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1. Aelan Greenleaf
2. Arial Felchem
3. Black Iris
4. eva_writes
5. GinnyRULES
6. Grimmrook
7. Hallie Black
8. hestiajones
9. hopelesslyhopeful
10. Hutchinson
11. LariLee
12. MagEd
13. makinmagic323
14. megan_lupin
15. Melindaleo
16. MoonysMistress
17. mrsgeorgeweasley
18. mudbloodproud
19. Northumbrian
20. nuw255
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M.I.T.: Entente Cordial by Northumbrian 6th-7th Years
A strange and seemingly inexplicable death in London's West End brings an unlikely...
A Squib's Journey by ntoforhp 6th-7th Years
Jeffery Potter always had sensed he was somehow different from his playmates...
Out of the Blue by Secret Marauder 90 1st-2nd Years
This story weaves the tale of James and Lily from the day they met right up...
Five Christmases by hestiajones 1st-2nd Years
It took four Christmases for Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks to get together...
Coming Alive by The owl 6th-7th Years
Leanne Gamp hadn't wanted to be at that party, even though it was Christmas...
Graves by Oregonian 1st-2nd Years
In December of 1997, Harry visits his parents' graves in Godric's Hollow and...