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Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 08/31/07 Title: None

YES!!!!!!!! I actully (for once in my life) Guess right!!! I figered it out with the whole Veggie thing lmao!!!!!!!!!!-dances all happy like-

Meant to Be by annie

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 529 Reviews
Summary: It is their final year at Hogwarts, and Hermione and Draco start it off burdened by confusion and mixed feelings after catching a glimpse of the near future. This is a fic about the two students as they deal with their fate and the knowledge of what is to come with the aid of a magical window into the future. (Rated PG-13 for mild violence in later chapters)

Chapter 19 has been posted. This fic is finished. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed!

This fic is now available in Chinese, thanks to Levy. Link: http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=261897233
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 09/13/07 Title: Chapter 19: Meant to Be


Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 09/13/07 Title: Chapter 19: Meant to Be


Great Plans by LariLee

Rated:217 Reviews
Summary: During a Seventh Year Potions class, Severus Snape begins thinking on and making plans for his future.
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/29/07 Title: Chapter 5: Serving Two Masters

Hello Plot Bunnies you all made me happy today...

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/29/07 Title: Chapter 5: Serving Two Masters

Hello Plot Bunnies you all made me happy today...


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 03/27/08 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 11 - And They Went Their Separate Ways

I Love the characters, not so much the ending but im about to go see if you wrote anymore about Miss. potter. so ttfn.

A Grandmother's Tale by Magical Maeve

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 40 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: A little character exploration. How did Neville's Gran take the news of her son's torture and what does she really think of her grandson?
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/07/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Grandmother's Tale

Neville's poor grandmother....THis one makes me want to cry....

Death Be Not Proud... by Magical Maeve

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: Okay, this is a strange one. I finished Daughter Of Light yesterday and decided to start my big edit of the whole fic. As I was working on chapter three this scene popped into my head. It is Maeve and Severus' death. I had to write it, just because the idea wouldn't leave me alone, so here it is. It's what could happen in a hundred years or so... so don't get too traumatised. :-)
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/07/07 Title: Chapter 1: Death Be Not Proud...


A Tale of Two Matchmakers by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 1387 Reviews
Summary: Romance for three couples when Blaise and Luna use Shakespearean styled matchmaking to hook up Ginny and Draco. There's Much Ado about...something!

Nominated for a Quicksilver Quill for Best Romance-Non Canon 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2010 mods changed the rules (they got tired of the same fics being nominated ^_~) so no more QQ hopes, but that's okay. No proof is needed that Draco/Ginny = love.  

* Written before the HBP, this tale presents an alternate sixth year in which Dumbledore lives, Draco is more than a foil to Harry, and Blaise Zabini is a girl. I hope readers who ship Draco/Ginny will enjoy the story which includes dancing with faeries, Celtic and Norse mythology, school holidays in London and Spain, and loads of fantasy and romance. "Is this a kissing book?" (to quote the Princess Bride) Yes, it is. *

(Warnings were added for safety, due to brief allusions in later chapters, not graphic content.)


Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 10/29/07 Title: Chapter 52: The Long Goodbye Part Three: Draco and Ginny

lol im all for falling in love and snogging now if only i could find me a lover to snogg....hmmm i loved your story....My friend blam you for my laptop being glued to my lap untill 5 am almost everyday this week.

Author's Response: I am quite willing to take the blame and only wish your friend would have read the story too! :D

Thank you for spending your time reading, when I know there are so many other things you could have done. (painted your friend\'s nails, lol)

His Draught of Delicate Poison by Subversa

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 785 Reviews
Summary: In the wake of the Final Battle, the Order has opened Headquarters to house its youngest members during a summer of Ministry-sponsored social events. With Snape as a chaperone, and engaged to another woman, the advent of a busy Hermione, determined to see her friends in love-matches, can only be a recipe for disaster.
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 12/01/07 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21

As a writer (even though i have no storys here) I also would have ended it at "Now we wait." But as a reader i am glade that you didnt, you are right that people would go marching on your castle with flame-lit torches.....and as a reader of this story i would be one of those charming people.

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/30/07 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

you are mean.....When i got my promdress it fit perfectly and then almost a year later i got invited to a ball (yeah a ball...in 2007 who would think) i wore the dress agian and it needed to be let out abit in the bust and taken in at the waste....it droped amost a inch and ahalf....I wanted to die... well atleast it wasnt that way at prom lmao...

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 11/30/07 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

that is a very mean place to leave us....

A Child's Gift by WinkeeJR

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 868 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Draco wanted to get away. He needed to get away from all the things that reminded him everyday of the mistakes he had made and the one he had lost. He found the perfect spot too, a small town in Wyoming, USA, a place called Nowhere. A perfect name as far as he was concerned. Magic, fate has a way of finding you no matter where you go though.
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 04/18/08 Title: Chapter 34: Epilogue

awe i loved this story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Come Hell or High Water by Slian Martreb

Rated: Professors • 260 Reviews
Summary: The Final Battle is one year past and on the eve of the one year anniversary there is much to be noted. The sacrifices made, the lives lost, the futures changed. And there, if you look, two lives, so intertwined, so connected for so long that are about to collide.

Please note: All warnings do not apply to all chapters, but I would hate to get someone involved and then turned away. This is a Dark Work. You have been warned.
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 3: Nature's Mission

Even thou chapt. four is through i thought i would guess for the fun of it. before moving on to the next capt. "Of course. Ten points from Slytherin for their offensive Head of House" Thats my guess. Ciao!

Author's Response: Actually, it\'s the line about Ron and pronouns, if I remember correctly, but thanks for reading and guessing anyway!

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 11: Epilogue

OMG I loved this every last bit of it, I think my cuz almost killed me for staying up till five in the morning reading this one, I can't wait to go back and read Come Hell and then High water.....-smiles!- By far one of my Fav Snape/Hermione ones! if i donn't stop soon this will turn into a rant. Ciao!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, again! I\'m thrilled you enjoyed it!

Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin by fawkes_07

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 599 Reviews
Summary: This is an alternate version of Book Seven. Harry reluctantly returns to Hogwarts to train with a new DADA teacher, one appointed in specifically for Harry in Dumbledore's will. As the rest of the Wizard World reacts to Dumbledore's defeat, Harry develops the skills he needs to fulfill the Prophecy--including mastery of the Kedavra curse.

Mysteries are explored along the way, particularly the "missing 24 hours" from 1981--the span of time between Hagrid taking Baby Harry from the ruins of Godric's Hollow on Halloween Night, and his arrival to hand off Baby Harry on Privet Drive the following night. The Veil Room in the Department of Mysteries is also revisited. A traitor is uncovered, and Dumbledore's wisdom comes into question. And even when all goes as planned, things are not all they seem.

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 09/26/07 Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 38: The Darkest Secret

amazing.....I can't wait to hear what Albus has do say.

Author's Response: me either!

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 05/07/08 Title: Chapter 49: Chapter 46: Neither Can Live While The Other Survives

yay i get to pat myself on the back! I still think tura's death and pointless....-.-' but thats perhaps bc I liked her.

Author's Response: Well, there\'s still a few more twists to this story... read on.

Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 05/15/08 Title: Chapter 51: Chapter 48: The Boon That Is His Due

You brought tura back! YAY!!!!!!!! Did i mention how much i love you today?

Author's Response: *blush* awwww, shucks.

One Last Golden Day by Gryffinpuff

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 86 Reviews
Summary: The war has been over for nearly a year. Voldemort fell, but at a heavy price, leaving the wizarding world’s three beloved heroes prisoners in their own minds. After a year of talking with Healers and tearful visits to St. Mungo’s, Arthur Weasley is desperate. He’ll do anything to help them, even venture into the Department of Mysteries to obtain a possible cure…

Received highest marks and Order of the Hospital Wing, First Class in the Harry Hospital Wing Project!!!
Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 12/10/07 Title: Chapter 5: Hope

This made me cry. it was beautiful.

Simon says... by Peach

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 151 Reviews
Summary: In Harry’s sixth year a fifth house is added at Hogwarts. During re-sorting, recent events cause Harry to reconsider – and he unintentionally ends up in Slytherin, where he meets Simon, a former Ravenclaw.

When a new prophecy surfaces, old bonds of friendship will be challenged. Harry has to deal with the question of friend or foe, faith or fool, while living in times of mistrust, betrayal, and death. (No Slash)

The PG-13 rating and warnings are for later chapters. A short note will be posted at the beginning of each one of them.


Reviewer: fairiegirl Signed
Date: 08/22/07 Title: Chapter 9: (Ir)rational Jealousy

Meep. Loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you!