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Not From Others by FloreatCastellum

Summary: She may not have been able to join Harry, Ron and Hermione, but Ginny refuses to go down without a fight. As war approaches, Ginny returns to Hogwarts to resurrect Dumbledore's Army and face the darkest year the wizarding world has ever seen.

DH from Ginny's POV. Canon.
Ratings: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 59]
Category: General Fics
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: Character Death, Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 35 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 142465 Viewcount: 16486
Published on: 07/30/15 Updated On: 03/18/16

1. Chapter One: A Warrior Falls by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 4] (2264 words)

2. Chapter Two: The Burden by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (2754 words)

3. Chapter Three: Whispered Conversations by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (2066 words)

4. Chapter Four: The Silver Lining by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (1804 words)

5. Chapter Five: The Wedding by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (3592 words)

6. Chapter Six: The Interrogation by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4581 words)

7. Chapter Seven: A Frightened Man by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (5143 words)
NOTE: I have resubmitted this chapter as when I posted it, half of it was missing. This was definitely a problem my end, but I was unable to find a solution. If you have seen this chapter before, I apologise, but it is not supposed to end with Molly saying everyone is exhausted.

8. Chapter Eight: Meetings at the Ministry by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3529 words)

9. Chapter Nine: The Hogwarts Express by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (4451 words)

10. Chapter Ten: Sorting Hat Silenced by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3308 words)

11. Chapter Eleven: Secrets and Silences by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3947 words)

12. Chapter Twelve: Dumbledore's Army Ressurected by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3901 words)

13. Chapter Thirteen: Stealing the Sword by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 3] (4131 words)

14. Chapter Fourteen: Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3978 words)

15. Chapter Fifteen: Innumerable Stars by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (3090 words)

16. Chapter Sixteen: Rumours Abound by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4435 words)

17. Chapter Seventeen: Tidings of Comfort and Joy by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3732 words)

18. Chapter Eighteen: Hear Our Voices by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4366 words)

19. Chapter Nineteen: The Coins by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4638 words)

20. Chapter Twenty: Tea, the Solution to Everything by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3352 words)

21. Chapter Twenty One: Finding Ernie by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3250 words)

22. Chapter Twenty Two: Valentine's Day by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4710 words)

23. Chapter Twenty Three: The Bottle Cap by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (4780 words)

24. Chapter Twenty Four: A Blaze of Glory by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (3505 words)

25. Chapter Twenty Five: Potterwatch Again by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (5454 words)

26. Chapter Twenty Six: Prewett House by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4370 words)

27. Chapter Twenty Seven: Teddy Lupin by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (5426 words)

28. Chapter Twenty Eight: Wands and the Wireless by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (6496 words)

29. Chapter Twenty Nine: The Room by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 1] (4108 words)

30. Chapter Thirty: Death in Colour by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 4] (3474 words)

31. Chapter Thirty One: The Weight of Grief by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (3855 words)

32. Chapter Thirty Two: At the Edge of the Forest by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (4039 words)

33. Chapter Thirty Three: Alive by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 3] (3282 words)

34. Chapter Thirty Four: With Love by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 2] (4264 words)

35. Chapter Thirty Five: An Epilogue by FloreatCastellum [Reviews - 4] (3321 words)
I'd like to thank you all for supporting this story, especially those of you who have kept me going with your kind and helpful reviews from day one. This fic has really done its purpose for me. I started it in September after finding out my mum had breast cancer, and wrote it on the five hour train journey every other weekend as I visited her. In just over a week she'll be having her operation, and hopefully that will be the end of it. This story has kept me going through a really tough time, and your comments have meant the world to me. I really hope you've enjoyed it, and I hope this sort-of epilogue is a good enough ending. Thank you, Flo xxx