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Hey my darling people who acutally decided to read this. My names Remi, Im 14 and a hopeless romantic (even though my life has nothing romantic about it) Im mainly hear to reveiw on the amazing storys MNFF has to offer.

I enjoy Lily/James storys the most and I Adore Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione a whole lot. Ocationally Ill be bored and read a humour fic but I WILL NEVER READ ANYHTING NOT CANNON. Like those wacky Harry/Hermione shippers theyre nuts. Other than that I've been wokring on stories just havent gotten around to giving them to a beta or typing them up on my computer. Other than that there still just little ramblings in a note book under my pillow penned in blue color pencil =)

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Harry Potter and Beyond The Veil by tear_away

Rated: Professors •

Harry's life stands at a crossroads.

He is torn between a return to the only true home he as ever known or a dark and dangerous winding and twisting road through Horcruxes and ending with murder.

But can he become a murderer? Can he over come the Dark Arts, while dabbling within them? Will Ron and Hermione stand beside him on the road to doom? And if love is truly his greatest power then why did he let his only true love go?

To defeat evil, Harry must climb a mountain of dark Death Eaters and Ministry mayhem - but will he come out on top in the Final Battle?

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 09/08/07 Title: Chapter 15: Going Home

Wow aweome chapter well worth the wait! well not really just dont take forever to update again...amazing chpater by the way! Thanks for cheering me up after i had such a bad frist wekk of school!

Author's Response:

Well school can be a bummer, I have to go back to uni in a few weeks. :(

Update soon I promise.

A Christmas Gift by Hallie Black

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Sometimes, the most simple and unexpected gifts are the ones we appreciate the most.
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 03/21/08 Title: Chapter 1: (one-shot)

That *whipes tear* was amazing! Thank you so much for this story because I to am experiencing what it is (or well was) like to be Lily in well the begining of your story. I have lost and countine feeling im losing friends just the way Lily was.. and I feel so darn worthless I hope my James will come along and just tell me that Im speical (cause guys don't do that kind of stuff to me) Thanks for the amazing read=)

The Marauder's Map's Secret Power! by Bookwormy

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Moony, the Academics Specialist

Padfoot, the Relationship Consultant

Prongs, the Sports Guide


Wormtail, the Hobbies Consultant

Join Ron, Hermione and Harry as they are advised by the Marauders. Wondering how? Read on, then.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 11/03/07 Title: Chapter 2: Ronald Weasley

Awesone!!! Simply amazing!! Extreamly funny like this part...A few people in the room smirked on seeing Ron and Hermione's latest happening, a few glanced away with an expression that said, "Well, all knew this was bound to happen", while a few others shrieked like they had seen a ghost...er...no, ghosts are common in Hogwarts, so let's say they had seen Voldemort. In a bikini. Bright pink. Posing like a supermodel. Oh well. Actually, the latter group included just one girl, and that was Lavender Brown.
Ha that made me crack up!! Can't wait to read Harrys maybe ginny will even get to use the map as well...

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m glad you liked it. I haven\'t thought of writing about Ginny as yet...oh well. We\'ll see. Thanks for the review :)

Of Christmas Past by Chaser921

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny find themselves in a Muggle hotel in Godric's Hollow on the Winter Solstice. During an enthusiastic snowball fight, Harry and Ginny step through a stone circle that transports them seventeen years into the past. This may be the only chance Harry has to spend with his parents, and it may also be what he needs to figure out his relationship with Ginny.

The warning is for later chapters.

Edit: So, this was originally strictly a Harry/Ginny fic, but Ron and Hermione kept trying to get together too, so I felt like I had to change the category. And there's a bit of Lily/James in there too, though they're already married, and I've also added a bit of Remus/Tonks. Poor Sirius is the only Singleton (though he may manage to get a girl of his own)!

Edit: This story was cannon until after Deathly Hallows came out, so I changed it to Alternate Universe, but it's still pretty close to cannon. Only a few things will end up being different when the story ends.

Edit: I've changed all of the chapter titles to the titles of Christmas songs that I felt reflected the events in the chapters best. Tell me what you think! Does it fit?
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 10/21/07 Title: Chapter 9: Do You Hear What I Hear?

The Lover’s Snitch. The band of Celtic knot work around the center of the Snitch symbolizes everlasting commitment and love. The knots never end, and they circle the Snitch completely, only breaking when the Snitch is opened to place an item of great value to the receiver of the Snitch.

Aw thats my favorite part! Ginny will love it!! And Ron and Hermione HAPPY!! Wow great chapter can't wait for the next one!!

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 12/31/09 Title: Chapter 15: T'was the Night Before Christmas

That was pretty good! Im happy you didnt abandon this and leave my immagination to find you and sit in a corner of your mind nagging you!! hahah really good update as soon as possible and you'll get some nice new years cookies :)

Author's Response: You're welcome :-). And the update is finally up! Chapter 16 FINALLY got through, and is available.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 09/15/07 Title: Chapter 8: Silver Bells

Hey wait does lily sort of have an idea that theyre dead if you know harry has james invisibility cloak? huh well other then that ammazing writing its so gripping and i get so into it

Author's Response: Lily and James don\'t know what\'s going on yet. They know something is wrong, but they have no idea that they\'re dead. Plus, they\'re still in a bit of shock that their son from the future has shown up and they\'re busy b/c it\'s Christmas, so they haven\'t really thought about it that much yet.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 10/10/09 Title: Chapter 15: T'was the Night Before Christmas

oh my gosh oh my gosh that wormtail!! If i was there I'd kill him!! Lovely chapter btw even if it took forever to get here!!

Opposites Attract - A James/Lily Story by radcliffe4eva

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: It is the Maruader's Seventh Year. With it comes more problems - Voldemort is gaining power, danger is rising, and James still cannot get Lily to go out with him. Join us as we explore the little-known story of James and Lily's past. **Although this is a James/Lily fic, the Marauders also star in it as well.

3/12/10 I've been editing and I'm pretty sure I'm going to take this up again...
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 04/01/10 Title: Chapter 13: Girl Hugs and Manly Embraces

Hiyaa my names Remi and well since you have something pretty funy here and i would like to know that if you ever need any help at all I could help you cause I always get great ideas for stories and I just never ever can sit long enough to write them so if you need any help please email me or something!

Wednesday Dates by belladonna_tb

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Whoever knew that a couple still went on "dates" after they were married?

:::old H/G:::

Runner-Up in the Best Canon Romance category of the 2007 Quicksilver Quill Awards

For those interested, I'm planning on writing a Prequel to this story. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 11/06/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh my godness!! Im practically crying so much i could fill up a whole cup!! And my mother is just staring at me as i cry over this!! Well congrats on the award!! Keep on writing

Another Dance by KASK

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Life is wonderful, or so they say. Harry Potter never really did get a chance to experience this. He never had fond childhood memories or a loving family. But as his life grows darker with what is to come, he shares a final dance. That's when he realizes there may be something left to live for: another dance with Ginny Weasley.
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 01/26/08 Title: Chapter 1: Another Dance

Why do you insist on making me cry!!! Ha my mom just walked through the room and shes like "why are you crying" and i just whip a tear from my eye saying 'this is amazing thtas why' and then she rolls her eyes at me!! After all the horribleness thats happeneing my my life i just curl up in my computer chair with a cup of hot chocolate and read your brilliant storys. Thank you ever so much!!

Author's Response: No, thank you!

The Wedding Ring by KASK

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Lily and James Potter were always happy and in love. In a way, they never had to try to make it work. But, going through a rough time, their relationship is pushed to its limits.

Written for the February One-Shot Challenge by Kask of Slytherin.

Winner of the February One-Shot Challenge.
Winner of the 2007 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Canon Romance.
Thank you everyone :)

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 11/03/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Wedding Ring

Oh my goodness! No wonder why this story won! I am actually sitting and crying in my computer chair! It was such a powerful one shot!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! :D

The E-Journal of an Evil Janitor by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's the sequel to "The Dark Lord's Blog," guys! (And girls... and, I don't know, gender-neutral people and centaurs and walruses and parameciums and shrubs and stuff.)

Several months have passed since Filch came into possession of Voldemort's magical powers, and he has taken over Hogwarts.

With Filch serving as The Dark Lord Snoogerblossom, the position of Hogwarts caretaker/janitor is open. Seeing as Voldemort wants his magical powers back, he and his extremely attractive new sidekick, Mungo Phelps, go undercover at Hogwarts, with Mungo posing as a transfer student and Voldemort posing as the new janitor. Wacky high-jinks ensue.

Join Voldemort as he tries to get back his magic, kill Harry Potter, steal Gryffindor's sword to make a shiny new Horcrux, romance Minerva McGonagall, discover Sirius's secret to becoming a chick magnet, and swallow a teaspoon of his pride to mop up spills the Muggle way and wear an unflattering uniform! WARNING: Extremely silly and very out-of-character.

If you haven't read "The Dark Lord's Blog," well, what are you doing? GO READ IT NOW! Just click on my author name and you'll be directed to my chaotic author page, which lists all my wacky stories.

This is on hiatus, dudes. Ooh! But it was twice nominated by nice (and insane) people for the Best Humour Fic award in the Quicksilver Quills thingy!

Also, some wonderful loony nominated Mungo Phelps for Best Male OC, making him if possible even more conceited! (No one had the heart to tell Mungo that he was designed as an example of a terrible OC.)

EXCITING NEWS! "The E-Journal of an Evil Janitor" is now continued as a Twitter blog! Go to Twitter dot com and find thedarklord666. Voldy's waiting!
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 10/03/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Not A Loyal Slave In The World

Okay heres my post for voldy:
Re: Becoming one fo your Followers! :)
Hey Voldy!! I was just reading your blog and i would like to say WOW your blog is ahmazing! Where can i sign up to be a death eater i already renewed my stalking/lisence to kill lisence!!! But i just gotta let you know im extreamly peppy and well i love PINK and smilies :) you should try some smilies sometimes it really brightens up your post and stuff!! :) Oh yeah and I LOVE YOU VOLDY!! =]
-Posted by REMi iS AWESOME (MNFF)

Yeah i finally had a chance to post this for voldys blog! Kepp writing your amazing!!

Author's Response: Hahahaha, I can\'t wait to write Voldy\'s reaction to this one, Emily!

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 09/27/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Enter The OC. Dramatically.

Nice one!! sorry i just relised you made a sequal so kindly ignore my other review!! oh can i please be in your story!!! maybe a girl taht is in love with lord voldemort and joins his death eater ranks!! That would be amazing!! lovely story! actually extreamly harious this time!! again i fell off my chair laughing!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! Well, I don\'t know about a girl who loves Voldemort, but you can always submit a comment for Voldemort\'s comments section!

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 10/27/08 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Enter The OC. Dramatically.

My Darling Smergyy!! Gosh I've missed youuu!! I've been to busy dealing wtih the horrible adventures of high school that I completel'y ddin't have time to ask in your glory!!! So my dea, I think that Voldy should do soemthing I did just a few minutes ago, So I got an amazment of fish over the summer and the tank waters been quite icky for the past few dyas so I decided to take my fish out and put then in a big pot that convincidentally was filled with water and my sisters chia pet that they needed to soak inside water, So I put the fish in so you know how theres a little hole at the top of the chia pet where the water goes inside right welll my stupid butt faced fish were like wow lets go swim inside so well they did, the only problem is that 2 out of the 7 and a sucker fish named fred is stuck inside the hole and well i can't take the chia pet out of the water or well the water will come out killing my fish and well its going to be pretty awkward trying to get them out of the hole so I've been watching the chia pet with these 3 fish inside trying not to draw attention to myself while trying to shake them out, I guess my mom was right I shouldn't have put them inside the big pot while I cleaned the tank!! Oh welll Smergyy my dear enjoy your Halloween I LOVEEE YOUUUU!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, hi! That is a crazy, crazy story, and I know I'm a horrible person, but it really made me laugh. I will certainly enjoy Halloween-- 'tis my favourite holiday! And I love you for your reviews and crazy stories!

Killer Instincts by Ginny Weasley Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: London: Four murders have taken place under bizarre circumstances, for what seems to be an equally bizarre reason.

Harry, a happily wedded man with a wonderful wife and a cute daughter, is an Auror at the Ministry of Magic and is now given a new case to solve with Ron and four other Aurors. Incidentally, the four Aurors include Ginny, Harry’s ‘schoolboy crush’; and it turns out to be much more than a crush when Harry sees her again. What’s more is that Harry is working upon a case that seems to connect to him directly. And once again, it opens up old fears: fears of losing loved ones.

Ron, on the other hand, seems to be tired of Hermione. Tempers are running high and fights are breaking out more often than usual. Are they really falling apart? Or can they sort this out before it is too late?

Then there is the case itself. Who is trustworthy, and who is not? Who is deadly enough to murder four people in cold blood?

Indulge into the gut-wrenching action, combined with warm romance and tingling suspense; while I tell you a story of love, ambition and obsession… a story of what those killer instincts can do. EDIT: MAJOR revamping going on, with regard to plot, characterisation, and general style of writing. I would urge you not to read this until I've removed this notice because I wasn't very good six years ago, and this is as bad as I was. *Places traffic cones*
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 09/04/07 Title: Chapter 4: Argument Over Breakfast

wow amazing very thought provoking...god i hate parvati i hated her even in goblet of fire oh well ig euss she was just always on my bad side

Author's Response: Parvati? She\'s a nice character! Oh, maybe I\'m prejudiced because she\'s a fellow Indian, but I think Parvati is not bad. If she\'s a Gryffindor, she ought to be noble! Just being giggly and gossipy does not make a person bad. But if you hate her, you\'ll love her in this story. I promise. And thanks for the review! :)

A Death Eater Handbook by Scheherazade

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Do you have what it takes to be a Death Eater? In these "short" guidelines written by the Dark Lord himself, you'll find out all the do's and don't's and other info of being a Death Eather in Voldemort's service....

Rated 6th-7th years for mild language and slight innuendo.
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 02/23/08 Title: Chapter 1: A Death Eater Handbook

FABULOUSNESS IN THE FORM OF WRITING! Oh how I wish I was you! I just love this handbook! Oh and pretty soon you'll be expecting my death eater app jsut after I finish my honor society one! Oh ask Voldy if I may call him Mr. Grumpy Gills would you please?
Oh and now for somereason I find the dark lord kinda hott (shh dont tell anyone ;) I love rule 37 the best though seeing as well its my drema to go to Disney too! 24 and 25 are so halarious too! And Im pretty awesome (if I do say so my self) pretty evil =) I heart you and your storys but yet I have the strong urge to do a brain transplant with you =)!

Author's Response: *blushes* Thanks!!! :-D I can\'t wait to receive you application. After DH, the group\'s numbers dwindled greatly. Oh, and he wishes not be called Mr. Grumpy Gills, lol. I\'m really glad you liked the fic!!

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 02/24/08 Title: Chapter 1: A Death Eater Handbook

(Name): Remi
(Age): 13 and a half
(Circle your blood status): Pureblood
(Address): Somewhere on Long Island in NY
(Sex. Please resist the temptation to pick more than one): Female
(Year of Hogwarts Graduation): ohhh ummm I kinda skipped Hogwarts.. Im still waiting for that letter (darn those owls they must be lost)
(House Affiliation): Gyrffindor (but yet Im as evil as you my lovely voldykins)
(Wand type and size. No, not that "wand"): Ohh 13 1/2 inches maple
(In your own words, describe how you feel [i.e., hate] about Muggles and Mudbloods, and why you wish to serve me for all eternity): I LOVE YOU VOLDEMORT!! I LOVE YOU MORE THEN BELLA (withc is saying a lot =) Oh and if you dont mind I need to kill i mean dispose of some people that i know.

Theres my app!
Maybe now on my honor society one i should put death eater under other things =)

Author's Response: Oh, that would be cool! lol Voldy wishes me to tell you that he is very flattered that you love him so. ;-)

The Pursuit by MagEd

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Harry and Ginny are happily married with a baby on the way. When they manipulate Ron and Hermione into both meeting them for lunch, the last thing anyone expected was for Harry and Ginny to be kidnapped.

Suddenly Ron and Hermione are left with nothing more than a note and the realization it’s up to them to follow the clues and rescue the couple they both love and adore. If only the clues weren't nonsense. If only they knew who could possibly have taken Harry and Ginny. If only they didn’t hate each other. If only they hadn’t once loved each other.

Life just got a whole lot more complicated for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.


"Harry was right: there was no such thing as understanding girls, no matter how old a bloke got."
Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 01/01/08 Title: Chapter 5: The Girl

New Orleans!! Wow Hermiones changed! You have a few little spelling errors in the 3rd chapter i believe. But hey that makes you seem more normal to all those (like me) who think you are the best thing to happen to this fan fiction world!! Im surprised you rnot on the tens!! Well Im now gonna anxiously wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I do tend to have typos scattered through out my writing; I try and fix them when I notice them -- I\'ll read through the third chapter again with a careful eye! Thanks for the review!

10 Things I Love About You by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

Valentine's Day, 1996. Grimmauld Place is far from Tahiti, but with a Polynesian dancer costume, some sand, and a tropical dinner for two, Cami finds it's easier to create a romantic atmosphere than fit what she loves about Sirius onto a Valentine card.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 08/17/09 Title: Chapter 1: 10 Things I Love About You

Woah, this is likee the most perfect Sirius and someone eles fic I've like ever read in my life, it made a tear fall down my face with sweetness! Amazinggggg!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you! This is the last one shot in the Cami/Sirius series, but I'd love you to read A Dog's Life, Sirius in the Moonlight, A Moment Like This, Spring Fever, and Off the Leash. :)

Weasels and Otters by beauty and brains

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: As Ron tries out his hand at Patronuses during the last D.A. meeting, a memory comes to mind that still brings a smile to his face.

I am beauty and brains of Gryffindor for the June One-Shot Challenge.

Reviewer: REMi iS AWESOME Signed
Date: 01/14/08 Title: Chapter 1: Weasels and Otters

CUTE!!!! Aweosme one shot for ron and hermione!! That was aweosme too bad rons patronus isnt a weasel!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I know! Wouldn\'t it have been so cool if it was? I think Mr. Weasley\'s is though...