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21 going on 22. 4th year medical student who's starting to wonder if this is the right career option. Loves to read!

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Fool Me Once... by Crickette

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: You were the first thing they took from me, whispered Sirius. My only happy memory. I havent thought of you in fourteen years.

And Ive had to think about you everyday. For fourteen years, said Miriam, darkly. Her voice trembled. I win.

Miriam Daniels had lost everything shed ever loved the day Sirius Black was sentenced to a life in Azkaban. Now, years later, she needs to find the strength to accept a past drastically different from the one that she had just begun to acknowledge as truth. Will the most celebrated Healer in England be able to nurse back to health a broken heart and shattered dreams? Or will a secret kept locked away for fourteen years drive Miriam even further away from the man who once adored her?

A/N: A/R with aspects of MWPP-era-ness! I hope you like it!

NEW CHAPTER! I really hope you enjoy it.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 12/27/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Healer Returns

with this one chapter, u've had me COMPLETELY hooked. 100%. it is...beyond awesome.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 12/27/08 Title: Chapter 18: Firewhiskey Blues...

:) i like this one!!~~ but should she really be drinking while pregnant? hmm.. :P

The Upside of Being Down by Kimberley

Rated: Professors •
Summary: *COMPLETED!*What happens when you put a hopelessly "romantic" man-hussy and a girl with a soft spot for bedtime activities (not THOSE activities, silly!) together in a dark bedroom? Well, I don't happen to know either, so I suppose we'll find out together, won't we? Come with me, Tia C. Spencer, on a lovely ride through the countryside... er, lakeside... okay, so we won't actually be riding NEXT to anything, but it will be lovely, I promise you that. How can it not be, with me as your illustrious (and quite possibly mad) companion?

And no, contrary to beliefs very likely impressed upon you by this summary, I'm not a gormless prat.

Well... not entirely.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 12/25/08 Title: Chapter 25: Follow the Big Green Arrows, They Know What Theyre Talking About

bravo!!! can safely say that u captured my favorite kind of sirius black!!!~

Where Laughter Dies by Noldo

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: In the beginning of the Christmas holidays, Sirius Black runs away from home and will not return for twenty years. A warning for mild language.
Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 02/21/09 Title: Chapter 1: Where Laughter Dies

so good!!!!!!

ur amazing! i love this fic and your style of writing...the bits inside the parentheses are my favourite. and i really like the characterization of sirius and regulus...

Fading Into Grey by PuckerUpRemus

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Do you think its easy to run from your family?

When Sirius Black is ten years old, everything in his life is black and white. He is a wizard. He is the heir to his most noble house. He is eager to please and willing to be everything his parents have ever dreamt for him.

Then, at Hogwarts with the ability to explore the world differently he starts to question what he has been taught his whole life and finds that even though he is a brilliant wizard and studies and most things come easy to him there is still so much he needs to learn about life outside of Grimmauld Place.

Follow along with me as Sirius Blacks world starts Fading Into Grey.

Disclaimer: not mine etc.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 02/21/09 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - September 1972

=) i think this fic is super!~
when's the next update?

The Dark Lord's Blog by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: What does Lord Voldemort do in his spare time? Well, that's an excellent question. Who would have known that the Dark Lord has a blog? (He also has a loyal following of readers, most of whom are Death Eaters and who post their comments.) Voldemort dispenses advice on everything from murder methods to germ protection to Power Rangers to shoes, and gives an account of the life of an evil overlord. But is he posting too much personal information online? And will Harry read it and find out more about the Dark Lord than Voldemort ever intended? Read and see.

WARNING: Extremely OOC behaviour from almost all.

RUNNER-UP in the 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards for Best Humour fic! Also nominated like 21 times, because apparently my readers are as insane as I am!

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/06/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

so funny!
its just hilarious - i couldn't stop laughing! my roommate was looking at me weird..hahaha

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad to hear that people who are old enough to have roommates still think that a stupid story that I wrote in middle school is funny!

Without you, I'm nothing by Clare Mansfield

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "It didn't mean anything...how could it mean anything to me..." Remus returns from his trip to Hogwarts feeling desolate and confused. In his grief are all the things he is remembering about his sixth year at Hogwarts help him to understand? Has he realised too late the true nature of his friendship with the one he has lost? RL/SB slashy undertones. Post OotP. MWPP 6th Year. No HBP Spoilers.
Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/03/09 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 29

i never thought i'd read a slash fic but you've "converted" me!~ i'm glad i found this fic...sorry i haven't reviewed at all on the previous chapters! my hands were just itching to click the 'next' button!

luff this chapter even though i wish it could be longer. ;P i like your james - he's a nice mixture of trouble and serious. and the fact that you made Sirius moved out/kicked out in the middle of the semester as opposed to the usual 'it happened during summer' thing that now seems all too convenient. :) I can't wait for more~

Author's Response: Awww thank you :) Glad I converted you. I like to show not all slash stories are the same. Apologies for the shortness of the chapter. Originally I had this chapter and the next as one but it seemed too long somehow. But I am uploading the next one now so you'll just have to wait for it be approved for more :)

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/04/09 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 30

bravo!! great chapter....that seems to be an understatement though. Bah, i can't think of another word right now....

i LOVED it! it was just perfect! When I started reading, I could literally feel the tension in the room. :) great job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much :) It would seem you are my only faithful reviewer at present but I shall continue to upload for you to read :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much :) It would seem you are my only faithful reviewer at present but I shall continue to upload for you to read :)

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/05/09 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31

I am completely in love with this story! Which totally baffles me because, as I said, I've never been a fan of HP Slash fics - ever! This just goes to prove that a well-written fic can attract even the most unlikely reader. =) Great job on this chapter!

I love the way Sirius + Remus's r/ship are progressing! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yet again thank you. I'm glad I converted you. I like to think that I can prove that you can have slash which is IC and believable and has an interesting plot. I hope you continue to read an enjoy this :)

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/06/09 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Believe me, I'm hooked. I'll be reading till the end! =)

Things Aren't Always Black and White by padfootsgirl1981

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
2009 QSQs: Runner-up: Best Romance - Other Character Story

Add together one ladies' man, one Quidditch player, one werewolf, and one soon-to-be traitor. Then, mix in one imaginative idiot, one fiery redhead, one clever Ravenclaw, and one blonde artist. Stir counterclockwise until trouble occurs, and you are dealing with one of the best-loved group of friends in Hogwarts history. Follow the story of the four Marauders and four equally troublesome girls. See them deal with their first encounters of love, sorrow, heartache… and Death Eaters. How will these future Order members cope with the ordeals that life throws at them? Will love blossom in what was once thought a highly unlikely place? What do you do when the person you care about most in the world doesn’t seem to notice you at all? Will a well-kept secret shatter the foundations of a seven-year friendship? Follow the lives of these friends through their last year at school to the dramatic final battle with Lord Voldemort two decades later.

Warnings are for later chapters, and any sexual situations are very minor.

Chapter Twenty Two: "The Snakes Strike" is in the queue. Excerpt:

Perfume filled his nostrils as Emma walked passed and Rosier’s gaze lingered on her bare, pale legs as the group headed outdoors. “Don’t you just love summer?” he inquired of Regulus, a hungry sneer lighting his face.

“This is ridiculous,” Regulus announced in a furious whisper, “we’re never going to get them alone!”

“Have faith, Black,” commanded Rosier smoothly. “Girls are well renowned for their desire for girly chats. I’m sure they’ll slip off the shackles of their chaperones soon enough.”

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 05/02/09 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 20 - The Curious Incident of Two Wet Gryffindors in a Dormitory: Part Two

Grr...i thought they'd get together in this chap after your note that we should savour it. :p But this works too! Great chapter...i'm anxiously waiting the next one and i hope Sirius doesn't chicken out and at least try to get Kristy!!

Professor R.J. Lupin ... Previously Known As Moony by Pussycat123

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Professor RJ Lupin has had a rough life ... except for those precious years he spent as a teenager at school. And now, as he waits to start yet another new life working at the school where he spent so many good times, he looks back on those golden days, and it’s almost as if he’s reliving those times all over again ...

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/04/09 Title: Chapter 1: Professor R.J. Lupin ... Previously Known As Moony

that made me sad... :p i always did feel sorry for him too, being the only marauder around for such a long time..they were separated so soon after leaving hogwarts too..

Author's Response: I know, poor Remus ... *wipes away tear* Thanks for reviewing though!

Gossamer Night by SexY_LydZ

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

Some one was dying, and he had to save her.

Sirius Black is drowning in darkness. Strange nightmares have been plaguing him - nightmares that may or may not be about a missing friend. Now he must confront himself and discover if he is truly brave... brave enough to sacrifice everything... to fight for someone he loves... to die for someone he loves...
Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/04/09 Title: Chapter 6: Ache

loving it!

Author's Response: Great!

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/27/09 Title: Chapter 7: Weakness

hi! great chapter! So dear Regulus is faltering in his Death Eater duties huh...poor guy, trying to be tough but he's actually a big softie and too proud to admit it. xD

Is Tatiana english?

Author's Response: Hi, and thank you :D Yes, Tati is English, or at least half-English. Her father is a Romanian who relocated to England to be with his love - Tati's mum.

Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story

Teddy Lupin's first year at Hogwarts. Canon-compliant. Nominated for a 2008 QSQ for best Post-Hogwarts story.

The war is over, and all is well, they say, but the wounds remain unhealed. Bitterness divides the Houses of Hogwarts. Can the first children born since the war's end begin a new era, or will the enmities of their parents be their permanent legacy?

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/09/09 Title: Chapter 34: Where We Belong

fantastic story! the four firsties are lovable too... :) i enjoyed reading this so much!

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/09/09 Title: Chapter 9: The War Season

love this story! =) best next gen fic i've read so far!

When Worlds Collide by jenny b

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story

Rose was a Weasley. She never gave Scorpius Malfoy a second glance. They were sworn enemies, even though they’d barely even spoken to each other. But sometimes all it takes for love to blossom is a Potions lesson, a few snide remarks and a dropped book.

Two people. Two entirely different worlds that are suddenly intertwined.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/11/09 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Hogsmeade Can Be More Interesting Than Youd Expect

very sweet!~ but moving on a bit too fast...i wouldn't mind reading more about scorpius - rose courtship

Author's Response: Thank you! And they do still have some lovely little courtship in the upcoming chapters, don't worry. ;)

Potions and Prejudice by solemnlyswear_x

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that Muggle-borns wishing to maintain their good health should refrain at all times from talking to Andromeda Black. Ted and Andromeda don't get along, to put it lightly. But when situations push them together, can they get over their pride and prejudice and come to care for one another?

Ted/Andromeda for VV's Pride and Prejudice class.
Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/01/09 Title: Chapter 1: Unfortunate Partners

=) Pride and Prejudice was my favourite Austen novel and I loved your 're-make' of it too! Although I'd much rather if you hadn't kept Lydia and George thing. :p But maybe it was the class requirement,I wouldn't know.

Enjoyed it immensely anyhow!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It's my favorite JA novel, too. :)

Growing Pains by starscribe

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It is the Marauders’ fifth year at Hogwarts, and friendships are being tested. Sirius has run away from his family and is struggling with the consequences. Severus desperately tries to hold on to Lily’s affection as James attempts to gain it. Then Sirius plays a dangerous prank on Severus, and everyone must decide where their loyalties lie…and how much friendship really means to them.
Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 03/01/09 Title: Chapter 11: Redemption

i think i've re-read this a few times now. :)
my favourite marauder era fic. I was so disappointed to see that it ended here! T_T

The Lions of Gryffindor by Equinox Chick

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: It is June 1976 and The Marauders are at the top of their game. From the outside they look to have everything.But appearances, as the saying goes, can be deceptive.

James is discovering that not everything in life is his for the taking. Sirius knows he will have to defy his formidable family. Remus lives in constant fear of his life beyond Hogwarts. As for Peter... Well, Peter is struggling to live up to his friends.

The ties of friendship are strong, but war is raging and with a dark power rising those ties will inevitably fray.

Added to the mix is an adversary called Severus Snape, some lost House Points, a prank or two and a whole lot of Lily.

This is a Marauder tale.

This is a story of what made them special.

This is a story of why it started to go wrong for The Lions of Gryffindor.

OH MY GOOD GODRIC! Lions of Gryffindor won the 2009 QSQ for Best Marauders' Era Story. Amazed and incredibly grateful to those who nominated, judged and have beta'd this fic. THANK YOU.

m m

Trick or Treat!
3. She clicks on her mouse and swipes her wand;
Some stories go up, and some stories are gone.
Stories of her own? Why, she has plenty!
Fewer than one-hundred, but far more than twenty.

Reviewer: delirioustk Signed
Date: 01/04/09 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - An Intriguing Muggle Girl.

Wow!~ I really like this story! Your take on Regulus & Sirius's r/ship is refreshing, to say the least..this is a fab story! do update soon

Author's Response: Thank-you for the review. I'm so pleased you liked Sirius and Regulus. I think they must have had some sort of brotherly love for each other. Regulus will return for a later chapter or two. Next chapter concerns Lily.