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Love is a Force of Nature: Sequel to Summer of Love is coming soon!

Harry Potter : My Anti Drug
Harry Potter keeps me sane.

SLASH : It's just so right!
This is for you Ash (GryffindorGoddess)
So keep those happy pills coming!!!

Disclaimer: The two banners above, I owe all to excellent avatars from HPNatoko Photbucket!

Long-time HP lover. After finishing HBP, I have to say I wish I was Ginny. Harry sure knows how to romance a woman. Too bad he's only "16" (actually according to JKR he's 25 now). I'm 21. Oh yeah and he's not real! I keep forgeting that. =)

H/G fan fics make me wish I was Ginny more and more each day. =) But I frequent R/Hr, D/Hr, H/R (and other SLASH), and Scandalous Liasons such as Sirius/Ginny, which is my favorite.

Check my website link above for updates. I'll always post there as soon as I submit an update. Now how long it takes to get out of queue, that I won't know.

If anyone happens to check out my favorite stories, please understand that they are only the uncompleted stories. The completed stories I have saved in my browser's favorites folder. I wanted to keep all the uncompletes together and separate so I could check for updates faster and easily. If you'd like me to recommend one of my favorites, just email me with the pairing you'd like to read and if I have it as a favorite I will definately recommend it.

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*If anyone likes the Tim Burton fonts I use, go to timburtoncollective.com because that's where I downloaded them from.

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