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Hi there! My name is Hayden. I'm a Hufflepuff on the Boards. I love fanfiction, writing, and Tom Riddle. At the moment I've got a story up: A Great and Terrible Beauty, which is something completely different from my normal writing. Also, most of the answers start coming out towards the end of the story, and I really can't wait until I get all of it done. Give it a read, and I hope you like it!

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My Troubled Tyrant by Belledeg

Rated: Professors • 517 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Keedie Dante has experienced many amazing things during her time at Hogwarts, including the hushed up drama that was the Chamber of Secrets. However, with two overachieving friends and a headmaster who does not even know she exists, Keedie feels that perhaps her seventh year will not be too spectacular. However, Dumbeldore sees her potential as a writer and enrols her in a simple writing course. Here, she meets the mysterious and terrifying Tom Riddle and they instantly get under one another's skin. She is drawn to his dark determination towards some unknown goal and he is fascinated by her, in every way. However, Tom's friends do not approve of Keedie and her unconventional ways and Keedie has many people trying to keep her away from the dark young man as well. Something inside tells Keedie that she can make him better, but even he assures her that this is an impossible task. But she's not one to give up easily...

"He is a dark one, Keedie. Try not to let him consume you entirely."

This story has the characters Albus Dumbledore, Armando Dippet, Moaning Myrtle, Rubeus Hagrid, Aaron Dante, Harry Potter, Ebony Abbott, Minerva McGonagall, Melena Creevey, Ollivander, Gregor Holmwood, Horace Slughorn and, of course, Tom Riddle and Keedie Dante...enjoy!

Winner of "Best Romance Between Other Characters" and nominated for "Best Female OC" in the 2009 Quicksilver Quill Awards
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 06/04/09 Title: Chapter 15: Wandering Child

Ooooooh! I wonder what kind of curse Gregor uses on Tom! This is such an awesome piece, I can't wait to read the rest! I hope it's a happy ending. Keep posting please! *yay!!!*

Author's Response: Oh, Gregor, will he ever learn? Chapter sixteen is in the queue. Thanks for a lovely review :-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/16/09 Title: Chapter 20: If I Can't Love Her

Yes, I am also curious to see what she might want to name him... or her. Tomerina Marvolona Riddle, maybe... Or perhaps it dies... :( It was never mentioned in the clips of the epilogue.

Will you include the part where Tom wins the Magical Merit award? Please? Though that would be pointless...but I can't wait for graduation!

Redemption from what in the epilogue? What do you mean? I wonder what Harry Potter's dialogues are in the epilogue. Haha it would be funny if he just stood there while Keedie and Volders have a nice little lovey-dovey chat.

I know I'm leaving too many reviews, but oh well, it just makes you look good I guess. I hope I'm not ruining this for anyone with my predictions... Sorry if I am.

Love from

Author's Response: I am quite chuffed I've gone over the 100 reviews mark, actually. I love how you're refering to the child as "it". And I could never kill a baby. I'm not that strong. A preview will go up tonight. :-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 05/10/09 Title: Chapter 10: Colour-blind

AWWWWWWWW! His heart shattered! I'm so mad at Gregor. I can't wait for more! When is your next post going to be?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Chapter eleven is now up and twelve is in waiting. There should be one or two chapters up every week. Please keep reading and reviewing! :-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/16/09 Title: Chapter 20: If I Can't Love Her

WHAT? I will love the baby forever! How could you think that? I'm just saying that we don't know what gender the baby is in!!! Noooooooooo!
Can't wait for the preview! Of which chapter, though? I think its the next one.
You actually wrote the birth part lol. I need to see Tom's reaction. (gasping again)

I will stop leaving reviews (just comments haha) now. sry.

Author's Response: *sighs* It's like the "is Keedie gonna die" incident all over again. What shall I do with you lot. I can safely say that the next seven chapters are going to throw everyone. Nobody should read too much into my words....;-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/06/09 Title: Chapter 19: You Belong to Me

Hey, I just read the excerpt from the epilogue and if I may say, I think that the auror's dad is Gregor... and maybe Keedie Dante changed her name to Molly Weasley... I know, that's the craziest thing you've ever heard, but I just had a wild thought... I hope that shows how much I love this story! *hugs*

Author's Response: *giggles* Half right, my clever friend. More snippets of the epilogue shall be exposed until the next chapter is posted, which will hopefully be soon. *hugs* ;-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/23/09 Title: Chapter 21: A Guy Like You

Hi again! I'm so excited for the next chapter! I need an update. Why would Keedie need to go to Ollivander? I still have no idea where to epilogue will go. Tom will definitley die (sobs), but WHAT ABOUT KEEDIE? And Harry? What do they feel when they see each other? After all those years? OOOOooohh, and make Bellatrix jealous of Keedie! (cackles) And why are they back at the orphanage in the 25th chapter? Tom hates that place. Lots of questions that only time will answer (Wiggles fingers mystically).

Please update soon!

P.S. Yeah, this story has inspired a lot of Tom/OC stories and has inspired me to start writing this plot bunny that's been in my head for AGES. And, with your permission, I will rip off of you and make my Tom smell like Pine, too. Only if you say so.

Author's Response: Next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Keedie's merely saying a friendly hello to Olivander. I just like him as a character. As for Bella being jealous, I'll put up a preview cos I'm so nice. And believe me, Tom is not happy about the orphanage but Keeds is adament to see it. Good luck with writing though, to be fair, Tom ain't mine. Keeds is, but not Tom. :-)

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 11/02/09 Title: Chapter 28: The Epilogue--My Immortal

YEAH! YOU WON!!! I'm so happy for you! *screams* How do you like it, with your story being the winner this year? You must be so proud, and MTT would have won it anyway, it deserves the award. Again, you really are the best writer in MNFF. Good job, hon!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you. I'm feeling both delighted and surprised. Hopefully, it'll get more people reading and reviewing :D

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/29/09 Title: Chapter 22: Learn To Be Lonely

It's not over yet! I'm back and ready to roll! Please update soon! I'm so curious to find out what Keedie will have in her pensieve! When you get back, you'll have about forty reviews to answer... most of them from me and Saif. Such a jumbled up mess, but that just goes to show how much I (and I alone am your biggest fan!) will miss this story, it's one of my favorite kinds! I hope we can see another preview soon!
The one and only

Author's Response: I'll miss the reviews. Next chapter soon, hopefully!

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/29/09 Title: Chapter 22: Learn To Be Lonely

I've caught up now, you evil little...
Belledeg would be like 'Oh no, so many pointless reviews to answer!'. She'll be really annoyed at me but still. And I shall hit the two hundredth review first! No deleting! Think about Belledeg!

I really cannot wait for the epilogue, and I wonder what was coming next in the last preview when it went 'Suddenly he know what was coming next'. Maybe that he was going to die? I still want to know what I'm on to. And we would all like to know the last sentence of the story! Please? I love this story so much and I hate to see it end!

Author's Response: Merlin, I am proud of my last sentence! You and Saif need to kiss and make-up, methinks.

Fire & Ice by PlonkerOnDaLoose

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 11 Reviews
Summary: “But if I’m fire,” I protested, “and you’re ice, what do we have in common?” Tom smirked, reaching up and twisting a strand of my hair around his finger. “Destruction.” I pressed my knife to his throat, drawing blood. “My feelings exactly.” TR/GW
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 07/31/09 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

This is an amazing time-turner story! Please update soon, I can't wait till Ginny meets Tom Riddle!

Harry and Lord V: Beauty and the Beast Gone Potter by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 12 Reviews
Summary: Yet another ridiculous Harry Potter musical spoof by yours truly, this one is set during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, to the tune of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice's brilliant musical, Beauty and the Beast!

If you like this, go to my profile and read some of my other parodies, of West Side Story, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, High School Musical, Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera!
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 06/29/09 Title: Chapter 1: ACT ONE

YAYZ!!! I listened to the Musical songs in the backround, for the music, and I had so much fun! I like when Harry says 'Gaining strength...impressing chics...'- so funny! Hope you update soon! *Cheers*

Author's Response: Why, thank you, Lovemagic! I do recommend playin' the songs while listening! And I'll certainly update. I love this show!

One Last Wish by Belledeg

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 24 Reviews
Summary: Harry Potter has defeated the Dark Lord and proven the strength and the power of love. However, he is unaware of one tiny detail about the battle. The fact that, seconds before his demise, the Dark Lord felt something he was not supposed to feel.

So now Lord Voldemort finds himself in a place that is not Heaven, Hell or Earth but somewhere in between.

And he is not alone...

A Second Epilogue for "My Troubled Tyrant"
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 10/21/09 Title: Chapter 1: I Should Have Remembered It

Yay! Yay!!!!! YAY.
Thank you so much, first of all for putting this up. It was the perfect happy ending. And you know, you could go on and on with this. Them alone and together in afterlife. Do you think they would get bored or does the place have magic they can play with? Anyway.

It's kind of sad that Keedie left behind everyone in 'wherever' to live alone with Tom, but that's true love for all of us. Her best friends, family, Dumbles... all for Tom. Makes me feel an ache in my heart. The reunion is just so beautiful. It's all over, and nothing can bother them. Not Harry Potter or Keedie's annoying friends.

One question-- Keedie lived through the forties? or no, that was the decade, never mind. I though you meant age.

Also, his nose is cute! Ha! I absolutley LOVE when Keeds slaps Tom. Made me start giggling. Good job! You covered everything that we wanted to see, and did so perfectly.

I really don't want to let go of this story. It is the best Canon I've ever read, everything sticks with the J.K. story, and everything has a reason. You must have put a lot of time and thought into this. How long did it take for the whole story? MTT and OLW? Gosh, and I can tell you that I will remember this one story twenty years from now or something. It stands out as its own and as unique. Couldnt find something like it anywhere else.

Tom and Keedie!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the slap, I enjoyed writing it. It doesn't take me long to write the stories, but it seems to take forever to spell check them. Things sort of come together in the process. Glad you liked :D

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 10/24/09 Title: Chapter 1: I Should Have Remembered It

So there's no baby? I know it wasn't born, but still.

'Hi, daddy!'
'What? Who?'
'Oh, yeah, we have a baby, Tom. Her name is... Gemma, perhaps?'
'Oh, hello, little love! We finally meet...'

Meh, that was bad. But it would have been funny to see this in the story.

How come you call Tom by his last name in this story? I noticed it and just wondered.

I also like how you slipped in that little bit from the Graveyard part. 'I should have remembered...' Very good!

I can't think of anything else at the moment. But I do have a question for Aras, if you please. Are you a guy or a girl? Just wondering.


Author's Response: No baby, sorry! Just a tragic downside, m'afraid. Glad you appreciate the graveyard line. It always struck me as funny when reading it, so I thouht I'd chuck it in :D

Distantly by psijupiter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 11 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Andromeda slides between the lines of war.
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 11/06/10 Title: Chapter 1: Distantly

Beautiful, haunting story. It really feels like I'm looking at things from a distant perspective, but there's still an angsty, melancholy feel to it. What more can I say? The writing is elegant and poetic. Makes me think of wind and ribbons, for some reason. Like her life is just fluttering by, and Andromeda doesn't seem to have much control over it.

I really like how you put Fluffy into the story. It makes the story and her life seem realer. And more domestic. I know that Andromeda didn't really want anything to do with the outside world, anything to do with her family. It feels as if Fluffy is a part of her own family, and that Andromeda is really living in her own world.

Andromeda worrying that her daughter would look like Bella was deep. Andromeda doesn't want herself or her daughter to have anything to do with the dark side, them, but can't forget that she is does have something to do with them and is related to them.

There aren't many things that need to be improved. You may just want to go and glean through the whole thing, because there are many small grammar errors, such as:

She spends long hours watching her daughters changing looks, half-looking for Bella’s lidded eyes or Narcissa’s narrow pointed nose. She wonders if she wished this creature into being, a child who would never look like her mother’s family.

'Daughers' should be daughter's; the comma after 'being' shouldn't be there.

Ted tells her when Sirius is sent Azkaban.

There should be a to after 'sent.'

The world is so black and white in war. Us, them. I’m not sure which I am, some days.

I don’t know what to do, Dromie. It’s not what I thought, Dromie. This isn’t what we signed up for.

I think you meant for the second sentence to be italicized.

But this truly is a wonderful story. My favorite part, of course, it the last sentence. The way you divide it into three paragraphs is very beautiful. It made me feel as if I was actually watching Andromeda, not simply reading about her. And of course, the deeper meaning of the last paragraph was stunning.


Author's Response:

Hi Hayden! I'm glad you enjoyed the style, I worried a lot about it, but it seems to have worked okay! My grammar is terrible, (as is my spelling, hurrah for spellchecks!) I thought I had caught most of the mistakes, but I will definitely have another read through when I get some free time and correct the errors you found. :)  I didn't italicise that line on purpose - I was trying to capture the thoughts of both Regulus and Andromeda(and maybe even Sirius a little?) so I wanted to seperate it from the italicised letters above it.  If that makes sense? Maybe not! :D I will have a think about that!  I very glad that you like the last section, it was my favouite part. Originally I had some other parts laid out a bit like that, but in the end I decided I just wanted that last part to be really emphasised.  Thank you so much for your review! :)

The Wishing Well by Rebecca Ripple

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 4 Reviews

Draco is given a choice, but the freedom to choose is no longer his. Threatened into obedience, he must find a way out of mess after mess without getting himself and his family killed.

Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 02/20/10 Title: Chapter 1: A Price to Be Paid

Hey, this is a great story! You really should update it, and as soon as you can. I like the way you characterize Voldemort, he seems very believable. We can also see the fear Draco has when he's in the presence of Voldemort. Very believable and will definitley be an interesting read, to see this mission from Draco's point of view.

Hayden :)

Regret by Saif

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 1 Reviews
Summary: A short poem about Voldemort's demise.
Reviewer: Lovemagic Signed
Date: 10/20/10 Title: Chapter 1: Regret

Yay! First comment! Though you'll probably be wanting to hear from someone other than me, someone you don't know...But I'm here anyway!

It's a sad poem...and you can actually rhyme. I can't. You know I can't. I remember my last attempt with poetry. I know you were laughing at me. You're loads better, and this poem was well written.

'Too maimed for that was his soul...He had failed in his ultimate goal.'

*sad sigh*

And it seems correct. Volders can feel regret, and after all that happened, there definitely wouldn't be any other feeling left. Regret and anger at the fact that he hadn't been able to succeed, that he had lost everything he had ever worked for in one slip-up. Good job. *pats Saif's head*


Author's Response: Couldn't have asked for a better first reviewer! Thanks a lot! I'm thinking I should write a few more poems before attempting a proper fic.