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''...::WHAT WOULD THE HARRY POTTER BOYS THINK OF YOU?? (pics... girls only... Yay, Voldie as a Result!! :D)::...''
Harry: would not manage to live without you, you'd be the reason for his existence (BUT STILL HE IS MINNNE!!), Draco: would like you secretly, but treat you really bad, Cedric: would see you as a great person, Oliver: would think of you as a very amusing girl, Percy: wouldn't like you at the beggining, but when he got to know you, would see you as a very nice person, Ron: would think of you as a very cool girl, Neville: would feel kinda intimidated by you, tough he'd beleive you're an amazing person, and if you have lived your adolesence 50 years before Harry's, Tom Riddle would feel a minor attraction towards you, but just that, and he would always act like a gentleman when speaking to you

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