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Favorite Authors
1. accioquill
brill ficcy
2. AurorGirl101
brill excellanteee
3. bellaoc
4. Cassandras Cross
5. coppercurls
love the names
6. Equinox Chick
first ficcy i ever read
7. gallopingurl
8. grape_2010
9. GringottsVault711
lovin molly and arthur fanfic refreshin
10. hestiajones
cant believe i didnt read these stories before
11. Hotrav
Such good stories I enjoy reading them
12. IdSayWhyNot
love it
13. indigo_mouse
sometimes short is gd
14. inspirations
hehehe is all ive got
15. KASK
lovein it sooo much
16. Kerichi
love it
17. MagEd
brilliant !!! i can say no more :)
18. mudbloodproud
19. OliveOil_Med
love all the fics
20. Phenioxsong22
i think its brilliant
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Unexploded Bombs by Oregonian 1st-2nd Years
Dudley Dursley has just experienced the death of his elderly father Vernon from...
Ginny's Big Decision by dg04 1st-2nd Years
After Dumbledore's Funeral, Harry tells Ginny that they can't be together anymore...
Little Lions by SexY_LydZ 6th-7th Years
On a stormy October evening, a letter, a late night trip to the library and...
Going Against Salazar's Grain by hestiajones 1st-2nd Years
"Sometimes," said Dumbledore, "we sort too soon." Originally writtten for...
Whispers in the Night by lucca4 6th-7th Years
"Swear to me, Cissy. Swear you won't tell." It's a secret, and it haunts...
Fear and Loathing in Florida (Mostly Loathing) by minnabird 3rd-5th Years
Scabior and Greyback had to escape the Aurors somehow - they just hadn't expected...
Just Before Healing by WeasleyMom 3rd-5th Years
With Hannah, things always go to yellow.
In Bloom by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor 3rd-5th Years
It figures that he ignores the other side of roses. Thorns fit to draw blood...
Magical by Nagini Riddle 1st-2nd Years
Ginny and her brothers sneak down the stairs to look at presents, but instead...