she and Remus can become lovers in all ways, but the journey is fun!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 10/10/09 Title: Chapter 20: Moonlight and Mistletoe

I just don't know what to say. That was so wonderful. I feel like I got an early Christmas present. I have tears--happy tears. The beginning was lovely, especially how Tonks and Remus dealt with Smash (that might be a cute name for my next dog). That situation ended really well. I think Tonks' gifts to Remus were perfect--especially the book. I think I started crying when she changed into Anne and served lunch. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift. When I got over that, I burst into tears again when Snuffles came to visit Andromeda. I'm going to give you my trust that you aren't going to let anything too horrible happen to these two wonderful characters. Excellent book. Thanks for writing this. I feel very good about having read it. To answer an earlier question, my kids have never seemed to mind taking me to concerts with them. I've never made them take me. I just like the music they listened to and wanted to go myself. I'm reminded of Mother's Day cards I get--all of them have thanked me for letting them be who they are. I think that's pretty cool and I think they're all pretty cool. Before I get too nostalgic I should look up the next book in your series. I'll see you then.

Author's Response:

Your review is my early Christmas present! Thank you for getting teary. I cried writing it, so I'm glad I'm not the only hopeless romantic/sentimentalist.

Cool mom = cool kids? Sounds right! 

I pinky promise they'll never die or be able to stay away from each other too long even when they butt heads from time to time. 

A Tale of Two Matchmakers by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 1387 Reviews
Summary: Romance for three couples when Blaise and Luna use Shakespearean styled matchmaking to hook up Ginny and Draco. There's Much Ado about...something!

Nominated for a Quicksilver Quill for Best Romance-Non Canon 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2010 mods changed the rules (they got tired of the same fics being nominated ^_~) so no more QQ hopes, but that's okay. No proof is needed that Draco/Ginny = love.  

* Written before the HBP, this tale presents an alternate sixth year in which Dumbledore lives, Draco is more than a foil to Harry, and Blaise Zabini is a girl. I hope readers who ship Draco/Ginny will enjoy the story which includes dancing with faeries, Celtic and Norse mythology, school holidays in London and Spain, and loads of fantasy and romance. "Is this a kissing book?" (to quote the Princess Bride) Yes, it is. *

(Warnings were added for safety, due to brief allusions in later chapters, not graphic content.)


Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 02/15/10 Title: Chapter 50: The Long Goodbye Part One: The Scooby Gang

I'm sad--this is the first of the good byes. I think I've been reading this story since Christmas Eve. The biggest surprise in this chapter was Trelawney and Hook. They are such a strange couple but I guess opposites attract. It's kind of like the space cadet with the intellectual overanalyzer:D I still can't get over how they talk to each other. It's almost like they don't like each other or know each other that well. I sat here shaking my head when Gilderoy became involved in catching the ferret. I was going "No, leave it alone--don't screw things up." I had a faint hope that somehow the gum was causing Neville's parents to stay in their catatonic state and once that was removed they might get better. At the same time that would've been unbelieveable and too easy. If every story had a happy ending that just wouldn't be realistic. Again, I hate to say good bye to these characters but I look forward to your reunion story. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Are you saying you have James Hook for an ex? ;) They're insecure and defensive, and some counseling with Healer Wells would do them good. :D You're right about endings, but I think this one's happy, it's just not in the "all's right with the world" sort of way--although when they're snogging, Luna and Wesley might disagree!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 02/06/10 Title: Chapter 43: Wonderwall

I loved the end the best--when Ginny came back to Hogwarts and didn't realize they'd have such a large audience to their very public kiss. I also liked when Draco came upon the students greeting the sun. When it gets warmer I may have to do that again, as well as watching the full moon rise. I am just giddy because the Weasleys are OK with Ginny and Draco. I was happy Ginny got to spend some time with Molly looking at a photo album. This was a wonderful feel good chapter and I loved all of the music references. Whatever happened to REM?

Author's Response:

I wrote this kiss before Jo wrote Harry kissing Ginny in HBP. I did the public scene first. :D

R.E.M. has a Helping Haiti Everybody Hurts charity cd and download coming out on the 7th, but I don't think they have a recent album. I think they're all doing solo projects, photography and whatever else rock stars do to be creative when they're not making music. :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/28/09 Title: Chapter 15: Love and Quidditch

That was a wonderful chapter. I loved the addition of muggle cheerleading. Who woulda thought? Of course, Lorelei was the sponsor of the cheer team:D And, of course she's going to "show" Snape how the routine goes. I think I chuckled the most over that thought. I think the funniest thing was the reaction of everyone to cheerleading. It's something we see everyday but they had no clue:) Luna could've told Blaise to wear a scarf if she's going to lean out of the stands. I loved what Terry turned the Room of Requirement into. I wouldn't have thought of that. This chapter was chock full of interesting stuff. You really outdid yourself. Well, I think I'm off to work tomorrow. I'll just feel better going in and organizing my stuff for next week. I'll get a bunch done on my grant proposal too. I love to be lazy but I love my organization better. See you tomorrow at some point.

Author's Response:

You consider being "lazy" watching a movie after cleaning house and working on quilts. Type A lazy. :D

Yay! You like the Muggle cheerleading! In the Snape Lorelei fic she does indeed show him the routine...and the outfit...but when I went to cut a clip to paste here, I copied a section that came before it when Snape lets his mind drift in class. In this story Blaise and Terry are compared to Tarzan and Jane, while in the other fic, Snape and Lorelei are compared to Hades and Persephone. ^_^


Even in an advanced class, there were those few students who would socialize if not restrained by their professor's constant vigilance. Prowling around looking for the slightest infraction of correct procedure kept the Potions Master's attention fixed upon the subject at hand. Toward the end of class, however, when all that remained was to sit at his desk and wait for flagons to be filled, labeled, and turned in for testing, his mind felt free to wander. In his imagination, Severus meandered out of the classroom, out of the school, across time and space until he reached a place of myth and legend.


He moved silently through his Underworld palace, brushing aside the servants who wished to inform him of their mistress' whereabouts. No words were needed...he could hear a faint echo of a haunting melody, and knew that following it to its source would lead him to his love. Briskly descending the exterior steps and following the path that connected one end of his kingdom to the other, Hades ignored the fork leading to the right. His love was not in Tartarus- the plain of judgment. The Vale of Mourning was likewise avoided.

Black robes billowing in the perpetual twilight, the Lord of the Dead continued through the Asphodel Fields where common souls wandered like shadows in the gray mist. Eyes darker than the night saw through the ghostly haze and guided the man onward to the place where his faithful guardian waited. Absently patting Cerberus on one of his many heads, Hades walked further. Whispers from the field of unburied souls on his left came to him upon the cool wind. They too had seen their mistress pass this way. Lifting a hand in acknowledgement, the ebon haired god made his way to the marsh. Silently, the ferryman Charon lifted his pole in a steady rhythm to propel the boat carrying his Lord across the water to the far bank. Nodding his thanks, Hades disembarked and traveled down the path once more.

Tiresias, the seer, sat upon his sacred rock and asked if any assistance was required. A faint smile curved thin, clever lips as the Underworld Lord shook his head and lengthened his stride. He reached the plains of passing time. The dark figure glided along the trail obscured by waist high grass without disturbing a blade. At another fork in the path, one way led to the Elm from which False Dreams Cling. The tree rustled, inviting him to come and experience visions whose only limit was his imagination. A sneer twisted masculine lips. He chose the way that led to the Grove of Persephone.

Strolling through the Elms from which cling What Dreams May Come, his pace grew quick with anticipation. In the middle of the grove, a field of the softest flowers from Olympus grew in sunlight more radiant than that which shone on Elysium. Black hair and robes rippled as Hades crossed the space eagerly. In the center of the field, his love waited.

The soft humming of a poignant tune stopped the moment the reclining goddess of spring saw his face. Opening her arms, she sighed. "Beloved".

Dropping to his knees, the King of the Underworld gathered his Queen into his arms.


Aw, romance...even though it's AU. :D

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/02/10 Title: Chapter 22: Christmas Eve

Poor Luna. I can't believe Larry pulled her out of bed and insisted she go with him to breakfast. But, I guess it was worth it when she got to play Santa's helper with Wesley as Santa:) I felt bad for Blaise when she was the only one dressed up for Christmas Eve. Her outfit did sound lovely. I felt even worse for her when she overheard Terry's mother commenting that Blaise wasn't appropriate for Terry. I guess she showed them:) Draco was a little naughty while visiting the Weasleys. I don't think he had to be that obvious--but what did he have to lose, they weren't going to remember anyway. Wonderful chapter. It is so cold here. With the wind chill it's 22 below and going down. I hate to think of getting up early and going to work on Monday. Maybe it will warm up by then--that's it--it will warm up:D If I could go out of my door and get into my car that would be one thing but I've got to stumble across part of the prairie that was turned into a front yard. Tonight I have to go to my parents' for Christmas. I wish I could stay home. I explained to my mother that it's not safe for me and my trusty cane to stumble through the snow. So, she sent my Dad over to shovel (it's since blown in) and she will send someone over to escort me to her house. There's no way I can get out of this one. Oh well, in a few short hours I'll have gone, come home, and my biggest decision will be what to read tonight. I did a lot of writing on the last chapter of my Bellatrix story. It's coming along OK--the muggle artist has come back home but he's not really sure why he decided to do that--things aren't clear to him and he's scared because his past girlfriend and mother of his daughter has a brain disease that started out like this. Of course, we know it's the result of a memory charm. Well, I'm not sure if I'll see you tomorrow or not. It depends on how long the next chapter is and what I do tomorrow. But I will see you soon.

Author's Response:

Were your escorts armed? :D

Wow, you're finishing the story before you post? I'm impressed! I have no problem doing that with one shots, but with chapter fics, I might have written a couple of chapters ahead just in case real life gets in the way of regular updates, but I've never completed the whole thing. Might be why I've never finished a novel. Too addicted to reader feedback. :P

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! We had family leave this morning so I skipped church to pack up a gazillion decorations around the house. I want to write, not clean, so I'm feeling tetchy. Taking a break to read your email has cheered me up (a little, heh). 

Back to drudgery.

Take care!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/29/10 Title: Chapter 35: On Holiday

Bless Blaise for leading the way with telling Draco's story and bless Ginny for standing by him. A lesser woman may have left him out of jealousy. I've never been on a balloon ride. I wonder if I'd like it. I have a fear of heights but not necessarily of flying. I think it'd be OK if the basket didn't tip too much. I'm glad Blaise is getting to know her father's side of the family. I think there's something going on with Enrique that he needs to talk out. Too many times we assume that we know how someone is thinking or feeling and so many times we're wrong--but I've said that before. I hope the three couples don't get into trouble for going on this trip. It seems to be accomplishing so many good things for all of them. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Enrique definitely has issues with his father. Doesn't everyone? :D If there's any trouble, I can't see them regretting it. :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/21/10 Title: Chapter 28: Rollercoaster of Love

As always, this chapter is just full of wonderful scenes. The Valentine's Dance sounds like so much fun. The Zabinis are a fascinating couple. They remind me of a couple but I can't think of the name--I almost think of the Adam's (sp?) Family. Weren't they melodramatic like that? That Blaise is too funny. She can charm her way to whatever she wants. I think she gets that from Eddy. I loved the scene in the lingerie shop with Fred and George. Draco and Terry seem to be forming a begrudging friendship. You know, you always have so much stuff in your chapters and I love it all. Sometimes it's just too hard to choose and write a review. I'd be writing for a long time and you know how lazy I am:P Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Gomez was dramatic, but Morticia was cool and collected. I'm going to be her for Halloween one day.  I loved her dress in the films. :D

Like Snape, I couldn't see Draco forming friendships that weren't reluctant, almost despite himself. If you were lazy, you wouldn't have registered to review, much less told me what you liked beyond "Good chap!" I think you know your reviews are fab and you make my day, and if you don't, you do now! :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 02/07/10 Title: Chapter 44: Actions and Reactions

Hoggie?? Oh, why not:D Professor Hook seemed kind of rude to Sybil--or is that how they talk. Wesley was so cute coming to the girls' rescue. I cannot tell you how wonderful it makes me feel to see Draco and Ginny openly dating. You've really convinced me that they are a good couple. It's like I'm going "Harry who? Who's Harry?" It was also heartening to see Ron come to Draco's rescue. Now, would it have killed JKR to write something pleasant like this? Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, it would have killed her. Despite the Sorting Hat singing about unity, Jo could never get over her bias against Slytherins. She even gave Draco a receding hairline in the Epilogue! Me-ow! :D

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/30/10 Title: Chapter 36: Sixteen Candles

Damn, I knew it was too good to be true. Did I mention I was raised Catholic and I have the guilt thing going on? You can't have too good a time without being caught. I chuckled when Crabbe (I think) referred to Draco as "Boss." I was shocked at Eddy's comments to the press about Blaise's picture with the boys. At least she could have the good grace to say "No comment." I also smiled at the meal preparations earlier in the story. Leave it to the boys to wonder where the rest of the meal was:) after being served a salad. I'm taken back in time when I'd treat my son to lunch while he was in college. We'd go to this kind of "gourmet" restaurant and he loved the food but was always lamenting the small portions:D I remember taking him to brunch at the local pub and he'd order double meals (one of which was a version of Eggs Benedict). Why am I giggling at this now--who knows, but I am. Great chapter. But, damn you for leaving us with a huge cliffie.

Author's Response:

I'm Protestant, but we quote the same verse in Numbers, "Be sure your sin will find you out." Actions have consequences, but (in this story, at least) all things work together for good. ;)

Smart boy, ordering two entrees! Good food and full stomach, too. 

The cliff will get steeper, bwahahaha. 

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/29/09 Title: Chapter 16: Snow Day

It was funny to think of Draco's personality inside of Colin's body. What was the earlier comment--Draco didn't know if he could sneer with Colin's lips:D It was also funny when the usually shy "Colin" was behaving a little more aggressively while interacting with the Gryffindors. Although, Colin was kind of tricky with the whole rubbing noses thing--was that a bold Gryffindor move? I don't mind snow days. In fact, I love just sitting inside watching the snow fly, especially when I have nothing else to do. What I hate is the long drive home when there's an early release day because of the weather and trying to dig out after the storm. I don't actually dig out but I have to wait for someone else and then I worry about falling. This was a fun chapter. Thanks for sending a section of your alternate Snape/Lorelei stuff. That was some of your earlier work? You just can't write anything halfways clumsy or bad can you:P

Author's Response:

So on snow days you're not heading for the sledding hill? :D After your awful fall, I don't blame you. Mobility is something people take for granted until they lose it.

Thank you for the lovely compliment, but when I first started posting my dialogue formatting was wack. :P I guess it's a tribute to authors that I could've read so many books and only remembered the stories, not the mechanics of writing. I started to edit the story once, but I didn't get past ch 7, and now I think I won't ever do more because subconsciously I like seeing how much I've improved, and I like that people keep finding the story and reviewing to say they enjoy it, never mentioning the formatting errors. Encouragement like that is priceless!

So there was an early release day, or were you speaking in general? Long drives that would be short drives if the weather wasn't bloody-minded and people didn't slow to a crawl are truly sucktacular. If you experienced that, I hope Fynn was extra affectionate when you got home to make up for the stress. 


Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 02/08/10 Title: Chapter 45: Something Wicked This Way Comes

I absolutely loved the descriptions of the parties, although you made Gryffindor's sound kind of boring. You didn't describe Hufflepuff's so maybe they had the most boring one:D I loved the Slytherin party. That sounded like my kind of party. Loud music and wild dancing. I feel so bad for Blaise. She's always doing something nice for others and then she can't be with her boyfriend. Lucius is such an old party pooper. I thought for a brief moment that Draco got a gusher. Aren't those black? I really enjoyed seeing the fairies again. It was cool that Luna had "been there, done that." I think I breathed a sigh of relief when Puck used fairy dust to take away memories of Lorelei's silver. Aside from the letter from Lucius (which we knew had to come) and Blaise's unhappiness, this was a really fun chapter.

Author's Response:

The parties in the films aren't exactly wild, heh. I think it's mostly a case of who you're with, not what you do, although I sincerely believe Slytherins have more fun (on the dance floor, at least).:D


Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/29/09 Title: Chapter 17: Quidditch and Love Lessons

As I watched Luna interact with Harry and Wesley I thought about how easy it is for flaws to hide behind perceived love. I think some of Harry's flaws are becoming more apparent to Luna. I loved the Cassandra character. There are so many goth people I've known and loved--I was kind of goth myself--the long black hair, dark make up, black clothes. One time a counselor called me, concerned about Demelza. One of the complaints was that "she's always wearing those dark clothes." There were other more serious issues that we dealt with (teen angst stuff) but I had to smile at the "dark clothes comment" as I looked down at my own clothing and myself in the mirror. I also loved how Draco turned his saving Ginny into a heroic act for himself. It was heroic but to turn it into something against the Gryffindors was very creative. I wasn't out driving too much today. I was going to go to work but decided to work on stuff at home. The snow started to blow and I didn't want to get stuck with it blowing across the road. Once I started on my writing project at home I didn't want to be bothered. The earlier "snow day" comment was about all the times we've gotten out of school early only to spend so much time clutching the steering wheel, praying to get home safely. Geez, I'm so cranky tonight. That's why I read an extra chapter:D I'm anticipating going back to work. I don't know why I can't totally work by myself--why do I have to deal with other people and be nice to them:P I'll be OK when I get back and get my desk organized. I just know that there's going to be lots of stuff to do and I'm going to need information from lots of people and I'm going to have to play nice to get the information. Oh well, I will plod along and the rewards will come later:D Spring will come and the flowers will bloom again.

Author's Response:

Harry's biggest flaw is he doesn't appreciate Luna like he should.

The organized Goth. Love it! :D If you're ever in a library and want an entertaining read that gives insights into people, check out Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You. I wear a lot of charcoal, black, navy and grey, and dark clothes are associated with neuroticism...which might have a grain of truth to it. :P

Did you know tonight was a blue moon? Makes me want to go outside and lift a glass in toast to werewolves real and fictional. :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/29/09 Title: Chapter 17: Quidditch and Love Lessons

Hey, I did know that this was a blue moon month. I saw that when I was putting up my 2010 calendars and was looking for the January full moon--I love to watch the moon rise. My daughters and I used to climb the hill behind our house and watch it rise when I lived in LA. Goths have to be organized you know:D Are our blacks coordinated and not clashing? They can't be too faded. God forbid the nail polish is chipped:D You can't wear your silver earrings with your gold--doesn't look right. Is our writing angsty enough? Is the brooding look just so? The pouty lip has be pouty enough. I've raised a couple of goth kids and they spent more time organizing their look and attitude than my older "little miss sunshine." I hope they don't read fan fiction:P I can hear it now "Geez Mom, could you talk about something else?"
Good night and happy blue moon!!

Author's Response:

Have you ever seen the movie Clueless where the girl uses her computer to assess what's in her closet and choose an outfit? You gave me a mental image of a Goth girl doing that with shades of black. No, too faded, no, materials don't "go" together. :D

I think most kids know their parents talk about them, and are resigned to it, heh. 

The blue moon was gorgeous, and in the late afternoon, it actually looked blue against the sky. Ah-woo! 

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/22/10 Title: Chapter 29: Be My Valentine

I did this review once before and then when I tried to submit it said I had a fatal error--my computer's lucky it didn't suffer a fatal error just then:P Anyway, I was teary-eyed at the end of the chapter after reading about all of the romance on that Valentine's night. That was so wonderful of Lorelei to give Ginny the potions. I guess there is something to being able to go out in public with your lover--even if they won't remember you:D That gives me an idea for my own story. Luna singing with Wesley was so sweet. She's so brave and not afraid to be laughed at. I didn't expect Draco and Ginny to be possessed by ghosts to deal with a centuries' old romance. How romantic. As always, this chapter was chock full of wonderful things that made me go "Aww." Great chapter.

Author's Response: I heart you for reviewing again when MNFF ate your first one! Valentine's Day should be romantic, and I'm happy you liked this one!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/30/09 Title: Chapter 18: What a Girl Wants

That ending was so sweet I got all misty-eyed. For some reason I didn't picture Blaise wearing a Santa hat though--I don't know why. Once again, Harry is just not making himself look good. He thought he was with Ginny and could just say things that were rude. With these potions it must be so hard to put the thoughts with the person you've changed into. I mean, underneath it all, Luna is Luna. I chuckled when Pansy ended up with a wizard with a drinking problem. That just sounded funny to me. Well, I've got a little list of things to do. I love lists. Then I have a hair appointment. Would you believe it's been a year since I've had anything done with my hair? After I broke my leg I didn't think I could hop up into the hairdresser's chair:) We're going to have Christmas this week end so I've got that figured out. I'll talk to you later:D

Author's Response:

I imagined the hat pushed way back, but with a hat, without it, doesn't matter. Only the mushy stuff's important. :D

There are so many times in the books that if you weren't seeing things from Harry's pov he would sound and seem like a complete twat. Pansy deserves romantic woes and I'm glad to play them for laughs. 

Have fun at the hairdressers, getting gorgeous for your Christmas party!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 02/09/10 Title: Chapter 46: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Yay--another ball. Very smart of Draco to capture the raven after realizing it might be an animagus. I'm glad he went to Arthur for help. I laughed when Blaise suggested that Draco take the three other boys out to do "manly things." I could not believe that Milty was stupid enough to threaten Ginny. Draco's just not going to stand for that. At least Milty got detention. As always, this chapter was full of wonderful scenes. I'm getting closer to the end. I hate that thought but all good things must come to an end I guess. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Never underestimate Milty's stupidity, heh. Thank you for hating that it's getting close to the end, but with this story, there are a couple of one shots that follow, so the end isn't really the end. :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 01/23/10 Title: Chapter 30: Secrets

I was really getting into that Ancient Runes class. I remember the "self affirmation" skits from SNL--damn, then I got distracted and started looking for Muse's performance on SNL. I can understand Snape's worrying about Dark Magic but I believe it goes to intent--just like with Remus and Tonks. Ginny's discussion with Ron was pretty funny, but stressful for Ginny I'm sure. I can't wait to see how you resolve that. The scenes with the ghosts were wonderful. I like that Draco is into history. I never used to be when I was younger but now I am. I got my errands run and bumped into Jesse "downtown." Now I'm going to watch HBP and have Jesse do some computer/music stuff tonight. There's a song I'm looking for but I can't figure out who does it--kinda sounds like Papa Roach. Well, gotta start the movie. Great chapter and so full of stuff.

Author's Response:

You're a woman. You multitask. :D Did you find the performance? Sometimes I google lyrics to find the artist. I want to know LOL. Papa Roach has a new song "Lifeline". Did you hear part of it on the radio? Now you have me wondering, heh, and I'm with you on Dark Magic. It's in the way that you use it (hums Eric Clapton).

Enjoy the movie!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/24/09 Title: Chapter 1: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Thought I'd open my Christmas present early and start reading this story. It promises to be fun. It will take a little bit of thinking to accept Blaise as a girl but it can be done. I know I can accept Draco and Ginny. It sounds like Luna and Blaise already have a head start on their project. I'm just sitting here waiting for the storm. I'm glad we have another week of vacation after this. I hate having a blizzard take up my time, although the time off will do me some good. I do have a type A personality and I'm heavily into planning. If I have trouble sleeping I make myself relaxed and happy by promising myself I can plan for the next day, or for the next week, or the next vacation, or the next project--usually by the time I figure out what to plan for I'm sound asleep. I'm so pathetic:D but seriously, what's the harm? I also have a fear of being bored so I overload my life with stuff to do and eventually get something done. With this storm coming I'm afraid I'll get bored when there's absolutely no danger whatsoever of that happening. It could blizzard for the rest of the winter and I wouldn't run out of stuff to do. I'm such a nut:) Great chapater.

Author's Response:

You have snow, I have rain, and I'm glad I don't have to go out in it! No last minute presents to buy, just a candelight service later and a drive to look at lights. Family traditions made easier by lack of blizzard, heh.

Maybe your enforced R&R is the perfect time for you to write! You've got a children's book and fan fiction story simmering like potions in the back of your brain. One of them might be ready for a brisk stir or pouring into flagons (or onto the computer screen or pad of paper).

We are all nuts. :D Christmas makes me feel like one that's chocolate dipped, and I'm so going to be running my butt off in January to do penance (and I'm not even Catholic!)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom Signed
Date: 12/24/09 Title: Chapter 2: Let's Get it Started

It sounds like Luna and Blaise are going to be good friends. I have one word to say to Draco and Ginny and that is "busted." How funny that they both need a Wake Up Potion and each one knows the other one needs it. It's early in the story but I wonder if Draco and Ginny even need interference from anyone to get together. Luna really likes to take action. I'm sure Blaise didn't expect to get her ears pierced that quickly. I'm still waiting for the storm. Wouldn't it be funny if the storm never came? Actually, it could be tragic if people think that it's not going to storm and they take off and travel and then it gets bad. That happens all the time. The distances are great enough that you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere in deadly weather. I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself because it's going to be a bad Christmas but I do have a new television that I love so I shouldn't complain. And, I can lose myself in fan fiction and my other books and writing. I do like being alone. I think I'll look forward and start planning for my birthday. If I can get about three projects done at work, then I can take a real long week end for my birthday--and maybe go book shopping:D Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I grew to like Boy!Blaise, but at first I was bitterly disappointed Jo didn't take the opportunity to create a sympathetic Slytherin female. She really had issues with that House.

Draco and Ginny don't need interference as much as an excuse. ^_~

I admire the way you can be happy planning ahead. I have things coming up in January that I'm avoiding thinking about. It'd be nice if I could borrow some of your type A attitude. :D