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I am 16 years old and a grits--if you have no idea what i just said just ask me. I will probably be posting poetry and short stories on here. Ideas are always welcome and appreciated. Feel free to send me song lyrics that you think would help, I would be MOST obliged. Anyhoo, that's all for now!

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MOMENTS OF BLISS by moonymaniac

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Remus Lupin is a man with a tragic past, filled with pain, suffering and sorrow. But it is also a past filled with great adventure, true friendship and…love? Even though the odds were against him, Remus found happiness at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had the Marauders, he was a prefect and his transformations were less horrible, thanks to his Animagi friends. What more could a teenage werewolf want? And how long could his happiness last? Remus and the Marauders prove that in the saddest of lives and darkest of times, there can still be moments of bliss.

Remus centric but with a lot of the other Marauders. This story is a romance, but has almost as much general Marauder era background and side story as romance.
Pre-HBP and DH, so some things from DH will be disregarded, as the warning indicates, but some Spoilers will be incorporated.
Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 04/21/09 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Have you thought of making a facebook page for your story? It would be easier to post updates on the progress and banners and such. Anyhoo, just a thought. Keep up the awesomeness!


Author's Response: *face burns* I. Am. So. Sorry. For taking so long to reply. :*( I am struggling mightily with the next chapter and have been staying away, but that is no excuse. To answer your question, Yes, I have thought of making a site, maybe a livejournal for my story (though I didn't know you could do that sort of thing on facebook) *does not have a facebook*, so that I can include images and things like that, but first, I don't know how. :*/ Second, the friends I have who have facebook are on it a LOT. The last thing I need is another site to distract me from writing this story. LOL But it is something I'd like to do, someday. I really should make more of an effort to update you all through my author's page. If I'm not mistaken, most of the quirks with updating profiles have been fixed. Haven't they? I will try to do that, at least to let you know that I haven't fallen off the planet. ;) Thank you, S_P, for checking in on me. I hope you are still there after this horribly long spell. :)

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 03/12/10 Title: Chapter 57: Bad Enough Without Clawing Off Your Nose

Wow! I'm so glad that the fight is over between Sirius and Remus!!! I kind of hoped for a little bit more of Lindi's side of things though. I wonder what people would be saying on her end of it. Just a thought. Anyhoo thanks for the new chapter! I saw that there was an update a few nights ago but I'm on so many medications from being sick that I was too tired to read! Crazy! Well, thanks again! I absolutely love this fic! Keep it up!

~ S_P

Author's Response: :( I'm so sorry you have been sick, and hope by now you are all better. Sorry I didn't say that sooner. :*/ There will be more about Lindi's side, even if not nearly so clear as Remus'. Since the story is from his PoV, her side of things can only come through what he actually sees or hears, but he'll have his eyes and ears open, of course. ;) Thanks, S_P. I really appreciate your reviews.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 06/18/10 Title: Chapter 57: Bad Enough Without Clawing Off Your Nose

Dear amazing author,
I hope you haven't given up on this fic. It has been pretty much one of the best fan fics I have read. I am sure there are others who would agree with me. Please don't give up. You have come so far with Moments of Bliss. I have faith in you. We all do.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Author's Response: :*) I'm still here. I have to admit I've come closer to giving up on ole MoB this last couple of months than ever, but it just nags at me, and then this lovely wonderful note of encouragement...Well, you have inspired me. :D I've been writing the last couple of days and I'm very close to having another chapter (or possibly two, due to the length >.<) ready for beta. It's choppy, and awkward right now, as I always get when I'm distracted and away from the story, but I will try, with the help of MaraudersWolf (who has not abandoned me either) to smooth it out and have it up in the not too distant future/soon. Thank you so much, Southern_Pride. I will really try to live up to your faith in me. :*D

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 09/11/09 Title: Chapter 53: The Secret Revealed

Wow, I just read the most recent update, and I loved it. It wasn't what I expected, but it was still needed. I had been wondering when you were going to toss in the whole Severus finding out thing. Anyhoo, thanks for another interesting look into the lives of our beloved marauders!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, southern_pride. Yes, the timeline got a little off from canon, with the release of book 7, but it had to come in. That was a rather big part of their story. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 03/10/09 Title: Chapter 52: Guilty Conscience

Thanks for the update! I was wondering though, you always write about the guys eating bangers. What are those? Thanks again for the update! Keep on being awesome!

Author's Response: You're welcome, southern_pride. Thank you! Bangers are sausages in Brit speak. They are bigger and fatter than our breakfast sausage links according to effingpot.com (a really fun place, and my favorite for British slang). :) Awesome...lol I wish! But I will strive for it. ;)

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 02/03/11 Title: Chapter 59: Unexpected Curves

Thank you! It's so heartbreaking all over again but I can't stop reading! I think it is great that someone else knows the REAL truth about the breakup. Still don't think its best for Lin to be completely in the dark though. She is a woman who needs to have some control over what is "best" for her. Anyway, that's all. I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for the much anticipated update! Keep on being an amazing author!!!

Author's Response: :) You are so very welcome. Ha...I'll try! At this point, I just want to be a satisfactory author who is finished! ;) I'm working on it. I'm glad you can't stop reading. Someone has to read this never ending saga for me. lol Even if they get on a soap box and yell at me from time to time. LOL :*) I know...she does need some control, but...<.< *sips lips* Thank you, southern_pride.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 02/03/11 Title: Chapter 60: Careening Towards the Edge

Oh my word! This chapter was completely shocking! I loved it! Especially the Star Wars part! I am in the car with my family and I literally laughed and gasped out loud multiple times. They think there is something wrong with me! But I don't care. This chapter kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! The balance was great. I am so excited to read the next one! I know you will be fantastic!!! Lots of love!~S_P

P.s. I think Lindi needs someone to protect her now that Will is missing *wink wink
P.P.S. PLEASE don't let Will be gone! I may cry!!!!!

Author's Response: :D Yay for LOL! Ha...Were you reading a laptop in the car or just thinking about it? Was it the Jabba the hut cooler than Voldemort or just that they saw Star Wars? See, you'll have to review the next chapter just to answer my questions. *trickyforreviews* :*) Seriously, I'm really glad you found it amusing. I'm very conscious of the fact that there hasn't been a lot of fun in the story lately, and didn't know how well that little bit of levity would work, to be honest. So, yay! And thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm flattered. *beams* And worried...nopressure, right? :) *hugs* P.s. <.< I'll have to remember this. P.P.S. >.> I know you don't expect a reply to this one. :)

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 03/10/09 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Sorry for reviewin' twice. I'm not trying to be rude at all. But the last time I reviewed it was after a soccer match and I was very tired, so I forgot some things that I wanted to say. Anyhoo on to the point. Lindi is very smart. Yes? So it confuses me that she would would be oblivious to Remus's "furry little problem.".... Hmmm...unless she already knows.... Well, I guess that's all! Keep writing and being awesome!

~ S_P

P.S. The moon is full tonight and I just heard howling ^_^ !!! Oh yeah, sorry for any grammar/spelling errors. I am reading this story on my iTouch and it is kinda hard to type out reviews sometimes. Well, love you, love your story, keep it up!!! Bye y'all!

Author's Response: :*/ Ack...I missed another review. And one with a question that should be answered. :( I'm sorry this is so late. So, Lindi...yes she is very intelligent. However, Lindi is also one who can be fairly oblivious to what we might refer to as 'common sense' things, ie not thinking that dressing in Muggle clothes at The Three Broomsticks might be a problem in light of Death Eaters, etc... But the most important reason she does not know about Remus' problem is that I truly believe it was very well disguised. All indication from the books is that only the Marauders and Snape knew about him while Remus was at school. Even Lily was skeptical when Snape came right out and told her his suspicions. Werewolves had never been allowed at Hogwarts before Dumbledore, from what Remus said, so when you don't expect something to be possible, it would be easy to miss, if that makes sense. Plus, in light of the fact that Lindi doesn't live in the same house with them, I think it even less likely she would figure it out. The fact that Hermione figured it out as easily as she did seemed a little contradictory to me. I guess Hermione is just really really brilliant and observant. :P Lindi is very book smart, but also trusting and naive. She wouldn't have expected the possibility so, it was easy for her to be deceived. Or, we can go with Love is blind. ;) Personally, I think it was a little of both. :) Hope that suffices. Thank you for asking. Ooo...full moons...I always think of Remus when I see one, but I've never heard howling...O.O Cool... Thanks, S_P!

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 12/19/09 Title: Chapter 54: Shattered Trust

What was in the Daily Prophet?
Anyway I liked the chapter!
That was not what I expected.
Thanks for keeping us on the edges of our seats!!!


Author's Response: Well, now you know the answer. ;) Hope it makes sense now, and thank you so much for reviewing. I've been bad about responding but I really do appreciate them. and I do like throwing curves. Yay for the unexpected! Thanks, southern_pride.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 08/06/10 Title: Chapter 58: Paving the Road

Thank you so much for the update! I knew you could do it! Anyhoo this chapter was really amazing. Severus is such a git. I really enjoyed the bit about the occlumency. I wouldn't have thought of that. At the end I felt so bad for Remus and Lindi both. This is kind of like some twisted soap opera but instead of the guy breaking it off because he is married or something, he has to end it because he is a werewolf and he doesn't want prejudiced pigs to hurt the girl he loves because of what he is. (majour run on sentence) Well, thanks again for the chapter. I have faith that you can finish this thing!

Author's Response: Twisted soap opera...LOL At first, I felt like I was writing one of those comedy romance sitcoms where the guy and girl get close to getting together for a few seasons, but never do, then finally they do. Only in TV, when they finally got together, the sitcom always went to crap. I like to think that hasn't happened with MoB, though it clearly took a decided turn from comedy to drama, didn't it? >.> I think some of my earlier readers preferred the comedy. :*) I reminded them that it was Marauder era, but I understand the shift might have been unwanted. Heck...I wish it was a happier story too, sort of. *loves the bittersweet tale* *sigh* /rambling] Anyway, I'm so glad you liked the chapter. I will again concur that Severus is a git! *hides from MaraudersWolf and other Snape fans again* LOL A very smart and talented git, though. *kisses up to MaraudersWolf* :*) Thanks so much for reading, southern_pride. I'm glad to know you are there.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 03/26/12 Title: Chapter 61: News

Hullo from college land :)

I finally got to read this chapter. I am so sad about Will! Now on to the question answering... When I am in the car I read on my phone. I appreciated both parts of theStar Wars ireference, although the Jabba comment made my sides hurt from laughing! :) I can't wait to read the next chapter! Keep up the awesome work!
P.S. I love the way Dumbledore answers questions in that roundabout way :) great capturing of character there!

Author's Response: Gah, I thought I'd responded to my more recent reviews and managed to miss this since the site sticks reviews by chapter and not in order of reception when you try to respond. :*( Anyway, HELLO! I imagine you are home from college land by now? Summer break? I hope it is going well. I also hope you see this and haven't given up on the story. Maybe I'll have a chapter for you to read during the summer. >.< I've lost my beta after so long and am trying to procure another as I type. Anyway...I'm glad you got a kick out of some of the chapter and I'm sad about Will too. I've decided I hate killing characters. Thank you, s_p. I appreciate your reviews, even if it takes me months to let you know. ;*)

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 03/26/12 Title: Chapter 62: Into the Abyss

Hullo again,

Oh Remus. Son, when are you going to get over yourself, man up, and face Lindi? I liked this chapter even though it is 3am and I have classes in the morning! What I wouldn't give to have a go on Sirius's motorbike though :) Once again, great chapter! Thanks for your hard work!

Author's Response: Oh, my, how did I miss your reviews? :*( What on earth were you doing reading at 3 am? I hope your class went well. I think Remus is asking himself the same question, and wondering about the Sorting Hat. ;) Can't you just see Sirius on that bike? Dark hair blowing in the wind...*sigh* Yes, I'm convinced he'd be a bad boy and not wear a helmet. Of course, they don't wear them for broomsticks, so... Thanks, S_P.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 01/26/09 Title: Chapter 51: A Dangerous Combination

Omigosh. I soooooooo didn't see that one coming. Keep up the awesome work.


Author's Response: Oh, yay for being blindsided! LOL I love surprises. :D Thank you, S_P.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 01/18/10 Title: Chapter 55: Trying to Do What's Best

Wow! I loved the bit with the news paper. That was such a deep decision for Remus to make. I felt like I really connected to him in this chapter! Thanks for the update, and once again you are a fantastic author!

~ S_P

Author's Response: Thank you so much, S_P! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Remus is a very deep guy and just awesome! :D And I'm glad the newspaper bit worked. I struggled with it a little, so thanks. I really appreciate your reviews.

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 01/20/09 Title: Chapter 46: Almost Perfect

Wow. Prefectish. There's a new one. I love it! I actually started reading your fic in 2007 and I am now rereading it since I saw that you had a new chapter up. I love your portrayal of all the marauders but it makes me wonder why Peter would eventually turn on James and Lily if all of them were so close. I aways thought as Peter being of a tag-a-long and not being so central. Anyhoo, I love your fic. Keep on writing! Don't be a deserter like some of the other fan authors! Keep on keepin' on!


Author's Response: Thank you, S_P. I'm really glad you came back to the story--after so long. *dies of shame* I'm happy you enjoy my take on the characters. Part of my hope is to explore possible explanations for Peter turning, because I am convinced he was a true Marauder or James and Sirius would never have trusted him to be the secret keeper. I hope I can make it somewhat plausible. Donít worry about me deserting. I have no intention to. I just go MIA for a few weeks at a time. ;*) Thank you for letting me know you are reading and enjoying the story.

Journey On Water by SK witch

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After the downfall of Voldemort, Hermione decides to take a break and return to the Muggle world. Deciding to go on a Muggle cruise, Hermione realizes that it was the biggest mistake of her life. Now, she's stuck on a boat with her worst enemy. Fights and bickering continue to take place between them and maybe a little something else too...
Hermione makes new friends and meets up with an old friend, Jessie: an arrogant girl who treats Hermione like dirt and desperately tries to seek Draco's attention. (Slightly AU)

Thanks to some of my awesome readers, this story has been translated into Chinese and Vietnamese. For information on how you can see the translated version, please check my profile!

Status: Working on chapter 26. In the meantime, you can have a look at my new one-shot, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang!

Please note that the date of my last update is incorrect. Apparently there are some glitches in the system regarding to this. Chapter 25 was updated on the 7/09/09!

Nominated for a Quicksilver Quill award in the Non-Canon Romance category

Please leave a review before you leave! It means a lot! You can check out the banner of this story on my author's page!
Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 11/11/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Cruise

i completely love your fic! it's sick nasty awesome!!! update soon!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: HahHAhaha...love your word choice =D Thank you!

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 08/28/09 Title: Chapter 1: The Cruise

please please please PLEASE!!! Don't desert your fic! I was hooked on "the unseemly proposal" by sparx too and he ditched! Don't be like him! please!

Author's Response: I absolutely adored 'The Unseemly Proposal' and was pretty upset that she/he had given up on updating (Is it a he?!?) I know how it feels to read an unfinished fic and I will not abandon this one. It may take some time for me to post a new chapter due to certain circumstances, but I definately will finish this one *nods gravely* So no worries! =D Chapter 25 is in queue, so look out for updates!!

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 09/11/09 Title: Chapter 25: Ice-Capades

Thanks for the update! I was wondering if their story will continue on after the ship or if it will be wrapped up shortly there after. Anyhoo, keep being awesome!

Author's Response: I'm still considering what I should do about that...I'm sure people would want to know what happens to them eventually, but that's no real fun is it? =P I like my readers to think for themselves - to imagine what they think might happen to the couple, buuut let's see!! Thanks a ton for leaving a review once again! It's nice to know you're still sticking around :D

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 12/23/09 Title: Chapter 1: The Cruise

Hello wonderful author!
And happy Christmas Eve!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned your fic. I have hope! I check in every few weeks to see if anything has been updated, but I don't plan on giving up anytime soon! Right now I'm following two other authors and I have faith in all of you! You are an amazing author. Don't give up!

( translation: keep on tying the new)

Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Hellooo! I'm SO sorry for the late response T__T I should've replied to this MUCH earlier! First off, thank you soo much for sticking by this fiction after all this time. I know it's been forever since I last updated and I feel terrible for my lack of updates...I hope you continue to have faith in me, because I'll be updating soon! Thank you so much! :D

Reviewer: southern_pride Signed
Date: 08/06/10 Title: Chapter 25: Ice-Capades

Hello again. I am at the beach this week with the family and being out in the ocean reminded me of your story. So, I decided to check in on my mugglenetfanfiction reads and see of anything has been updated. I was so sad to see that this was still the same!

I STILL HAVE FAITH IN YOU! You are a very talented author! Please don't abandon your storyline. There are so many people that belie e in you! Just read all the reviews that they have left for you! Plus, there are many more who don't review. We believe in you! Please don't give up!
With hope, Southern_Pride