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Important things to know about me:

female, soon to be 16 and in 10th grade, United States, New Jersey, completely obsessed with Harry Potter, in love with James Potter and Sirius Black.


SoÖIím very opinionated about fanfiction. Itís this problem I have, really, to be so stubborn and judgmental. Thatís why I never leave bad reviews, because Iím scared Iíll say something terrible and have the author take it the wrong way.

I usually only read and write James/Lily and other marauder era stories, because Iím extremely picky about sticking to canon. And since we know so little about what happened back in the time of the Marauders, itís easier to build off of what JKR gave us and still make it sound good.

Iíve read a sickening amount of J/L stories, and have come to the following conclusions:

-I cannot stand the ĎJames has completely changed for me and now I love himí story. First of all, itís incredibly clichť. I like some clichťs, but not this one. James would not have completely changed for Lily and become this complete gentleman all the time. His arrogance is part of what makes him so attractive. And I believe (though I certainly may be wrong) that Lily secretly had a crush on James ever since first year, so I donít think that she ever truly hated him, no matter what she says or thinks.

-I hate anything that puts Lily and Sirius together. Itís so, so, so, so wrong. Sirius would never in all his life do that to James. And Lily likes James, so she canít like his best mate!

-I donít like the idea of Remus liking Lily. Itís logical, but if it were true, that would mean Remus would have had his heart broken and I hate to think that. I donít really think he would like somebody with a temper like Lilyís anyway. Sheís much too fiery.

-I hate it when Lily becomes completely helpless around James. Being nervous because she likes him is okay, but having her scared to death of Voldemort while James cradles her in his arms is sickening. Slughorn said she was brave, so even though itís normal to be frightened, I donít think she would fall apart at the mention of Voldemort.

-I (most of the time) donít like the use of the death of Lily or Jamesí parents as a way to get them closer. That did not happen. But there are a few stories that I think are brilliant despite the killing off of the parents.

-I donít like it when Lily is made out to be a strict stickler for rules. Slughorn said she was funny, and she couldnít have been if she didnít believe in ever bending the rules. She just didnít like the fact that James was a bully, not that he necessarily broke rules. I think she herself would have broken a few rules. Most people are under the assumption that she was obsessed with rules, but in reality, I doubt she was. If James liked her so much, then there is no way that she could have been.

-Iím not a huge fan of the ďLily and her best friends end up with all of the MaraudersĒ stories. (My old story was one of theseówhich is one of the reasons why I deleted it).

-I strongly believe that Sirius was a womanizer. Letís face itóhe was gorgeous. He was never married (yes, I know, Azkaban contributed to that). Girls liked him and he brushed it off (read OotP if you donít know what Iím talking about). JKR said he was ďsexyĒ. It all adds upóhe was what many people think he wasóa ladiesí man.

-James is a bit of a jerk. Yes, I know, heís also a good man and his head deflates by 7th year, but he also has that hint of arrogance that never quite leaves him, I think. Itís not a bad thingóitís humorous and incredibly attractive.

-Peter wasnít always bad. Period. I donít like it when people make him out to be a COMPLETE mess up, because if he was really as annoying as in some stories, the Marauders would not have been such great friends with him. I do, however, believe that he was always a little bit on the outside of them.

-Remus enjoys the Maraudersí pranks just as much as the rest of them do.

-Lily does not play Quidditch. But she does enjoy it. Sirius probably wasnít on the team, either.

-James and Lily do not have a rocky relationshipóitís supposed to be fun, lively, and humorous. They obviously get into fights, but not of the really terrible variety.

-I imagine all of the Marauders to be alcoholics to a certain degree. They were the Fred and George of their timeófun, lively, and rule-breaking. Alcohol just fits into the picture.

Please donít be offended if I just bashed your story. I myself am no great writer, so my opinion barely means anything.

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