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Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 05/08/06 Title: None

Hi, I like the way you started your story! What's an Oroborus light?

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. Of course, I can\'t tell you what the Oroborus Light will be, because it\'s a big part of my story! But, I will say, if you want any hints, your best bet would be to google \"ouroboros\" (it has different spellings, and I liked how Oroborus looked). Look at the definition of it, or, just as easy, find a picture of it. It has some things that relate to Voldemort, and Harry. Hope that gets you wondering!

Realizing by Croyez

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Told from Ron's point of view, his account of how he came to accept the Harry/Hermione 'connection'.

And it’s the way they act, the way they sit so closely together, both squinting down at the writing on the page, arms brushing each other’s…Like they don’t notice at all. Like it’s just normal. Like everything’s the same.
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 04/27/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Nice One-Shot! I think it's appropriate to emphasize that the H/G and R/Hr dream of one big happy Weasley family is Ron's fantasy and not Hermione's. Different people have different ideas about the perfect family, but most people end up putting together a family similar to the one they grew up in. When Harry saw his family in the Mirror of Erised, he saw a man, a woman and one child. He didn't see a three ring circus of a half dozen siblings, uncles, aunt and cousins. What does Hermione regard as a perfect family? She grew up an only child.

Shattering Truth by carteblanche

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry Potter has succeeded in defeating Voldemort once and for all. Evidently, he must then proceed to have a happy and wholesome life. He will live to be the youngest Minister of Magic, while retaining the title of Best Seeker in the World, and will eventually die at the ripe old age of 98, surrounded by his loving family composed of Ginevra Weasley (97 but still stunning) and their 10+ children (and numerous grandchilren, of course). Right?

Well, wrong. At least according to me.

A rather slow-moving, sort of sad one-shot. If you find time, please R&R!
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 05/08/06 Title: Chapter 1: Shattering Truth

Excellent story, very sad, dealing with grief is one of the hardest parts of life. Your description of Hermione's devotion to Harry is right on target as is your portrayal of Ron as being jealous and self-centered. But I don't think Harry would commit suicide. His parents, Dumbledore and in your fic Hermione, all gave their lives so he could live. Suicide would dishonor their sacrifices and a failure to embrace life, in all of its pain and glory, would be as wrong as Voldemort's failure to make peace with death. Still, as a one-shot story depicting the depths of human despair, you've done an excellent job.

Author's Response: I guess the whole suicide thing was depicting Harry\'s devotion for Hermione, since it indicates that he believes they will be together in the afterlife, of sorts. Apologies if that offended you, but that was just how I envisioned the story to occur. As for people giving their lives, Harry believes it was so that he could complete his task, and afterwards he feels obsolete. Of course, we all know he is mistaken. Also, he didn\'t decide to end his life because he bottled up his grief, but Ginny caused him to confront it and thus pushed him over the edge (figuratively, of course). On a lighter note, much thanks for reviewing!

I Promise by hhrxlove

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: It's been 10 years since the trio has graduated from Hogwarts. Harry left the on graduation day to fight Voldemort. Hermione and Ron haven't heard of him since. Now, the Hogwarts 10 Year Reunion is coming up, and Hermione will face Harry for the first time since they kissed on graduation day. Will anything ever be the same?
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 08/03/06 Title: Chapter 3: What Happened To Us

This is a good story, I think you have a very reasonable plot. Clearly Ron and Hermione care about each other, they just don't get along. Can you imagine their dinner conversations? She: Did you see the Daily Prophet today? It's outrageous how they treated that poor House Elf! He: I wish we could afford a house elf. She: Would you do the dishes tonight? He: I'm not good at house-keeping spells. He: Hey babe, I won tickets to the Chudley Cannons Quidditch Match! She: I have to prepare my presentation for the upcoming meeting of the Magic Educators Association. Keep Up The Story! You're a good writer and your use of dialog is very good.

Just Like That by tot_desidero

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Harry Potter has defeated the Dark Lord once and for all. He is expected to be celebrating with the rest of the wizarding world and he would be. If only he hadn't fallen for the one person he could never be with.
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/19/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I tend to agree with harrysgal that this isn't really a Harry/Hermione romance. The following points are out of character: 1) Harry Potter slipping into alcoholism, 2) Hermione the prostitute, 3) Hermione has a good time with Ron and ignores Harry while he slips into alcoholism, and 4) Hermione has always loved Ron. Where do R/Hr shippers get that idea? Did Hermione fall in love with Ron when he turned his rat yellow? But there is one positive point to your story. It shows that a R/Hr pairing is of no benefit to Harry.

Author's Response: I\'ll respond to your points in the order they were discussed: 1) Harry is not slipping into alcoholism, as i stated in the story. It was just one night of choosing the wrong way to deal with his problems. 2) A prostitute is someone that trades sexual favors for money. Hermione is not a prostitute and at the same time she is not a whore either. She cares deeply for Harry and not just about having meaningless sex with him. 3) Once again, Harry is not slipping into alcoholism. It may seem like Hermione is having a grand ol\' time, but you have to realize that the story is from Harry\'s point of view. What he believes is what the audience is shown. 4) In the story i never mentioned that Hermione has always been in love with Ron. This is what i did say: \" I realized that I love him more than I could ever hope to understand.\" I know that Hermione has not been in love with Ron since they first met. This does not mean that her feelings have any less of an impact on her life. I do thank you for your criticisms and comments. There will be a sequel to this story in the near future.

Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin by fawkes_07

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is an alternate version of Book Seven. Harry reluctantly returns to Hogwarts to train with a new DADA teacher, one appointed in specifically for Harry in Dumbledore's will. As the rest of the Wizard World reacts to Dumbledore's defeat, Harry develops the skills he needs to fulfill the Prophecy--including mastery of the Kedavra curse.

Mysteries are explored along the way, particularly the "missing 24 hours" from 1981--the span of time between Hagrid taking Baby Harry from the ruins of Godric's Hollow on Halloween Night, and his arrival to hand off Baby Harry on Privet Drive the following night. The Veil Room in the Department of Mysteries is also revisited. A traitor is uncovered, and Dumbledore's wisdom comes into question. And even when all goes as planned, things are not all they seem.

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/18/06 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy

I've added this one to my favorites. The first three chapters look very good. Burning the Dursley house was a nice touch. It'd probably be better for them to move away and go into hiding now that they are no longer protected by the Dumbledore's spell. Your approach to the Horcrux hunt is interesting. Dumbledore seemed to be obsessed with security over the issue. I see no evidence in HBP that anyone besides the "Golden Three" (and Slughorn) know about the Horcruxes. Having an army looking for them might be helpful. But on the other hand, it might tip off Voldemort that his Horcruxes were in danger.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hadn\'t thought about the Dursleys actually benefitting from the house-wrecking, but you\'ve got a point--it would be a BAD idea for them to just go about business as usual in that house now that it\'s unprotected. Heh, all things lead to the glory of Illuvatar, as the Eldar say... :) I think Dumbledore must have told at least SOME of the Order about the Horcrux business--surely someone would have insisted on knowing how his hand became a Crispy Critter. And I don\'t think Lupin has the option to keep secrets like Dumbledore did. He\'s not as powerful a wizard, ergo he can\'t afford the luxury of keeping all the plans tightly under his own hat. He\'s got to rely on others to help him figure stuff out. But good point, I\'ll have to look at that when I go through Book 6 (we\'re up to the first day of classes as of tonight\'s bedtime reading) and see how far that subplot spread. I\'ve written/started 22 chapters on this story so far and the issue of tipping off Voldemort about his Horcruces being encroached upon does come up later. About 8 months later, actually, when they find the next one--in the posession of a certain young blond from Slytherin house... I\'m glad you guys are enjoying it!

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 07/05/06 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Godric's Hollow

Good Chapter! I'm looking forward to reading chapter 6! I like stories that bring up mysteries. What happened to Voldemort's body when the killing curse rebounded from Harry and hit him? I'd never thought about that. Someone took it away in a MoM car. That's an interesting idea. When Harry and his friends saw the brains in the DoM, Hermione asked "What are they doing with them?" but the question on my mind is "Who are they?"

Author's Response: there is a LOT of canon to be explained in Book 7. Where did the body go, where did Baby Harry go between midnight on Halloween when Hagrid picked him up and midnight on Nov 1 when he was delivered to the Dursley\'s doorstep? I\'ve got some ideas about that, and frankly Mr. Hagrid has a bit of explaining to do... :)

Voldie's Only Valentine by hufflepuffgal

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Enclosed here is a printed copy of the one and ONLY valentine that You- Know-Who, yes, he HIMSELF, in all his evil glory, ever wrote. With witty rhyme and winning words it shows you the other side of this seemingly heartless man. And to make it a little more interesting I'm not going to tell you who it is written to (*evil laugh*) in the poem. You can guess in your reviews and I'll tell you if you are right. If you are the first to correctly guess the person, I’ll give you the code for an icon I made and you can post it on your bio (if you want). Good Luck! Hope you enjoy! Please review!

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/19/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Valentine

Cute poem! I love it. The line about Azkaban pretty much gave it away as Bellatrix, too bad she's married. I've wondered about Tom Riddle, did he have any favorite girls? McGonagall was just a year or two ahead of him. Was there some special reason why Myrtle was murdered? Here's a possible plot for a short story: Tom Riddle asks Myrtle out and gets turned down.

Author's Response: Ha! I like your short story idea. You should write it. Thanks for the review.

'Harry, you prat' by Croyez

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: How a mistake from Harry brings him to see that he actually does kind of like the idea of him and Hermione. - “I mean…I don’t feel the way you think I do about what you said. It was odd—and a shock—but then I thought about it and…well, it just felt…right. I—argh…I don’t know how to explain it, but I just…sort of like the idea…of you and me…”
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 08/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

Excellent Job, Croyez! You are one of my favorite authors on this site.


Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Six years after Harry kills Voldemort, he finds himself living away from the friends he grew up with and the family that embraced him. A recurring dream forces him back and discovers that Hermione needs his help to catch a murderer. One problem - she doesn't want his help. HHr ship.
Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/26/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Red Haired Man

This is a very good story. The H/Hr ship offers all sorts of interesting literary possibilities because they can be such a dynamic couple together. I like how you made Dean Thomas a painter. It must take a very talented wizard as well as a great artist to create a painting that captures a human personality. I like how you made Hermione a career oriented unspeakable. It would be such a waste of her talent and intelligence to become a Weasley-baby factory. Too bad it's been so rough on her. She needs a heroic partner that she can respect (i.e. Harry). I agree that Harry would not stick with the idea of being an Auror, he's much too independent. The Cardinal is a great villain. This palace-coup sort of plot within the ministry of magic is great. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Author's Response: Welcome to TCC and thank your for your kind review. I am glad that you like how I\'ve laid out the characters Post-Hogwarts, the Villain and the plot within the Ministry. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 07/01/07 Title: Chapter 24: Finding T.M.Didler

It was so unlike her to do something so moronic as to wipe off a memory. But was it? Wow! I love that line! It could be straight from the Quibbler! Great chapter!

Author's Response: LOL! Quibbler huh? Thanks, I think.. :)

Ghosts of the Night by Skulblaka

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It is just under a year after the defeat of the Dark Lord, and Harry’s dreams are keeping him awake again. He reflects on that fateful day, and all of its repercussions for him and his family.

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 03/21/07 Title: Chapter 1: Ghosts of the Night

Very nice story, please keep writing. Do you think Harry and Hermione would make a good couple? I ask this because I'd like to see your reply.

Author's Response: Well, of course I think they make a good couple! That\'s why I wrote this story. I\'m so glad you like it. To all my reviewers -- thank you so much for your kind words. I have another story in the works right now, so keep your eyes open!


Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/27/07 Title: None

Excellent story so far, I encourage you to keep writing. The first chapter is an interesting set-up: a wizard murder next door to the Dursleys. The second chapter is better! I can easily see Harry being bored and unsuited to a job in the Ministry of Magic and yet that being a good starting point for an amateur detective story. Career-driven Healer Hermione is definitely following the character development seen in books 1-6, as is the realization that R/Hr would never work. I applaud your courage in bucking the MNFF trend of making Hermione out to be a carefree teenager who happened to be a witch and who also wanted nothing more than to be a baby-producing machine for Ron. Many fans fail to understand Hermione because she is an exceptionally intelligent character and exceptionally intelligent people are a minority. I like the way you portray Ron, he's fun and not at all sensitive to how Harry, Hermione or anybody else is feeling. His job in Muggle-sports relations could be very important and make his dad proud. We've seen Muggles changing pounds for galleons in Gringott's bank. It seems so natural for a wizard to come up with the idea of changing a few galleons to pounds, flying off to Vegas, using magic to win at craps and the roulette wheel, and then changing the Muggle money back into galleons. This Muggle sport would have to be illegal to keep from upsetting the whole wizard world economy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the in-depth feedback! This is precisely the type of analysis I was hoping for from my readers...bookmark my story, I\'d love to hear more of what you have to say in coming chapters :).

Last Kiss by HarrynHermione_06

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: He'd never forget that day. He'd never forget, and he'd never forgive himself for letting it happen. What happens when the thing you care about most is taken away from you in one mistake? Based on the Pearl Jam song Last Kiss.

Reviewer: king Signed
Date: 06/10/07 Title: Chapter 1: Last Kiss

Well written, keep up the good work! This is a very sad story, based on a very sad song. For Harry to loose Hermione, either by death or a horribly mistaken marriage, would be the worst tragedy of his short and hard life. It's interesting that you had Harry talk to the other couple. Harry Potter passing on lessons like: "care for each other" and "never miss a chance to say I Love You", that's beautiful.