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Thanking EVERYBODY EVER for the runner-up QSQ given to The Cause. Honestly. It was amazing. Both Marty and I thank you! (I'm sure Remus would as well, but I can't claim ownership of him). I would put the banner up but for some reason it's not working (stupid HTML).


Order of the Janey fics (it doesn’t matter what order you read my other stuff in)

“It Unscrews The Other Way”
Trouble With Exams – A Janey Weasley One-Shot.
Everybody Loves Janey Weasley
Being Janey Weasley
Janey Weasley Springs; My Mother
Living In The Weasley-Springs Family ... Merlin Help Me

HELLO to my bestest friend Chomione, you're truly the best, and hi to my brother CheeseKing, too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my fics! I would reccomend the later ones; I only keep the early stuff because I can't bear to delete it. However, I can't bear to read it, either, but maybe you'll have some more luck. =)
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Summary: A companion piece to the Potter's Pentagon trilogy... it's better if you've read the Potter's Pentagon trilogy, but you don't necessarily have to.

It's five years after Emma Weasley and her chums graduated from Hogwarts. Ted and Ivy are married, Haley is working at Madame Puddifoot's while trying desperately to break into show business, Jordan's doing whatever it is he does, and Emma is an Auror trainee working as a guard at the Chudley Cannons' stadium. The Cannons have actually been doing much better lately, due to their new star Beater, Tyrone Thomas. Unfortunately, Tyrone is Emma's ex-boyfriend. OH, THE AWKWARDNESS.

Follow Emma through her awkward adventures told in her usual insane way, as she experiences angst, hilarity, obnoxiously strange people, misadventures involving a deceptively dashing cad, Haley's wedding, the birth of Ted and Ivy's baby, and her own eventual descent into LURRRVE.

Written for the marvellous Vindictus Viridian's Pride and Prejudice NEWTs class on the Fanfiction Beta Boards, based on Jane Austen's fantastic novel, "Pride and Prejudice.".

Nominated in the 2008 Quicksilver Quills Awards for Best Non-Canon Romance Story! And its lovely (haha) heroine, Emma Weasley, received two nominations for Best Female Original Character, while Haley Potter and Ivy Potter each received one! Thanks so much, guys!

Categories: Other Pairing Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 122124 Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes
03/30/08 Updated: 06/04/11

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 06/04/11 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee

I do like the idea of Emma coming round to it, and any kids of her's and Tyrone's would be TOTALLY AWESOME, to use a quote from everybody's favourite musical.

I totally know what you mean about the other stuff, I'm exactly the same. Good luck with your original fiction, I'm sure it will be amazing. MNFF gave us a brilliant groundwork, I loved it, but time always comes to move on, as I'm sure you know. So good luck with everything, not just writing but uni and all the other jazz too! :D x PS. It's fun, isn't it? ;D

Author's Response: Yeppers! I recently wrote a very strange, silly play called "Pirates in Pantyhose" (I normally describe it as 'cross-dressing pirates!' but it's more like 'male ingenue disguised as female pirate on an all-female pirate ship!' Anyway, I'm performing it later this month with some friends. I play the fearsome Captain Bonnie. :D

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/16/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Abandoning Pregnant Wives-- A Fun Lupin Family Tradition

Oh my cod, Emma's total destruction of P&P is just hilarious! It makes me laugh so much! I might have to revisit these parts in a few months when I'm studying it for school. I imagine it will be some light relief, because I've noticed that no matter how good a book is when you read it, as soon as you study it in class it's just wrecked.

But I also love that as Emma's being like "What a stupid book" the same thigns are happening in HER life. And you do it really well, by the way. I think "Hmm, in P&P this happens like this, so in this version it will probably happen this way" but then you just do something I wasn't expecting at all, but which makes even MORE sense. Uh. If that makes any sense at all ...

Moving on. That dancing game sounds SO MUCH FUN! It would be horribly awkward, but also really fun at the same time. Especially watching other people do it.

Oh, and prunes? Hilarious. =D

Author's Response: "Oh my cod." Hehehe. Oh, you have to read P&P for school? I usually don't mind dissecting a book I already liked, but I hated reading "Jane Eyre" in school, and when I gave it a second try a year later, I really liked it because I didn't have to analyze it. I HATE analyzing stories. Blehhh. Thanks so much for the compliments on how I adapted the storyline to real life! I put a lot of the plot elements in a different order to condense the storyline more, but I tried to keep fairly close to the original... though my story's more about dating than marriage, and I don't have any balls in the story. I had fun coming up with the dancing game. My favourite part was B.C. dancing with the little kid.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/16/08 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: He Followed Me Home, But I Don't Want To Keep Him

I love the fact that as well as hating Tyrone, she can't stand Mr Darcy. And at the same time, she's totally taken in by Wickham/Wolfgang. Very nicely done.

Also, RETURN OF THE TOADS FOR TYRONE! I love those darn toads already. I knew I wasn't the only one who thought toads needed a comeback. And poor Ivy with the whole Ted business! They're so adorably one person. Even if Ted is being kind of stupid. But he must be feeling JUST as bad as her, right? I mean, I can't really imagine him just dancing around all lalala because he'd left his wife and kid (ish - ha! I know someone who says that all the time too). I can't wait to hear more about Holly and Jonathon. They sound so cute. Only ... why ARE their names so similar? =D

I hope you get back soon and start updating again. *Does the get back soon dance*. Wow ... that was spectacularly random.

Where's Jordan? ^_^ I really, really hope he's not on a hobo bench or something.

Author's Response: Yeps, you totally caught onto the subtleties of Emma's "Pride and Prejudice" reading there. Though honestly, when I first started reading "Pride and Prejudice," I also hated Mr. Darcy! I love toads... I enthusiastically kept several frogs, so I always thought it was a little sad that toads are considered uncool.

We'll see a lot more of the whole Ivy and Ted thing in the next chapter, and you might feel better about Ted. We do get a glimpse into how Ted's feeling later. There's a LOT of mushiness in the next chapter, which may or may not be a good thing.

Yeah, I know someone who says 'ish' all the time, too! Terrence the Ishfriend is inspired by a real person I know. He doesn't actually like purple, though. Holly and Jonathan's names are so similar because I named them that when I was twelve, and I never bothered to change it because they weren't major characters until this story. Ophidias' name was originally Draco Malfoy Jr. or something, and Vladislav's name was originally Dmitrovich. A bunch of minor characters' names got changed as well.

We don't see much of Jordan in this story because it's really hard to write anything about him without giving spoilers for the third book. Granted, this is AU from the trilogy, and a lot of things ARE different, but I don't want to have to make up a million new things about Jordan that don't apply. We see him in about chapter ten or eleven, so you keep your eyes peeled.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 04/17/08 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Me, Me, and Also Meeee

Wait a second, WHEN DID THIS ARRIVE? And where did the three chapters come from?

Oh well. It's like getting three birthdays all at once.

I don't want to leave an insanely long review, because I want to move onto the next chapter, but I just had to quote one little thing so that I could mention how much it made me die (in a good way).

Jordan is actually a delightful person in a pedantic, obsessive-compulsive, vaguely terrifying sort of way, but don’t tell him I said that. He doesn’t respond well to compliments.

Aaah! Jordan! Eee!

Also billiard cue. Now, onto the next chapter! Whee!

Author's Response: These were posted quite awhile ago... LONG before The Truth was accepted. *ANGRY FACE* And it\'s so cool to see a Jordan fangirl, I will never stop saying this... we just need some Tyrone fans soon, and I\'ll have the full set!

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 04/17/08 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Neon Fires Of Niflheim

Love this one too! Lovelovelove! Expecially the part about how they pronounce words differently, because I am forever making fun of one of my lad mates (I have to sound so British when I call him a "lad mate" because I don't want any confusion that saying "boy friend" (even with a gap in the middle) would bring) for the way he pronounces certain words.

Anyway. Loving the chapter, and also Patrick, even if he is creepy. Because he used the term "hanky panky" which is also a term I love to use, only I'm never being serious.

Okay, moving onto the next one. I love this! It's so ... so ... arg! I just love it!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I usually just call my male aquaintances \"this guy I know.\" I hope you don\'t mind the INCREDIBLE American-ness of my stories... everyone is always super American because they all talk like me, and I am like the most obscenely American person on earth. YES! Haha! Someone else who sometimes says \'hanky panky!\' I personally loved it ever since I read a brilliant book called \"Blue Avenger.\" (GO READ IT!)

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 04/17/08 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Cute Is What We Aim To Avoid

I forgot that this was based on Pride and Prejudice until just now, which made me start figuring out the characters. *Jumping up and down* Does this mean **** will get back together with ****** and that ******** is actually evil?

I substituted the names in case someone who hasn't read P&P (or seen the movie) is reading this, but it's possible that they figured it out anyway. Never mind.

Even though I now sort of know what will happen, I don't care, because I hate suspense, and now I'm just looking forward to it all playing out. Hopefully in a continuously hilarious manner!

I just read the summary again. WHO DOES HALEY GET MARRIED TO? I can't wait to find out. Also ... when does Jordan get back? Jooooorrrrrrrrdaaaaaan!

I love the little musical lyrics at the start of each chapter, because I adore musicals. I'm going to suggest "Oom-pah-pah" from Oliver! because of how much I've had it dancing around my head for an entire week (and consequently everyone else's apparently ... for which I can only say "oops").

Looking forward to the next chapter, where there will hopefully be roughly 95% of the storyline relating to Jordan. But I'm guessing probably not, so never mind. I'm still looking forward to it! Yay!

Author's Response: Yes, it does mean that, Pussycat123! I am glad you figured it out! As for Haley... you will find out! (Sorry about the suspense...) Jordan plays a small but important role in this story, because basically including him much at all would be a vast spoiler for the third Potter\'s Pentagon. This makes me sad because I love him. :( As for Oom Pah Pah... well, I already have all the songs figured out (they ALL involve the events of the chapter in some way), but all day, my friend and I have been singing songs from Oliver, Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables, and Beauty and the Beast. Especially, \"If you don\'t mind havin\' to deal with Fagin, it\'s a fiiiine life\" and \"Boooooooys, you\'ve got to pick a pocket or two!\" And I adore Mr. Bumble. ^_^

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/23/09 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Long Letters and Short Tempers

That is so RANDOM, I think we lead parallel lives or something, because I went on AudioFictions on iTunes for the first time ever today, and realised that yesterday the first of my Janey Weasley fics had been put up! I couldn't believe it, I'd honestly had no idea they'd even considered it, and for it to have been put up the DAY BEFORE I went on it for the FIRST TIME EVER was frankly just a bit spooky. And awesome. I also saw Long Distance Extendable Ears was there and squee'd, although I've not listened to it yet (because then I got the email that this had been updated). I actually adore that fic!

Anyway. To get back to this. As always, I absolutely LOVE the P&P summary, because it's just so funny! There are so many ... I dunno, hilarious things you've picked up on. I also love that Emma is as unaware that Darcy is the good guy as she is about Tyrone ... I know that's the point, but I just love it. Also the description of Darcy staring unblinkingly at Elizabeth like a reptile, but happily not licking his own eyeballs. Inspired.

As for the story itself, a lot of love for poor Ted (and then hilarity at "he's JUST TED!" Emma is so cool in this fic - I think I prefer this Emma to the one of the original Pentagon stories, actually).

And, of course, Tyrone continues to be fabulous and ridiculously charming, even when he's arguing with Emma. I can't wait for it all to start exploding as Emma finds out the truth about Wolfgang, and then he runs off with, um, *WHOEVER HE RUNS OFF WITH* (just in case anyone reads this who somehow doesn't know the story of P&P). Also, I look forward to more Haley.

Does Jordan turn up at all in this story? I know it's all secret because he's developing telemency and stuff, but now that we know more about that from The Past, could he make at least a guest appearance? Pretty please? I just want to know what he looks like. I'm hoping for stubble. =D

As always, it was great. Now, I think I'm going to go and listen to Extendable Ears, because it's just so wonderful and I absolutely adore it. But isn't it crazy hearing your own fic read out by someone else? Amazing, yes, and I loved it, but CRAZY ...

Author's Response: Haha, it's so cool about the audiofictions. I think I'm going to have to download yours. And I'm glad that you liked my summary, because THAT is the reason why I hadn't updated this story in so many months. I had the chapter completed, but I kept putting off writing the summary because it's so hard for me! But yeah, I DO love the fact that Emma doesn't like Mr. Darcy. That is fun for me... because Darcy was never my favorite, either. I'm more of a Mr. Rochester kinda gal. But let me tell you now that I DETEST Heathcliff. ^_^

I really enjoy writing Emma in this story because this is the better kind of vehicle to showcase her personality-- it's easier to understand her when I'm writing a whole story in her voice rather than having her as a supporting character in a story written in third person. But I feel so bad for Ted in this story. He really is such a lovely guy, and this story doesn't exactly portray him well. And... I can't wait until you read more about Wolgfang.

We will definitely see Jordan. His part is small, but he has a pretty big role in Chapter 11 and a few subsequent chapters. And... yes he does have stubble, haha. I love the fact that you'd ask about that, ya kooky kid, ya! But yeah, I thought it would be SO weird hearing my story read out loud, but Jessie Lights did such a spectacular job that everything was exactly as I imagined it, with the exception of Eglantine's voice. Thanks so much for the review!


Summary: The final installment in the Potter’s Pentagon Trilogy. Read “The Five” and “The Truth” first, myess? Okay!

WARNING! Contains Muggle adventures in Diagon Alley, unusual eyebrows, cheesy clichés galore, psycho Ted, the not-so-lost years of Merlin, a school-wide singalong, the old potato joke, Tyrone’s Princess Bride obsession, Emma’s stubborn denial of the existence of Tyrone’s mustache, a graphic death, a joke shop product as a major plot device, hobo Jordan, Jordan hugging, Jordan pulling pranks, time travel, the Love Shack, angst, and worst of all, Professor Zabini.

It’s the sixth year for Potter’s Pentagon and company, and our heroes learn that in the wizarding world, coming of age has a somewhat weightier significance. Students are busy with an Inter-House Unity Project, Jordan is having weird dreams, Pansy and Ophidias Malfoy have been released from Azkaban, Professor Zabini has a mysterious project of his own, and almost everyone is acting strangely. Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Magic, a man with a vendetta against Ron Weasley is trying his hardest to get him in the biggest trouble possible. Is the only way to save him to travel into the past?

New talents are discovered, new friendships form and old ones change, pasts are dredged up, and, of course, there’s lots of good old-fashioned snogging. And one of the five kills for the first time… while another becomes a casualty of war.

Starring 2008 Quicksilver Quills Best Male Original Character runner-up Jordan Potter, Best Female Original Character nominees Ivy Potter, Haley Potter, Emma Weasley, and Giorgi Anderson, and Best Male Original Character nominee Ted Lupin! Nominated for 2008 Quicksilver Quills Best Post-Hogwarts Story.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 183223 Chapters: 28 Completed: Yes
07/09/08 Updated: 03/15/10

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 12/03/08 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9: In Which Jordan Loses His Marbles

A whole chapter about Jordan? Oh, it's like a dream come true! Except that now I find Ted and Tyrone just as adorable, especially since Jordan no longer has tantrums; those were just the cutest things ever!

Speaking of cute, ARTHUR! Eeee! So sweet! It's actually kind of weird, because in England we currently have a BBC series called "Merlin" about ... wait for it ... YOUNG MERLIN! He's about twenty and he's very sort of bumbling and sweet. He's come to Camelot to be young Prince Arthur's manservant. And in case you were wondering, Arthur is pretty good looking. So now when I see the name "Merlin" I don't just think of an old guy, I think of THAT version. I think my point is that it's pretty cool that your story has young Merlin at the same time as this BBC show I like so much ... I love them both!

Anyway, back to your story. I love it! It's just a shame you're so busy. Don't worry though, because I completely understand. I have a feeling I'm in the english equivalent of junior year (although I'm not sure) and it's tough. Having said that ... when do you think Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums will be updated? Because I really love that. Also ... is Emma really going to die? That's just so sad! And not really fitting with the rest of the series at all! On the other hand, this one is quite a bit darker I guess, what with all this Jordan stuff going on. Speaking of which ... Jordan! So cute! All his crazy new seer powers are really cool, but I can see how it would be hard for him to see his friends' deaths and stuff ... it makes me love him more!

I think I may be too into this whole Jordan thing. My English teacher told me off today for seeing characters as real people, rather than representations of real life, or whatever. Except I can't help it! To me it's like they ARE real!

Anyway, this review has rambled on quite a bit too long already. I've not structured it very well or thought it through at all, but never mind. I hope you update when you're ready, and yay for Jordan!

Plus, do you know when the QSQ are announced? Because I'm a bit confused.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, I've never heard of this MErlin thing. I need to check that out! Because I got sick of Old Scraggly Merlin... I had no idea such a thing existed, and I totally need to check it out.

IIIII want to update PnP very, very soon. I actually have quite a few chapters written-- the only thing holding me back is that they are too long for the site's word count, and I'm having trouble editing them to an acceptable length. And I have to add in the Pride and Prejudice summaries.

Dude, I love that you love Jordan. He has a very crazy moments in this story that I quite enjoy... and also tell your English teacher she's a dooodoohead! (Actually, don't, but I see nothing wrong in loving fictional characters, as long as you don't insist they're your husband or something dumb like that!)

QSQ results were supposed to be announced on Nov 30. So I'm a bit confused, toO!

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/28/09 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21: In Which Haley Takes The Plunge

*Gasp* No! You can't do that!

I can't even think of anything to say. Well, "Why the hell did she climb onto a roof?" is one thing. And "If you really have killed Haley then I'm never speaking to you again." But the latter is probably not true.

Even though I hate that you did that, I still loved the chapter, and when Haley was saying goodbye to Jordan, I nearly started crying, because I just KNEW you were going to do that. At first I was also kind of disappointed that the final battle wasn't at Hogwarts, because that's where I'd always imagined it, even before DH, but I think you made it work. I also had no idea your Neville was in a wheelchair, or your Luna was blind! Well, you probably mentioned it before, but I guess I just never really remembered it.

... I seriously can't believe you just did that! *Weeps*. I hope you're going to update soon, so that we can all see Haley jump up and declare that it was only a flesh wound *threatening glare*. =)

PS: This review may sound negative in parts, but I assure you it's not. It's a testament to your awesome writing that people feel so connected to your characters!

Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY! I FEEL SO BAD! BUT... I kinda had to do it. You can't really say you didn't see it coming! And seriously, Ted kind of sacrificed himself for her in the first book, and I wanted to show that Haley's grown to a point where she can sacrifice herself... kind of prove her bravery at last. She climbed onto the roof because she wanted to keep Rookwood from killing Jordan-- because like she said earlier, she feels Jordan's life is much more important than her own and she just wants to keep him safe at all costs.

Yeah, for some reason, I never thought the battle would be at Hogwarts, simply because there was a battle at Hogwarts in the sixth book. But I feel bad that you didn't know that about Neville and Luna-- I kept trying to emphasize it throughout the story because it's important in the next chapter, but I guess I didn't mention it enough times.

I still feel really bad, but I promise, there are some happy parts (and some scary parts) to come.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/21/09 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20: In Which Things Start To Heat Up

LOL about Star Trek! I've never seen it, so I wouldn't have known without that note, I'd have just sat there thinking how smart you must be to have come up with something so complicated, yet managed to fit it into JKR's world so seamlessly.

Anyway. I know you said you didn't like this chapter, but I honestly think it was one of your best ever! I don't know why, maybe because I was really in the mood to read something dramatic and angsty like the first scene or two with Ron and Emma. But then when Emma was cheered up by Tyrone (love him), so was I. Although I wouldn't mind some of those throwing frogs ...

I also, naturally, loved Jordan's bit. Yay for Jordan! And I'm very excited about what's to come - going back to the final battle, proving Ron's innocence, kicking Bellowes out into the street and HIM becoming the pathetic hobo instead ... well, that's I hope it will go down, anyway. =)

Looking forward to the next chapter already - Go Team Jordan!

Author's Response: Bahaha, no I didn't really GET the idea from Star Trek per se. I was kind of kidding. I made it up, but then I saw the movie Star Trek, and I was like 'hahahaaa, he reminds me of Jordan,' and then he did the Mind Meld thing, and I flipped out. And my mom told me that I probably subonsciously got the idea from Star Trek, because even though I'd only seen two episodes and never liked the show, my best friends and family are Trekkies.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 09/26/09 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 23: In Which All's Fair In Love And War

Okay, I'm going to slpit this review in half for the two parts to the chapter, what with them having such incredibly different tones and everything.



Best. Thing. Ever.


Poor Ted! I can't believe that happened when he's just so nice and adorable and Ted ...

The last paragraph (about the, um, "strawberry milkshake" was just horrible though, because I'm a big wimp and I just hate absolutely anything like that.

Can't wait for the next one! =)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the first part of the chpater! As for the second part... sorry about the strawberry milkshake imagery! It was the best way I could imagine it, since I remember going to Jamestown in fourth grade and seeing how the Indians tanned skins or something with deer brains, "Which looked like strawberry milkshakes." Eurgh. Erm, there is some pretty dang graphic violence later in this story... I hope it doesn't freak you out too much....

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 12/10/08 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10: In Which Ivy Has A Very Malfoy Christmas

Wahey, quick update! Also P&P, which we're finally starting in my English class ... I can't wait! Although I was reading the first chapter in the lesson yesterday when I should have been finishing an essay on Hamlet, and when I got to the name Mr Bingley I started telling my friend about how adorable he is, but kept accidently calling him "Bing-Bing" which she found hilarious.

Anyway I really liked the chapter! It was so fun and Christmas-y, it made me want to start wrapping presents and singing yuletidesongs - although my mind was warping at the thought of all those people staying in the same house!

Speaking of staying in houses, I was cheering for Ivy to stand up to Pansy all the way ... silly woman. Or at least, at first I was thinking of her as a silly woman, but then I got to the torture part and thought of her as ... grr! Not silly at all, just evil! But at least Ivy came out of it with the Potters etc for her friends and with the lovely Tedward for her more-than-friend (speaking of which, I want a Ted of my very own! I do, of course, also want a Jordan of my very own, but he wasn't around too much, and my affections are just so darn fickle).

Well, anyway, I'm already looking forward to the next chapter! Also to P&P-JP! Wahey! And the QSQ being announced, but who knows when THAT'S going to happen. Jordan got nominated for best male OC, right?

Jordan to win! (See what I mean about fickle?)

Author's Response: I know, fast! Hey, you're reading P&P in English class? That's really cool! We're reading "In Cold Blood," which is about two guys who killed a whole family and their backstories. It's interesting, but not exactly 'fun.' (And "Hamlet" as well? Man, I want to take your English class? I am a Shakespeare fiend!)

I'm glad you liked the chapter. As for so many people staying in the house, I thought that might be fun, to pack it full with as many people as possible. But it must have been torture for poor solitary Jordan! Speaking of Jordan, yes, he did get nominated for best male OC! I don't think he has much of a chance, though, nor do any of my other crazy creations-- there are just so many great OCs out there.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/16/08 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: In Which Tyrone Makes Dorkiness Cool

*Howling cackling laughter* Smith-Smythe! Possibly the most hilarious surname I've ever heard in my life. Sorry I haven't reviewed any of this so far, I have been both busy and forgetful.

Also, toads ARE cool. Tyrone running around yelling just that is perhaps the best thing ever ... I had a character who had a toad, too! Only hers was a girl toad called Lionel. Yeah, those were good times.

Oh, and before I move onto the next chapter, I'll just squee over Jordan for a moment for old times sake.

JORDAN!! Eeeeee!

Okay, that's enough. *Pats Jordan on head* =D Although I'm having a hard time imagining Haley to be quite that glamorous. For some reason, it's much easier to imagine Jordan as a hobo. I really, REALLY hope this is the sort of glimpse into the future that can be prevented with hindsight.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love the name Smith-Smythe... I've wanted to use it for a character since I was about six. I wrote a play awhile ago where the main villain was a man named Malvolio Smith-Smythe who was driven mad by not being able to find a place where he could buy tea and resorted to evil methods to obtain tea, none of which worked, and all of which were extremely far-fetched (most of them involving bad things happening to the actor Patrick Wilson).

You know what? I totally remember your girl toad named Lionel, because I'm a huge fan of your Janey Weasley stories! Silly! ^_^

Yeah, Haley's not really that glamorous, it's just she's slightly more glamorous than she is as a teenager. She pretty much looks the same, but she's wearing a dress and makeup instead of jeans and a pockety jacket. Hobo Jordan is lots and lots of fun.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 09/06/08 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: In Which Anatoly Matches Giorgi In Sheer Eccentricity

Hello! Shame on you and your blatant self-advertising ways (although I totally know where you're coming from. I only have one so far that I know of, but QSQ nominations are like bouncy castles made of candy floss or something they make you so happy).

On another note, poor Ted with his chronic eating disorder which has probably been brought on by hormones ... although I'm not sure I'm taking this storyline as seriously as I'm supposed to be. It was all the talk of blaming everything on hormones from earlier. I'm not sure I'll ever take anything seriously again. *Squeezes Jordan and his seer-like ways to death* JORDAN!

Haley and Antoly's partnership is fabulous. I adored the line that went something like "They didn't do much for their inter-house unity project, but they did a lot for inter-house unity". That was so cute! Just like Haley reading Jordan's emails and presuming "hp" was a reference to her initials. Oh, and Tyrone's "It's a family trait" comment. The incredibly dorky side to Tyrone's character is rapidly making him one of my favourite people in this entire series. It's completely adorable! *Hugs Tyrone*

Oh, and did I ever tell you that I randomly wrote another Janey story? Because I did. And I remember you saying a couple of weeks ago that you liked that series. It's about Janey's oldest daughter, Day, who kind of reminds me of Emma in a way (although I wrote her before I read this, I swear! =D). What would be really cool would be if she got nominated for some sort of award or something ...

Shame on me and my blatant self-advertising ways.

Author's Response: Awww! Yeah, I'm such a self-advertiser, but I felt that the QSQs weren't as well-publicized this year. Last year, there were so many nominations, this year you'll see awards with only like five nominations for them. Hahahaha, that's not the storyline of Ted's (which really appears later) this is something else, and you don't need to take it too seriously. I don't take anything seriously, either, so that's okay. I love Tyrone's dorkiness. That's what makes him cool. OH MY GOSH, I NEED TO READ YOUR STOREEEEEE! *Is thrilled, yo*

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 09/06/08 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: In Which Anatoly Matches Giorgi In Sheer Eccentricity

Wait a second, nominations are OVER? ALREADY? Well, that's rubbish. I hate to double-post this way, but I needed to apologise for being all *Hint Hint* when the nominations were already closed. I swear they were open for longer last year. Oh well, never mind. To make this less spammy, I will also mention something I forgot to say last time. *Ahem*.

I was right about Jordan meeting his match in Cecilia! I knew it! *Dances* That is so cool! I love seeing Jordan surprised by his own quick-judgement. It might be a little odd that I take such pleasure from him being knocked down a notch or two when I'm always like "JODAN!!" but I do. It's just so funny.

How did Ted's inter-house thing go? I can't even remember who he was paired with. I mean, obviously the fact that he collapsed is slightly more pressing (I blame the hormones) but I was just wondering if we find out how his is going in the next chapter or something. Unless we did and I just wasn't paying attention ... wait, wasn't his in the greenhouses? That sounds like fun. You could be sitting around talking about inter-housey-ness while the mimbulus mimbletonia (or whatever) was waving about having a good time. That would be much more interesting than sitting in a library.

Oh, and I also meant to mention the potato background. *Snickers*

Yay for Potter's Pentagon, I love Jordan, etc etc, update soon! =D

Author's Response: MRaaaaagh, I just looked at the QSQs... I was convinced that I'd nominated your Annie for the OC thing, but apparently that was last year. I think I'm getting premature Alzheimers.

What do you mean about Jordan and Cecilia being a 'match?' Because if you mean they're similar, yeps, they are, but nothing romantic goes on between those two-- Ceci's only a third-year. (IThough it's ENTIRELY feasible that Ceci is crushin' on Jor-jums.) And as much as I love Jordan, I absolutely love it when he feels awkward or confused, too. ^_^

We never directly see Ted's project, because it's boring. He already kinda knows Roran O' Reilly, they get to be friends, they make a comic book for their project, the end. I'm only really dwelling on Haley and Jordan's projects because the other ones have more interesting things going on. And because I'm lazy.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 08/16/08 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: In Which An Old Adversary Slouches Back Onto The Scene

Yay, have a great time! The Little Mermaid used to be my favourite Disney movie.

I LOVED Tabitha and Tyrone! The thought of Tyrone with "GO TABITHA!" on his chest was hilarious. It's so cute that they get on really well. I mean, I get on with my brothers, but we still avoid each other at school as much as possible. Oh, and "She's the only other person who doesn't like my mustache" made me laugh too. Something about teenage boys getting all mustache-y never fails to leave me giggling for about a week ... basically, I loved Tyrone in this chapter. Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

I'm really interested in the Ophidias storyline though! It's good that you don't seem to be on the "He's just as evil as he ever was because he's evil and evil is bad and did I mention that he's evil" track. And I really want to know about the characters people are paired up with for the project, too! I can imagine Haley instantly making friends with whoever she gets, and Emma hating hers, Jordan being all obsessive and insisting their project is better than everyone elses ... it's going to be so much fun!

I'm also looking forward to Ted's compulsive-eating stoyline. That should be interesting too ... =D

Come back soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love "The Little Mermaid"-- weirdly, it was never one of my very favourite Disney movies, but I absolutely loved the stage musical! It was the most fun show I've ever seen. Tyrone's a lot older than Tabitha so he feels a bit... parental toward her. Which is good, because as you see in "Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums," he does end up being her legal guardian.

I went to an amusement park with a bunch of my guy friends today, and one of them has a very Tyronish teenage mustache, and he got really offended when I made fun of his. Even though he's had said mustache for as long as I've known him, and I've always made fun of it...

I've always been really interested in Ophidias' story, because he's a kid who grew up with no dad, not knowing much about his dad because he was always in prison, then his dad ropes him into joining him and Ophidias, who is a prefect and a top student, ends up in jail. So I wanted to see how that would affect him, after he's been in jail for a year and had a lot of time to think about it. Yeps.

I wouldn't say Ted has a 'compulsive eating storyline.' Boy was just hungry because his metabolism is ridiculously fast.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 04/12/09 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15: In Which Tyrone Is Unpleasantly Surprised

First of all CONGRATULATIONS ON THE QSQ! I was starting to think they'd forgotten about that. As you can imagine, I absolutely think Jordan (and you!) deserved the title.

But to focus on this chapter. Lovely, as ever. I was completely with Emma throughout her time spent Tyrone, practically yelling at her to kiss him (or, more accurately, practically yelling at my computer screen.

I also found it very funny when Haley said something along the lines of, "Maybe this will make him less boring." I adore those Potter twins. Although, to be your little British nitpicker again (sorry about that) I'm pretty sure that back in early medieval times, you couldn't be king of "Britain" because Britain didn't really exist as a kingdom on its own (England, Wales and Scotland were completely seperate countries, which they still are, they are just all ruled by the same monarchy now, which they didn't used to be). Then again, I just looked on wikipedia and that described him as the leader of Britain, so who knows? I also always thought Merlin married Gwendolyn, but that's up to you. Maybe you are right, and I'm just trying to be more clever than I am. =)

Anyway. Happy Easter for today, and Happy Birthday for the fourteenth!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much, you! I'm sure Jordan is pretending he wasn't very flattered by your review.

Oh, rats. You know why I said Britain, right? Because it's all Monty Python's fault. "I am Arthur... King of the Britons..." There's even a whole song about it in Spamalot. Ha, of course that infiltrated my mind.

I got the Vivienne/Nimue thing from a book of mythology that I've had for years, but I know there a million different variations on the story. (Like, Vivienne transforming herself into a tree instead of trapping Merlin in one). I searched Merlin Vivienne on Google and I got a pretty fair amount of results, but I don't know where it all started off!.

Happy Easter to you too, chica!

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 02/11/10 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 27: In Which Cheesiness Reaches New Heights

Yay, go Ted! I'm kind of proud of him in a weird, "What are you doing?" way. But seeing Remus cured was actually really sweet! Ah, stupid Deathly Hallows, why did you kill all the good characters?

And I was kind of proud of Ivy too. There was a lot of closure in this chapter, so I can't wait to see what will happen in the epilogue! Hopefully lots of Jordany goodness!

And I love you quite a lot for putting "That's in Canada," because it makes me laugh every time. AVPM is actually my favourite thing ever. Or at least ... one of them, anyway. :D

Author's Response: Hellloooooooo there! I KNOW, RIGHT, I KEEP FORGETTING REMUS DIED! I've been working on a new musical parody that's of Prisoner of Azkaban, so there's a lot of Remusy stuff in there, and it makes me so sad to remember that he died. And luckily for you, there is SOOO MUCH Jordany stuff in the epilogue. In fact, I'm almost starting to worry that there is a disproportionate amount of Jordan in there. I am SO glad you got the AVPM thing... I love it!

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 03/29/09 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter : In Which Jordan is Unnecessarily Dramatic

Good luck, I hope you got in!

However, I'd like to move on very quickly. HELLO, WACKY SEER JORDAN! We love you! He was so cool in this chapter! It was amazing! I loved how Jordan-y he was, at the same time as being all bizarre and seer-like. And the scene with Haley was hilarious, as he was raving about falcons and lions and she was just like, "Um..."

Basically. Yeah. Loved it. And Jordan madness aside, the rest of the chapter was great too. I adored Haley and Antony wearing the colours of each others houses. Could it be that the thing Haley achieves which Gryffindor never could is to UNITE THE HOUSES? Once and for all? Because that would be pretty awesome.

Anyway, thanks for a great chapter. Love to Jordan!

Author's Response: Haaaaay there! I did indeed get into the musical-- I'm the Queen of France and in the ensemble, and it's pretty fun. And I had so much funwriting about Jordan in this chapter. As for your Haley theory... that is a very, very good theory. That's all I'm gonna say.

Reviewer: Pussycat123 Signed
Date: 12/05/09 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Is This A Kissing Book?


I loved it. :D And I totally didn't expect you to undo all that Emma-being-paralysed stuff, although I'm glad that she still 'remembers' it, because it would have been kind of sad for her to be the same person she used to be, after she'd grown so much so quckly. If, um, that makes any sense at all.

I also loved Ted. A LOT. Even if he did kill somebody. It was so sweet to see him all vulnerable. And I loved Jordan, possibly even more than usual (monkey boxers! He hasn't changed quite so much after all! I love that he still has a funny, crazy side, even if he desperately tries to hide it).

Basically, yeah. I loved it all. And I'm looking forward to the next update. =D

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! Yeah, I thought about keeping the paralysis and stuff... but then I realized it wouldn't make sense for Jordan and company to go back in time and save her THEN rather than going back to when she was better. EVen he's not that callous. But I'm glad you liked Ted in this chapter, because he's normally such a happy-go-lucky guy that I worried people wouldn't like this dramatic shift. But then again, if he blithely accepted the fact that he'd killed someone, he wouldn't really be Ted, haha.

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