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Hello there! I'm teh, or Nicole, or teh.

I write as much as time permits. But I'm slow, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy my stories. I'm on the forums, so if you have any questions about my writing or anything else, feel free to leave me a message! ☺

EDIT: 3/2/2017: I'm still here, & going nowhere! I have got a few fics to post up, and am still writing. If you're waiting on updates for The Deathly Children, I AM SO SORRY. The whole fic is complete, edits are done, the only thing left to do is um...well, post it here. I'm so sorry for being a lazy idiot, I will post it soon!

Thank you to everyone who nominated & voted me for a QSQ; I am so honoured, and this truly means a great deal to me.

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