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Age: 18
Grade: College freshman
Don't hate me for always disappearing. I lose my muse a lot. But you lot always inspire me to return :)
My fave of my own fanfictions: Lily's Endless Wait

My Favorites:
House: Ravenclaw (I'm a little bookworm)
Colors: GREEN!
Actor: Matthew Fox and Rupert Grint
Actress: Evangeline Lilly
Book: HP, the Inheritance Saga, the Bible, and pretty much anything I read with pages and words.
HP character: Dumbledore, Sirius, and Ron
Least Favorite HP character: Harry (don't ask me why...he's just to overrated...but I still like H/G pairings ...) and Snape
Dream for Harry Potter: For Harry to have died and for Ron to become immortal.

New Stories in the works with all un-published chapters listed:
-No Good Deed (chapters completed: 1)
- Cloak of Many Colors (chapters completed: 1)
- One Grunt Was All It Took (one-shot not quite finished)
- Dream Come True- (chapters completed: 0)
- Ron's New Life- (chapters completed: 1 (last one!))
- Lily's Neverending Wait- (chapters completed 1.5)

My plot for my stories is kind of confusing with the charecters. Here is a little help from me to you! (this section changes allllll the time just warning you)

Ron's New Life:

Eva: http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/detail/81/49/23264981.jpg

Dream come true:

Hermione's Bridesmaid dresses: http://g-ec2.images-amazon.com/images/I/41qvNIwa2oL.jpg

Hermione's wedding dress: http://www.weddingdetails.info/wedding-dress-dk.jpg

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