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**Updates concerning chaptered stories**

Concerning A Weasel Canít Cry - I do intend on finishing this story because I see potential in telling the Weasleysí stories. It just may take longer than you may like.

Concerning Carry Me Home - Complete.

Concerning Hidden - It is now complete. After a long, hard journey, I finally finished it on July 18, 2007. No, there wonít be an epilogue because I think the ending pretty much closes off Lunaís story.

Concerning It Didnít Start This Way - Iím afraid updating this story is at the bottom of my priorities as of now. I really have no intention of finishing it since I had written it when I was so inexperienced in fanfiction.

Concerning Love, Luna - Iím actually very interested in continuing this story. Lunaís a character whom we can all enjoy a laugh with. Sheíll be answering all your questions soon.

Concerning Someone to Embrace - I wonít be updating this story as regularly as you may want me to. Iíve been overwhelmed with projects, but I assure you, itíll be complete one day.

Concerning When We Were Gods - I do intend on finishing this story, but right now, I lost the inspiration I had to write it. Do not fear; itíll be back.

A wonderful interview with the amazing Rita Skeeter. Last taken on August 9, 2007

Original Transcript:
Name?: I sign all my reviews with ĎMMí

Age?: 18

Which House are you in?: Gryffindor though I did expect myself to be Sorted into Ravenclaw

Which HP book was your favorite book?: PoA

Why?: Sirius and Lupin intrigue me. Plus it was Harryís first insight on his fatherís cleverness (the Marauderís Map, Animagus, relation with Lupin)

What was your favorite part?: In PoA, it would have to be the Shrieking Shack scene with Sirius, Lupin, and Pettigrew. In the series as a whole, it would have to be ďSnapeís Worst MemoryĒ (OotP)

And why would that be? It serves as an insight to James and Lilyís relationship before marriage.

What fanfics do you read?: I used to read J/L fics only, but now Iíve expanded my horizons. Other Pairing is extremely interesting to read. I actually donít read that many canon pairings anymore.

Are you active on the MNFF forums? Yes. I am the former Gryffindor HoH, a former Summer School Professor and Student, a current moderator, a current member of SPEW, moderator of Fiction Junction, co-moderator of Character Clinic, and a current BETA guild member, .

HP Book or movie?: Books, hands-down. The movies were not well-directed in my opinion. I like directors to follow what the corresponding books dictate; authors have a reason for putting something this way or having a character established. By overlooking details and by taking out characters (or remaking characters), the movie, and then the book, is ruined.

Whatís so bad about the movies?: What I stated above. Sometimes, I feel that they make unnecessary cuts.

Favorite Character?: Ron. Heís just about the most easy-going character in the series. But thatís because heís ignorant or too scared most of the time xD

Who would Harry end up with?: Personally, I think Harry should end up alone for the rest of his life (if he defeats You-Know-Who) or die. But Rowling will probably put him with Ginny.

Have you written for any other site?: No but I am part of many other writersí sites. My penname for fictionpress is Mischevious Soul; youíll see me in the fantasy sections. My penname for is Marauder by Moonlight (Yes, when I signed up here, I accidentally put ĎMidnightí instead of ĎMoonlightí). I also have an account ďMarauder by MidnightĒ on HPFF as well. The story there is the exact same one as the one here.

What categories do you moderate?: You can find me everywhere, but rarely in categories to trio romance. If you have a particular question about Alternate Universe or Mystery, Iím the one to go to :)

Why were you gone for such a long time? I had some health issues that took up a lot of my time. It was a choice between spending time on education or MNFF, and as much as I would love to choose MNFF, I needed to do well in school.

Talk about your stories and series a bit please?

James/Lily-related series
1. It Didnít Start This Way
Status: On Permanent Hiatus
This is a J/L, dedicated to my first OTP. I have written about twenty chapters of it but have only posted a few because, frankly, I got a bit bored of it. I donít like it much, but if I find time to refine it, I will and continue posting due to the popular demand.
2. The Pigeon and the Phoenix
Status: Complete, one-shot
In relation to It Didnít Start This Way is a one-shot. I had prepared it for a chapter of my first story, but after I decided to put the story on hiatus, I couldnít bear to let this chapter rot. So I refined it and posted it as a one-shot. Iím pretty happy with it and love it to death. It was written in a moment of angst. Isnít it lovely how we can turn one moment of anger and despair to love?

Hidden series
1. Percyís Revenge
Status: Complete, one-shot
My eighth story (my, Iím on a roll after a long hiatus) is Percyís Revenge for the Gryffindor Joint Fic Project. It is allianced with my story Hidden as it describes the conflict inside Percy before issuing the infamous decree in Hidden. I love this story very much because it sheds light on damaging consequences of the death of Voldemort.
2. Hidden
Status: Complete
My fourth story, actually my third since I began writing it a while back is Hidden. My friend Poultrygeist challenged me to write a Draco/Luna piece since I said they looked like a couple. I never got the chance to finish my first chapter until recently. What started out as a one-shot turned into a lengthy plot bunny. Now, it is my baby.
3. A Weasel Canít Cry
Status: On temporary hiatus
This is another spin-off Hidden. Actually, more from Percyís Revenge. We found out that many of the Weasleys had died. But this story will go into more depth as to how they died, one chapter per Weasley.
4. Love, Luna
Status: On Hiatus
This is another story related to Hidden. I might actually have to hold this story off until Hidden is complete, but I really like this idea. Luna runs an advice column. Iíll take ďproblemsĒ given to me by readers and respond to them as Luna might. Itís very exciting to have an interactive story!
5. Walk Away
Status: Complete, one-shot
This story is related to Hidden only by a tangent and takes place during Dracoís search for his home as explained in the seventh chapter of Hidden. The story is dedicated to my friend Periwinkle who loves Draco/Ginny.

Gryffindor Spirit series
1. The Perfect Gryffindor Spirit
Status: Complete, one-shot
My fifth story is The Perfect Gryffindor Spirit in response to Bellatrix Black (from the forums) and her banner. It was an in-House challenge issued to the Gryffindors, and I couldnít pass up this opportunity to take a plot bunny and actually write it. Itís my first humor piece (though Iím still debating on whether to place it in General). Itís dedicated to all of the Gryffindors whom Iíve come to know over the months as their Head of House and a thank-you for their kind words and acts of appreciation toward me.
2. The Tooth of the Lion
Status: Complete, one-shot
Iím very proud of it since itís my first Foundersí story. It was written again for the July Gryffindor challenge in response to avenger_of_dumbldoreís banner. When I first saw the banner, I wondered how anyone could write a story about that. But then, once again with the help of the plot bunny, I found the story.

Standalone stories
When We Were Gods
Status: On-going
A sixth story is stirring in my brains. I barely have the plot, but slowly an epic is being born. Itís about the battle between purebloods (whoíd established themselves as gods in Ancient Egypt) and the Muggles, Muggle-borns, and half-bloods.

Status: Complete, one-shot
My seventh story. I originally planned on entering it in the June/July OC challenge, but issues came up, and I found I couldnít. So I changed the name of the main character and altered the plot. Behold, a one-shot about Travers, the man who allegedly killed Marlene McKinnon and her family. Iím very proud of it, as it is my first D/A story.

Follow the Leader
Status: Complete
I lost count, but this is a recent story of mine. Part of a SPEW challenge, I had decided to delve into the character of Peter Pettigrew. As much as I hate him, I canít believe that no one can sympathize with him, if not in the beginning only.

Status: Complete, one-shot
My third story was in response to a challenge to write a Pince/Filch one-shot given to me by evanescence17 in the forums. I was taken over by an urge to write and, lo and behold! Bound was born. Itís not my best work, I can guarantee that, but ah, itís not horrible either.

Far From Here
Category: Harry/Ginny
My first trio romance as well as my first songfic. Two chapters - one before the last battle and one during.

Give Him a Mask
Category: Draco/Ginny
My entry for the SPEW Swap that takes place after Hogwarts and complies with Book 7 canon. Winner of the 2007 Mod QSQs Best-One Shot award.

Any stories coming up? Not at the moment!

In the Outside world

So what do you do in your free time?: I read. I write. I hang out with friends. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer; itís my bridge between the two worlds.

Favorite Food?: Currently food disgusts me. You may think itís anorexia, but itís not. I just... canít stand eating.

Favorite Male Character?: Iím completely and utterly in love with Edward Cullen from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. You may not believe it, but I sulked around for two weeks after reading the book because I thought Iíd never find anyone like him.

Favorite books?: You mean other than Harry Potter? Assassins of Tamurin, Lord of the Rings, Twilight.
I like anything fantasy so if you have any recommendations, I welcome them :)

Favorite movies?: Other than Harry Potter again? Lord of the Rings, various animated Disney movies, movie musicals.

Favorite authors?: Sophie Kinsella, Stephenie Meyer, Libba Bray, Nicole Galland. I do very light reading.

Favorite Pasttime?: Reading. Or out with my friends. And watching movies.

Future profession? Believe it or not, Iím not looking to become a writer in my future (har har). Iím going to become a doctor. Itís virtually set in stone.

If youíre not going to be a writer, why are you a moderator? I may not be a great writer, but Iím a pretty good editor. Iíd like to use my skill while I can to help others as well.

What would you like to change about yourself?: I am a very impatient person to a fault. And I tend to be very blunt. Both have led me to trouble.

How can anyone contact you? My email address is up there. Contact me that way. Or PM me on the forums. Same username. Email address once again is marauder[dot]by[dot]midnight[at]gmail[dot] com

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