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My name is pronounced *Divia Mouse*, just to make that clear...by this point, I'm likely to castrate the next guy who tries to be flirtatious by calling me *Divaia Moss*...Now that I've got that out of my system...

I'm young, but really quite ancient...I'm shallow but endlessly deep, I am ridiculously happy due to excessive amounts of chocolate, but sometimes damn depressed for intellectual reasons, I get drunk, but am a goodie-goodie, I'm scared as hell, but ridiculously reckless, I've had several near death experiences in my lifetime (almost all on a snowboard...i'm not nearly as dangerous on skis) but haven't done a drastic forbidden thing in my life, unless it was an ignorant accident...
Oh, and also I may mention that I can get very bipolar, and tend to either contradict myself within thirty seconds of a conversation, or start arguing with myself in my mind (which tends to get people to shoot me half-suspicious, half-maybe-she's-crazy looks...)

I could go on...
But long story short...I'm very diverse and have lived or visited almost every place in Europe...
I have an unhealthy obsession with music, which makes people think that I have no social life, which, in fact, i do...I just don't tell everyone every single detail about which boy I'm dating on which weekend...
I also love writing, quite evidently, and I always think I'm right, even if I agree with the other person (proving just how bipolar I am).
I hate people criticizing my writing, or correcting, as they like to call it, when I don't agree with them, or when they publish what I write (poems in newspapers mostly) and alter it without my permission (I lost my temper with that German teacher, back when I lived there...I was so angry I could hardly speak). And I hate when they say it's wrong for a really stupid, non-related reason...

I write solely about following relationships:
Ron/ Hermione
Harry/ Ginny
James/ Lily
Sirius/ varying ladies
Roonil Potter/ Rose Dumbledore
Kitting Black/ varying ladies

My absolutely favourite character is, of course, Sirius-ly sexy- Black.

I got to Fairview High School in Boulder, by the way. I've only been in America for three years and have been speaking English for the same amount of time...as I was two when I lived in England, and my parents raised me on Thelegu and German when I lived in India, where they ALSO speak English, due to that colonization thing...of course, there are lots of other countries I lived in, but they didn't speak English there...wow, run-on sentence....my point was, i spoke very little English when i was little, and as i grew up, none at all...

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