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Wait and See by whichone

Summary: Elphinestone Urquart might have gotten his answer sooner than he expected.

This was written as an entry for the "Telling the Parents" Challenge.
For anyone who didn't get it right the first or second time around.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 0]
Category: General Fics
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: Pottermore Information Included
Warnings: Mild Profanity
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 4045 Viewcount: 76
Published on: 02/13/17 Updated On: 02/13/17

Story Notes: This was inspired by Lucy Schwartz's song "When We Were Young".

1. Wait and See by whichone [Reviews - 0] (4045 words)