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Nothing Else by KASK

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 9 Reviews
Summary: Severus Snape has never been one to dream, or trust dreams. That is, until he has one involving Lily Evans. Something about this dream makes his wonder if it could happen, even if implausible. The only question is -- will it be too late to change the outcome?

I am Kask of Slytherin House. This is for the 'New Years Challenge: Dreams.'
Reviewer: la_vie_boheme Signed
Date: 05/19/08 Title: Chapter 1: Nothing Else

First off, I love your portrayal of Snape; it seems so spot on. I loved the way that you used the short, staccato, almost Hemingway-esque sentences in this story while you’re talking about Snape and how the paragraph are that way as well. It seems very much like how he would think; no excess, no frills, just his thought pure and simple. The simplicity works to your advantage not only in how it shows his psyche, but also in that it uses economy and when you do go into more detail, it becomes all the more vivid, pointing out the section that you want heightened. This section really caught my eye: The images floated in and out of his mind, haunting him. Lily’s sweet lips – lips that had once been his – on James Potter’s. Her soft hand on his cheek. Her green pools of life looking into his eyes with adoration.
You can really see how it is both a sweet touching moment for James and Lily, but also a haunting nightmare kind of ingrained in Snape’s mind. The “green pools of life” is really a lovely way to put it. The way that you use details, like that eyes are the gateways to the soul and JKR specifically made sure that Lily’s were green, to create an image of perfect, natural beauty and the emphasis on her eyes alone as though Snape knew the life that shone from within them.
The use of the cold and dark also worked well in this story in how it emphasizes Snape’s current emotional state. He is constantly an onlooker and never participates except for in his fantasies and his is left in the cold and dark.
I also like how unlike other Snape fics that I’ve read, you don’t make James into a villain. You in fact show everytime that Lily and James are together that she is happier and laughing, which stands in such contrast to both Snapes feelings at the time and the scene shown in DH where Snape is sitting outside the Gryffindor common room. This juxtaposition makes it all the more heartbreaking because it seems like despite the fact that Snapes loves her, she really should be with James.
My one quibble is with the last two lines: Maybe he would take Lucius’ offer to join the Dark Lord after Hogwarts. After all, he had nothing else.
It just makes the entire decision seem very nonchalant and maybe he was that indifferent when he made that decision. I know that he is completely dejected at that point, but I don’t know it makes it seem as though he’s just deciding whether he should put cream or milk in his coffee.
I do love the story though.

Serendipity by MC Kair

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 15 Reviews
Summary: Hermione Granger had not graduated Hogwarts, and she was only 19 years old. So, she was insanely excited to be offered a job as an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. Little did she know that her first day on the job would not go as planned, when she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again. The one person that would bring back all the memories of her horrific past.
Reviewer: la_vie_boheme Signed
Date: 07/07/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Just catching up on reviewing that I should have done before.
I really like how you portrayed Ron and Hermione together, with hermione's usual insecurity, despite her obvious brilliance. Her little blush also shows some tentativeness, which I think will work all the better when you start to work other aspects of the plot in.
Couple little things I noticed, the time should be written out instead of being a number. Also, it looks like there's an extra space here, "Hermione passed through the Security Desk, after presenting her wand for checking to the wizard behind it , and walked into the first elevator. " Right between it and the comma.
Looking forward to more from this fic,

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments. :) I fixed the space.