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Hey I'm new to this site and I LOVE IT! I am so happy to find people who love Harry Potter like I do! My friends all think I'm crazy for liking that "stupid book". But I love to read, write and draw especially about the HP series so this place is perfect for me. I've already read HP Deathly Hallows and, I thought it was good, really great ending. I'm not going to put any spoilers because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't already read it. Yes, I have not submitted any stories yet. But I have three stories sort of in progress and one poem that I might put in. When I do put them in I hope you guys all like them. Oh, and I feel like a lot of people have stopped writing H/G stories, thinking that the endings too obvious and there would be no other stuff to add, but what about the 19 year gap, what about Teddy Lupin and everything. There's still so much more, and I don't think we know when Harry and Ginny or Hermione and Ron got married, so there's (This is saying James is about 12, 13 years old, since he's going into his second year.) seven years before Harry and Ginny's first child, what happened between those years?? I just kinda felt like that needed to be said even though I am fairly sure no one even comes to my page, but still! ;D

~*~ Some stuff about me ~*~

My fav ships : James/Lily, Harry/Ginny, and Ron/Hermione. I love the traditional couples, I think they are all so sweet together. There are a few that I'm not really a fan of. No offense to all of you who like those ships, D/G, H/Hr, and especially all those teacher student ones. They are just not my type.

My fav authors: J.K. Rowling, Gail Carson-Levine, and Sarah Dessen. I love the lady writers =) kidding! I just really love those writers, and when I'm older I really hope I can write stories that are at least somewhere near how awesome their stories are.

My fav singers/bands: Linkin Park, ( I love their songs, "What I've Done" is great) My Chemical Romance, I really like all their songs, like "Teenagers" and "I'm Not Okay", and I like Evanescence a lot, oh and Plain White Tees are pretty cool. Yeah I'm an alternative junkie.

My fav movies: Ten Things I Hate About You, OMIGOD I am like obsessed with that movie! Its so cool and I love Shakespeare and the idea of it, plus I'm a femenist (kind of) and I love how Kat's such a rebel/femenist and the poem at the end is just beautiful. Ok, so I only have one favorite movie, so sue me!

--- More things about me! ---

I love to . . .

. . .dye my hair really bright colors, not like all ofmy hair just stripes or parts. Like my hair used to be a bright red, but then it faded and because I bleached it before, there are reds and pinks, and oranges and yellows so against how dark the rest of hair is it's kinda gool,it looks like fire. Which is a bit odd.

. . . read h/g and j/l fanfics, I love the fluff and romance because I am just a total sap, and they are soooo sweet if theyare written well.

. . . listen to Eminem and Autumn Cannibalist and like Evanescance and My Chem,its a little odd cus I'm a generally happy person besides my bad temper and I listen to all this angry music, but its really cool so I like it.

. . . write,writing is awesome,I'mon the fourth chapter of a fanfic I'm writing, and it's do rewarding to seeyour work.

Well that'sit for now, seeya

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Ooh, I'm really happy to be in Gryffindor, I thought I'd be a Ravenclaw because I'm a geek (AND proud of it!) or Hufflepuff, cuz I'm very, very loyal. But Gryffindor's awesome so I'm happy with that.

Which HP Kid Are You?

Yay, I'm Hermione! She is such a great character, smart, and brave, and loyal.

You scored as Hermione Granger, You are the feminine portion of the trio, Hermione Granger. You are very smart and attractive. You are understaning and compassionate. You are always willing to put friends first, even before schoolwork!

Hermione Granger


Harry Potter


Ron Weasley

Which main Harry Potter character are you?
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Hermione again =D

You scored as Harry Potter, Aren't you special, managing to get the Boy Who Lived?

Harry Potter


Remus Lupin


Fred and George Weasley


James Potter


Sirius Black


Ron Weasley


Severus Snape

Which Harry Potter male character would snog you?
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Hmmm, does this mean I'm like Ginny or something? Cuz I adore her character, so strong and independent. Hey at least I got Snape last =), if I hadn't I might of died a little inside I think. Even though now I feel really sorry and a lot of respect for Snape, thinking of him that way is like . . . Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The Marauder Inside of You

Remus Lupin - You are the brains of your group, and the most enigmatic - people just cannot seem to figure you out completely. You are reserved around large groups of people, but are very friendly when approached. Though you are soft spoken you command attention when you speak. People respect what you have to say. You are a very caring and moral person; you would help anyone in need, even if you are not particularly funny. You have a good sense of humor and never take a joke too far like some of your other friends may. Though the phrase is not used much any more, you are an all around nice person. Take this quiz!

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I kind of wanted to get Lily, another great female character, but I really am like Lupin, and he's awesome too. He does have a nice, caring personality and he is an absolutely GREAT person, so I really can't complain.

Oooh, definitely Ginny + Harry.

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
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Remus is- was ; { a really good person, and character, but he's taken, that's Tonks' territory ;)

The HP Family Quiz
made by Sapphire.

The Weasley's are just awesome, and if you don't agree with me, where have you been for the last seven books?

How well do you know Harry Potter?

100% Obsessed - You're over the top!!Take this quiz!

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I am HP obsessed, and proud of it! =)

Which wand will yours be?

13 1/13 inch, ebony and mercury. Interesting and unusual are severe understatements for this Gregorovitch wand. You've got your own style and your own opinions, and you probably live in your own world as well. Join us down here in the real world sometimes, will you? Take this quiz!

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Omigod, that is sooooo cool, cus I am just like that,I mean not Dumbledore's soulmate, I mean seriously eewww!! But anyway I am weird and I like it, okay so I'm not all right in the head, but hey who needs a little thing like sanity. **laughs maniacally** Just kidding, but still nothing wrong with a little weirdness, it just makes everything more interesting. =)


Well thats all for now. Oh, and thank you Her_mi_o_ne 16 and Lluvia for not only your great writing skills (Seriously if you haven't checked out her stuff you should really do so) but also that you have some cool quizzes on your page. =)

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