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Story Status'

No Other Way: A new R/Hr story - chapter 3 is with beta, and so should be up soon!
"It hurts, doesn't it?"
"Pretending you've fallen out of love."

At the lead up to Ronís wedding, questions start to be asked - by Ron, by Hermione - and by Ronís bride-to-be. Over the years, the paths that were once so closely intertwined have separated, leading off in different directions. Meeting at the crossroads, looking back at the journey that has led them there, will Ron and Hermione choose to take a turn that may take them off-course forever, or simply continue straight ahead?
Little fact - this was originally written for the Great Hall Weddings challenge (about 6 months ago!), but I only just finished it - and I'm really pleased with the ending, so I hope you keep reading until then!

Who Believes In Love: One shot. My Bill/Fluer fic that I wrote for Jenna for Secret SPEW. I actually really like this fic, and think it's one of my best - it's about Bill and Fleur's relationship, and how she can't figure out whether she believes in love or not.
I would really recommend reading this out of all of my work.

There Are More Ways Than One To Kill A Man: One shot. My third Gauntlet piece - why does Fred become a Death Eater? There are more ways than one to kill a man, as Fred Weasley well knows, for as the war goes on he's sure he must have experienced nearly every one. But what on earth could have caused him to take such drastic measures as to join his sworn enemies? And how will his story end?
One of my Gauntlet fics that I really like by itself as well - another one I'd recommend over others.

Where Letters Lead: My new Ron/Hermione fic, complete.
With the coming of a new year, Hermione feels that it's time to sort her life out - and so she writes to Ron, whom she hasn't spoken for years when she moved away after a fight they had. But when he doesn't reply - along with not recieving any correspondance since Christmas from either Ginny or Mrs. Weasley - Hermione decides to take things into her own hands. But where will her letters lead?
A mystery/romance chaptered fic that I'm quite proud of - especially the last chapter!

Tragedies, Tears and Black Velvet Boxes: A Ron/Hermione one-shot. Fairly dark, post-war one-shot that I actually really like, as it's quite different from my usual writing.
It's shown from Molly Weasley's point of view as she reflects on the after-effects of the war, and on Ron's news.

Escaping Fate - Alongside Certain Death And Other Such Predicaments: Complete. My submission for the second Gauntlet - now it's Hermione's turn! Complete. When an outbreak of Dragon Pox breaks out, it seems that only Hermione may be able to save the lives of many - but what has all this got to do with with Ron?

When Is Too Late?: My Ron/Hermione WIP. Chapter 8 is now UP!
In this light-hearted chaptered fic (which I'm going to estimate at being about 12 chapters long) Ron has to make the decision about when really is too late for him and Hermione - but Hermione's long-term boyfriend, Terry Boot isn't making it easy.

Ron's Gauntlet: My submission for the first Gauntlet - one-shot. When a new maze appears in the Hogwarts grounds Ron is determined to win the glory he has been robbed of for so long.

Dear Dumby: Complete. This was my first fanfic, a humour story about what would happen if Dumbledore set up an advice column for Hogwarts (as they do seem to have a lot of problems - getting dates for Hogsmead weekends, completing homework on time, avoiding evil overlords who want to kill them and so on), and the effects his advice would have.
To be honest, I'm not too fond of this piece anymore - I feel that my other stories are much better written. However, a lot of people seem to enjoy it, and I don't mind the last few chapters too much, so read at your own peril!

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