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Girl, fourteen, weird and obsessive. Loves Romeo and Juliet second only to Harry Potter. Beleives that thinking teenage girls should boycott Twilight. Favorite songs are We Will Rock You by Nickelback and So What by Pink. Enjoys funny things, but can't write humor to save her life. Thinks E.L. Konigsburg and Kelly Link are co-goddesses. Can't stand bad grammar or spelling. Rene Magritte is god. Favorite piece of art is Golconde. Thinks censorship needs a good kick up its ass. Wants to be a 'real' writer.

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Ghosts by Wings of the Morning

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Andromeda takes a walk through the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black after her husband dies, finding nothing more than dust, nostalgia, and a faded blue dress. And in the end, it all boils down to one question: Do you believe in ghosts? Oneshot.
Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/07/09 Title: Chapter 1: Ghosts

This is so freaking amazing. It's always been one of y favorite stories here; it's also the story I re-read the most. It gets better every time.

It Wasn't Over, It Still Isn't Over by bellaoc

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: A month after the Final Battle, Ginny disappears without a trace. Fast forward two and a half years and we find Ginny living a new life in London as a Muggle journalist with one big secret: She has a daughter. Urged on by a concerned family member, she returns home to face the man and the life she left behind.
Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/25/09 Title: Chapter 1: Lost and Found

This is really good. I just have a few nitpicks to make, but nothing serious!

1. You tend to fall into the 'Soap Opera' trap of using peple's names too much. We know they're George and Ginny, and they know it -- they don't have to call each other by name everytime the say something to each other.

2. Make sure to hit 'Enter' twice between paragraphs.

3. When you do use direct addresses in speech, make sure to put a comma before the name.

Otherwise, great start! Keep writing!

Apparently Asleep by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Nymphadora Tonks lives under a shadow. Both her cousin and her aunt are in Azkaban believed to be in league with Voldemort. She knows Bellatrix deserves to be there- but Sirius?
Remus Lupin is an outsider. He’d once had three good friends- now two are dead and the third has been locked up for murder and betrayal.
They had met once before, when she was a child, but as Tonks grows up they find themselves thrown together- far too closely for Remus’ comfort. He’s always yearned for a normal life but knows that is impossible. Can Tonks convince him that he deserves happiness?

Nominated for a 2009 QSQ award in the Best canon Romance category. Thank you.
Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/20/09 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - The Raid

I am officially addicted, seeing as I stayed up until 1:30 last night finishing this. :)

Now, for the nitpicky stuff. The writing is awkward in a few places, and there's a bunch of missed/switched around punctuation. Otherwise, the story is fabulous and the characterizations are heavenly (finally! someone who can write the Mauraders!). If you want a second beta to help with punctuation, etc, I'd be more then willing to help.

You go, girl! Update before I take drastic action. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. If you like Marauders (and the way I write them) then you might like The Lions of Gryffindor. (shameless plug.) Thank you for the nit picks, I may get in touch. I will update as soon as I can because I adore writing this story, unfortunately I'm also in the middle of about four other fics - all demanding my attention! I appreciate your comments - Carole xxx

Our Little Secret by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story

It was like a wizard tale. The clever Slytherin helps a hag who later repays the debt. Except that Rose Weasley wasn't a hag, and Scorpius didn't expect to call in the favour.

*Winner of the 2010 Next Generation QSQ award*

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/14/09 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius

LOVELY! Yes! A mongoose -- that's so awesome. :) I once had a long conversation with someone about whether the plural of mongoose was mongeese or mongooses . . .but that's a story for another time.

My favorite quotes (and there are a lot):

Scorpius wasn't wearing a shirt and Rose's heart was beating like crazy.


He was so confusing. And fascinating. "What do you want?"

Scorpius kissed her.

So perfect! I'll admit I squeed. *looks around sheepishly*

Rose lowered her hands and got an unobstructed view of Scorpius' chest. "Wow—I mean, sorry . . .

*laughs head off*

Dad!" Rose turned on her heel to beg him to shout at her in private and almost died of embarrassment on the spot. He was wearing plaid boxers! "You're yelling at us? At least we have clothes on!"

"Boxers are clothes." Her dad crossed his arms.

*begins to gasp for air* So bloody brilliant. And so Ron.

"My life wasn't paradise anyway."

The rest of these I pointed out because they were funny. This one is just so perfectly glorious . . .wow. Just wow.

Poor Roxanne. :( I'm kinda glad George and Angelina are splitting up, though. From a writer's POV, it adds more drama. :) From a reader's POV, at least a Fred/Angelina shipper's POV, it is sweet revenge. *cackles evily* Just kidding. I'm sad for George, too. :(

As always, UPDATE! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for including your favorite quotes! It's so nice to see what you liked!

Did you say mongooses? That's the correct form, funny as it looks.

My George/Alicia post epilogue story won a Quicksilver Quill, (this is only the second review I've mentioned that in, heh, it's harder to slip into RL conversation) so I'm sad yet happy for George to be free to find someone who loves him for the right reasons, with all her heart. And you can probably guess who that'll be, ;).

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/21/09 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius

*does happy dance, which strangely resembles a one-person tango* Yay! New chapter! Whats more, a FREAKIN AMAZING chapter! Scorpius = love.:)

So -- does Scorpius have OCD?

I didn't remember to copy and paste my favorite bits. :( If I remember later, I'll review again. (Remind me why MuggleNet doesn't let you edit your reviews?)

BTW, Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Place was so good. Please write more Draco/Astoria!

Update soon! (Though that's hardly necessary, O Princess of Fast Updates. ;))

Author's Response:

So it doesn't take two to tango! Good to know. :D

Scorpius doesn't have OCD, he's just a collector who takes comics very seriously. If he was compulsive he would have put the comics into proper order, heh.

I wish I could update faster, but I'm happy with "consistently" :).

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/15/09 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius

Though I doubt your ego needs to be inflated even more, I've got to say this story is amazing.

I'm just kidding, of course. :)

It really is, though. Updating will be necessary for my mental heath. :)

Author's Response: It's not ego stroking, it's encouraging me to keep writing because you like it! Loony bins prolly don't allow internet access, so I will absolutely keep submitting regularly. (I found out ch 6 has posted, so huzzah for mental health! :D)

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/16/09 Title: Chapter 6: Anticipation

If you write any more chapters like that, I'm going to have to use Albus's paper bag. I was barely fighting off hyperventilation. :)

You, girl, are amazing. Keep writing, or I may use violence.

Oh, and . . .

BRITNEY SPARKLES! *dies from laughter*

That is all.

Author's Response:

Yay for barely fighting off hyperventilation! Keep a paper bag handy, heh, and remember: too much carbon dioxide can cause problems, so only breathe in a few times. :P

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/06/09 Title: Chapter 9: Promises

YES! I *heart* fast updates, which you seem to be the queen of! *huggles*

Amazing chappie, as usual. I really want to know what Scorpius' Patronus is . . .*twiddles thumbs impatiently*

“Elitists eat pizza?”

Hehe! I'm going to have to use that. :)

“You’re telling us Draco Malfoy makes pizza?”

“He supervises.”

ROFL! That is so funny.

One thing, and it's minor to the extreme -- Ron? Wine? I admit I did a double-take; he doesn't seem to be the wine-drinking type. *scratches chin*

Anyway -- great chapter! I love you! Update soon!

Author's Response:

Ron's a grown man married to a woman of sophisticated taste. Yes, he drinks wine...and also beer, when he's at a Quidditch match or in a pub with his mates. :D

I couldn't see Draco making pizza, but supervising, very him, heh.

There are a couple of other authors who seem to update faster, so I can only claim Princess status, LOL.

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/01/09 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius

Please pardon my fangirlyness for a moment, while I say:


*cough* Anyway -- it was. Really. And now I'm excited for the next chapter . . .more then usual . . .please update soon, lest I lose what little sanity I've managed to old on to. ;-)

Author's Response: Fangirlyness is a good thing! The next chapter is a lot of fun, but I have to warn you, for sanity's sake, lol, that if you thought THIS chapter had a cliffie....

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/23/09 Title: Chapter 7: Tumult

"Yes, they put photographs on cards and quizzed me along with the times tables."

Rose's eyes held the humour her brother lacked. She asked, "Why not earlier, with your colours and shapes?"

"They didn't want to scar my developing psyche."

I. Laughed. So. Hard.

This story is brilliant. Everyone is so perfect, characterization-wise, and I feel like I've known them forever. *squee*

This story is guaranteed a QSQ nomination. :)

Oh, and one last thing -- UPDATE!

That's all.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for laughing! I giggled madly imagining Weasley flash cards and little Scorpius saying, "Wose".

If you nominate me for one next year I'll have to buy red-checquered Converse to go dancing in! :D

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 05/09/09 Title: Chapter 13: Surprise

*huggles* LOVE the chappie!

"A stand for a kettle or pot over an open fire. Charles Dickens used it in the Pickwick Papers. ‘Right as a trivet, sir, replied Bob Sawyer'."

*is totally in love with Scorpius*

Author's Response:

I'd think if you have an eidetic memory you'd have to train yourself NOT to quote all the time. :D

Thank you! 

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/30/09 Title: Chapter 12: Worries

Teddy? Rose? Creepy. He's, like, eight years older then she is!

*cough* Anyway, great chapter, as always. One complait -- it seemed a little foggy, if you know what I mean. Like I was seeing everything through a haze. Am I making any sense?

"Alice in Wonderland," Scorpius said. "If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does."

*squees in happiness* That is so awesome.

Rose let go of Scorpius' fingers. "There's barbecue chicken too," she said. "Do you like—" Her face heated again. She couldn't say breasts, legs, or thighs! "—chicken?" she ended lamely.

*gasps for air* So. Freakin'. Funny.

Author's Response:

Teddy's father was 12 years or so older than his mother. Are Tonks and Remus creepy? No way!

Hmm...I don't know why it seemed foggy unless it was the italics used for the flashback...or there was some smoke from a hookah-loving caterpillar. :D

Thank you for liking those bits!

Dead End by A H

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Set in one of the final scenes of Deathly Hallows, Dead End is a poem from Harry's point of view, inspired greatly by the lyrics of In Flame's song, Dead End.
Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/26/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

GORGEOUS, sweetie! I loved it.

Also, this story has a very nice banner for it over on the forums . . .I wonder who made it . . .

Anyway, very good! And I'm going to go right now to check out your author's page. :-)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you darlin', I'm glad you liked it. Teh banner shall go up as soon as I can get to photobucket (I hadn't known this had been validated!). /Ari /who is now officially a MNFF author :D\

A Cataclysmic Reaction by MerrryD

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

Eyes meet.



Time stops.

Two hearts beat.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe in forever?

Do you believe that life isn’t worth living without him?

Do you believe that you can't go on without her?


Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/24/09 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Divided

This is really good. I was cursing you because you took a plot bunny I really wanted, but the result is better then I ever could've managed.

Rock on, and update soon!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry I took the bunny you wanted. :o Thanks for taking a chance on it, though, and I'm really glad that you like it. I hope that I can continue to do it the justice it deserves. :) -jams- I'll try my best to get the next chapter up soon. xox Mere

Not Long Enough by Phia Phoenix

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Lily Evans - soon to be Potter - hasn't spoken to Severus Snape for years, and is both surprised and wary to receive from him an urgent note requesting that they meet to talk. Unsure of what to expect, she complies - and is utterly shocked when she finds out the reason that he wanted to speak to her.

A very short "missing moment" ficlet.

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/01/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

Both Lily and Snape were fabulously in-character, and the whole thing just worked, if you know what I mean.

Harry Potter: The Following Year by ginnygirl16

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his seventh year. With Quidditch, NEWT's, and a pompous new Transfiguration teacher this year is certainly not going to be dull! Mix in some Marauders, a couple jokes, and a bunch of good friends and this will be Harry's best year yet! Nominated for QSQ'a Best General Fic. Thank you!

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/07/09 Title: Chapter 1: Rebuilding

*huggles* Good job, sweetie! I should have that next chapter (and that banner) to you soon!

Author's Response: Yay! A review from my beta! *does happy dance!

Twilit Woods by inspirations

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story
'The sun has set now - time goes so quickly for us. I wish we had longer.’

Two people have snatched moments together most evenings, under the shadow of the setting sun. Their meetings are forbidden. Hogwarts is safe, but the school grounds? They're not.

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 03/30/09 Title: Chapter 1: Time Goes So Quickly...

*tackle hugs* Amazing! I love this so much. And the end is still creepy to the extreme -- I adore it.

Okay, now I'm going to check out your author's page for that link. Again -- this is amazing. Keep writing, and tell me if you need any more help! :-)

Author's Response: -tackle hugs back- Lol. Thank-you so much - and thanks for lending you beta'ing hand XD I hope you find the link okay - it doesn't stand out much. xx

Crouching Father, Hidden Terror by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

It's official. Malfoy has murdered sleep.

*A Ron pov outtake to Our Little Secret.*

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/09/09 Title: Chapter 1: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Amazing, of course! I like the missing moment. :) Now, please, please, please update OLS! I'm dying for the next chapter!

Oh, and nice Shakespeare references. ;) I see I've met another Bard fanatic.

I've just been reading Two Matchmakers, by the way -- I like it. :)

Author's Response:

I've got another one shot waiting in Draco's pov Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place, heh, so fan, yes, maybe I am...and maybe I am. :D OLS should update any day. (crosses fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and everything else!)

Thank you for reading Matchmakers! This Draco isn't that Draco, but I still heart him. :)

Every Breath You Take by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Breathing. It’s easy, isn’t it?
In. Out. In. Out.

But what if it’s not easy? What if your body struggles for breath? What happens if you cannot get enough oxygen into your lungs? What happens if your lungs contract so tightly that you’re forced to use all your strength simply to breathe?

And how on earth do a wizarding family cope with a Muggle condition that could kill?

This is Lily Luna Potter's story of living with asthma.

I am Equinox Chick of Hufflepuff and this is my entry for the Written World Challenge, Spring Term 2009. It has been written to garner support for Asthma UK.

I do not own any of these characters - they all belong to JK Rowling.

FACT: Asthma can kill.
Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/12/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - It's a Girl!

Very good. Original idea, quality writing, and the characterizations are good -- my one complaint is Ginny. I think she'd be more 'I. Am. Not. Leaving. My. Baby.' rather then 'No! You can't take my baby away from me! Stop!' Just my two cents.

Otherwise -- great! And I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ah.... you need to see Ginny in the next chapter. She had to take a bit of a back seat because she was turning into me and that was getting in the way of the story. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Thank you for the review. Carole xxx

Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years •


It would be easier to kill his father than reason with him.


*A Draco pov outtake to Our Little Secret.*

Reviewer: RedChequeredConverse Signed
Date: 04/17/09 Title: Chapter 1: If it were done when 'tis done...

So good. I love the Draco/Astoria dynamic, and that Draco actually married for love. :) And the KoW reference, and the Sectumsempra reference, and the Shakespeare reference in general . . .all in all, quite amazing. Now update OLS!

Author's Response:

Draco could never have married someone who didn't love him. With Lucius making him feel he rarely measures up, he needs the, er, passionate support of his wife. :)

I will, I will, mods willing. :D