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Journal 12 January 14, 2008

Okay, things for the past year and a half have been, well, I guess the best way to put it is, for lack of a more interesting term, crazy. I hope I'll be adding on to a few stories soon. Luv ya'll!

Journal 11

Alright, everyone- I am starting chapter 14 and it has NOTHING to do with the Marauders, Addalynn, or the faculty of Hogwarts.... can you guess who it's about?

Journal 10

Alright, I have downloaed iWork and am now able to write and SAVE my stories...all that's left is to do is transfer files, you know, when I've dug through all my moving boxes and, by some miracle, find my old computer. I should have a new chapter of Unequal Balance up soon!

17 August, 2007

Journal 9

Sorry, everyone- I just moved and everything'a all scattered around and hidden....I bought a new computer (I'm a technology snob and I firmly believe that Macintosh is superior to everything else!) and I haven't been able to transfer any of the files. As soon as I find the computer, my stories will be up and running again. Much love!

~On Angels WIngs
16 August, 2007

Journal 8

I can't believe the 7th book!!! It was amazing!!! I finished it withing the first 48 hours I had it! (which is 25 hours more than it took for me to finish the 5th book when it came out) I thought it was fantastic!

~On Angels Wings
23 July, 2007

Journal 7

I just go the soundtrack for HP5!!!! I can't wait until Friday!!!!!! Woohoo!!! Chapter 13 of Unequal Balance has just been submitted and I'm working through writer's block on Breaking the Mirrors and Emmy is a new story that I only just started (the idea coming from my very best friend who, hopefully, will be writing a story of her own very soon)

16 July, 2007

Journal 6

I despise Umbrige with a passion that makes me want to puke!!!!! SHE'S PURE EVIL!!!! Every time she showed up on the screen I felt like I wanted to throw up and about half way through the movie, I thought I was going to have to leave the theater.......UGH! Despicable woman!

OOTP is the best movie yet, and the best book!!!!

~On Angels Wings
11 July, 2007

Journal 5

Yay!! Chapter 12 is up and I'm working on 13!!! It should be finished soon and I'm afraid I won't have completed the whole thing by the time the 7th HP book comes out (I'm ecstatic)....What does that have to do with 'Unequal Balance', you say? You'll find out....

~On Angels Wings
2 July, 2007

Journal 4

Yay! Chapter 11 is in and Chapter 12 is in queue! I'm very happy...well mostly. I'm very bored at the moment...that's what happens when you sit at a computer for five hours a day transferring data, taking notes, and the like...oh well, that's why I'm here- I'm taking a break.

~On Angels Wings
26 June, 2007

Journal Entry 3

I regret to announce that the '11th' chapter I have submitted to the moderators is actually the '12th' chapter of the story. It seems that I was working so late on Chapter 12 that when I was supposed to submit Chapter 11, I accidentally...well, you get the idea. Hopefully they'll notice and won't post it. I'm sorry, but this is going to take longer than I originally thought it would, thanks to my major screw up. Sorry!

~On Angels Wings
22 June, 2007

Journal Entry 2

I have resubmitted Chapter 11 of Unequal Balance and hopefully they won't reject i this time...Wish me luck!

~On Angels Wings
21 June, 2007

Journal Entry 1

Support Our Troops

I just wanted to say that Unequal Balance and Breaking the Mirrors are still in progress- my writing style comes in bursts of energy. If that doesn't make sense to you, here is my long-winded explanation: sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I don't, it can be described as the Artist's Inability to Keep the Inner Eye Open at All Times because of the Distractions that are Constantly Being Pummeled in Their Face and they are left only with Enough Energy to Write only Every so Often or A.I.K.I.E.O.A.T.D.C.B.P.T.F.E.E.W.E.O. Syndrome; its condensed version is C.W.B. Syndrome or Chronic Writer's Block Syndrome which only allow the writer a few short days every eight weeks in which to write a productive and coherent story that does not end up wadded into a child sized basketball and used for shooting practice at one's desk. But despite my illness, I am pushing on with these two stories in spite of the time it is taking for me to finish them.

~On Angels Wings
19 June, 2007

Uh-oh spaghetti-ohs...I just found out that my best friend pulls pranks with the twins, her best friend is Harry Potter, Ron treats her like he does Ginny, her best galfriend is Hermione, she's a Pansy hater, and oh, did I mention that she's in Slytherin? Oh yeah, she calls herself the "Slytherin Sweetheart" and she has a HUGE crush on Malfoy (Drakie as she calls him) because he's a smexy bad boy. How am I going to fix this?



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Fav Character: Marauders, Snape, Luna, and Harry

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