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Hello. My name is Sarah, I'm 17 almost 18, and I am married to Viktor Krum :p I am in love with Harry Potter, and I enjoy Magical Maeve's stories on Severus and Maeve. They are SO awesome! If you haven't read them, and this is your first time on this site, I strongly recommend that you read them, as well as Vindictus Viridian, Celestial Melody, and Sly Severus! My favorite characters to read about are: Severus (obviously), Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, James and Lily, Sirius and any OC, Remus and Tonks or Remus and any OC, Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange, Frank and Alice Longbottom, basically anything that has to do with the adults in Harry Potter.

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