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Updated - July 17, 2008


City of Angels -
Chapter 2 (In Which We Meet Zelder Zallow)
Chapter 3 (In Which a Letter is Recieved)
[WIP] Chapter 4 (In Which the Past is Re-visited)

The WPP -
Chapter 3 ("Two Years On")
Chapter 4 ("A Golden Opportunity")
Chapter 5 ("A Long Awaited Return")
[WIP] Chapter 6 ("Beginnings")

As Shadows Fall -
Chapter 1 (1)
[WIP] Chapter 2 (2)

Sapphire Wings -
[WIP] Chapter 4 (Harry Potter)

Seven Thousand Sunsets (Gauntlet) NEW
Chapter 1 [Accepted]
Chapter 2 [Accepted]
Chapter 3 [Accepted]
Chapter 4 [Accepted]
Chapter 5 [Accepted]
Chapter 6 [Accepted]
Chapter 7 [Accepted]
Chapter 8 [Accepted]
Chapter 9 [Accepted]
Chapter 10 [Accepted]
Epilogue [Accepted]

New Project!
I'm always starting new stories, despite the fact that I still have four, unfinished, full-length stories on this database. The plot-bunnies just never stop jumping!

Expected Title: EverAfter.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger and others.
Category: Romance/Dramione [My first! Hope it works out.]
Inspired by: The Family Man [Movie].

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Meet the - Children? by Winged Artemis

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Lily Evans is a cheeky, brainy, hopeless romantic seventeen-year-old Head Girl with a sour temper. James Potter is an arrogant, hilarious, prank-pulling seventeen-year-old Head Boy with an immature head on his shoulders. Lily loathes James and James loves Lily. Blahblahblah.

However, when a mysterious locket and a very wacked Headmaster inform the two of them that their son is in grave danger, James, Lily, and of course, Sirius, are magically transported to the future to meet James and Lily's son and the state that the magical world is in.

A twist of mystery, fun, romance and some Sirius humor! And with a wee bit of J/L, H/G, and R/Hr!

WARNING: Tree climbing Dumbledores, valuable pieces of jewelry, and an ecess of sugar are contained inside - oh, and HBP is disregarded.

See profile for update information.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 06/19/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five - Assigning and Rewinding

Another great chapter. :) James paired with Harry... can't wait to see what happens, though I sort of wish Sirius was paired with Harry - we will get to see what happens with Ron and Sirius right??

Author's Response: Yeah - we\'ll get to see what happens to everyone\'s pairing in the next couple chapters. Thanks for your reviews, and your suggestion!

Author's Response: Also, Harry is paired with James so they have a little Father/Son time. And we come to realize that Ron and Sirius might be a little alike...

The Epic Tale of the Hogwarts Food-fight by Gin_Drinka

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "Some mistakes are too much fun to make just once."

After Lily Evans, Head Girl of Hogwarts, starts a food-fight with James Potter, Head Boy of Hogwarts, they are both given detention for the rest of the year, and are assigned a 'detention journal', which the staff say will help to settle their 'overwhelming and disturbing differences'. We have come across Lily's journal; her take on why the whole affair ever started, her intriguing relationship with one ‘supreme git of the galaxy’, the extents to which she will go for revenge and where it will lead her...

"And if for some unknown reason you come across this, Potter, and the paragraph above does not manage to penetrate your unusually thick head and convince you of my stupendous dislike of you, I hope the following sentence helps: I HATE YOU!"
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 05/15/07 Title: Chapter 7: Sixteenth detention...and the day I was hospitalized in hell

Yes, another chapter! Very nice throughout but I especially enjoyed the bit where Lily got up and touched James's face - the girl is in denial! :D Update soon!

Author's Response: I know! She\'s hysterically blind. Thanks for the nice review.

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 12/14/07 Title: Chapter 11: Twenty-fifth detention... and the immortalized game of Truth or Dare

You are maddeningly hilarious. I've been giggling to myself throughout this entire chapter but that skinny-dipping bit.. I swear, I lost it! Great, great job, as always!! I should probably add now that all of your OC's are really amazing. Normal, well-characterized, funny, believable. You are most definitely a talented writer. :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! What a lovely review! I\'ve never thought of myself as funny...and then I wrote this. Hehe. Thanks!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/26/07 Title: Chapter 6: Fifteenth Detention...and my first failed attempt at revenge

This is a wicked story. The food fight chapter was so funny - I was laughing through it and I'll tell you, it takes a lot to make me laugh like that. This is going in my Fav's. Update soon!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad! It\'s not really much of an accomplishment to make the giggly people laugh, they laugh at anything. But from what you say I should be glad. Yay. Sorry, I\'m just happy. Thanks

The Marauder's Map's Secret Power! by Bookwormy

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Moony, the Academics Specialist

Padfoot, the Relationship Consultant

Prongs, the Sports Guide


Wormtail, the Hobbies Consultant

Join Ron, Hermione and Harry as they are advised by the Marauders. Wondering how? Read on, then.

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/29/07 Title: Chapter 1: Hermione Granger

Haha! I love when Sirius told Hermione that Ron fancies her! Great start!

Author's Response: Hmm that was quite naughty of Sirius, rite? lol I\'m happy that you liked it. Thanks for reviewing.

Light Up My Life by KASK

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Norah Kelley was the one James had always seen himself with. They had been together forever and he loved her. Lily Evans, on the other hand, was the one girl he truly loathed.

But in fifth year, with a changing outlook on life and problems finally surfacing at home, James and Lily began to a friendship. Both known for hating each other, they agreed to keep their friendship quiet.

But as things progress, James comes to find that he can't have everything and a decision has to be made. With this decision, James learns that what you expect isn't always what happens and love can spout from unexpected places.

This is told from James' POV.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 07/12/07 Title: Chapter 6: The Fire Inside

Lily with SNAPE?! Oh James, you poor dumb idiot. Tsk, shame.

Very nice story - though, honestly, I'm getting to the point of liking Norah very much and it's messing with the part of me that is waiting for James to screw his head on right and get together with Lily. :p Obviously you're an excellent writer to make one of the PROBLEMS in the story so likable. Great job, update soon!

Author's Response: :D Thank you. And yes, I agree with you. James is oblivious at times. Haha. \"for James to screw his head on right\" *laughs* We\'re all waiting for that. :]

Prayer For The Dying by Seren

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Harry is drowning in a sea of anguish, and the alcohol only makes the memories that much more bitter. Past H/G, implied H/Hr [not really, only comes off that way]
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 03/30/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prayer For The Dying

Very interesting. Waiting for an update!

The Unknown Marauder by Slian Martreb

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: In which Peter clarifies a few things for the general population.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/11/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Unknown Marauder

Amazing. Extraordinary. Perfect. 10/10 I. Am. Speechless. This was a wonderful one-shot, not too long, not too short, and exactly what I imagined Peter to be.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I\'m glad to have lived up to your imagining of him.

The Sister of a Witch by Sly Severus

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Petunia Dursley had the perfect life. She had a loving husband and a wonderful son. Everything was normal and she was happy. That was until she got a surprise on her front doorstep.

Written by Sly Severus of Slytherin for the Spring Challenge - Laugh of Cry Prompt.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Very nice. :) I liked the picture this painted of Petunia. To me, she seemed nicer than she seems from Harry's POV. Of course, Harry doesn't like her much... 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you.

A lot of people are probably nicer than they appear in Harry\'s POV. ;) Just my opinion, but he seems pretty biased, pretty often.

Mortality by dashofmagic

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Everything was fine. There was pain and hurt at the death of their headmaster, but they were all okay. And then, he fell in love with her. And their romance would spark a betrayal unlike anything Harry had ever known. But it isn't just lost friendship Harry must worry about. There is an epidemic sweeping through Hogwarts and threatening to destroy the Wizarding World. And as his own health begins to deteriorate, will he have the strength to defeat the man behind it all? Or will the betrayal of his friend, in essence, destroy him?

This fic has not been abandoned!! I'm having a bit of writer's block in reference to the ending, but it is NOT abandoned.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 05/01/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Bell Tolls Seven

Nice. I have to say that when I read a first-person fic in Harry's POV I always think Harry's slightly OOC (especially when I'm writing him :D) but you did an amazing, professional job of it. Harry sounded like... well - Harry! 10/10

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 05/01/07 Title: Chapter 2: Seperate

Another great chapter. I just love how you've gotten first-person Harry right! *bounces around in excitement* I loved the "he can be such a girl" line. Erm - what else...? Oh! Yes, Ginny. I happen to think JK Rowling writes Ginny in a way that she comes out too good and too perfect and too wonderful - I actually think you wrote Ginny better... maybe it's the difference in circumstances in your story and JK's, but whatever it is, you did a great job!

Author's Response: thanks!!! everybody seems to think that he may be too dark, but i like the dark harry...it works!!!

Riddleus Ageret Blackum by KenTuck

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Lord Voldemort has kept a diary before and he is reliving the tradition. This diary comes at a hard time in his life, a time of desperation and struggle. He reveals a surprising secret at the end that no one could have expected.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/27/07 Title: Chapter 1: Today: October 1st 1996

Nice. :D I wasn't expecting it at all.

Author's Response: Thanks!

An Old Joke by merav potter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Sirius is convinced by Loki to do something that will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 04/23/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Very nice. Excellent twist with Loki. ^^

Author's Response: Thanks!

You Want To Make A Memory? by Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Chapter Ninety Six is posted!

This is the story of four boys. This is the story of a boy from a family he wants to escape from. This is the story of a boy who is from a family he loves deeply, but lacks the gift of a best friend. This is the story of a boy who has been living with a curse his entire life, fighting to overcome it. This is the story of a boy who wishes to show people what he can do. This is the story of how these four boys came to know each other, of how they became friends. This is the story of their unbreakable bond, of a bond that could survive any test, any trial. This is a story that will ultimately end in tragedy.

Nominated for a 2007 and 2009 Quicksilver Quill Award - Best Marauder's Era Featured Mugglenet Fanfiction, October 2011
Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 09/11/07 Title: Chapter 16: Discoveries

*shrieks* Finally! Finally they find out - I've been waiting for this for ages! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes! The truth has been revealed! I\'ll have 17 up soon. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 09/26/07 Title: Chapter 17: Abandonment

Another enjoyable chapter! I have to say, I like James, Sirius and Peter's reactions to the news about Remus because it is so real. I was expecting something like most other fics, where they just go confront Remus immediately, but I guess I underestimated you (never again, I swear :p). And Lily's character is really beginning to develop and its sweet that she noticed that the Marauders weren't together as usual... seriously makes me wonder what horrible thing James will do to get her to go all"arrogant toe-rag" on him. Anyway, I give this ten wands up and I hope the mods accept the next chapter QUICKLY!

Author's Response: Yeah, I never expected them to understand so quickly, they needed a chapter to grasp it. Lily\'s a great character to write and has a long time to get all \'you stupid toerag\'. Yay, ten wands! Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 09/26/07 Title: Chapter 17: Abandonment

Another enjoyable chapter! I have to say, I like James, Sirius and Peter's reactions to the news about Remus because it is so real. I was expecting something like most other fics, where they just go confront Remus immediately, but I guess I underestimated you (never again, I swear :p). And Lily's character is really beginning to develop and its sweet that she noticed that the Marauders weren't together as usual... seriously makes me wonder what horrible thing James will do to get her to go all"arrogant toe-rag" on him. Anyway, I give this ten wands up and I hope the mods accept the next chapter QUICKLY!

Author's Response: Double post, woops:)

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 09/27/07 Title: Chapter 18: Remus's Tale

Good Lord! All your chapters are so amazing, I'm running out of compliments! I felt so sorry for Remus when he was hurting, and felt horrible that Sirius had to see his friend like that - but finally, they've come clean that they know! Yipee! What can I say that I haven't said already? Only that you're one of the best darned writers I've ever read the works of here on MNFF! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Poor Remus, poor Sirius... but yes, they\'ve come clean! The secret\'s out and talked over! Wow, thanks! And thanks for reading!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 08/10/07 Title: Chapter 13: Diagon Alley

Another wicked chapter - will James, Sirius and Peter find out about Remus being a werewolf this year? Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think in POA Remus says that in their second year they found out. Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 20: A Lupine Christmas

Another brilliant chapter. I'm glad we got to see more of the bond between Remus and Sirius because more often than not, in Marauder-Era fics Remus and Peter seem pushed to the side, since James and Sirius are supposed to be best-best-friends. But this was really heart warming. And I LOVED the picture - I want to cry now, because I hate that the Marauders didn't stay happy forever. *sniffles* Good job!! Kudos to you!

Author's Response: I notice that too when I read Marauder Era stuff, so I always make sure each character has a certain bond with each other so that its not just James and Sirius, but Remus and Peter are there too. It\'s not fair that the Marauders didn\'t get the happy ending they deserved (Particularly Remus, I almost didn\'t want to continue writing after I finished DH). Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: FullofLife Signed
Date: 08/02/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Compartment For Four

I've been seeing this story in the recent list for a while now - no idea why I didn't read it before! It's excellent so far. Good job!

Author's Response: Yeah, it pops up every so often :) Glad you decided to read it and are enjoying it. Thanks for reading!