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I am somewhat of a writer in real life, too, because I work for a newspaper. I have always written short stories just for the fun of it and when the Harry Potter virus infected my I started writing fan fiction before I knew fan fiction officially existed in the internet - yet there are very few stories that I deemed worth publishig to other fans.
By the way - I write in German.

Anything you read here from me was translated into English by PercyWeasel (who is German and speaks wonderful British English) and Ellen Fawkes (who is American but can switch to British English and speaks great German, too). Two other Brit guys then do another round of beta'ing.

Anyway, I hope you like my stories. Any reviews are welcome, both appraisals and harsh criticism.

Sooooo... and now for the work in progress. (update 7 August 2007)

I was going to publish a complex of three stories called the "Wisdom and War Trilogy".

This trilogy is HBP canon compliant, but AU to DH.

The first story centers around Minerva McGonagall, and the Order of the Phoenix, and it's based on a MMAD ship.
In this fic, Harry realises he cannot take the pressure alone and confides in some, few members of the Order about the Horcrux business. He also lets them see his memory of the moment when Dumbledore died. Watching the memory, Minerva realises that Snape acted on Dumbledore's orders when he killed the Headmaster. Unfortunately, no one believes her... Minerva has to struggle to prove both Snape's innocence and her own sanity. This fic ends with a cliffhanger, after all I want you to read the next two stories of the trilogy as well.

The problem is that I have - for various reasons - decided not to publish the trilogy here on mnff. Only the first chapter of the first story is up - so if you want a teaser, read the first chapter of "Madness of Minerva".
The rest of the story is already published (and, if I may say so, quite successfully so) on fanfiction.net. 'DailyProphetEditor' is my name there as well.

Fics two and three of the trilogy will be published on fanfiction.net only, mainly because fic three definitely is very NC-17 with lots of violence, death, and, ahem... consensual and non-consensual scenes of a sexual nature.

Fic two will tell of the events of the year 1997 in the WW, Voldemort's rise to power, the death of various members of the Order and the quests for (some) Horcruxes. This one is not a classical fic per se, but a series of letters and newspaper articles.

Fic three then is... well, the grand finale, and in novel length. Features Ginny Weasley as the main character, with sidekicks Snape and McGonagall. Lots of violence, lots of darkness. And a very tragic lovestory - Harry/Ginny and Snape/Ginny, need I say more?

I'll have to ask you to come to fanfiction.net and read my stuff there. I consider this trilogy my most important and best work so far, so I'd love you for some reviews. You don't even have to register there to give me feedback ;-)


There's some more background info I'd like to give you on my other, already published stories:

"A Death Eater's Diary" will always be one of my favorites, although I know not many people like reading about Bellatrix. She is one of my favorite characters, though. I frequently use Bella as the bad guy in my stories, but "Death Eater's Diary" is dedicated to her only and I hope that with this story I finally shed some light on that dark soul.

"Minerva McGonagall and the Half-Blood Prince" - well, that probably was the hardest task I set myself. I love that pairing, they work so well together characterwise.

Unfortunately almost every story about them tends to forget or deny the age difference... so I thought I'd give it a try and see if I could do better. You tell me if I succeeded and made it believable...

"The Murder of Emmeline Vance" is up now. This is the shortest fic I've done so far, really a little ficlet only.

IMHO the most difficult line in understanding the famous 'Spinner's End' chapter in JKR's HBP is when Snape mentions to Bellatrix that he is responsible for Emmeline's death - for anyone in the Snape-is-good-camp I think that one is even harder to explain than killing Dumbledore. So I decided to write a possible explanation for this claim of guilt... I am certain that JKR will come up with a different one, but this one is my take on things.

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