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Hell-o person who has (probably) accidentally stumbled on this page while trying to hack into JKRís computer. For any people interested, I am the writer of Roses and Thorns. And I love Strictly Come Dancing. Didnít know that? Have I got news for youÖ

I live in Birmingham, England in a crazy three-storey house near Cannon Hill Park. My mum comes from New Zealand and is good at making chocolate milkshakes. Oh, and did I mention she teaches Latin and Greek at my school?!?! Dad teaches Computer Science at Uni, and thinks all modern musicians shout be shot, on-site. I also have a sister who helps edit bits of my story and help with knotty bits of plots.

As well as my nutty but cool family, we have cats. Jasper (or Paspy) is a cute, squishy, silver tabby with only one brain cell. I bet it can get rather lonely in that head of his. But we love him anyway! Our other one is called the Ginger Marauder. He didnít like the baby in his house, so moved out and Ďadoptedí us. Mean, moody, evil and will savage Paspy at every opportunity, we do not like him, and remind him of this frequently. The only reason we let him stay is that heís learnt how to pick the cat-flap so we canít lock him out.

Thatís my mad home-life. What about school?

My group (the Society for Odds and Sods, or SOS) gives all our cliques names. We consist of Emily (me), Jo (the Loner) and Lucy (the Pleasant One). Our job is to be strange and worry people. Iím the Fountain of Knowledge for all Classic Books (well, not really) Jo knows everything about Wolves and Lucy is permanently residing in another world.

But anyway, I love English and Art the best, and I canít STAND Maths and PE. I like acting in the School Play, hanging around the Library and trying to convert people to Jane Eyre.

Thatís enough about school. When I get home, one of my favourite things to do is read. My favourite books depend on what I have just been reading, but at the moment itís Jane Eyre, Shirley, Ivy and North Child. I really recommend these books and I encourage you to get them out of the library!

I write a lot, too. I have a Hamtaro notebook which used to be a diary which Iíve written all of Roses and Thorns in. And I draw little pictures to help me with describing people/places. They arenít worth anyone else seeing, because theyíre just doodles. I write very slowly, because I have to remember while Iím doing it to put enough description in, keep sentences short and not repeat words too much.

I also like watching TV. As you already know, I devoutly follow Strictly Come Dancing. Most of the other programmes I like are Period Drama (I canít stand Game Shows, Soaps or Reality TV, apart from SCD, of course,) My favourites are Jane Eyre (Ruth Wilson and Toby Stevens) Northanger Abbey (Felicity Jones and JJ Field) Pride and Prejudice (Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth) and North and South (Daniela Derby-Ashe and Richard Armitige).

The things I hate most in the world are Maths homework (may it burn in hell), Billie Piper (why is she an actress, seeing as she canít act), Kiera Knightly (ditto) and High School Musical (nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo)Ö

When it comes to Harry Potter, my favourite characters are Hermione, Luna, Cho and (recently) Barty Crouch Jr. (If you donít understand why, read R+T.) I donít like James (heís too horizontal) Sirius (the idiot) and Draco (the wimp). I also have a vendetta against Ginny Weasley. Everyone has one, and I donít like her 2-D, packaged Ďstrong and independentí character which is so boring and predictable.

As regards Ships, Iíll read most of them (even if I donít support them) except for the four smellies: Draco/Hermy (how dare anyone suggest it) Snape/Hermy (heís way too old for her) Ginny/Hermy (theyíre friendsÖjust friends) and Harry/Ginny (NO. WAY.)

But Iím a sucker for Ron/Hermy (isnít it obvious?) Harry/Cho (they rocked, and I donít care if everyone else hated them) Snape/Lily (James gave her a love potion. No one in their right minds would prefer him to Snape) and most of the ones in R+T.

My favourite books are OoP and PoA, and my least fave are HBP and DH (just too depressing). The films annoy me in the way that they miss so much out and Hermy wears a pink Yule Ball dress. But sometimes they do characters better than how I imagined: Barty Crouch Jr, Bella, Lockhart and Filch, for example.

Iím a Ravenclaw through and through, but Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin are OK, and I donít hate them. Go inter-house unity!

My equivalent in the HP worldÖ

Which HP Kid Are You?

(Apparantly) I am (out of the lesser HP characters)Ö

[i'm firenze!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

I supportÖ

[ron + hermione]

[harry + cho]

[lily + snape]

DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!! rocks my world! He is the only person who could make me watch Doctor Who, Recovery, Learners, or any other stupid dramas heís in.

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