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Hi! I'm flying phoenix, and I won't be writing any stories - under this penname! However, I will be writing alongside a friend and we'll send our stories under her name - I think it's r_u_sirius_im_joquin But I could be wrong...

Be on the lookout for some pretty cool stuff from us. We have several humor fics, a christmas story, and some sweet but comic LE/JP romances to write - so get yourself excited!

Of our duo, I'm the stupid one, and I'll be the one you don't want to see writing from. However, my counterpart is brilliant, so for her sake I ask you to put up with me. I'm really sorry if you're even reading this right now - it must be lowering your I.Q very rapidly. Of course, I really see no reason for anyone to read this, as I haven't written anything.

So if you're reading this, I wonder why you're wasting your time in such a meaningless way?

However, I am grateful that you care about me enough to read all this nothingness, so I won't send you to a psychiatrist...yet...

So, stay tuned for anything affiliated with flyingphoenix!

Love and Hate,


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