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Reviews by Andromeda_Tonks

Snape Speed-Dating by Bethywoo
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 87]

Summary: After losing a bet, Professor Severus Snape is forced to accompany Professor Filius Flitwick on a speed-dating event. Will he manage to survive the witless witches and the maddening MC? Or will he leaved with more than he bargained for?

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 6249 Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
01/04/08 Updated: 07/21/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 02/15/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Can't remember if I already reviewed this but hey, I love it!

Author's Response: Hey, glad you love it! And thanks for sayin\' so.


Greyback's Daughter by clumsywerewolf2438
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 25]

Summary: When Remus Lupin went to spy on Voldemort’s werewolves, he left behind his friends and the woman he loved. But when he got there, he found the last thing he expected to find: a friend.

Categories: Remus/Tonks Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Violence

Word count: 4895 Chapters: 4 Completed: No
01/11/08 Updated: 04/02/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/11/08 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Truth Among Friends

I like it. Clever and different (and favouited)

Author's Response: Thanks!


The Women Who Won by Laurelyn
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 33]

Summary: The battle is fought, the war is won--but no victory ever comes cheap. Join Alice, Andromeda, Ginny, Narcissa, Luna, Molly, and Hermione as they discover the cost of war.

EDIT: I'm back! And I am SO SORRY I was gone so long. There is absolutely no excuse for making you wait almost three years for an update. *hides from angry reviewers* The next chapter is in the queue!

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Mental Disorders

Word count: 9238 Chapters: 4 Completed: No
01/16/08 Updated: 12/31/12

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/22/08 Title: Chapter 1: Alice

Well written, and thought out.

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/22/08 Title: Chapter 3: Ginny

Obviously fluffier than Alice. Also well written. I think that this story was a clever idea. Andromeda's going to be interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. All the lovely reviews have encouraged me to keep writing, even as Andromeda and Molly have taken over my life. I hope I meet your expectations with the next chapter!


Luna's Truth or Dare by Hutchinson
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 523]

Summary: What happens when Luna challenges her friends to a game of Truth or Dare?

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 28986 Chapters: 14 Completed: No
01/23/08 Updated: 01/14/09

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/28/08 Title: Chapter 3: Dares Fulfilled

Brilliant! Write more. *cracks up*.

Author's Response: I\'m having so much fun writing this, and I\'m really enjoying all the kind notes everyone leaves for me! I just submitted chapter 4, so look for it soon!

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 05/18/08 Title: Chapter 5: Passing Notes

*gigglesnort* I

Author's Response: I love that kind of response! Thanks for leaving a note, I\'m always happy to know I\'m making someone laugh!

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/11/08 Title: Chapter 2: Boxers and Beans

Brilliant! I'd like to hear a couple more truths...

Author's Response: That\'s an excellent suggestion, and I\'m going to take you up on it! It means a lot to me that you all take the time to give me feedback on the story. Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 05/21/08 Title: Chapter 6: Serenades and Kisses

"Only Ron could fume and pout and blush at the same time."
*collapses in hysterics and gets some very strange looks from family* I

Author's Response: I love hearing when I make someone laugh! Thanks for the note!

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 06/06/08 Title: Chapter 8: Soaps and Suds

I kept going into fits of hysterical laughter when I was reading this :D. You're great at charcterisation.

Author's Response: That\'s really kind of you! I love hearing when I\'ve made someone laugh. I appreciate it!


Treat or Trick? by Roommate of the Quillster
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 17]

Summary: It began as an innocent activity, and ended alone on a dark and stormy Halloween night.

At least, it was Halloween.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1881 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/23/08 Updated: 02/18/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/23/08 Title: Chapter 1: Treat or Trick?

But British muggles do have trick or treat


Summary: A giantess and a wizard...just how did it happen?

The story of how love began between Hagrid Sr. and the giantess Fridwulfa.

Categories: Historical Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1583 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/27/08 Updated: 01/31/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 02/13/08 Title: Chapter 1: Take My Hand, I'll Take You Away


Author's Response: LOL, thanks!


Summary: You've heard of my brother, right? Stupid question, of course you've heard of my brother. The wonderfully famous, famously wonderful Albus Dumbledore. The bright one of the family. He got the brains my sister got the looks, and I got... drumroll here... I got the job of feeding the goats. Yeah, I know, I felt like that too. Bit of a bummer isn't it?
But, for once, this is my chance to tell my story, so shove off, and let me do my own thing. Ta.

Note: Mental disorders is just my little sister's condition, so don't let that put you off reading it. If it does, read it anyway. Tough.

Categories: Historical Genre: Warnings: Mental Disorders

Word count: 1162 Chapters: 1 Completed: No
03/19/08 Updated: 03/20/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/27/08 Title: Chapter 1: Envy

This is a response to your response, so sorry if it's annoying for it to be here but..
yeah, I think it's cool the way people can swap languages, like (on a good da) I can think in germish, which is my own special version of German, involving quite a few English words with "lich" stuck on the end. Also, when I had an exchange student she said that by the end of the week she was dreaming in English. I know that all this is really random, but it just occurred to me, and I wanted to tell you the thoughts that your story inspired lol. Maybe I think like Aberforth - think a thing, have ask/report it.

Author's Response: This is very interesting, thank you for telling me.\r\n\r\nAlso, I like the word germish. At my school we are taught spanglish and franglais. I thought I was the only person who mixed names of languages together! I hope you don\'t mind me using the word germish from now on?

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/21/08 Title: Chapter 1: Envy

Very good. I'm adding this to my favourites. Why did Aberforth want to know if Albus dreamt in mermish?

Author's Response: It was a thought that occured to Aberforth randomly, if people who know foreign languages dream in them. Incidentally, my Spanish teacher says she can dream in Spanish or Italian.\r\n\r\nThanks for reading!


Across the Anvil by Subversa
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 46]

Summary: They shared a secret past and meet again in Gretna Green for a wedding.

Categories: Hermione/Snape Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe, Book 7 Disregarded, Sexual Situations

Word count: 23337 Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
03/21/08 Updated: 04/14/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/25/08 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three: In Which a Declaration is Made

Normally AU fics confuse me, but I like this one. Write more.


Louder Than Words by rita_skeeter
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 11]

Summary: “But I don’t understand. Ginny told me that you and Hermione broke up by mutual agreement,” Luna said, confused.

“We did. And it’s not that I want to be with her again - it’s just...hard to explain.”

“Unless you’re with someone who is actually listening.”

When one love is lost, another is found.

Categories: Ron/Other Character Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 2048 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/21/08 Updated: 03/21/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/21/08 Title: Chapter 1: Painting the Sky

Very clever. I normally find it hard to read Ron/Other Character fics, but I think that this is well written and I like it. I'm adding it to my favourites.


Of Sisters, Socks, and Sorrow by FenrirG
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 25]

Summary: Albus Dumbledore really did see socks when he looked into the Mirror of Erised. And this is the reason why.

Categories: Historical Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1338 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/22/08 Updated: 03/29/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/30/08 Title: Chapter 1: Of Sisters, Socks, and Sorrow

Wow! You write really well, and I always wished that JKR hadn't made Dumbledore lie to Harry that time.


Summary: After being hooked up with a job teaching at Hogwarts by her little sister, Muggle Chastity Fagman is the first Muggle Muggle Studies teacher Hogwarts has ever seen. But after the Headmaster slips about her strictly non-magical status, all of her students know that she can't do anything magical. What will happen in her first class?

This story contains some language not suitable for younger readers and crude humor. Maybe.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1184 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/23/08 Updated: 03/24/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 03/25/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

awwww, bless her. Was she a squib maybe? Really, what did the headmaster expect?

Author's Response: Actually, here\'s how her family works. Her mum and dad split, or something, and her mum got remarried when she was somewhere around seven. They had a kid (Megan), and she was a witch (because her dad was a wizard). And I dunno what the Headmaster was thinking, but it sure wasn\'t anything smart. :)


The Fourteenth of February by Pondering
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 11]

Summary: Lily Evans thinks Valentine's Day is bad enough without propositions from mysterious strangers, fuchsia coloured hair ribbons and the irritating smirk on James Potter's face.

But it just gets even worse when she finds out who's been sending her the presents...

This is the Final Exam written for Humour & Writing: Earning Respect by Pondering of Ravenclaw.

Categories: School Assignments Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 5889 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/31/08 Updated: 04/04/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 04/04/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Fourteenth of February

I really like this story, it has a good mixture of humour and real feelings. What on earth was the Lucius one about? In my opinion that was definitely the weirdest letter she got. I have one question: James and Sirius were very close, so would Sirius really send a Valentines letter to the girl that James was obsessed with? Other than that, I loved it, and at some point when people aren't throwing me off the computer I would like to read more of your work.

Author's Response: In my earlier plans Lucius had a bigger role, he was actually offering her a job in the letter. But somehow it didn\'t seem too believeable and I cut it out, leaving Lucius\'s letter in mostly for the creep factor. \r\n\r\nJames and Sirius were being jerks and they sent their letters together. Remus does not know this because he was in the Hospital Wing--he and Peter sending Lily letters as well was a coincidence, so he wasn\'t exactly lying. \r\n\r\nI hope I\'ve answered your questions to some extent and I\'m glad you enjoyed it. :D\r\n\r\n--Tash


Vanity and Pride by Ironic Inspiration
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 20]


What is a story without a scandal?

Underneath every burn hole on the tapestry of the Black family tree, there is a story, and underneath every story, there is a scandal.

In 1924, the Blacks were the most powerful family of the Wizarding World. They were greedy, back-stabbing, malicious, and power-hungry. And Cedrella was no exception. She was her father's favourite daughter; the pride of the Blacks, and it has earned her a conceited nature like no other.

But during her seventh year at Hogwarts, her life begins to become a little more clear, her family a little more conniving. She is arranged to wed the infamous Abraxus Malfoy and has people watching her every move to make sure she follows through. It makes it even more difficult when Septimus Weasley, a blood traitor and fellow classmate, starts to convince her, that for once in her life, she could have what she wanted.

A scandal forms between the two; a forbidden love between Black and Weasley behind the walls of Hogwarts. If they are found out, their lives will be ruined. But even under the opposition, what a Black wants...

a Black gets.

Categories: Other Pairing Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 4225 Chapters: 1 Completed: No
04/23/08 Updated: 04/25/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 04/26/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

That was lovely. I saw the banner for this story on the beta boards, and have been wanting to read it for ages. Good writing, and update soon.


Why Can't It Be Me? by Maraudersgirl-SD
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 18]

Summary: Harry and Ginny's relationship in Sixth year from the perspective of Dean Thomas.

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1591 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
04/25/08 Updated: 05/03/08

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks Signed
Date: 08/18/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I loved that! I was in search of happy H/G fluff... but I'm so glad I found that :D Good writing. Nitpick: There was a "their" that should've been "they're"

Author's Response: Yes....I seem to be getting lots of comments about my "there's, their's, they're." My only excuse is that it is very hard to edit your own stories because your brain automatically reads it the way it's supposed to be. Thanks very much for the review.

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