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hi people im jenn! i luv luv luv harry potter hence the fact im on this site and am a major lily/james addict. i am the typical high school good girl minus the fact tht i cant even remember the last time i did my homework. oops. its also written in my genetic code that i can never be on time for anything. if my school actually went with the whole 3 tardies = detention thing i'd be expelled by now. i've got 3 best friends and were very marauderish except girls so marauderettish i suppose...alrigthy then...soooo yah....bye!

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The Princess and the Prat by DanielRadcliffeandMe

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

30 July 07: Chapter 15 up and runnin'!! Eventually, 16 forward will post. Thanks you guys - and yay Deathly Hallows! No Spoilers, but definite cannon!!!!!

Even Harry wondered how in the world the obvious loathing Lily felt for James could have turned into a marriage. How could they have loved each other? Well, if this ever bothered or troubled you in the slightest, look no further! 'The Princess and Prat' picks up around the time of the Pensieve Scene in book 5...

Read "The Princess & the Prat" to find out how it all began!!! Also posted on HPFF.com, with over 1110 reviews.

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/01/07 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15 - Awake

argh again with the cliff hangers! the story is brilliant beyond brilliant and really good and incredibly interesting and i really really really really love it! but i dont love cliffhangers so UPDATE SOON PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!

A Few Detentions and A Story by LaneTechFreshie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James Potter: Marauder. Lily Evans: Prefect. They're both seventh years at Hogwarts. They're also about to have a pretty interesting year--complete with a few detentions, pranks, confusion, and laughter--in which they get through school, make some trouble and maybe, just maybe, sort out their feelings for each other.

Thanks to all you who have made it possible for this story to be in the Top Tens. It was a very happy moment when I first saw my story on the list, and I love being able to go back and see it there now. Still. Yay!

Throughout the latter half of 2010, and the first half of 2011, I re-edited this story. The changes were mostly to fix stray (and annoying) grammar and spelling errors, but also to rework some plot points in an effort to stay truer to canon. I also updated the style; having written this story so long ago, my writing has definitely developed (and I would say gotten better), so I edited to reflect that. (I apologize for the errors that were in the story before all this editing. I found them immensely distressing when I reread my chapters. Heartbreaking, really.)

Big “thank yous” go to the three people who helped edit/nitpick the first edition of this novel: violagirl, fairiesandcream, and Omagus.
And yes, this story is up on Fanficition.net under the penname: Io.Sono.Emilia.
Of course, as a disclaimer, I’m not JK Rowling. The Potterverse does not belong to me, but I am in it and love it.
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/07/07 Title: Chapter 48: It's Nearly Over

omg i love it! that is so unbelievably sweet! oh please update soon!!!!!! the writing in the chapter was really good. i liked that you kinda of reflected on what had happened in lily and james's relationship throughout the year :)

Author's Response: I dont\' know if I realy reflected that much, but i\'m glad you liked it nevertheless. Maybe I did it subconsciously. But thanks!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/07/07 Title: Chapter 48: It's Nearly Over

oh and i love the bit about the giggling house elves that amused me ; )

Author's Response: *laugh* Everyone loves the house elves.

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 11/21/07 Title: Chapter 50: The End

that was such a good anding a loved it! your writing is amazing and i cant wait to the sequel!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks much! Glad you liked it!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/01/07 Title: Chapter 47: Studying, Frustration and Fun

awww thats cute! i hart this story its so amazing! your a really good writer! make them validate the next chapter faster! how many chapters are left?

Author's Response: Let\'s see.... three, maybe four. Going for fifty. So... Glad you like it!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/01/07 Title: Chapter 47: Studying, Frustration and Fun

awww thats cute! i hart this story its so amazing! your a really good writer! make them validate the next chapter faster! how many chapters are left?

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/01/07 Title: Chapter 47: Studying, Frustration and Fun

awww thats cute! i hart this story its so amazing! your a really good writer! make them validate the next chapter faster! how many chapters are left?

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 49: NEWTs

Awsome chapter! i love that you showed the different point of views! i cant believe its almost over...its kind of depressing...this is one of my favorite out of my favotite fics...if tht makes sense...i still love sirius tho. sirius is the best! i cant wait for the final chapter! and yet at the same time i dont want it to come...kinda like with the 7th hp book...lol. your story is positively amazing! :D

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked them- I did too! Whoa... this story has been compared with Deathly Hallows?! Whoa.... THANKS!

Turning Saints Into the Sea by miss patil

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: James Potter is running out of time to win the heart of Lily Evans. In a last attempt to make her his, he formulates a secret plan.

Will the whole thing blow up in his face? . . . Or will Lily have some secrets of her own?

Warnings: Excessive amounts of romance, jealousy, and PMS.

I'm a'comin with the newest chapter!!
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 10/19/07 Title: Chapter 14: What is it with all these Hair Care Products?

About time you updated! Anyways at least it was a good chapter. The writing was excellent and the characters hav developed really nicely :) james is so sweet! Even if he is a dick for still being with bookbag girl. James and lily will get together soon right? Please say yes! Your story is awsome update soon!!!and tht beter be a heck of a lot sooner than last time!

Love Can't Be Stopped by ambush

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: New year, new start, new feelings. Has James' newly deflated ego and mature attitude finally won over the heart of Lily Evans? With a mixture of embarrassing situations, falling out of bed, and roaming hands, this year could be an interesting one.

My first fanfic everybody, so any criticism is very welcome! enjoy!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/11/07 Title: Chapter 8: All's Well that Ends the Term Well

oh this story is so good! you've really developed the characters nicely. i really like the story line and the writings really amazing! UPDATE SOON!!!!!! i really wana know what happens! please tell me will and carmen will get together in the end the suspense is complete madness!!!! lol :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I like to think that I have progressed in my writing as the story has developed :) Haha, I shall not say a word I am afraid...you will see...

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 10/13/07 Title: Chapter 9: An Eventful Holiday Season (part one)

Poor sarah! I love this story and this was an uber good chappie! :) I hope you update soon I can't wait to read the next chapter!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I am so glad! I will :)

Lily and James, A Love Unfolding by lupinslover

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is just to people to let you know, I changed the title of my story from Lily and James an Undying Love to Lily and James, A Love Unfolding. yeah after a year the title looked cheezy...so I changed it!

This story starts when Lily Evans first moves to a new neighbourhood. One that just happens to have James Potter, and his three unruly friends. Lily is invited to James' 11th birthday, where (little does she know it) she does magic. From then on, she is carried away in to the world of magic, and learning about things that could have only existed in her wildest imagination.
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/01/07 Title: Chapter 8: Surprises and Disappearances

more cliff hangers. darn you writers and your cliff hangers! brilliant story i love it mucho!!! update soon i'm not good with cliff hangers they drive me crazy! excellent writing by the way i positively love it! :)

Author's Response: thanks :) I\'m not sure when I\"ll be able to update though. : ( I have been busy and i haven\'t even started writing the next chapter. I Know what\'s gonna happen though : P

Why Do I Love You? by thepatronus_n_thecharm

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: We know James fell for Lily, but why? Lily doesn't want to know either. But she has to know. Join the Marauders and Lily's friends in a series of events that begins the ups and downs of loathing, loving, and life.

--Please leave your favorite quote when you review--

Hey, should I keep this story going? I'm thinking of doing a series of one shots. Review and vote yes or no to keep this story alive. Thanks!
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/03/07 Title: Chapter 6: A Secret Love

ooooh i lke this story! its totally going in my favorites! the writing is awsome and you captured the characters well! oh and btw heres my fav quote from this chapter : 'I flashed her my signature make-your-heart-melt grin. It always worked. I hope.

But Shannon just rolled her sparkling green and gold eyes at me. I was shocked. No girl could ever resist that grin. I turned away from her and conjured a small mirror. I smiled to myself in the mirror. Nope. Nothing wrong with the smile. So it must be the girl.'

thaat quote amused me :) its so funny how arrogant sirius is!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and putting me in your favorites! I think I\'m coming back...

Is it Pride or Prejudice? by Stormbringer

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Lily Evans is confident yet unsure of her future. Who needs a boyfriend anyway when you've got awesome friends? But when James Potter finds a way into her mind and heart, slowly but surely, Lily finds what she missed in life. Love, loathing, friendships, and hardships are all components of this epic tale.
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 11/21/07 Title: Chapter 20: Is It Pride Or Prejudice?

that was cute! good job (:

Some Coincidences are Meant to Happen by SummerRain

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: We all know James and Lily's relationship ended on a Halloween night with two bright green flashes, but how did it begin?

Were they introduced by friends? Did their eyes meet across a crowded room? Did it perhaps start with a small hello? Did they just lay eyes on each other and immediately hate one another?

Or maybe it began with a perfectly timed, destined chance encounter ... a coincidence, as some would say.

Join James and Lily in their Seventh year at Hogwarts as they recollect the times throughout their Hogwarts years that brought them together.

Teensiest bit of AU included, nothing major.
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 10/02/07 Title: Chapter 12: Through It All

haha! i love sirius! this story really makes you want a james potter doesnt it...anyways amazing chappie! the writing was incredible as always! i love this fic its in my favorites :) UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 11: Dare to Dream

oooohhhh i love this story its so sweet! you do a really good job of capturing the characters i hope you update soon!

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 11: Dare to Dream

oooohhhh i love this story its so sweet! you do a really good job of capturing the characters i hope you update soon!

Lily and James by blue sapphire lady

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Everyone knows that Lily hates James and James likes Lily. James is usually trying his best to impress Lily while she's trying to avoid him at all costs. Neither is working and they always seem to be together through a series of crazy and weird events. . Read and review, this is my first story! For information about chapter 4 and 5, read my bio!
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/02/07 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8- A Little Problem

OH.MI.GOD! That is friggen hilarious!!! LMAO!!!! I was laughing for like 10 minutes after I read this chapter! Omg I love this fic UPDATE SOON!!!

My Deliverance by TwinSuns

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story
Summary: Voldemort's rising reign of terror, NEWTs, death attempts, a Headship, a tangled affair with James Potter, hilarity, grief, love, secrecy, maddness... it's almost hard to believe that I've survived to graduate. I am Lily Evans, and this is my 7th year.
Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 09/02/07 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter Six: Intrigue

oh my god i love this story!!! this is probably my favorite fic. the writing is incredible and i love the story line! please update soon i'm dying to know what happens!!!!!!! :)

Thrice Defied by leighpotter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: So, it’s James and Lily’s last year at Hogwarts.
All the year ahead of them full of spells, arguments, Quidditch, arguments, detention, arguments...But, this time, something is different. James Potter is more determined than ever to win Lily Evans’s heart and she seems to be considering.

Maybe, just maybe, a year of rule-breaking, rule-following and fighting for their lives will liven up the romance at Hogwarts...
A story that’s centred on the (inevitable!) romance of Lily and James but also one that goes into the darker sides of that last seventh year. Prepare yourselves for a little R.A.B. , a few Horcuxes, a dash of lovesick Severus and more than a few brilliant moments between the fights, the laughs, the fluff and the danger!

Warnings for extra funny Sirius and Remus moments (that include a love-potion gone wrong and marriage proposals due to drink) , alarming giggling spells from a character who bears more than a resemblance to our own Loony Lovegood, Quidditch talk from a fun Alice Vance, evil Bellatrix and Narcissa, and Lily and James in the middle of it, falling in love without knowing...

AU warning (not for some horrifying reason as you may assume – like Lily dying or Remus turning into a chicken – but because two of the characters – namely Lucius and Bella – are in Lily and James’ seventh year as well when we know from canon that they're older! Just a minor difference but then I really needed some nastiness in the story!)
xxx leighpotter ;)

Reviewer: i_hart_wheezys Signed
Date: 11/04/07 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9-Christmas Without Prongs

good chapter! i like how you show lilys begining to become mor concerned for james dont make her fall for nat tho! i mean hes cool and evrything...but hes not James!!!!! update!

Author's Response: Of course he\'s not James. No one is James. No one could ever be James...especially for Lily. But she will begin to have feelings for both of them and she\'ll be terribly confused and...wait...why am I telling you all this? You\'ll have to wait for my next chapter!!!Thanks for the review!!! :)