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A Few Detentions and A Story by LaneTechFreshie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James Potter: Marauder. Lily Evans: Prefect. They're both seventh years at Hogwarts. They're also about to have a pretty interesting year--complete with a few detentions, pranks, confusion, and laughter--in which they get through school, make some trouble and maybe, just maybe, sort out their feelings for each other.

Thanks to all you who have made it possible for this story to be in the Top Tens. It was a very happy moment when I first saw my story on the list, and I love being able to go back and see it there now. Still. Yay!

Throughout the latter half of 2010, and the first half of 2011, I re-edited this story. The changes were mostly to fix stray (and annoying) grammar and spelling errors, but also to rework some plot points in an effort to stay truer to canon. I also updated the style; having written this story so long ago, my writing has definitely developed (and I would say gotten better), so I edited to reflect that. (I apologize for the errors that were in the story before all this editing. I found them immensely distressing when I reread my chapters. Heartbreaking, really.)

Big “thank yous” go to the three people who helped edit/nitpick the first edition of this novel: violagirl, fairiesandcream, and Omagus.
And yes, this story is up on Fanficition.net under the penname: Io.Sono.Emilia.
Of course, as a disclaimer, I’m not JK Rowling. The Potterverse does not belong to me, but I am in it and love it.
Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/27/07 Title: Chapter 13: Betrayal

death to stacy and snivilus!!!!

Author's Response: Well... that\'s not very nice....

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 36: Overdue Witch Talk

omg i love that movie!! lilys so cool. she should get really annoyed and hex layla and then get congragulated by all the muraders( is that how you spell it?)

Author's Response: I\'m a bit confused... What movie? I\'ll go and check later. :-D Well, I\'ve already written Lily\'s response, so you\'ll have to tell me what you think. :-D And it\'s Marauders. Hehe.

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 41: Necessary Reunion

i loved the long chapter. even though im reading this after youve already written most of it, long chapters are sooooo good when im waiting for an update!!! i must have read the revised version, but i still got a distinct impression of Capt. jack!! i liked it though, brought out sirius' rough character!!!

Author's Response: I never changed the Capt. Jack= Sirius bit. Nope. I added it in right before I uploaded the chapter, but that was always there- Haha. And I know what you mean about loving long chapters. :-D I love \'em too, even though I haven\'t read very much fanfiction lately. Hehe. Whoops. :-D But thanks- glad you love it!

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 42: St. Valentine's Festivities

he, he he, i love mcgonagall!!

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/30/07 Title: Chapter 43: Even More Detentions

ok, mcgonagal just got so much cooler. i don't know if you realized this, but the part where mcgonagal tell lily that pranksters always prank and its the non- pranksters you have to watch, it reminded me sooo sooo very much of that scene in the first pirates movie where Capt. jack says that the dishonest people will always be dishonest but its the honest ones you have to watch, cause you never know when theyll do something incredably stupid!!! just thought i'd point that out after sirius' last "pirate" comment.

Author's Response: Yup... that was EXACTLY where I got the McG quote. Haha. It would\'ve been WAY TOO MUCH coincidence if I hadn\'t planned that out. haha. But yup, McG is a pretty cool old lady. X\'D *laugh*

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/27/07 Title: Chapter 4: The Fight and the Punishment

omg. i love lily!! you portayed her perfectly in this chapter! &D

Author's Response: Glad you liked her! I like her too. :-D

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/27/07 Title: Chapter 11: More Detentions

omg. i love it! it fits james so well, and remus and sirius too! definately do more pranks!!

Author's Response: Story\'s been written- completely. No more pranks. Maybe some in the sequel. :-D

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 09/28/07 Title: Chapter 16: Bad News

i don't think james was OOC at all. thats exactly how i thought he would act if his parents died. ive read a couple of stories where his parents die and this is the best one ive seen

Author's Response: Well, I\'m glad to hear it! It does ease my mind a bit. :-D Thanks!


Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 08/29/07 Title: None

are you still working on this story? i really hope so, i love it so far and cant wait to read more!!!

Questioning the Freak and the Whale by Phenioxsong22

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Lily has planned this meeting from the day she and James began dating. First, there would be the greetings between James and her parents. Then, dinner would come. This would be closely followed by a time to just chat and have her parents and boyfriend become acquainted with each other. Everything would be perfect. But this all changes after her sister’s insufferable boyfriend shows up, “Black” magic goes haywire, and her parents don’t return from ‘their honeymoon all over again’ until the next day. Couples battle it out, and it seems no one will make it out in one piece after three arm wrestling matches, a bounding black dog, and an angry exchange. This meeting is certainly not going as planned...

Chapter 7 Updated!!
Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 08/29/07 Title: Chapter 4: Vernonís Long Lost Cousin

i love the story!!!! really want an update, cause it's one of the funniest stories i ve read please please update

Author's Response: I\'m trying!! It\'s just that there isn\'t enough time in the day, but I\'m trying extemely hard to finish it! If it makes you feel better the entire story is planned out and I know exactly what\'s going to happen. Thanks for reviewing and I\'ll try to get chapter 5 to you as soon as possible.

Potter's Pentagon: The Five (Book One) by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: WARNING! This story contains a jingle-bell antler headband, a shower of potatoes, boy/girl mushiness, underwear karaoke, family trouble, an excessively adorable werewolf, death, the song "Werewolves of London," betrayal, and the word 'Jordan' five times in a row near the beginning of chapter seven.

Twenty-one years after Voldemort's defeat, five fourth-years are faced with a new threat. Will all of the five stay true to the light side? Will they all emerge whole in the end? Will Jordan Potter ever get a life? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp, you'll sigh! Part one in a trilogy!

Well, after much deliberation and consideration, I've decided to submit my future-gen trilogy! This particular installment is three years old, so it's definitely different from my current writing style, but I'm quite fond of the characters.

DH is disregarded. It's a total coincidence that one of the main characters is named Ted Lupin.

Starring Quicksilver Quills 2008 Best Male Original Character runner-up Jordan Potter, Best Female Original Character nominees Ivy Potter, Haley Potter, and Emma Weasley, and Best Male Original Character nominee Ted Lupin!

Five times nominated (once for each member of Potter's Pentagon!) for the Best Post-Hogwarts story in the 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards, and nominated for Best Post-Hogwarts story in the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Awards...

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 12/02/07 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10: In Which Our Heroes Are Called Just That

i absolutly loved all the characters. the good ones at least. you explain them so well. this is some of the best characterization ive read. more specific favorites: i love emma's spunk, i love how you made the mental battle with ivy about malfoy being two differnt people so evedent. i loved how well you explained jordan and his mental dilima. i love haley's perky tweaks (though i would never be caught dead in her clothes!! but they did fit her) even the minor characters like ivy's brother were no where near flat. i didn't like blaise at all. he seems such an arogant mightyer than thou type ( the characterization was great!) it is now 3:30 in the morning and i loved your story enough to have been reading it for the past three hours! it made me laugh with the random humor, expecialy the potatoes. i cant wait to read the sequel. and this is horendously long, so im gonna shut up now.

The Weasley War by lucilla_pauie

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: “Triwizard Tournament Reinstated Once Again

It seems only yesterday since yours truly has covered this same prestigious event, writes Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet reporter. The Tournament is made even more intriguing this year, a quarter of a century from the last one, by the presence of members of one influential Wizarding family in all three schools. The Granger-Weasleys have moved to France five years after the war to assist heading Gringotts’ branch of Treasury across the channel with the Delacour-Weasleys. Meanwhile, Percy Weasley have been in self-exile somewhere in Northern Europe since before the victorious end of the war after his father Arthur Weasley’s tragic demise. And of course, we know how the rest of the Weasleys and Weasley-Potters hold sway at Hogwarts. The Igniting of the Goblet of Fire was made colourful by the arrival of Howlers to members of the Weasley family. They each received dire orders not to enter.

However, if the last Tournament was any inclination of the determination of entrants...we may be assured we will have a Weasley War...cont. pg.3...”

A Triwizard Tale for the Summer Challenge, writes LucillaJoanna, Hufflepuff Correspondent.

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 01/21/08 Title: Chapter 1: X. Cups; IX. What Matters Most

i loved it. but im a bit confused. did they all chose the clay. it seems like they would, from gram's comment at the begining (or the end? the first chapter during the "burrow days"), but i dont get the dimonds comment.

i love how you wrote though. youre right, it works better in reverse, give a lot of signifagance to the clay cup. and it was just plain intersting this way!

Author's Response: Thanks, hon! Yes, they all chose the clay. The diamonds comment... what I wanted to convey was that diamonds are too... opulent and flashy. And they do look like ice, too. Not warm. The Weasleys are all about warmth. *hugs* I\'m so glad you liked this.


Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 03/29/08 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

omg. i love this story. is there any chance of an update any time soon?

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

t-ray's boys went after danny? i thought his name was tommy. was sean lying to his mum? i love the story, you should update soon!! i can't wait till sirius' kids meet harry!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for spotting that. I shall correct it post haste. Yes, you are correct they were after Tommy Ray. Again thank you very much.

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 11/05/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

yea. you just made my day with this update! thank you thank you thank you!! i loved how sean responded to mcgonagall. i cant wait till he has her for a teacher

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 11/05/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

yea. you just made my day with this update! thank you thank you thank you!! i loved how sean responded to mcgonagall. i cant wait till he has her for a teacher

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 01/13/08 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

i am so hooked on this story. i cant wait for the next chapter. please update soon! sean might be cliche, but i like him. his character is rounded more than a typical cliche though. i like that scene with his sister. please please update soon!

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 10/27/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

ok, cool. i thought he might have been lying to his mom about who t-ray's boys went after for some reason. nice to know im not just slow *jumps up and down in excitement* well, you should update really soon. ill make you lots of cookies and as soon as i find a way, ill send them to you over the internet! yummy cookies ... * wafts the smell of the the cookies tward you* (yes, i love bribes!)

The Resistance by enchantedsleeper

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: [Spoilers for Deathly Hallows] We all know what Ron, Harry and Hermione were doing at the time. Now, this is the story of the second Dumbledore's Army, and their resistance against Snape and the Carrows. Canon pairings.
Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 10/24/07 Title: Chapter 1: Leaving For Hogwarts

please please please update. im going insane waiting!!!

Author's Response: xD I\'m sorry!! Chapter 3 is in progress, but then it has been for a while. I keep getting random writer\'s blocks. T_T Stealing the Sword of Gryffindor is a tricky business!

Reviewer: humyn Signed
Date: 08/20/07 Title: Chapter 1: Leaving For Hogwarts

really good portrayal of the characters
what does sixth/ fifth former mean?

Author's Response: Sixth former is someone in their second-to-last year at Hogwarts. Fifth former someone in is the year before that (so OWL year).