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Hello there! I am a bored Massachusetts high schooler who became entranced with a certain wizard and his antics at the wee age of seven (I quickly devoured the books and had finished them by ninth birthday). Shortly after this was my first encounter with the wide world of MuggleNet Fan Fiction (when I was about ten). Now 15, I have finally rekindled my love for this site and everything it has to offer after a few-year-long hiatus!

Currently, I have many fic ideas that are itching for proper development and will hopefully be published soon! I am a die-hard Marauder fan and am currently toying with the idea of writing a longer, chaptered fic surrounding my favorite boys. ;) However, there are parts of my idea for this that require much more thought before I can publish them. Until then, who knows?

I can say that for now, fics I like to write involve canon relationships, though I focus on characters outside the Golden Trio and the like. However, I'm up to read pretty much anything!

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