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The Unbreakable Curse by Karaley Dargen

Summary: In 1993, Bill Weasley is working on a tomb in Egypt with a team of Magiarchaeologists and Curse-Breakers. It is a job like any other ... or so it seems, until members of the expedition start dying, and Bill has to race against time to figure out what exactly it is that they awakened in the tomb of Mentuhotep, and how it can be stopped before it reaches him.

The following are characters from JKR’s creations: Bill Weasley, Ragnok, Agatha Chubb (QttA), and the last names of Deverill and Pilliwickle. I don’t own them and never will!

I owe a large debt to Hannah (coolh5000), Carole (EquinoxChick), and Natalie (hestiajones) for their constant encouragement and help at various stages of this story.

Fair Warning: Some of the reviews (naturally) contain spoilers, especially those towards the end. So if you want to be safe, don't read those before you read the story.

This story just WON a 2012 QSQ Award in the General category, as best chaptered story. THANK YOU!!!

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So here we are, at last, at our journey’s end,
And it’s time for some sweets; come on, bring a friend!
Simply search for the holiday and the first thing you’ll see
Is a familiar character’s first Halloween.

Ratings: 6th-7th Years [ - ] Past Featured Story
Category: Mystery
Characters: None
Canon Compliance: None
Warnings: Character Death, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 12 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 27220 Viewcount: 5063
Published on: 02/26/12 Updated On: 03/20/12

1. Bliss by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (1557 words)

2. Quarrels by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (2652 words)

3. Success by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (1036 words)

4. Shivers by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (1634 words)

5. Passion by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (2292 words)
Some warnings were attached to this story specifically for this chapter. Basically, this is the one chapter of the story that is NSFW, so be advised etc.
6. Qualms by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (4109 words)

7. Horrors by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (1542 words)

8. Darkness by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (1327 words)
Muchas gracias to Julia (the opaleye) for teaching me how potions should really work.
9. Strain by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (2286 words)

10. Traps by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (2201 words)

11. Storm by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (2730 words)

12. Endings by Karaley Dargen [ - ] (3854 words)
Many many thanks to both Jess and Carole, who helped me find words when my brain stopped functioning.