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Harry Potter and the Unlocked Mind by Huskers

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione struggle to fill their roles in the two prophecies. Time is growing short and the finally battle looms. Who will decide where and when it takes place? Will the foursome find the key to Harry's victory in time?

This is the year seven sequel to, Harry Potter and the Blood Traitor. Read that first, or you will have no clue what is going on in this. Now that HBP is out, and I have continued to post my story, Harry Potter and the Unlocked Mind, I thought I would take a second to say this. Unlocked Mind will not be modified in any way to accomodate any of the cannon from HBP. Unlocked Mind, while not posted, was essentially finished before the release of JKR's book. Any similarities that my version of year seven has that may tie it to JKR's version of year six are coincidence.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 3: It Begins

i liked how you made legilimency so intimate between the couples, and how you showed the beginnings of the struggles they would have to overcome. I also like that you're giving them enough maturity to wait, even if they want to tear each others clothes off sometimes. Teenagers ;)

Author's Response: I wanted to give the characters something that was intimate without having the story become a cheap romance novel. I hope this works.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: Ambush

this is for ch 4 having a hard time logging in 6 tries, but i'm going to review every chapter! I liked that the voices were getting stronger, and I loved breakfast in bed with the strawberries. Ginny is being a little temptress :) I loved the lions and the hunt. keep it up 8D

Author's Response: they need to fix the #$%#@$ log in.

Ginny is a little temptress. She has what she wanted and does not have to hide it anymore. Harry is in for one wild ride as he figures out the mystery that is Ginny.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 5: At What Price

More new voices! Pushing them so they can get better is a great idea. We know it will work for Harry, look at year 6 and quidditch. You're probably wondering how I'm posting so fast after each story. You know I've read all the chapters, now I'm just going back and reviewing so I can give you your report card! A on this chapter

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to go back and tell me what you thought of each chapter. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 6: Happy Birthday

Go Ginny! What an emotional chapter! Needed a kleenex. I can tell you put alot of hard work into this one. How did Luna, Cho and Bridgette end up at Neville's? Very narrow miss before voldemort showed up. A+

Author's Response: Luna, Cho and Bridgette were simply visiting a friend for the day over the summer. Ginny was lucky she got out of there when she did. She certainly would not have gone through Voldemort like she did his little DE's. Question is, was she lucky, or did Peter find a way of hiding something from Voldemort and delayed calling his master to him and thereby let Ginny escape? We will have to wait and see.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 7: The Healer

ps-liked that you let ron and harry decide how long hermione could go for also, thats some endurance! you must have a touch of it in you to come up with some of this ;)

Author's Response: Harry came up with a number. It was really Ron who decided how long Hermione would go. He disregarded Harry's 'knowledge' and went with what his gut and heart told him.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/13/05 Title: Chapter 16: Setting the Board

This was a great chapter. Great job on describing how dementors were created. The keepers idea was really great too! I liked that you had members of the DA train against dementors like aurors and unspeakables, very cool. And Dumbledore having two animagus forms, that was awesome! It kinda of leads me to wondoer if you will give anyone else two forms if they are in grave danger. 10/10!

Author's Response: Glad you like the Dementors and the Keepers. Anyone else with two forms?? No, but look at the possibilities, and how Dumbledore found out about his second form. One is a land creature and the other a water creature. The second came out of need for it. Would anyone else have similar needs? I tend to think most wizards/witches would have a land and see animagus.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 8: Aftermath

I think you deserve and Order Of Merlin for this chapter! Very well written, the characters are developing even more, and you still can add humor to the situation (Ginny mouthing off to Dumbledore) adding to that, Weasley is our King! I think you should at least pat yourself on the back can't wait to see how it ends.

Author's Response: Ginny is done taking anything from anyone. She will tell it like it is and holds nothing back. Glad you liked the little bits of humor in the chapter, I thought they were needed. Thanks for the compliments.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/13/05 Title: Chapter 17: Whose Trap Is It?

Snape is a slimy git, but you have him pegged. The battle scene in hogsmead was very well written, and I loved Ginny's wandless magic. That she was able to stand up against Voldemort and your explaination for what would happen if he didnt fully concentrate on holding her in her human form was well planned. 10/10!

Author's Response: Not sure if you are calling Snape evil and on Voldemort's side her or not. But in case you are wondering, He was supposed to take Ginny. Ron wanted him too, it was part of his plan.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 9: Pawn to E4

Very well done (now if i could type that would be great i keep missing keys) It will be very interesting to see what voldemort comes up with with malfoy helping him. looks like draco will be taught a lesson when DA finds out. when are you posting your next chapter? Is it going to be before or after HBP is released? Eagerly awaiting

Author's Response: We are only going to see patterns from Voldemort, and no real details of his plan. Who says, the DA will find out about Draco, Crabbe and Goyle giving out their names. The next chapter went in the queue today. It should be up in 4-5 days. That is still in front of HBP. Thanks for all your reviews. It is really cool to check my account and see all of the ne ones to respond to.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/01/05 Title: Chapter 14: Repercussions of Eternity

i think you needed the length on this chapter. Lots of important details. I love the animagus dreams. 10

Author's Response: The next chapter is longer. The dream is important.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/01/05 Title: Chapter 14: Repercussions of Eternity

i think you needed the length on this chapter. Lots of important details. I love the animagus dreams. 10

Author's Response: ditto.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/05/05 Title: Chapter 9: Pawn to E4

Just a guess that DA would find out. They've been pushed to defend themselves better and better each time, I just assumed that they would defend themselves against betrayal too. By the way, I'd like if you could take a peek at the fanfic I started writing. My email is under my profile, and I want someone's opinion outside my family. I have an idea for the second chapter as well. Hope to be talking to you more

Author's Response: I never thought about having them figure out it was Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. But yes the DA would take action if they did figure it out. I will be glad to take a look at your story.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 09/01/05 Title: Chapter 21: Recovery?

I'm flaklempt! You made me laugh and cry, this was a great chapter! I can't wait to see the ned of the story! 100!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Ambush

Yay! I can't wait for the wedding details. the ball and chain party sounds almost as bad as the bridesmaids from hell party we threw my friend. glad to see naughty gifts too.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm thinking the twins could really do a number on person on their last day of 'freedom' before they get married. They would of course have insisted on a few naughty gifts.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/04/05 Title: Chapter 2: Weddings

*sniff sniff* I had to get a kleenex before i even finished reading r/hr vows, and i needed to get another for h/g vows. Be-A-Utiful! I loved the ceremony, I'm a sucker for weddings, and it was just perfect. I was wondering why Hermione let Ron see her the morning of the wedding, since it's bad luck traditionally for muggles, and you had included other muggle traditions.

Author's Response: I guess I thought it was only bad luck to see the dress. Either way, she is a witch. I thought one or two muggle traditions was enough out of her.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/04/05 Title: Chapter 7: The Healer

i forget to post when i get wrapped up. loved that hermione is stronger than the healer, but dissappointed we didnt get more of an explanation of what happened to luna and neville. guess ill have to read the next chapter. keep up the good work

Author's Response: Ok, but you have to go back and fill in reviews for the other chapters. That will push them over ten total for each. Hermione is the 6th most powerful sorcerer in the world right now. Ron is 5th. It is a toss up between Ginny and Dumbledore for 4th and 3rd at this point. Harry is still just slightly behind Voldemort. But he is gaining on him every day.

Luna's mind split from the effects of the cruciatus curse long before Cho did. The DE's still continued to send the curse at her and her mind killed her when it stopped accepting the pain.

Use your imagination for Neville. I say he was hit by a stunner or two, maybe a bone crushing spell and perhaps a severing charm. The DE's did not use the cruciatus curse on him, because they thought they had killed him.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/08/05 Title: Chapter 10: Bungie Jumping with Dragons

seems like you had fun with this chapter, even though you did change the points for quidditch. letting bridgette be buried at hogwarts was a nice touch. keeping the DA members at school to help is very interesting. i liked the bungee jumping

Author's Response: Yes, this was basically just supposed to be a fun and healing chapter for the characters.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 07/30/05 Title: Chapter 13: The Room with the Locked Door

This was a great chapter! You set the scene really well about Snape's loyalties, very creative. I thought in a previous chapter you gave both Ginny and Hermione to be in the Potions vault. I'll have to go back and check.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like it. It certainly does give a good reason for Snape to leave Voldemort's side. I also think that Snape having helped Lily brew the potion that made it possible for Harry to survive the death curse, and the fact that Harry is alive, should really disspell any questions as to his loyalty in my story. But who knows, he is a Slytherin, he could switch again if he decides his own hide is more important than redemption in the eyes of his wife and unborn child.

Ginny and Hermione have both been in the vault before. Never with Snape though. Dumbledore would have told Snape that he was giving Hermione access to the vault. It may have slipped his mind to tell him that Hermione had requested Ginny's help and he granted it.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/28/05 Title: Chapter 19: Checkmate Part One

I can't wait until the next chapter comes out so we can see what you have planned for Malfoy! The one thing I have a question on is the fact that Dumbledore gave the directions as to where everyone was supposed to go while they were waiting in the woods before they attacked the castle. With your story, shouldn't Ron have given that order? Or was Dumbledore just realying the message for Ron? Please clear that up for me if possible. 10

Author's Response: Dumbledore is basically relaying Ron's plans. Basically, he has to. Who is going to listen to Ron? Not many people. Who will listen to Dumbledore? Everyone. Also, even though Ron set the whole thing up, the part that he really needed to plan was the set up of Harry and Voldemort's final fight.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate Signed
Date: 08/23/05 Title: Chapter 18: Stalemate

Another A! Very interesting what you did with Draco. I liked your explanation of Dumbledore's office and secret rooms. One thing I'd like to point out: (the fake)Mad Eye changed Draco into a ferret his fourth year, not third. I'm sure you'll go back and edit that. Other than that, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, I will fix the year problem when they open the queue again. Right now, not only can't I add my next chapter, I can't even edit the stuff I have up.