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Born the Day You Kissed Me by CLee

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: I was born the day you kissed me...I died inside the night you left me...But oh how I lived while you loved me. . . .

The sequel Agapanthus is up!
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 12: Truth Be Told

I loved that they were both slumped against their doors wishing for more than friendship, it was a really nice touch. Pansy is vile too, couldn't she for once reach inside that hollow chest and consider what it'd be like if she were in the same position? Oh no, all she can do is moan because Hermione wasn't killed too. What a *****! Anyway, I'm glad Hermione only told them the bare facts, Ron went mental just at those. I'm thinking Ginny would understand though. She could perhaps select parts of her memories to show them, missing out the kissing. I bet Draco feels terrible too, just feel like giving him a huge hug, Oh God what am i thinking? This is all your fault.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 13: Snow Fights And Fevers

Hmm, this animosity between all the houses is very ominous. I like the stone snowballs, maybe they could use something similar to attack death eaters. Wow, Giny has some nerve, sneaking into the pensieve like that, not that there was any need as she caught the live show soon after. Wonder whats wrong with Draco, hope his father didn't put some sort of hex on him, probably just the flu, she says hopefully.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 14: The Restricted Section

Uh Oh, Pansy has that letter, the vile bint, and I bet Lucius taunts Draco about Hermione in it. Is she going to slip Hermione the love potion, or slip Draco the love potion, or has it nothing to do with the love potion??? I'm shocked! That Hermione, head girl and so proper could engage in such activities in the restricted section of the library. Good job Madam Pince wasn't around, thats all i can say.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 15: Dear Draco

OOOOO! I hate her, I actually hate her! And is Lucius stupid? What am I talking about of course he is! But you'd think he'd realise not to send such letters in case they fell into the hands of a teacher or, well, anyone. Hope Pansy gets hexed into the hospital wing for the remainder of the story so she can't upset the apple cart.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 16: Dreams, Schemes and Holiday Themes

Judging by that dream death eaters are terribley stupid. Surely completing the task Voldemort set is more important than how they do it? Not that I'm comlaining about their idiocy. Anyway, masked balls aren't a good idea, you never know who's behind the mask, it's a perfect chance for death eaters to sneak in, or for Pansy to dress the same as Hermione and fool Draco. If only Blaise had told them about Pansy having his cloak, they might have put two and two together, now she's seen everything. Perhaps she won't blame Draco because it wasn't his fault he was obliviated. Oh I don't know, I just wished they'd caught her and modified her memory so she couldn't cause trouble.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 17: The Gown

Dare I say it again for fear of boring you, well, yes I dare. I HATE PANSY PARKINSON! I'm really hoping she screws up. That gown sounded amazing, not so sure about the lack of underwear though, perhaps she could charm some to be flesh coloured? I'm glad Harry's accepted Hermione's relationship with Draco, shows he's grown up. Shame we can't say the same for Ron. Although, having said that, maybe Ron will be right in the end, maybe Draco will just bring Hermione trouble whether intended or not.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 18: A Day of Love, A Look of Loathing

I know bats are meant to be creepy, but we once found one inside the wall when we were having new windows put in and it was lovely, we called animal rescue to collect it. They always liken Snape to a bat too. I wish Draco wasn't so dense, or perhaps that he didn't underestimate Pansy, if Blaise, who by the way I think is quite nice for a Slytherin, had told Hermione about Pansy she would have known exactly what had happened. Lucky Mad eye Moody isn't at the ball, if he could see Harry's socks through his robes then he'd be able to see through Hermione's gown no troulbe.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 19: Abduction

You're not kidding when you say death eaters are mean, I bet we don't hear about half of what they do in the books. Although it wasn't pleasant to read, it was really well written. I have one problem though, why, when all the teachers are within easy reach in the Great Hall, did the four of them, including Harry who's the one the death eaters are after in the first place, go cavorting off to rescue Hermione? Every single time, is there any reason why they refuse to ask for help? I mean Draco is an aset as he knows the Manor, but the others. It's a shame Pansy didn't get her head smacked off a sink. If only Hermione can get free she might have a chance, will her wand still work while transfigured into a flower?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 20: Draco's Confession

Firstly the password was the same as the inscription on the spherical phrtkey used to take Hermione and Draco to the Mannor, but I still haven't a clue what it means. Secondly, I know JKR wrote Alecto as female, but could anyone tell the difference, really? This was such a scarey chapter, I really need to calm down, I've been in a state of panic throughout. I hope they get back to Hogwarts safely, and please let Draco be alright, i've grown rather fond of him. Also, How on earth did death eaters get into Hogwarts?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 21: Hold On Hermione

Trust me, this is just what i needed after all the excitement of the last few chapters. I'm still worried that the death eaters could get back into Hogwarts and kidnap Hermione from the Hospital Wing though. It's amazing how far they can get on their brooms, i mean isn't Hogwarts far in the North and Malfoy Mannor the south? I thought they'd go to Grimmauld Place and flu Madam Pomfrey or something. But I guess Hogwarts is best.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/25/08 Title: Chapter 22: Infirmary

Aw, this was so sweet and fluffy like candy floss. Well, apart from the altercation with Pansy in the corridor, 'attagirl Ginny'!!!! Dumbledore doesn't half change the rules to suit his purpose. When the trio broke all those rules, to save the philosophers stone, to destroy the chamber of secrets, to save Sirius, he gave them extra points and no punishments. I suppose he thinks they're old enough to know better. And saying he'd consider expelling Pansy, she'd have been gone within the hour if i were the Head. Also, shouldn't they have changed the password to the Heads commonroom? Pansy knows what it is, what if she gets back into Hogwarts and causes more trouble? Hope nothing else goes wrong for them, more fluf please.

Broken Mirrors by Rudhampaiel

Summary: Remus' thoughts about the girl he loves, and a brief look at their short romance. Very angsty, quite possibly rather depressing. It's a songfic, rated PG-13 for violence. One-shot.
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 03/01/08 Title: Chapter 1: Broken Mirrors

Wow, you really got across how frustrated Remus is because he's being punished for something he cannot help. And this song fitted perfectly, I do love that song anyway though. My favourite was the ending, first he'd fix the mirror, then his fingers, then himself. Brilliantly written, very emotional.

Dementors by rock_hard9

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem about the eerie dementors.
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 06/07/08 Title: Chapter 1: -

Very good.

Dursley Gets Drilled by MsTattersall

Summary: Uncle Vernon has a bad toothache, and the only dentist who can see him on a Saturday is a Dr. Granger. What he doesn't know is gonna hurt him. Open wide!
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 07/27/08 Title: Chapter 1: (Short Story)

May i share Harry's tears of laughter? That was hilarious.

Bloody Valentine by innocence_wasted

Rated: Professors •
Summary: His memories brought him back to the letter and her sobbing frame as it crumpled in his arms… “You don’t deserve her,” he whispered and then let fly the blade. *songfic*. One-shot.
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 02/24/08 Title: Chapter 1: Bloody Valentine

WHAT! I've sat here the entire time with my mouth open in disbelief! All I can think of to say is WHAT!

Cupid and His Twin by Leora V

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Valentine's Day is nigh at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and an unexpected couple is making the halls buzz. But are Malfoy and Hermione really made for each other, or is it just another joke?
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 05/06/08 Title: Chapter 4: Things Come to a Head

That was excellent! I adore Fred and George! I'm not sure Harry would've let the joke go as far though, but who cares it was hilarious! Oh and I liked the toast Ron made to the slytherins and Snape at breakfast.

Determination by Seren

Summary: Back and forth. Back and forth. I rock myself as hard as I can, bashing my body against the sturdy oak doors of my prison. It hurts badly; every time I slam my body against the doors, splinters break off into my already bruised and scratched skin. But back and forth, back and forth, I will rock. Every time I smash into the doors, they weaken slightly. And every weak crack spiderwebbing against the doors is one step closer to freedom. Four girls are held hostage by Death Eater. But they have a plan.
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 06/12/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

Excellent. Dumbledore would be proud of them all. This really shows how the four houses are strong when united. Very well thought out.

Caffeine High by Chaos Illusion

Summary: Various HP characters get drunk or high on sugar/caffeine/whatever (as long as it's legal!). Insanity follows. No one's in character. Very random.
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 03/12/08 Title: Chapter 1: Harry, Ron, and Hermione

This was hilariously mental, especially the cameo appearance of Dumbledore. And quite frankly Snapes behaviour doesn't surprise me. You really caught the true effects of excessive sugar intake, did you ever see the Simpson's episode with Bart and the extra thick slurpy?

Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 03/13/08 Title: Chapter 2: The Marauders

Well, it appears Snape has been busy with erm... remedial potions during his entire life within Hogwarts. All I can say is that thank Merlin Harry was only using remedial potions as a cover story for occlumency lessons, wonder if thats why Sirius was so worried for Harry in OOTP as he knew what remedial potions meant. Anyway... ... Very funny, but i did think Lily Evans would've made an appearance, perhaps she'd have even been slipped the potion herself, it'd be a good way of getting her and James together.

Dance With Me by CLee

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: ...Hermione smiled, glancing up into her new husband's face. "It's beautiful out here," she whispered. "Yes," Harry replied softly, staring into his wife's eyes intently, "it certainly is." (One Shot)
Reviewer: Binka Fudge Signed
Date: 05/12/08 Title: Chapter 1: Dance With Me

I loved this, and thats one of my favourite songs. But I am thoroughly depressed now. That last bit reminds me of the end of a Queen video. Great weepy fic.