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*queue lights*....ok hmm a little about me...hows this for starters...my name's steph, and i've been alive and kicking for 16 years now. I currently live in Alberta, Canada (home of the polar bear!). I'm in high school, and my strongest subby (subject) is english. I thought to myself "maybe i can do something with that", and whala! an author was born. well not really born, as i was technically born 16 years ago. But i'm sure you get the gist. I dont think anyone ever reads these bio things anyways, so for all i know, i could be rambling on to a brick wall...well computer screen...or..you know...not. Anyways! after that absolutely spiffing excerpt on me...i shall take my leave. Hugs. Peace.

*oh and i was just kidding about the whole polar bear thing...alberta's not really the home of the polar bear..lol...in fact i've never even seen one....well unless you count the zoo..............


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