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I have decided to stop writing and posting on this site. I am posting stories on harrypotterfanfictiom(dot)com, under the penname Manwe Valarian. The story After the Horcrux will be deleted before December 1st, unless the mods blast it away first. I will be posting the last two chapters on the other site by November 1, 2009. It would take me two years at the earliest to post the next 26 Chapters on this site.

For anyone who read this to find out about the story. I would like to thank you for reading my story.

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A Blues for My Father by Tabletop_Joe

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Set post-HBP. Hermione hasn't seen her parents since the Quidditch World Cup. Now an enigmatic letter has sent her back to London, alone, without Harry or Ron... Will she be able to come to terms with her past as the Order makes its first moves against the rising darkness? Rated Professors for drinking, fighting, swearing, and other grown-up stuff.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 09/26/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Introspections

A JJ song that may be appropriate for Hermione at this point is 'The Turtle Blues'. It is old and may even be classified as a Holding Company tune, but it pure brassy Janis.

Author's Response: three. I'd considered Turtle Blues, but Summertime had a specific mood I wanted to convey.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 09/26/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Introspections

A JJ song that may be appropriate for Hermione at this point is 'The Turtle Blues'. It is old and may even be classified as a Holding Company tune, but it pure brassy Janis.

Author's Response: two

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 09/26/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Introspections

A JJ song that may be appropriate for Hermione at this point is 'The Turtle Blues'. It is old and may even be classified as a Holding Company tune, but it pure brassy Janis.

Author's Response: one

When Darkness Did Surround Us by MagEd

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: 2007 QSQ Awards Runner-up for Best Post-Hogwarts

Petunia Dursley is enjoying dinner with her family when someone starts pounding on the door. Ready to tell them off for being so rude and refusing to leave when they didn't answer at first, Petunia opens the door to have a baby shoved into her arms and told she is his only family. Years after the great Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, Death Eaters have risen to power and taken over Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, and even the Ministry of Magic. Their marriages announced invalid, their children in danger and their lives hanging by a thread, the heroes of the war with Voldemort must once again take a stand against evil.

H/G and R/Hr

(pre-Deathly Hallows)


*Quote from The Epilogue*

Suddenly Harry was kissing her as if he couldn’t resist the temptation. There was a kind of frenzy to the kiss at first, a kind of desperate need, but it melted into something soft and sweet and gentle, a promise of a future when kisses would never be limited. When they broke apart he rested his forehead on hers, sprinkling a few affectionate butterfly kisses across her face. “I love you,” he murmured.
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 06/17/08 Title: Chapter 16: The Return

Thank you for the update! I loved the humor in this chapter.

Author's Response: Good! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 08/30/08 Title: Chapter 17: The Reason For Everything

It has always amazed me that someone could have watched another person attempt to kill his wife, and not do anything, unless it was a fair face to face fight.
Why did Harry stand there and let Malfoy/Snape fight one on one with Hermione, when he could have stunned him. That would have changed the plot.
I know it is part of the story line(s). This is particularly puzzling because he is supposed to be battle hardened.

Author's Response: Harry certainly didn't act to the best of his abilities, I know. But don't worry -- that will be addressed. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 04/08/08 Title: Chapter 15: The Great Escape

Great chapter! I am glad your back! Things are lining up to a fun and exciting conclusion.

Author's Response: I\'m glad to finally be back -- hopefully the issues with the queue are gone for good! Thanks for the review :)

Of Christmas Past by Chaser921

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny find themselves in a Muggle hotel in Godric's Hollow on the Winter Solstice. During an enthusiastic snowball fight, Harry and Ginny step through a stone circle that transports them seventeen years into the past. This may be the only chance Harry has to spend with his parents, and it may also be what he needs to figure out his relationship with Ginny.

The warning is for later chapters.

Edit: So, this was originally strictly a Harry/Ginny fic, but Ron and Hermione kept trying to get together too, so I felt like I had to change the category. And there's a bit of Lily/James in there too, though they're already married, and I've also added a bit of Remus/Tonks. Poor Sirius is the only Singleton (though he may manage to get a girl of his own)!

Edit: This story was cannon until after Deathly Hallows came out, so I changed it to Alternate Universe, but it's still pretty close to cannon. Only a few things will end up being different when the story ends.

Edit: I've changed all of the chapter titles to the titles of Christmas songs that I felt reflected the events in the chapters best. Tell me what you think! Does it fit?
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 12/02/07 Title: Chapter 10: O Come, All Ye Faithful

I love how this fic is developing. To be brutally honest I didn't think I would like it that much at first, but I am wrong. You have developed an interesting conflict between the Harry and Ginny and his parents and himself.

Author's Response: I always appreciate honesty, and am really glad you liked it in spite of everything :). I\'ve had that happen to me a few times, so I understand what you mean. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 05/22/08 Title: Chapter 12: In the Bleak Midwinter

Nice ending to the chapter! It seems like it should be time for Ron and Hermione again. Eh!

The Pied Piper of the Black Forest by butter_beer_drinker

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed. -G. K. Chesterton

Can the hero slay the "dragon" that hunts his little girl and haunts his nightmares?

This is submitted for my final assignment in Professor Talons DADA: An Introduction to Dark Arts class.

I am proudly saluting you with the sword of Godrick Gryffindor.

A small warning, this story terrified me (and my beta) and made me cry. Read it with caution but please read it.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 04/16/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Nightmare that Follows

Cool story! I liked the twist at the end.

Author's Response: If you like twists, you need to read my story The MIrror Never Lies.  It's got a good twist too.

The Pursuit by MagEd

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Harry and Ginny are happily married with a baby on the way. When they manipulate Ron and Hermione into both meeting them for lunch, the last thing anyone expected was for Harry and Ginny to be kidnapped.

Suddenly Ron and Hermione are left with nothing more than a note and the realization it’s up to them to follow the clues and rescue the couple they both love and adore. If only the clues weren't nonsense. If only they knew who could possibly have taken Harry and Ginny. If only they didn’t hate each other. If only they hadn’t once loved each other.

Life just got a whole lot more complicated for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.


"Harry was right: there was no such thing as understanding girls, no matter how old a bloke got."
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 08/04/08 Title: Chapter 7: The Man

Love the Story, but please not Bellatrix Lestrange. Pansy Parkinson would be cool.

Author's Response: Pansy Parkinson, eh? That's an interesting guess. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 06/10/08 Title: Chapter 6: The Tunnel

I find your style of writing intriguing not confusing. It makes me think about the story and try to understand the plot and character situations.

Author's Response: Thanks! That makes me happy to know :)

The Next Bend: A Sequel to A Bend in the Road by aurorahope

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: After Harry''s victory over Lord Voldemort, Harry and Ron enter Auror Training Academy, while Hermione enters the Ministry''s Advocacy Division. However, Harry and Ron''s training is interrupted by the appearance of a most unlikely person and by a brutal series of murders linked to Harry himself. Hermione takes on the arduous task of defending the accused murderer, much to Ron''s dismay. As Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off on an arduous journey to discover the truth about the murders, mystery, secrets, adventure and romance abounds, and Harry must finally confront Ginny about a dark secret from his past. Pairs: R/Hr; Ginny/Harry/OC/Charlie
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 05/27/08 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 23: A Beginning, an End, and A Bend

I've really enjoyed this story. You have a very creative mind and are able to keep a long complicated plot on tract. Not always an easy thing to do. I will be looking forward to anymore of your stories in the future. Bye for now!

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 05/14/08 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20: The Fallout

I love your stories! I started reading both of them last week. Aurora is great and Vlad is a good villian. The Harry/Aurora/Ginny mess seems real, Painful, but realistic, not melodramatic like some stories treat situations like that.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you are enjoying the stories. I enjoyed writing them! I hope the next chapter is approved this week! aurorahope

Harry Potter and the Golden Sepulcher by leesmiley

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, the survivors must move on to rebuild the wizarding world. However, a new threat is rising, putting at risk the tentative gains made by Harry and his friends.
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 01/27/08 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11--Much That is Hidden

Nice developemants in this chapter. I was wondering what role Draco had. This story has a great deal of promise. I will enjoy seeing where it goes from here.

Author's Response: Thank you. This chapter changed radically from what it was in rough draft, but I think the final version works pretty well.

Redefining Sanity by Roommate of the Quillster

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Once upon a time it was three years after the war, and Percy struggled with life…
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 11/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Redefining Sanity

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It blended two unique characters in new way. BRAVO!

Harry Potter and the Next Great Battle by pokecharm

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After fighting the biggest battle of his life, Harry Potter finds himself in new, uncharted territory. Beginning a week after the final battle at Hogwarts, Harry finds himself with many choices before him. He spent the summer trying to sort out his future with Ginny and the Ministry, but now must find a way to balance both. Ginny has left for Hogwarts to complete her final year, with Hermione, and Harry is starting work as a full-fledged Auror. They both must find a way to make their long-distance relationship work. Ginny hopes to find peace at school and Harry hopes to build his life around the expectation that Ginny will be with him forever. Despite all of this, there is more to the work that Harry is doing with the Ministry then he realises. Will Gaunt prove trustworthy in these new endeavours? Will Ginny and Hermione have a horror-free year at Hogwarts?
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 12/26/08 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34 - Riding the Rails

I thought Harry had given Ron, Hermione, and Ginny the Marauders map along with Felix Felicius when Dumbledore died.

Author's Response: he uses it in DH, so I am basing the fic off of that. If you may recall, he uses it when he and Hermione are in the forest to check on Ginny.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 03/11/09 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46 - Hoping for an Easy Resolution

As I am reading this fic, I am getting a strange feeling about it. It seems as though the world is conspiring against Harry. The Ministry not wanting Harry to be visible doesn't make any sense to me. He is the Hero from the war.(He didn't make an appearance at the memorial and nobody said anything about it. Strange days indeed!)

Probably the thing that bothers me the most is Ginny and Hermione's characterization. They seem very superficial. Hermione with her proclamation that Malfoy smelled so good and Ginny with her anger at Harry, because he is not where she wants him to be when she wants him there. Ginny had always been one of my favorite characters because of her unwavering faith in Harry. In this fic, I could care less if Harry and Ginny get together. Most of the problems they have are of her family's making. Harry's blame lies with his career path. Yet, she blames him, and wants to break up with him. I had the feeling that she wants to date other boys again.

The introduction of Malfoy has me puzzled. He and his mother, two known Death Eaters, are walking around freely at a memorial service without being accosted. Very strange! You would think that someone would be upset at their presence, or has the Ministry claimed that they were actually on the side of light, but they did say they were sorry so that makes them all wonderful people. I mean how could anyone blame them for the death or destruction, because after all it is all Harry's fault. What is next, Harry, who has been rejected by the Weasley's, going to a repentant Delores Umbridge's for Sunday dinner?

I had read another review where you said there are many more chapters and twists to come. At the general direction of this plot. (Ginny leaving Harry and Hermione leaving Ron) Then you have a great distance to travel to give the story time to develop. I will keep reading, but after forty-six chapters barely anything has changed with our main characters personality from the first few chapters.

If Ginny does leave Harry. I hope he finds a nice moral girl to be with. Maybe Lavender Brown, Romilda Vane, or Pansy Parkinson (I hear she is sorry for what she has done also. After all, the last time Voldemort fell all the Slytherin's claimed they were Imperioused) Because right now Hermione and Ginny are acting just like them.

Author's Response: thank you for the thoughtful comment. I have tried to be true to the characters, but there is a lot going on and updating here is tedious at best. I hope you continue to read the story and I do not plan on keeping Harry and Ginny at odds. A lot of people have commented that I've placed Harry at odds with the world, but that isn't entirely what I'm trying to do. Thank you for commenting.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 04/09/09 Title: Chapter 49: Chapter 49 - Pretending the Truth

I am sorry Pokecharm, but the investigative methods used in this department are dumb. Why would someone sell something illegal to a young Auror, such as Harry Potter. Especially since, Harry didn't go out and solicit it. If this isn't a plot by Gaunt then investigative methods needs to be planned better, and a fight in the ministry is only witnessed by Ministry officials. The targets must be Ministry officials.

Author's Response: you've always been blunt with your comments and clear with your displeasure. At least you're taking the time to say something.

As Happily Ever After As They're Gonna Get by cjbaggins

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: My take on the first of those 'nineteen years' between the 36th chapter of DH and the epilogue.

Warnings: contains an unusually-shaped ring, a nosy neighbour, a rude shop assistant, shaving mishaps, thoughtful gestures, threatening goblins, and, unexplained appearances of Romantic!Ron and Romantic!Harry. You have been warned.

Rating is for *mild* innuendo and *mostly* innocent interactions but I wouldn't let my 9 year old read it.
Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 08/29/08 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - Revelations

I remember hearing about Jo not being able to tell all of his story.
I liked the reference to "Sid the Kid". Go Penguins!!!

Author's Response: I was very touched by the story of his father, and how he wasn't just a worthless jerk who abandoned his family. It was important to me to include it. Crosby's reference was included for my biggest fanfic fan, my dd (needsomefelixfelicis), although my ds would much prefer me to mention the Red Wings! Bit of a feud in our house last season! cj

Corrupt Sanctity by MikePhoenixLament

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Harry Potter and his best friends return for their seventh and final year of school. The Wizarding world begins to rebuild itself after the events of the Battle of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix work together to round up the remaining Death Eaters, still at large.

Reviewer: potterfan48 Signed
Date: 12/21/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Birthdays

Ginny's character isn't the one I see as being OOC. I think her parents would be more protective of her 'virtues'.
With that said "Good Story"

Author's Response: Hmm, my answer to that would have to be that Mr and Mrs Weasley, more so Molly than Arthur, have come to see all of their children as grown ups now - since the Battle of Hogwarts and all the crazy stuff that happened while Harry, Ron and Hermione werent there. Besides, Ginny is of age now in the wizrding world, and Mr and Mrs Weasley know Harry, and I would be surprised if they didn\'t trust him with their daughter.