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You Want To Make A Memory? by Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 1183 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Chapter Ninety Six is posted!

This is the story of four boys. This is the story of a boy from a family he wants to escape from. This is the story of a boy who is from a family he loves deeply, but lacks the gift of a best friend. This is the story of a boy who has been living with a curse his entire life, fighting to overcome it. This is the story of a boy who wishes to show people what he can do. This is the story of how these four boys came to know each other, of how they became friends. This is the story of their unbreakable bond, of a bond that could survive any test, any trial. This is a story that will ultimately end in tragedy.

Nominated for a 2007 and 2009 Quicksilver Quill Award - Best Marauder's Era Featured Mugglenet Fanfiction, October 2011
Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/29/09 Title: Chapter 16: Discoveries

Hiya! Remember me? Sorry for taking so long to review the next chapter. I didn't forget about you ^_^'.

Whoo! Finally they figure out WHAT Remus is. This is getting goooooood. Gah! But I have soooo much to read in order to catch up. xD

Author's Response: Yes I remember you! Glad you got back to reading this :) Yep, they figured it out, you'll catch up soon. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 1: A Compartment For Four

Hey there! I randomly found your story using the top tens, and so now i thought i would give a review.

This is like reading Harry Potter all over again, but only with the Marauders...back at year one. I actually loved how each of the four families were boasting about their bloodline, always saying that they do well and what not. I only found one awkward sentence:

They stopped outside the barrier between platforms nine and ten and waited patiently, looking for the perfect chance the race through the barrier and onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

It should be to race instead of the race.

Other than that, nicely done. On to chapter two! =D

Author's Response: It was fun to write all the different families and how they would do things like that. Oh that is an awkward sentence, missed that one when I was editing. I'll fix it right now. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 2: Gryffindors

Another good chapter. However, I do want to say that there was one part I didn't like. I just feel that using McGonagall's exact speech from the book overdoes it a bit. BUT as I read, that one bit didn't stick in my mind as much. I was sort of disappointed not seeing a Sorting Hat song, but hey, it's your fanfic right? Another great job.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if Professor McGonagall really ever said anything different, the rules would be the same for each year. I tried to change it a bit, but I've read it so many times, it's ingrained in my head. Noo you don't want to see a Sorting Hat song I wrote, trust me, you'll be a lot happier. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 3: Cruel Cranes and Potions

“That way,” the hag said, pointing in the direction Peter had suggested – the hallway to the left, once they came out of the hallway one they were in.

That sentence was awkward to me.

Crane's a bit like the adult version of Snape. Lighting a desk on fire? That sounds bloody brilliant xD

I'm actually enjoying how things are starting to unfold with Remus' end. Can't wait to keep reading more. =D

Author's Response: That sentence is awkward, I have no idea why I have the word 'one' after hallway. I'll go fix that. Crane is kind of like Snape, but I'd take Snape over Crane as a professor. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 4: Shrieking Moons

Well, I mentioned before how Crane's similar to Snape. I take that back. Crane's worse than Snape. At least with Snape, he had a reason to be cruel and what not toward Harry. But with Crane acting terrible toward Remus, he has no reason at all whatsoever.

This is very good! I'm eager to keep reading this. I wonder how many chapters I can read and comment on today.

Author's Response: Exactly why I I said I'd take Snape over Crane. Crane's just a prejudiced jerk. He sees a situation he can take advantage of and goes for it. You did pretty good for one day - 10 chapters. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 5: Revenge, Strange Behaviors and Detentions

Hm. I wonder what Crane's playing at...He wouldn't just change his mind about being 'unfair' unless he wants to have more fun. Interesting. Very interesting. I guess there's a good thing about having all these chapters before me, I don't have to wait for an update. I love how you made Remus get snappier with him becoming a werewolf and what not. Good job =D

Author's Response: Crane's messing with Remus's mind, never letting him know when he's going to be horrible next (which will probably be during their next class). Yeah, you're lucky you don't have to wait because right now I don't know when I'm going to update. It's fun writing Remus get snappy, he needs to be a bit snappy when he's gotten frustrated. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 6: Dangerous Games and Christmas Plans

Oh! I never told you how much I love Sirrus' idea for hanging Crane up by his knickers. The only people insane enough to actually try and pull something like that off would be Fred and George. =P

I did not believe that I would have to reiterate to you the important of staying away from the tree, but the events of today prove that I must.

It should be importance, not important ;)

You know, I think I'm beginning to realize that Alice Gordon is the future Alice Longbottom? I hope so, 'cause then I could say nothing gets by me.

Flitwick's sister's been killed?!?!?! Could it be the works of...Voldemort...!!!

Author's Response: I love that idea too, but James was right, they couldn't pull it off without being caught. Fred and George I can see doing that, they didn't have a voice of reason keeping them from doing that. Oh another stupid mistake, I shall fix it! Yes Alice Gordon is the future Alice Longbottom. She actually just got married in the chapter I finished writing. Yes Flitwick's siter's death is the product of the lovely Dark Lord.

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 7: Confrontation on the Platform

Ooo a bit of a tense moment? I was hoping for some action! All three had their wands out, i was hoping Black would try and fight them off. A pity. Well that's seven chapters down...seventy to go =D

Author's Response: The men aren't crazy enough to hex a woman in the middle of platform nine and three quarters. It would have been cool, but they just wouldn't do it. Yep, seven chapters down! Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 8: Christmas Eve Night

I find it so sad that Peter was the one who betrayed Lily and James to the Blacks. I mean, he just wanted to have friends. It makes me feel bad for him, especially reading this fanfic.

I'm sensing that Voldemort had a little fun in this so far. And I wonder what Mrs. Black wanted. Hmm...

Well off to another chapter =D

Author's Response: It is sad that Peter's the one who betrayed them, in the later chapters posted you'll see how he starts sliding away from his friends. Mrs. Black just wanted Sirius to play the 'good son' role and socialize. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 9: Ill Health and Feelings

I was surprised to see that Lily's helping with this little scheme. I wonder how it's going to play out in the end. Poor poor Remus though =((

Author's Response: Lily hates Crane just as much as they do, she can't stand his behavior. Besides, Lily helping is a way to get her to hate James soon. You're only a chapter away from finding out how it goes. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 10: Birthdays, Preparations and Banshees

Honestly, if the teachers had the faintest idea of what they were doing, I don't think they would let them continue with it. And how would they know unless they told a teacher theirself.

Author's Response: No, they wouldn't let them continue, but they would never tell a teacher. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/21/09 Title: Chapter 11: Operation Get Crane Back

Sirius seemed suspicious earlier about Remus getting sick and all. I wonder if at this point he has any clue that he's a werewolf.

The prank went off brilliantly, at least they got rid of Crane. I hope that's the last I see of him. Though I was surprised he fell for the "haunted" bit so easily like that.

Author's Response: There's only a few more chapters until they find out Remus is a werewolf. Crane may be tough, but he isn't that smart. The haunted bit just helped make the prank come off better. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/22/09 Title: Chapter 12: Summer Moons

“Tell them he’s sick then, and he can’t have any visitors. Please.”

It should be tell them he's sick. xD

I would honestly be like James, screaming if seaweed was caught between my feet and what not. I get scared so easily and I can be such a girl.

It's still going good, but I think I find that I liked the story more when they're at Hogwarts. But everyone's got to have a summer. I'll just keep reading =D

Author's Response: I'd probably scream too if something like seaweed wrapped around my leg, but of course James is going to be mad fun of, that's what friends do. The story is more fun when they're at Hogwarts, but I usually put in one or two chapters for their summer. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/22/09 Title: Chapter 13: Diagon Alley

Remus always made it a point to great him.

Greet not great ;)

Well, I wonder what else they think could be affecting Remus. There can't be too much that happens ONCE a month to someone =P

Author's Response: Woops. I'll go check that out now... They're only 12, they don't think werewolf right off. It bothers me when I see stories where they instantly think werewolf. They do a bit of research and you'll see how they find out in chapter 16. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/22/09 Title: Chapter 14: Back to School

I really want to see a sorting hat song =P I'm going to keep hoping too. xD

Poor Sirius =( He will never know the good Regulus did...that would've made him love his brother more.

Author's Response: There's not going to be one... sometimes you won't even see the Sorting. I wrote one once, I think it's in one of my other stories, not sure. But I didn't like it. No, Sirius is never going to know what Regulus. If Sirius knew, he really would love Regulus more. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/23/09 Title: Chapter 15: Research, Bad Potions, and Tryouts

I thought James was a Seeker...or do you have that changing later?

They're getting closer and closer to finding out what Remus really is! Kinda exciting xD

Author's Response: I read in an interview with JKR that James was a Chaser, he only played with the snitch, but was never Seeker. Yep, they find out in the next chapter that he's a werewolf. Thanks for reading!

Beneath the Shell by Afifa

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: A typical love story: Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They end up being a couple. They are happy.

Another story: boy loves girl. But. Girl does not love the boy. No happy couple. So how exactly does the boy feel and what does he do to try to win over his love? Most importantly, does he succeed or does he make a gradual progress or does he even give her reason to hate him more?

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/16/09 Title: Chapter 1: One shot- Beneath the Shell

Bravo. I really enjoyed this one shot a lot. The way you had James and Lily go back and forth like that, it was perfect. I can honestly say I never understood how they wound up getting married and having Harry. It just doesn't make sense from what we read in the book.

Author's Response: True that. I'm glad you liked it. :D Thanks for the review. :)

One of Those Days by Pogonotrophy

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 10 Reviews
Summary: He’d learned enough from hindsight that on days like today, it seemed like Lily Evans didn’t mind a little bit of conversation.
Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/16/09 Title: Chapter 1: One of Those Days

This is good, I have to say that. But I just feel the dialogue somewhat threw it off a bit. But that could be just me xD

Author's Response: Thanks for your review and also letting me know that the dialogue threw you off. I appreciate it and I'm sorry that it was confusing.

P.S. I Still Love You by MJ_Padfoot

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 10 Reviews
Summary: Valentine's Day isn't a picnic for everyone; especially if you see your ex-boyfriend kissing your roommate. For Lavender Brown, that was the story of her current life. The night of the final battle, Lavender had seen Ron and Hermione kiss in front of everyone. She tries to escape the memory, but is unsuccessful. Lavender writes Ron a letter to help ease her heart-ache.
Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/16/09 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

It was good. The only "problem" I found (if you call it a problem) is this:

She re-thought the lines through and once she had gotten started, the words flew from her fingertips.

Usually when someone says 'words are flying through your fingertips' it implies typing. But Lavender is writing a letter with a quill.

Gosh, I can't believe Lav-Lav and Won-Won were nicknames. Makes me sick xD

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even catch that. I'll go back and change that. The nicknames (I suspect) make everyone sick--including me. Thank you for the review! ~MJ

Eventual Embrace by Afifa

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 4 Reviews
Summary: If a girl you love likes you, it doesn't necessarily mean that she wants to go a step ahead with the relationship. Or that she wants you to be something more than just friends.

But, if the girl you love hated you and then started liking you and became your friend, it is possible that she may also learn to love you back. All you have to do is wait for the right time.

This is a sequel to my other James/Lily one shot: Beneath the Shell, but it can be read as a stand alone, too.

A/N: Warning is there just in case, there is seriously, nothing major going on.

Reviewer: BlissfulxEuphoria Signed
Date: 06/16/09 Title: Chapter 1: One shot- Eventual Embrace

The ending to this one shot wasn't as strong as your first. I think you should have at least ended it with a first kiss, whether it be James making the first move, or Lily, and have the reactions take place in the next one shot. Well, that's my ideal way I would do it...you're the author xD

I can't wait for the next sequel.

Author's Response: Hm, I wanted to show that the whole thing happens gradually, that Lily didn't fall in love with James over night. That she hated him, then liked him. They became friends, and then she started to realise that she loved him. A year is a long enough time for someone to fall in love. ;) The sequel would have the kiss though, so don't worry. :)

Thanks for leaving a review. :D