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I love to be in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but i like slytherin to is that a crime? anywho i read every fanfic i could find. also tell me what u think about my 8th grade graduation spech.(this ribbon represents me in so many ways. How when I first stepped into here in 2003 for kindergarten with Mrs. Gardner as acting principle. To now leaving this pace and only returning to visit but not to learn. That we might never see each other again. That we might never see our acting principle Mr. Salemi up close but afar. That after all we have been through we leave each other and go our separate ways. We can be crowded in the hallways but now they are going to be deserted no more laughing and pranking no more visits to the office good or bad. As we say good bye the memories donít. The photos may fade but not our friendships. We have worked hard and now we stop. We take small step but the biggest one is saying good-bye. I feel like we just canít express our love for each other enough. But words only express little. This is the time we say good-bye.)

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