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Real name: Marie
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I am an adult fan of anything about Harry Potter and the magical world!
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Favorite Authors
1. Ashwinder
2. ChibiChibi
3. ColorOfAngels
4. dumbledorefluertwins
5. Ellorian
6. Gmariam
7. Khrys
8. MagEd
9. Melindaleo
10. nerd2006
11. nuw255
12. Phoenix 86
13. Pickle Juice
14. RoxyMarie
15. the_bartender713
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Cera Hipkiss is (Apparently) Annoying by Kceratops 6th-7th Years
As Cera Hipkiss begins her sixth year at Hogwarts, she is pretty used to feeling...
Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat's Choice by EmmaGM 1st-2nd Years
The smallest detail can influence thousands of lives. An other universe story...
Tom Riddle and the Cave of Living Waters by alittletiefling 6th-7th Years
What would happen if Tom Marvolo Riddle had been adopted by well-meaning squibs?...
Where Light and Shadow Meet by Ennalee 1st-2nd Years
All his life, Percy has built and gathered, painted and carved, and now everything...
Different in the Morning by Gmariam 3rd-5th Years
Seventh year is almost over, and after indulging in the kitchen a bit too much...
Rid of Me by littlebird 6th-7th Years
Hermione gets the cat, the flat, the food, and the furniture. Ron gets the family...